The Scoobies Do Chapter 10 Scoobie New Year!

The Scoobies Do
Chapter 10 - Scoobie New Year

by Jennifer Sue

Copyright © 2010 Jennifer Sue.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 10
Friday dawned overcast and cold but the Hickstown was buzzing with activity as everyone was making final arrangements for their News Year Eve Celebrations. The Crateful Bread was a mass of organized confusion as all the orders for the assorted appetizers and platters were readied. The Scoobies plus Eddie, Lexi, and Def were right in the thick of the prep cleaning fruit and veggies. They knew their efforts were appreciated and would earn them platters for their party. The actual food would be sliced and arranged the next day, but by the end of today everything would be set up like an assembly line ready slice and assemble.

Since she was already at The Crateful Bread, Lexi gathered the ingredients for the nights’ Beef Stroganoff. Since the Wrights lived just across the street, there was no need for Bea to pick her. Skye Wright greeted Lexi with a hug as she welcomed her into their home above the pharmacy.

Byron and Devine Wright had bought the old Hickstown Pharmacy at 280-290 Main Street from the retiring owner who’s family had owned and operated it for 85 years. The price had been too good to pass up since the old building needed to be brought up to modern standards. Thanks to the effects of The Crateful Bread, renovation combo business loans and mortgages for the reinvigorated small Hickstown business district were available. The financing the Wright’s received for the purchase and renovation of the three story brick building on Main Street included enough cash to replace the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The drug store had been remodeled while maintaining the original 1930s decor including the original soda fountain. They named the pharmacy BY WRIGHT PHARMACY.

Skye helped put the ingredients on the counter with those needing to be kept cold going in the refrigerator. The girls headed to Skye's bedroom where Lexi once more took notes of the decor. The girls spent the rest of the hour gossiping. Heading to the kitchen they began to prepare the meal. Everything was ready when Devine and Byron came upstairs from the store. Both commented on the wonderful aroma wafting from the kitchen. Soon they were seated around the table enjoying the Beef Stroganoff.

After they'd cleaned up, Skye and Lexi joined the adults. Lexi was delighted to learn that Skye could make the Scoobies New Years Eve Party. The Wrights were friends of the Winters and Summers, owners of The Crateful Bread and had no major concerns about their daughters safety at the Dog House. The conversation turned to the school and questions of Lexi's acceptance by the staff and students.

"I'm hoping there will be no major issues," Lexi told them. "Mr. Bull hit them pretty hard about Coach Strapp’s behavior as did the Child Welfare people and the county courts. They know they're being closely watched so the administration and staff should keep everything under control. Of course it'll be a bit easier as Gabi Bull began attending sixth grade as a girl after Halloween. The school had to set up a policy for transgendered students then so my coming out shouldn't be anything new. There may be a few jerks amongst the students but I have most of the guys from the football team on my side. They have been watching out for me since I came back to school after my hospitalization."

"I'll say," Skye agreed. "The entire attitude at school has gone from one of quiet apprehension to one of open acceptance. The administration told us we don't have to agree with or like how fellow students behave, act or look, but that we have to accept them. They told us they have a zero tolerance level for teasing and verbal abuse and that any physical attacks would be turned over to the police for prosecution."

"Since I came back to school most people assumed from the way I'd changed that I was gay," Lexi went on. "My brother Def and Gabi's brother Eddie were the only ones who knew that I was transgendered. Def has talked to the rest of the football team since we found out I could return to school as Lexi and explained my situation. Most will still stand by me. The few others said they wouldn't help me but wouldn't do anything to stop me from being a girl."

It's nice to live in a small town where people are accepting of race, religion, and alternative life styles," Devine said. "It's one of the reasons we bought the pharmacy."

"My parents said it's thanks to the Winters and Summers at The Crateful Bread," Lexi replied. "They were hippies and when they returned to town a lot of people looked down on them. But they just smiled and greeted everyone warmly. The quality of their products won over even the most steadfast anti-hippie hardliners."

"I certainly believe that," Byron replied. "They've reinvigorated the entire town. Hickstown is one of the few small towns that still has a successful business district. Our family tried to warn us not to buy the business. They feared since this was a small town with an all white population they would not accept a black druggist. We had a few people snub us at first, but now they all welcome us."

"I was the first black to attend Hickstown Elementary," Skye added. "But no one treated me any different. Now there are several black and hispanic families in town with kids in school and I haven't seen anyone being hassled."

"We've been blessed with good neighbors," Devine said. "Of course, we have to be good neighbors too."

