Studs Make Good Cash Cows

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9th December 2059

Studs Make Good Cash Cows

by Science Reporter, Lin Dale

Ever since male demancipation in 2039, stud farms have been faced with the eternal problem of what to do with their elderly stock of men once they go beyond their useful studding period.

Calls for humane culling have always met with cries of horror from the liberals and pressure groups, and for most stud farms, caring for elderly stock represents one of the overheads they just have to live with.

The problem has been exacerbated in recent years, as more women stick to normal sex, turning their backs upon what is increasingly regarded as bestial-like intercourse with males. The high profitability of stud farms in the early days led to a large number of entrants into the market, but as trade has fallen, over-supply has brought down the price of even the most highly-regarded studs.

"Twenty years ago, there was a market for men aged under 50 from a wide age-range of women," said leading stud farmer Bea Temhard. "Today, a man has to be incredibly fit to continue drawing customers when he's approaching 30. Genetic engineering has improved the early development and size of male genitals beyond comparison, but the downside is many men quite literally do not have the stamina to keep it up once they've passed the age of 25. Even our 110 year-old clientele often demand 25 year olds, and younger clients simply would not consider any stud over 20 to be acceptable.

"We took the decision to add an artificial womb to our studs who'd passed their sell-by date," Bea continued. "Whilst adding the womb itself was fairly straightforward, the trick was in persuading the stud's body to accept it as such, and start behaving properly when a foetus was introduced. Our research was very costly, and initial pregnancies had a high fatality rate, but we've brought that right down to less than 10%. We normally do the operation when the stud is aged about 26, and most studs can produce one baby a year from then on.

"Few women nowadays want to go through the pain, risk, discomfort and inconvenience of an own pregnancy, and with the recent increase in issue of Government Reproduction Licenses, many women are turning to us to grow their babies for them. A woman can choose to produce a clone of herself using just her own genes for the baby, she can mix her own genes with those of any number of partners, and a few women even choose the old-fashioned way of using a stud's sperm to fertilise the egg. Clearly, in the latter case, we ensure that no traces of the stud's undesirable genes are present in the baby.

"When we initially started the project, we knew that supplying natural breast milk would be important for the ongoing health of the new baby, and we set up a milking parlour based upon best practice with dairy cattle. In fact one of the minor problems we had in the early days was in getting the stud's breasts to produce milk. But once we'd ironed that out, the system worked fantastically well, so that parents continued to feed breast milk to their children well after they'd stopped being babies.

"It wasn't long before other customers caught onto the healthy and nutritious diet that breast milk provided, and we started to sell it through health stores. Now, you can buy it as plain milk, flavoured milk, several types of cheese, or a wide variety of yoghurts. Quite simply, we cannot keep up with demand. We're using all the knowledge gained from the dairy business to increase yield, and most of our stud cows now have breasts the size of large pumpkins. It's an amusing thought that fifty years ago - and it shows the depravity of man at that time - many men would have been dreaming of breasts that size - now they've got them! With the reducing profitability of studding for its own sake, we're intending to transfer most of our stock to milk yield, combined with baby growth as needed.

"It's interesting that when we first started this project, we saw the increased fatality rate through pregnancy-related illnesses as a benefit, helping us to clear unwanted stock which we couldn't lawfully cull. You probably know that since responsibility for male health was passed to the Ministry of Agriculture shortly after demancipation, male life expectancy has gradually decreased to around 60 years, whereas a woman's currently stands at 115 years. But with the growth in our milk business, we now can't afford to lose stock and for the first time ever, we are campaigning for MinAg to increase funding into male illnesses, obviously including pregnancy-related problems. In the meantime, we are taking our best milkers off pregnancy duty in order to prolong their lives."

An FT survey of stud farms in the South East revealed that 15% are already in the stud Cash Cow business, whilst another 75% were seriously considering it. Whatever your thoughts about using these beasts for sex, there's no doubt they produce extremely tasty milk. And if you're that way inclined, The Sun newspaper now regularly features pictures of huge-breasted studs on Page 3.

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How Now

Udderly absurd. Men have been entrapped in parlors for years, but is this really the future?

I laughed all the way through.

Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Studs make good Cash Cows


For people who don't understand the remark about the large breasted studs being regularly displayed on page 3 of the Sun Newspaper it is a reference to how that paper increased its circulation by displaying large breasted ladies on its page 3.


It appears to me that....

Andrea Lena's picture

...we are going to milk this for all it's worth

She was born for all the wrong reasons but grew up for all the right ones.
Possa Dio riccamente vi benedica, tutto il mio amore, Andrea


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena

Moooving on...

I must have a warped sense of humour, since although I liked it and smiled along with everyone else, if I was in that world I'd already have had a few years of pregnancy / milk production...


This space intentionally left blank.

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

If I could have big breasts -

Until I'm 80years old and still be useful I'd be happy!

It beats old nipple -oops- people homes?


Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
(Mark Twain)


old studs


Rita,I know a guy who fathered twins at 81 years,much to the dismay of the bimbo who married him.He walks around with a grin from ear to ear while the bimbo pushes the double stroller
and looks as if she just sucked a lemon.But generally,sex at that
age is like the old Colgates slogan---half an inch on a dry brush!


A question of size...

Something that popped into my BCTS inbox / PM facility thingy earlier on caught my attention...

most of our stud cows now have breasts the size of large pumpkins

Now, IIRC, even a small pumpkin tends to be bigger (and presumably heavier) than most human breasts, so imagine the implications of the size stated.

Now, I know this story was only a light-hearted parody, but I couldn't help wondering...

According to Wikipedia (as a single male, I generally don't make a habit of spending time in the lingerie section of stores!), the largest cup size currently on offer is a 15 inch (40-50cm) difference - in UK and Aus parlance, "K", pretty much everywhere else "NN".

So large pumpkins... almost certainly somewhere around the tail end of the alphabet - but they might want to avoid "ZZZ" :)

Would a bra be strong enough to support that weight? Some form of corset pushing them from below might be a better solution, but even so the strain on the joints and muscles would be huge. Presumably if they can genetically enhance males to grow such large busts, they can also factor in the necessary skeletal and muscular support to be able to sit at least. However, some form of garment incorporating an exoskeleton might be a better bet - unless they were confined to something resembling wheelchairs with bust support part of the frame...


This space intentionally left blank.

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

Huge breasts mean huge support problems

"Certainly, providing low-cost support for the size of breasts grown on most stud cows is an ongoing problem," replies Bea Temhard. "Once breasts started to be grown beyond the size supported by off-the-shelf bras, it clearly became impractical to pay the kind of prices charged by custom bra makers, and I'm afraid the costs of veterinary development to provide increased skeletal support would be huge, and clearly could not help with our current stock of stud cows.

"A year ago, each breast was about 30 cm (12 in) diameter and weighed around 15 kg (33 lb). Our engineers rigged up a low-cost breast support system based upon a metal pole strapped to a conventional rucksack frame, with the breasts in slings attached by wire to the top of the pole. It meant that whilst it wasn't a very elegant solution, the breast weight was supported by the hips and the solution proved perfectly adequate to allow cows to circulate to and from the milking parlour.

"Whilst that system is still suitable for stud cows being brought up to capacity, it certainly cannot cope with today's full-sized breast, which is typically around 45 cm (18 in) diameter and weighs in at a massive 50 kg (110 lb). Our engineers have now adapted one of those old-fashioned Zimmer frames - and we call it the W frame - which stud cows can push in front of them as they move around.

"Mobility is the biggest issue in considering whether to increase the size of breasts even further. For example, two 60 cm (2 ft) diameter breasts would weigh around a quarter of a tonne (ton) between them and we would have to use conveyor belts to move our stock around. Clearly, there are huge financial implications in providing this level of mechanisation."

Vacheon issues

I am appalled by the tendency of industry to accept low-grade unaesthetic designs.
Surely one of the great advantages of the demancipating those beasts has been the beautification of our world again. While we may only be talking about economic issues and the health of beasts too numerous to be supported [scuse the pun] economically, please, ladies, let us work towards an elegant and vacheonable solution for the poor cows. As for mooving them around on conveyor belts! Well!
Why can a good genetic solution not be developed, using stronge backbones and four legs like any other cow? What do they need arms for anyway?

Disgruntled from Cowley.

You could also refer to

Wholeman, the author here on Topshelf.
Be warned beforehand - the stories of his are ALL Forced Feminization, save one or two, the victim protagonist rarely if ever (And I DO mean that) gets something at least resembling a happy ending, and... since Wholeman has self-proclaimed boob fetish he actually has a lot of different ideas of holding the homungous appendages up.


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!


Your style is beautiful. Please write more. We Australians love to give Poms a hard time but we cannot equal a Pom.

Very Interesting, Mr Bond ....aka Lindale!

This must be a First - first time anyone on TSBC has referenced the Financial Times, the only newspaper that you can actually believe because it just gives you the facts and lets you make up your own comments...

What a superb concept Lindale has come up with. Have pondered the farming of human milk from criminals in prisons given hormones to grow useful and big breasts myslef, but the story i was working on got a bit out of control so i stopped it.

I thought the brilliance of Lindale's invention was equalled by the repartee from the readers' comments, so ten stars all round, and well done everyone!



Ugh... Well... That's the

Ugh... Well... That's the perfect concept to increase the m2f transgender rate... Who would want to spend his life as a cow? It's better to give up your sexual reproduction organs than that.

But truth to be told. I think earth would have been blown up by homemade nukes before that happens.

Thank you for writing,



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The only solution to supporting breasts that size is for the bearer to become a quadruped. That in turn will require genetic modifications to the limbs, so that inevitably the forelimbs (arms) of the male will become somewhat shorter and thicker and the hindlimbs will also decrease in length. It is likely that the requirement for fingers and toes will no longer be necessary so hooves will be a logical development.