Reading BIG CLOSET can have implications on your life

Reading BIG CLOSET Can Have Implications

I am sure if you are reading this, then you have enjoyed some of the Big Closet stories. Well my tale started when my wife and I were surfing and came across the site, just following links and curious to see what is out there, but we returned to it on a few occasions and read some quite interesting pieces.

To be honest we got lucky, we read the brief intros and found ones that did not offend us very often. There are some sad people and some others who really should be looking for help if there lives or fantasises are really as told.

But I digress, we enjoyed the notion of sharing or swapping roles, we already shared the household jobs, but mostly along male/ female stereotypes, I clean the car J (my wife) cleaned the kitchen, a pretty average arrangement. Both did what we could for the kids.

So we started with job swapping, J was good in the garden and I liked the change of doing the indoor work. Nothing to raise an eyebrow in this, but we tried some new bedroom activity as well where J would take the lead and get me to please her more than I knew how to before.

It was several weeks, possibly 2 months after we started the role swaps that the thing moved onto swapping clothes. This was quite easy we are very similar in height and build except for the obvious chest and hip variations, shoe size is even close. It started with knickers at weekend, I would wear her satin briefs and she borrowed my stretchy boxers that she liked. We both found this stimulating, and after an initial worry about wearing them all day. Our mothers always said when we were kids that you should wear clean underwear because you never know if you were going to have an accident and end up in hospital, where the nurses would see them. But this was somehow on a different plane, end up in casualty in the wrong pants and the nurses would not be thinking anything about whether they are clean or dirty.

As the weekends passed so did our confidence, first a camisole, then tights when it was cold one day. The underwear soon became so mixed we did not bother separating it into his and hers, it was just ours. And we would go to work in the 'wrong' clothes if something nice was on the top.

Next we tried some outer clothes, a pair of jeans possibly maybe a jumper from the others cupboard, J did have some really soft jumpers the main drawback was they tended to be soft colours as well, but there was a beige to start with. J liked mine because they kept her warm in the garden. Soon I was in a lemon yellow cashmere top and tight hipster jeans, J in a boiler suit as she fiddled with something on the car.

The kids I mentioned earlier were not to much of a problem, they are J's brother's kids but they both work shifts so about once a month they stopped at ours for the night when they were treated special. When they were around we were careful to keep the clothes discreet, but not the job swaps. It was not until later that the kids became a problem.

Some weekends we tried to be as androgynous as possible when we went out, maybe more feminine or more masculine depending on what we had and how the mixed. Other times we went for each other's clothes exclusively. J one evening when we were going out for meal got my suit out tried it on deciding it fitted fine tied a tie around her collar and picked up my brogues. I was still in my camisole, knickers and tights when she suggested her linen trousers and white angora jumper. I just thought why not and tried her flat lace up shoes on, a bit tight, so off with the tights and on with a pair of flat sandals. Fine but what an odd couple we made, me looking like a camp gay man, J appearing as a butch dyke. We chose our bars carefully and had a great time watching how people reacted to us, the gay bar we tried felt really comfortable, even if some of the looks were a little predatory. The smart straight ones were nice to see reactions as they tried to work us out and whisper to one another then look at us. It was fun and we were sure we would be out again doing the same thing.

We also tried evening classes; we both chose one then enrolled the other without telling them. J seemed to like playing with the car so she ended up on a car maintenance course. J enrolled me on flower arranging saying how nice the house looked but flowers dropped in a vase was not the best way to display them. I even agreed at the end of the course10 weeks later.

The next time we were out on our own it was decided to go a little further, J went for my striped shirt and black trousers. I had always liked her loose black trousers they seemed to be so soft and flowed with the air; with a white vest top and suede jacket I was ready. But J had an extra idea, she thought lip gloss and mascara would add a bit more to the look, moving it away from androgynous but still camp/gay. We had another fun night, and started planning our next before we got home suggesting what the other should wear even how they behave, I wanted J to always buy the drinks, J wanted me to link her arm like girls do.