The conversation rambled on until it was time for Lexi to go home. When Bea and Ike arrived, they sat down with By and Devine to make sure the Wrights had no issues with Lexi being Skye’s girlfriend. Lexi and Skye hugged goodbye as their parents smiled, happy for the friendship of their daughters.


Saturday morning found the Scoobies, Lexi, Def, and Eddie arriving at The Crateful Bread about 10:00 to help assemble the many platters for the night's parties. While they didn't operate the slicers or handle knives to cut up fruit, they could construct the attractive layouts on the platters. There were three basic types of platters, sliced meat and cheese, veggies with dip, and assorted fruits. Each was available in five sizes. Wearing rubber gloves, they followed well written directions and an enlarged photo for each style of platter as they put them together on the round black plastic trays. After everything was assembled, they snapped a clear plastic domed lid and peeled the name with easily detachable price sticker off the order form to place on the top center.

With a short break for lunch, they finished the last trays by three. Each then headed home to change for the party and pick up their PJs, a change of clothes, and sleeping bags.


Sonny Summers dropped off Buffy and their platters at the Dog House as he made his delivery rounds. The rests of the guests arrived shortly after Buffy bringing treats of Coke, chips, pretzels, nuts and popcorn. The first thing they did was watch Freddy as he set up the web camera and link it to The Crateful Bread Online Infomercial site. Once they were up, they logged onto the site and took turns introducing themselves. Not only was the web-cast going out online so the parents could monitor the party, but it was being shown and recorded for the Scoobies web site. Since everyone was well aware they were being monitored, their behavior would not get out of hand. It didn't take long for them to get comfortable with each other.

It quickly became obvious that Eddie liked Lexi. But it didn't take long for the others to match up. Rocky and Skye paired up next, then it was Izzy and Liv followed by Def and Faith. Tad soon linked up with Gabi which left Buffy and Freddy who were already nearly an item.

They set up TWISTER and played several laughter filled rounds. The winner of each game was either Buffy, Gabi, Rocky, Freddy, or Lexi. No one else won. The boys decided they were starving. The platters were opened along with condiments and fresh bread. Sandwiches were made and devoured as well as snacks and Coke.

As they ate, Def commented. “I didn’t know Lexi was so flexible.”

“That’s from taking lessons at the Metamorphosis School of the Arts,” Lexi smiled.

Rocky laughed. “Didn’t any of you realize that it was only those of us who take lessons there won Twister?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Faith nodded.

“You all remember how clumsy I used to be,” Rocky explained. “It really helped me.”

“You should join us,” Gabi urged. “We have fun in our classes. It’d be even better with all of you.”

“I don’t want to take dancing lessons,” Izzy declared.

“They take martial arts and dancing,” Eddie replied. “The school requires dancing to keep rednecks out of the martial arts classes. Besides, I think I’d like to take dancing lessons with Lexi.”

The Faith, Liv, and Skye all thought it’d be fun to join in the lessons. The remaining guys quickly agreed to give it a try. They’d all agreed to go to the lessons on Tuesday to see how it went.

Being stuffed, they settled down to more sedentary games like YAHTZEE and CLUE. Then they decided to watch a movie Freddy brought. He had made a DVDR recording of the Disney movie BUFFALO DREAMS. The movie was awesome on the High Def big screen TV. It had just the right amount of drama, romance, action, comedy, and spirituality so they all found it interesting and inspirational.

Next they played a bit of dodge-ball using nerf basketballs. The balls were so easy to avoid it took everyone throwing at the same target to knock out the opposite team. It finally came down to a contest between Buffy and Gabi. Thanks to their lessons at the Metamorphosis School of the Art their agility led them to a draw. The laughter of the game was infectious and the agility the girls displayed awesome. Those who didn't already take lessons decided they'd sign up. Def said if they could gain in agility half of what Buffy and Gabi displayed, the school junior high football team would be unbeatable, especially since Rocky could join next year's squad.

At ten they flipped the big screen TV onto ABC to watch Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2006,” which aired until 11:00 p.m. This segment featured “live” reports on the festivities in Times Square, a look back at the past year and highlights of some of the year’s biggest concert tours, including Duran Duran and Green Day.

"I don't know if I'd ever want to go Times Square on New Years Eve," Gabi declared as they surveyed the masses of people jammed into the area. "I simply can't imagine being in a crowd of a million people. I'd be scared I'd get squooshed or lost.

"I bet it'd be fun," Def retorted. "Of course I'd have to be with some good friends."

"Who would have to be chained together," Faith giggled.

Everyone laughed.

"Yeah, but remember you've got to get there by at least 7pm to even get past the police barricades," Liv said. "That would be at least five hours standing in the cold."

"It's only 58 degrees there," Gabi added with a shiver.

"Tonight," Buffy laughed. "But some nights it goes down to about zero."

"I don't think I could go that long without needing a pottie," Skye giggled as the others nodded their heads.

At 11pm the first portion of the show ended and the network news came on. The kids stood and stretched, made pottie trips, and pulled out more snacks.

At 11:35 Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2006, Part 1, began and featured performances by all of the musical talent. Marysol Castro reported on other happenings in and around NYC. Mariah Carey, the number one Artist of 2005 became the first singer to ever perform live from Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Dick Clark appeared in a slightly smaller studio role at Times Square and remained behind a desk. Shown in limited segments, his speech was slower and deeper, and he appeared to have limited use of his right arm. However, he seemed to be completely in control of his faculties, making comments on how great the evening was going in Times Square. During the show, Clark said: “Last year I had a stroke. It left me in bad shape. I had to teach myself how to walk and talk again. It's been a long, hard fight. My speech is not perfect but I'm getting there.” He also mentioned he "wouldn't have missed this for the world."

The kids were impressed by his courage in appearing before the camera in his condition. The Scoobies and friends had seen a few other stroke patients at the retirement home they'd performed just a few days before and understood the frustration and agony stroke victims suffered.

Hilary Duff hosted the segments of the show from Hollywood and the guys enjoyed looking at the 18 year old beauty.

Mariah Carey joined Ryan Seacrest outside as the final minutes of the year were counted down, climaxed by the traditional ball drop.

Buffy, ever the bold one, announced as the ball began it's descent. "Remember, it's a New Year's Eve tradition to kiss your partner at the stroke of midnight!"

The guys blushed and the girls giggled. The kids shouted out the last ten seconds, then jumped to their feet yelling and tooting little horns and noise makers. Then Buffy hugged Freddy and planted a hot wet kiss on his quivering lips. Not to be outdone by the impish Buffy, the other girls hugged their partner and kissed.

All were startled by the experience. For each it was their first romantic kiss, and they all felt warm and tingly. They also felt embarrassed and sheepishly separated and smiled. The raucous noise from the on screen celebration allowed them to slip back into the party.

Def and Eddie opened bottles of Sparkling Cider and poured some into plastic champagne flutes. They made a toast to good friends and hopes for a happy new year. The girls giggled as the effervescent bubbles tickled their nose while the guys laughed.

Soon Hillary Duff, The Bangles, Chris Brown, Sean Paul, The Pussycat Dolls, Sugarland, 3 Doors Down, 311, Duran Duran, Neil Diamond, Keith Urban, and Green Day were performing their songs as the show continued.

Again Buffy led the charge as she stood and tugged a reluctant Freddy out to the center of the room to dance to the music. The remaining girls giggled and stood. The guys exchanged looks of haplessness and stood, allowing the girls to take them out to the center of the room to dance. The awkwardness they felt quickly faded as they loosened up and enjoyed themselves. The dancing helped keep them awake but when they finally stopped, fatigue overtook them all. They flopped down on the chairs and sofas to watch the wrapping up of the night’s activities, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2006, Part 2 which came on at 1:05 a.m. featuring more hit songs from the musical acts.

By the time it wrapped up 2:05 a.m., most of the kids had fallen asleep. None had changed into their PJs. Def and Eddie, the last two awake, staggered about and covered their sleeping friends with blankets or unzipped sleeping bags before sacking out themselves.

The parents all checked The Crateful Bed website at least once to check up on the kids. They saw the kids having fun. Even though they could tell the kids had paired off, knowing the kissing your partner at midnight tradition, at no time did they see anything untoward.

It was about 8am when the piles of blankets began to groan and move. One by one the yawning party goers stumbled to their feet The girls immediately headed for the facilities while the guys sought out leftovers. By 8:30 they were all up, some grumpier than others, but generally in a good mood. The girls whipped up a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and pan fried scrapple. (If you've never eaten scrapple, it's a delicious Pennsylvania Dutch meat treat... just don't ask what's in it!)

The guys turned the big screen TV on to search for football results and clips from games. The girls faked gagging before breaking into giggles. Fortunately they'd already learned not to argue with guys over football, besides which they were still tired from the late night and the filling breakfast. The girls settled beside their partner and watched the clips. Of course the guys made jokes and pointed out cute cheerleaders which earned them elbow jabs.

At the start of a commercial, Buffy asked for everyone's attention. "I think we all had a great time here at the Dog House," she began as everyone nodded their agreement. "For some of you, this is your first time mixing with the Scoobies but despite our age differences, I think we meshed pretty well."