We started going to a couple of bars quite regularly, maybe twice a week if time allowed, the rule being we dressed in each others clothes. Through the week we were more and more using the 'wrong' underwear, even wearing tops and trousers that were 'wrong' as well. Slowly I experimented with make-ups, tinted lipstick, eve liner and blusher mostly. Sometimes I was sure I looked quite girly especially when I started with the nail polish. Saturday was becoming more get the housework done then I can get myself ready, it was getting more involved this dressing in J's clothes as time went on.

So we did our classes and enrolled for some more, woodwork for J, cake decoration for me, well Christmas was not far off. I gave J some jeans and an old shirt to wear, she kindly bought me a piny, fortunately nothing fancy just a striped chef style, I did think it was going to be frilly and pink, what a relief.

With autumn coming, I starting wearing tights under my trousers to keep warm, or so I said. While J was borrowing my thicker jumpers and trousers for work.

One evening when getting ready to go out I picked out a lovely top but it had a lot of darts in the front so it sat all wrong on my chest, about to put it back J suggested I fill the chest with her padded bra, was this going to far? I was not sure, J was wearing a pair of my jeans that were unfilled at the front, and if she filled the jeans I would fill the top. Soon I was wearing a snug fitting top that curved around my chest as well as it ever did on J, and J had a bulge in her pants. It was then I realised that I was not going for an androgynous look, I was definitely looking feminine, what I thought was a camp gay look had been lost as soon as I had a chest.

A moment of worry hit us when the kids called round unexpectedly a week later, J kept them downstairs while I quickly showered and pulled on suitable uncle clothes, still with knickers of course, and a faint whiff of scent . The kids ended up stopping a week and it felt so restrictive, not wanting to get caught, how could we explain it to 8 and 10 year olds. I don't think we were rumbled but I was asked why my eyes looked dark, and J was asked if she ever wore a dress.

Soon the kids went back and we back to our unusual ways after the kids left, but it took a few weeks before we had completely relaxed their guard, with the fluffy lilac jumper coming out for the weekend housework session.

Christmas was coming I had done several cakes for the family, and J had made a simple bookcase whilst on our courses. We would spend Christmas visiting family, but New Year we could excuse ourselves with real or imaginary invites to parties. So we reckoned that after Boxing Day we could do as much role swapping, as we liked. But we still had to shop and there was all December to enjoy as well.

We decided to buy each other clothes, what else, but without it being said we were not only buying for each other we were buying for ourselves. For J we bought a tailored trouser suit in cream, with a burgundy satin blouse, she looked quite stunning. For me fitted trousers with wide stripes and a blue casual shirt, for Christmas day we felt they would look great while visiting.

Once home with all our gifts we sat back and discussed the day reflecting on how we had got on. J was thrilled by the looks I got, nothing unusual for me I guess, but not many blokes go out dressed in low cut jeans, a pink v neck and suede jacket and produce a purse when paying for items. J was not much better she had heavier clothes and boots on and had my wallet to carry the money in. J wanted to try on my trousers that evening, but I insisted they were mine at least until boxing day, then we could swap, which I was looking forward too, the satin blouse felt lovely but the trousers did look tight. J insisted that as I wanted to go all manly on her, she might go girly, but that after we would swing back further than before. To which I asked in what way. She felt the days of a camp/gay going out with a dyke would be over, how about go for boy and girl completely.