Again everyone nodded before Buffy continued. "We formed the Scoobies to help each other and to help other people. Operation Scoobies Treats was a great success as was our Christmas show. We needed extra help and drafted Lexi, Eddie, and Def into helping us and they did great and we thank them."

The three acknowledged the praise with smiles before Buffy continued. "Freddy, Rocky, Gabi, and I discussed expanding the Scoobies but were told by the adults they wanted to keep the four of us as the core. They like what we've done and want to keep us in control. Basically they were afraid that if we took in new members, we'd get bogged down in control issues. We argued a bit and were given the okay to offer associate memberships. Associate members would be like Lexi, Def, and Eddie were in our Christmas Show. Associate members can come up with ideas and suggestions but the original Scoobies will have final say. Associate members can use the Dog House as long as Moms and Pops agree and one of the original Scoobies is present and you can say you're one of the Scoobies. We'd like to invite each of you to become associate members of the Scoobies. Please don't feel pressured to join us, if you don't, that's fine. Also, you don't have to answer now. If you'd like to join us but are concerned about being able to participate, don't worry. There are no attendance requirements. All we ask is that you help when you can."

"I'd like to join," Lexi piped up. "The Christmas show was fun!"

"I won't mind joining," Eddie added with a smile to Lexi.

"Sure, why not," Def agreed. "It'll help me stay out of trouble and doing service work is a requirement from 9th grade on. The Scoobies should fit the bill."

Faith, Liv, and Skye exchanged looks and smiled. "We'll join," they said together before breaking into giggles.

Tad and Izzy shrugged their shoulders and said "I'm in," and "Me too," respectively.

The only one who looked a bit put out was Rocky.

"We had talked about voting associate members in," Buffy giggled. "But we got along so well I just asked the others and we agreed to invite you in. We were going to vote using yogurt raisins for a yes and carob raisins for a no. Rocky's disappointed because he can't eat the vote."

Rocky blushed while grinning and everyone laughed.

Gabi went to the cabinet and pulled out two bags of coated raisins, one carob and one yogurt, and put them in a bowl. "We can all eat them," she said as she brought them to the group.

As they watched the TV they discussed possible upcoming projects. Valentine's Day was the obvious time for their next project, but what to do and for whom was up for grabs. Valentines, treats and hugs for the kids in the hospital was one choice. Valentines and hugs for the people in the retirement home was another. A food drive for the needy was suggested.

"I like those ideas and I think with all of us together we could do all three," Gabi said. "But I feel we need to do something more, I'm just not sure how to do it."

"What are you thinking about," Tad asked.

"Well, I keep thinking about Lexi and I," Gabi replied. "What if there are other kids in school with sexual identity issues like ours or being gay? I'd like to do something to help them, to show them they're accepted as is despite their difference so they can stop hiding their real personalities."

The others nodded their agreement.

"So we'll do Valentines, treats and hugs for the kids at the hospital, a food drive for the needy, and Valentines and hugs for the retirement home," Buffy summed up. "We can start planning those while we think about how to help kids with sexuality issues."

The 12 Scoobies spent the rest of the day mellowed before the TV. Every bit of food and all the snacks they'd brought was devoured. They policed the entire area knowing if they wanted to get together again they had to be responsible. They decided to dress simply in black pants or skirts and red shirts or sweaters to give the Valentines and hugs. Gabi did a quick internet search and found a site that offered inexpensive Valentine accessories. They all liked the heart topped head boppers. (A plastic hair band with two stiff springs sticking straight out which held the hearts as they bobbed in response to the slightest movement.) Even though they felt the boppers were silly, wearing them as a group would be acceptable.

Their parents began arriving about 3:30. They adults were surprised to see the place was clean and the garbage bags filled and placed in the garage area below the Dog House. By 4:00 all the parents were there and with hugs and kissed cheeks, the Scoobies headed home.


Monday morning January 2, Lexi was nervous as she prepared to see Dr. Lee. Wanting to make a good impression, she dressed nicely in a pair of slacks and sweater. Bea was pleased that she'd dressed in feminine casual, not feeling the need to wear a skirt.

Dr. Lee greeted Lexi warmly, also pleased the girl felt comfortable enough as a girl to be able to wear slacks. Their conversation covered Lexi's experiences with coming out to her girlfriends and their families as well as the Scoobies New Year's Eve Party and sleep-over.

Dr. Lee smiled and asked, "How did you feel about kissing Eddie?"

"I liked it," Lexi quickly replied then just as quickly turned red.

"Okay," Dr Lee smiled and nodded. "How did it make you feel physically?"

Lexi fidgeted in her chair and looked down. "I felt all warm and tingly."

"I know this may be embarrassing, but I need to ask," Dr. Lee said gently. "Did you have any physical reaction?"

Lexi lowered her head and bit her lip. "A little bit, is that bad?"

"Not at all," Dr. Lee smiled. "Physically you are a male and if you become sexually aroused, it's only natural you'd react in that way. What's important is how you felt about your physical reaction."

"I felt terrible," Lexi sniffed. "The hug and kiss made me feel all girlish and then that... thing reacted and reminded me I'm just a fake girl. I wanted to rip it off and stomp on it!"

Dr. Lee sighed. "Lexi, you said you felt like a girl until that thing reacted. That does not make you a fake girl. It simply means you're a girl with a birth defect. Once we get you on a regimen of testosterone blockers and low dose of estrogen, that unwanted male reaction will end. You need to be patient and not do anything rash."

"I won't do anything stupid," Lexi sighed. "I just want to be like the other girls."

"That's understandable," Dr. Lee agreed. "I take it you feel ready to go to school as Lexi?"

"Yes," Lexi agreed emphatically. "The girls will stick by me and Def and Eddie have lined up the football team to make sure no one hassles me. Eddie said he'd wipe the floors with anyone who tried to mess with me."

"I'm sure he would," Dr. Lee chuckled. "Do you think he has any issues being your boyfriend?"

"I don't think so," Lexi smiled. "Thanks to Gabi he understands I'm a girl. The only time he might have issues is if somebody hassles him about being gay for being with me."

"All right," Dr. Lee said. "How will you feel if he beats some one up?"

"Horrible," Lexi replied. "I told him he'd better not. I don't mind a bit of return intimidation as long as there is no physical violence."

Good," Dr. Lee smiled. "How will you handle it if someone calls you a fag?"

Lexi gasped. "I'm not sure. I might get angry or I might cry. It just depends on where I'm at and what I'm doing."

"That's a good answer," Dr. Lee said. "If you get angry, do you think you'll attack like Alex used to do?"

"No," Lexi asked. "Now that I know I'm a girl, I don't think I could ever initiate a fight. But I still know how to fight and I will defend myself if attacked."

"I'd expect nothing less," Dr. Lee answered. "Well, Lexi, let's call your mother in for a short conference."

Lexi grew nervous as Dr. Lee used the phone to ask her receptionist to send Bea into the office.

In a few moments, Bea knocked on the door and entered.

"It's good to see you again," Dr. Lee greeted. "I asked you to come in because I've decided to allow Lexi to begin going to school."

"Really... all right," Lexi exclaimed a huge smile filled her face.

Bea sighed. "You're sure she'll be okay?"

"I think Lexi is ready to face almost any challenge," Dr. Lee responded. "A lot of people know about her now and it'll be difficult to hide the truth. I also don't think Lexi could mentally handle going back to masquerading as Alex for any length of time. I'll send an affidavit to Mr. Bull so you can begin proceedings to have Lexi's name legally changed. Lexi, I think it'd be best if you dressed similarly as you are today for the first day as it won't stun people as much. I'd hold off until the second day to wear a skirt. If you can, contact your girlfriends and coordinate outfits so the four of you are dressed similarly. That will show you're simply one of the girls and keep you from standing out from them. Remember, you want to simply blend in as just another school girl."

"I understand," Lexi smiled. "I'll call the girls as soon as I get home to coordinate outfits."

"You're sure this what you want to do," Bea asked. "Once you do this it will be difficult to ever go back."

"Mom. I don't want to go back," Lexi answered with all sincerity. "I hated being Alex. Since Gabi exposed me as a girl, I've never been so happy."

"I know," Bea sighed. "But you're still my baby and I need to make sure you're safe."

Lexi went to her mom and gave her a hug. "Thank you, Dr. Lee," Lexi said after they'd finished. "I won't disappoint you."

"I'm sure you won't," Dr. Lee stated. "Set up an appointment for Friday after school so we can go over how things went. If you need to see me sooner, just call. I notified the school just before the holiday break that I thought Lexi would be replacing Alex. I'll contact them again as soon as you leave and confirm Lexi will be replacing Alex."

Lexi was bubbling over with joy as they left. As soon as she arrived home she was on the phone in a four person gab-fest as she told Liv, Faith, and Skye the good news. They eagerly proceeded to coordinate their outfits for the next day.

When the girls finally got off the line, Def called his each of his teammates from the football squad. Briefly he explained Lexi's situation and reminded them to watch out for his transgendered sibling. Most of the guys agreed but a few balked, however, they agreed not to hassle Lexi. Def then made a conference call to Eddie, Tad and Izzy. They were all happy to hear that Lexi would be coming to school. They agreed to meet outside the main school entrance with the girls and stay together until Lexi was safely in her homeroom. From there, Eddie and Tad who shared classes with the girls, would ride shotgun for Lexi.