We carried on pretty much the same until the holiday, got ourselves cleaned up for the family, my mother in particular commented on the trousers as being unusual for me, little does she know I thought. Then come 27 December we had a second present giving all of our own. J had to do what I felt was manly and she would return the favour. In her package was a voucher for a hair cut, a false moustache, some heavy rimmed glasses and this was my favourite, a vibrator which had an extension which pointed forward and the more it vibrated the longer and harder the extension got, and I had the remote on/off for it. Not to be outdone J had adhesive tits, a lady shave and long brunette wig, which she assured me, could be fixed to my hair. We already had what we were going to wear, exactly what each other had worn on Christmas day, all we had to do was prepare. Before lunch I had a B cup chest and a bald body. J had been for her short boy cut and sported the facial hair. J then carefully pulled small sections of my hair and threaded them into the wig till it felt very secure. It was peculiar in a nice way to feel the hair between my shoulders, added to the time I had to take brushing it, I was really enjoying myself. J left me all afternoon to play with make up and her hair styling tools, as well as several books on what to do. She would pop in every now and then to see if I wanted a drink to find me still sat in bra and knickers with her dressing gown wrapped round me. Eventually I was ready, all those times spent using just gloss or mascara had helped, but getting the eyebrows neat, and eye shadow colour etc all took time. Next the suit, the blouse fitted and felt excellent, but the trousers were a problem, they were tight and showed a front bulge, fine if I looked gay but not if I wanted feminine. J came the rescue with surgical tape, securing my male bits between my legs. Then she remarked that only one of us could enjoy an erection, which was true enough, I could pee, but anything else was out, the thought of tearing the tape off was enough to make any idea of sex disappear. The trousers fitted fine now just a bit long, so I would have to wear heels, I guess it was the running I do but once I got them on I felt ok in them, but they were only 1 ½" block heels. Ready, J changed into my clothes, she looked quite good really, making sure she had the dildo device in I asked her to look at me as I tried to look sexy and turn on the device, she smiled and her trousers tightened at the front, 'pleased to see me, I see' I tried to say in a sultry voice. She just smiled and gave me a kiss, telling me I did indeed look gorgeous, but it was time to go.

Considering I have been wandering about in J' clothes for ages now, the thought of some one saying there's a bloke unnerved me as we got to the front door. J realised and paused, I checked my bag for the purse, make up tissues, zipped it up, then J took my hand pulled my wedding ring off and replaced it with her 2 rings. Then whispered in my ear that if this went well she a few other ideas I might want to try out tomorrow.

The evening was great fun, if J looked at another woman I would turn on the device, now you know how men feel when we see beauty, I commented. We ended up walking around a few bars then driving home. On the drive she started letting her hand come off the gear knob and onto my knee, then slid it up my thigh, just like I used to, so I flicked the switch and left it on until she stopped, just to let her know how I felt when I did it to her. Once inside we helped each other undress, as the night before, but J pulled out a new package, which said 'for tonight' it was a red silk nightie, I slipped it on, and switched her on again. She just smiled as I went to lead her into bed, not sure what would happen, but having read enough on storysite, knew a tube of KY jelly would help get her lubricate her extension inside me


We woke sore and exhausted, J had come more than once as the device vibrated away inside, until I eventually had a nice sensation which the stories had told me about, but my dick was sore as well as my arse. I looked at J, moustache still firm, with a t-shirt on and I could not help but smile. Over coffee and toast I asked what else she had in mind that she did that I should experience. 'Still keen?' so I tried to get her to tell me first, but she just said I could always say no when we got there. It took me ages to get ready, brushing the long hair, that remained firm, then shaving and doing my face, eventually I got to the clothes and realised I could wear any top I fancied, I choose a frilly cavalier style with leather trousers. J just pulled on a sweater and jeans, then said lets go. Life seems unfair at times, especially after I had taken an hour getting ready and she just waltzes in and is done in 5 minutes. We drove about 30 minutes and pulled up at a nail salon, the penny dropped, extensions, I was not in work for 10 days so why not. J left me to it as I was pampered, glued and painted with French tips about 15 cm longer than my nail, but maybe longer, they felt and looked enormous. On a whim I noticed they did piercing, and came out greet to J with a pair dangly ear rings in, which had to stay in all the time, until the holes healed. I realised I had made a mistake later when I was sleeping. J sensed I was easy and went for the all or nothing approach. She lead the way to some shops, I was as nervous as I had been in the salon, about being a bloke dressed as a woman, but now mixing with the sale shoppers I felt quite exposed. J appeared to be quite happy pushing around like a man, and first went for new boxers, and a t-shirt with a sexist slogan on it. Next it was my turn, I had to buy some silky bra and pant sets, and sheer tights, next J told me how much she liked me in a nightie so would I buy some more, I did, a pink and a black full length satiny ones. Then it was home for a rest. J had other ideas she wanted to go out again, even rubbing her groin on my hip so I could feel the extension. I agreed without much of a fight, and then she said she would like me to try a dress or skirt, this had been on my mind all day so easily agreed. J has not got much choice but she does have a nice maroon calf length skirt with lots of flaring, I wanted to wear boots but they were a size too small and had to wear sandals, this time dressy ones as they were being seen, a blouse with such full sleeves I thought I would catch them. It took 2 hours but I was ready. J took 15 minutes. The evening went pretty much as before, walk around some bars, come home undress, get excited, go too sleep.