Lexi was nervous but determined as she met her friends outside the school just as the doors were opened. All four girls wore snug blue jeans and holiday themed long sleeved body hugging pull over sweaters. Each had their hair combed into bangs and parted down the middle, with their hair gathered into perky twin pigtails. They all looked cute and knew it. Three quarters of the football team was there to add their support and sate their curiosity. The guys were not disappointed as they feasted their eyes on the winsome foursome. In a few cases it took several moments before they were able to figure out which one was Lexi. All were impressed with her girlishness as most had expected to see a boy dressed like a girl. As they all entered the building, the guidance counselor, Ima Meddlar, and the new Principal, Reid Enright, greeted them.

"Lexi, I'm impressed," Ima Meddlar greeted them. "You look quite nice."

"Thank you," Lexi replied.

"I concur," Principal Reid Enright added. "Is everyone here to support you?"

Lexi nodded her head as Def spoke up. "We're all here to back-up my sister," Def declared to which all the guys nodded.

"That's wonderful," Principal Reid Enright said. "I just ask you don't use any violence."

"We've already discussed that," Def answered. "We will not initiate any fighting, but if someone attacks Lexi... we'll take them out."

"I know it will do no good to ask you not to fight even then," Principal Reid Enright stated. "But don't go overboard. Subdue the attacker, don't beat them up."

They all nodded their heads but Def added, "I'll try, but if they really hurt Lexi... I don't know if I can."

"The same goes for me," declared Eddie.

"Understood," Principal Reid Enright said. "I'll depend on the rest of you to restrain Def and Eddie."

Again they all nodded their heads.

"Lexi, after talking to Ms Meddlar and Dr. Lee, I'm going to announce we have a transgendered student starting classes today," Principal Reid Enright went on. "I'd like to identify you by name. My intent is to show everyone you're here with full school approval and to give them conduct expectations."

"Okay, thanks for the heads up," Lexi replied with a nervous smile.

With that the students headed to their lockers and then on to their homerooms.

All Lexi's teachers had been notified and were told to rearrange the seating so Lexi sat in the front row with Faith and Skye on either side. Liv was to sit behind her while Tad and Eddie sat on either side of Liv. This would keep Lexi from sitting next to someone who might cause issues.

As other students entered the homeroom, the teacher, Rose Busch, directed them to their new seats. Even though they all saw the new girl, few made the connection to Alex.

Once the bell rang and everyone was in their homerooms, Principal Reid Enright spoke after the regular morning announcements.

"I want to welcome everyone back and hope you all had a good holiday break," he began. "Now, I have a special announcement. You're all aware that Alex Kahn has been under doctor's care for several months. Most of you have noted how much Alex has changed since his release from the hospital. The doctor feels Alex is now ready to take the next major step in his treatment. Before the holidays, most of the football squad was looking out for Alex to make sure no one harassed him. They will continue to do so, only now in a school sanctioned manner. Not only will they be looking out for Alex, they are to report any teasing, bullying, or hassling to me."

"Now that you know the expectations, I'll tell you what the doctor has ordered Alex to do," Principal Reid Enright explained. "Alex is transgendered. That means that although he has a male body, his mind is that of a girl. This not a trick or ruse. It is a recognized medical condition. It is impossible to change a transgendered person's mind to agree with their physical gender. The only treatment is to change the body to match the mind. Alex the boy is no more. A girl named Lexi has taken his place. Lexi is beginning her RLT, which means real life test. This is a one year trial of living as a girl. We expect everyone to treat Lexi with respect. There will be zero tolerance of anyone harassing Lexi. We understand that some of you will find you can't accept Lexi. We can not force you to accept her but we will expect you to tolerate her presence. Remember, there will be a zero tolerance policy of harassment against Lexi. Thank you. Have a good day."

Rose Busch looked at the class. "If you haven't figured it out yet, I'd like to introduce Lexi to her classmates. Lexi, can you please stand and turn to the class?"

Lexi stood, doing her best to control her trembling hands, turned to face her classmates, smiled, and gave them a friendly one handed timid wave.

Most of the class was surprised to see that Lexi did not look like a boy as most had expected, but appeared to be a cute girl. Eddie and Tad scanned the faces looking for anyone who might cause trouble. A few were frowning and whispering what looked to be negative comments.