I woke early, hair in my face, and nightie wrapped around my legs, and enjoying the sexy soktness. It was ages before J woke, by which time I had sorted the hair into a style, shaved and done my face, even picked out J's high heels and had a walk around in them. I entered the bedroom in just heels and underwear, J smiled at me and felt on the bedside for the remote and turned it on, I just saw the boxers rise as she pulled the bed clothes aside. Morning sex whatever next. My dick strained against the tape, and my arse strained against the extension, but J was enjoying herself, and soon I was there also, and tired again.

This went on for three days, I just wore sexier and sexier outfits, until I was in a halter neck mini, on stiletto sandals, with possibly more make up than I should, enough scent, and so much jewellery I chimed when I walked.

Come new year we had decided on going into the city for the night, J insisted I wore stockings with her sheer dress that went over a short slip, she really wanted no slip, but no way was I wandering about with my knickers showing, well thong actually. It was a great night mixing with loads of people, kissing and hugging complete strangers. And then making love in the back of the car, I swear she had it switched on all night.

Soon the holiday would be over, and I was actually looking forward to the rest, my face was getting really sore, two shaves a day was hard if I wanted smooth. My dick was really sore at times and talc or cream was not the answer. So I carefully unpicked the wig, and stored it away, then released the tits, my chest skin was sore from being pulled down all the time, I would also be able to sleep on my front again. The nails came off easier than I thought and the freedom to use my fingers again was so nice. Now able to face the world as a bloke again, I checked myself, holes in the ears, eyebrows too neat, I just hope nobody comments, but J has her hair cut short and a red top lip where the moustache had been. We thought we had done alright, my mother looked at me oddly but said nothing, J's friend Emma wanted to know where she had been when she called one day, and suggested she look better with longer hair. I went out running again and was really uncomfortable, without body hair I was sweating more, especially in the armpits. J persuaded me to wear the nightie still but it was so much hassle getting unwrapped in the night, without the constant stimulation of the fabric, I gave it up after a couple of times. The worst moment came about mid January, the kids were stopping and the little girl asked J why I had no hair on my legs when her dad did. J struggled to think quickly and just said I like it, this got back to her parents who a few weeks later asked if it was true. I could feel the cold sweat on my back as I said it was for a fancy dress at New Year, and then looking at J's hair asking if we had enjoyed it. I had to say it was fine for New Year but for the rest of the year I was just shaving my chin.

Swapping jobs, even roles had been interesting, even fun, but serious clothes's swapping was hard and sometimes uncomfortable, and I would be leaving it for special occasions from then on. I could easily get used to being ready in 5 minutes and waiting for J. Likewise J had missed the excuse for a pampering, even wearing a skirt because it looked good and she had the choice.

In time my body hair grew back, I stopped sweating so much, my private parts recovered and was able to enjoy straight love making once more, J's hair grew and she does look better with it longer. But we still enjoy our stereotypical roles, J is good at maintenance, and I am getting house proud, and the knickers are still nice and soft to wear, I am just careful I do not have an accident, I don't want a nurse to find out if I have clean underwear on, especially if it is on the odd occasion I could not find mine and wear J's.

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