"You all know me," Eddie said as he stood by his seat. "Those who went to elementary school with me knew my younger brother, Gabe. Gabe is also transgendered. My sister Gabi is now going through her one year RLT. Gabi is one of the Scoobies, and during Operation Scoobies Treats she found Alex strapped down in the hospital on suicide watch. She recognized Alex's issues when none of the doctor's could. Most of you know how antagonistic Alex was before his suicide attempt. He behaved that way because he was fighting the girlishness he felt. Gabi forced Alex to face his issues, and the same shrink that's been treating Gabi began treating Alex. You know how different Alex has been since he returned to school. A lot of you thought he was gay, but he wasn't, he was a girl pretending to be a boy. Basically, Alex succeeded in killing himself when jumped off the press box. Lexi survived Alex's suicide. When she returned to school she made friends with Liv, Faith and Skye. Lexi, myself, and her brother Def helped in the Scoobies Christmas show. Lexi played the girl elf. She spent the entire holiday as Lexi, and was given the okay to come to school. The five of us spent a lot of time with Lexi over the holiday and we can vouch that Lexi is a girl. If anyone tries anything to hurt her, you'll have to deal with us."

"You're still both faggots," Jack Goff whispered loud enough to be heard around the room.

Before anyone knew what was going on, Eddie raced to the back of the room and pulled Jack Goff from his seat and slammed him against the wall holding him up by the shirt so his toes barely touched the floor. "It's none of your damn business whether Lexi and I are faggots," Eddie snarled just inches from the terrified boy's face. "In the first place there's nothing wrong with being a faggot. But to put the record straight, Lexi is my GIRLFRIEND! If you don't like it, tough! You're entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to use your opinion to harass others. Do you understand?"

By that time Jack Goff had wet himself. Like most bullies, he was more bark than bite and Eddie was significantly larger. All he could do was nod his head.

Rose Busch was as startled by Eddie's assault as the rest of the class. She headed to the back of the room and was about five feet from the duo when Eddie lowered Jack Goff to the floor. Jack lowered his head and fought back tears of shame. It was only as he stepped back that Eddie saw Jack Goff had wet himself. Rose Busch stepped beside Eddie and saw the soggy pants.

"Tad, please come here," Eddie said as he moved a bit closer to Jack Goff to shield his wet spot from the view of the rest of the class. "Principal Enright said we should report any harassment to him. Help me take Jack to the office." Eddie looked at Ms Busch, winked, and mouthed NURSE'S OFFICE.

Rose Busch nodded her head. "Jack, please go with Eddie and Tad."

Tad saw the wet spot when he reached the back of the classroom. Glancing at Eddie he caught the wink and the mouthed HIDE HIM.

By this time Jack Goff was sniffling. Not only would his classmates see he'd wet himself, but so would the entire office staff. He felt his life was over.

"Tad, lead the way," Eddie ordered as he stepped behind Jack Goff and placed a guiding hand on his shoulder.

"Let this be a lesson to everyone," Rose Busch began lecturing the class from the rear of the room as all the students had turned in their seats to watch the confrontation. "Nasty comments constitute teasing. As Principal Enright said, the school has a zero tolerance policy and it will be enforced." She continued speaking as the three boys left the room.

Tad walked along the back of the class and then up the side aisle to the door. Eddie made sure Jack Goff stayed close enough so no one could see. It certainly helped that Ms Busch was speaking to the class as they stayed focused on her as she stayed in the back of the room.

Once the boys had exited the room, Eddie stopped them. "Look, Jack, we're taking you to the nurse's office. I don't think anyone saw you wet yourself and we won't tell anyone. You know the teasing you'd have gotten if anyone else saw. We saved your butt by sneaking you out of the room. Just back off on your nasty comments."

"Th... thanks," Jack Goff sniffed. "But why did you do it? You were ready to knock my head off."

"I was ready to beat you senseless," Eddie answered. "But we told Principal Enright we'd try to keep our cool. I almost lost it, but stopped myself. Besides, Tad and I are Scoobies, now. Scoobies try to help others... even if they don't deserve it. I hope saving your butt will make you change enough to deserve help when you need it. Now, let's get you to the nurse before the bell rings for first period. We'll have to tell Principal Enright what happened but we'll recommend he not punish you. We can say you've been in the office getting your butt chewed out."

"Thanks," Jack Goff said. "I'll try to do better."

The bell rang just as they reached the nurse's office. Although still embarrassed, Jack Goff had regained his composure. After explaining what happened, Eddie and Tad headed off to the office.

Principal Enright listened to the boys relate what had happened. Eddie completely confessed to his actions. Although upset by Eddie's initial outburst, the action he'd taken to save Jack Goff from humiliation overrode his concern. "Eddie, I'm going to have to discipline you for your outburst, but it won't be anything serious. In fact, I'll allow your friends to help you. You get back to class," Reid Enright said. "I'll go to the nurse and talk to Jack Goff. When I'm done there, I'll come to your classroom."

The school had tried to set it up so most students had their first period class in their homeroom. Rose Busch taught English and the class was well into the day's lesson when Eddie and Tad returned. Nothing was said as the boys took their seats and opened their books. Eddie did wink to Ms Busch so she knew Jack Goff was safely with the nurse.

About five minutes before the class ended, Principal Enright knocked on the door and entered. Ms. Busch wrapped up the lesson and turned the class over to him.

"I've already explained to Eddie that his violent response to Jack Goff was not what I expected," Reid Enright said. "The fact he regained control and did not injure Jack Goff will count in his favor as far as discipline. Eddie, I want you to write a thousand word essay on tolerance which we will publish in the school newspaper. You have one week to hand it in to me for approval."

Eddie solemnly nodded his head accepting his punishment knowing full well the essay was simply a way to get the word out to the school.

"As for Jack Goff," Principal Enright continued. "He's been sent home for the day. Tomorrow morning, he'll have to apologize in front of the class for what he said. I'll be here and he'd better be sincere. I hope this is the end to this problem. Thank you for your attention."

The bell rang and the students gathered their books and headed out to their next class. Principal Enright and Rose Busch discussed the incident, both were pleased with results.

Alex had achieved quite a bit of notoriety for his suicide attempt and the resulting arrest of Coach Strapp and suicide of Principal Deaper so he was fairly well known and recognizable by most students. As the students changed classes, it was evident many were looking to see Lexi, expecting to see a boy wearing girls' clothes. They were disappointed. A few of the more astute students, mostly girls, realized the new girl walking with Liv, Faith, and Skye and followed by Tad and Eddie had to be Lexi. The gossip about Jack Goff’s snide comments and Eddie's forceful rapid response swept through the school as Lexi and friends made it to their next class without incident.

Juan Alaya, their suave second period Spanish teacher, reassigned seats as the students entered to accommodate Lexi and friends in the front two rows. As soon as she entered the room, he realized the new girl had to be Lexi. Lexi's appearance and demeanor left him no doubt she was truly a girl. The antagonistic boy who had started the year had been replaced by a shy introverted awkward boy who had now blossomed into a demure girl. Always having an eye for attractive girls, Juan Alaya smiled.

While not a leacher, all the girls knew Juan Alaya appreciated femininity. His attitude and demeanor was always that of a suave Latin gentleman. Over the years none of the girls had figured out if his appreciation of femininity consciously or unconsciously effected his grading, but they knew acting girlishly most certainly had a positive impact on their grades.

About half of Lexi's homeroom class followed the same schedule all day. The other half changed each period although some of them shared more than one class. The Spanish class proceeded without incident as the newcomers learned the cute girl between Skye and Faith was Lexi. They also tempered any negative reaction as they learned about the Jack Goff - Eddie episode.

On Tuesday the third period was art class. Art Painter greeted the students with his usual enthusiasm. He made a point of greeting Lexi and welcoming her to the school. In his open concept classroom the students were able to intermingle more than in their other classes and his welcome to Lexi left no doubt he would tolerate no funny business. Several of the girls took the opportunity to welcome Lexi. Most of the guys simply looked and shook their heads not understanding why Lexi was a girl and not a boy. The mere idea of a boy becoming a girl spooked them. They also noted Eddie's piercing gaze. Their behavior was polite.

The fourth period class was science with teacher, Mike Krobe. A nerdy young man, he smiled at Lexi and welcomed her to his class. Then he promptly launched into his lesson.

Lunch came next. Principal Reid Enright stood guard in the cafeteria along with the normal proctors to ensure nothing got out of control. Def and Izzy joined Lexi, Liv, Faith, Skye, Eddie, and Tad as they went through the lunch line. The eight Scoobies sat together and discussed how Lexi had been received. Def grew angry when he heard what Jack Goff had said but Lexi explained what had happened and that an apology was due the next day. Tad and Eddie exchanged smirks, knowing they'd tell Def and Izzy what really happened at another time. Periodically a few girls came over to greet Lexi. Most of them were genuine in their greeting but a few of the snobbier girls were obviously scoping out her girlishness. Liv, Faith and Skye were able to sense the difference and warned Lexi not to trust those pompous girls. Again, most of the guys avoided coming near Lexi. The only exceptions were the guys from the football team who accepted Def's request for supporting Lexi.


*          *          *

End of Part 10
To Be Continued...

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