The Scoobies Do Chapter 12 GSA Scoobies & Football

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Chapter 12
GSA Scoobies & Football

Things had settled down at the junior high and Lexi Kahn was easily slipping into the life of a tween girl. Lexi and Eddie Bull were virtually inseparable at school and no one objected to their relationship. The only accommodations made for her was that she used the individual handicap restrooms and changed and showered for phys-ed in the locker room used by the girl's sports teams which were normally only used by the teams during practice and games. Virtually no one in the school district objected when it was learned Cal Kuelus was being allowed to apply for the State Public School Employees Retirement Program. In his 35 years of teaching he had been respected, and most felt his one failure, although horrendous, shouldn't keep him from what he'd otherwise earned, especially since he did the honorable thing by resigning, pleading guilty and apologizing.

Gabi kept Buffy, Rocky, and Freddy informed about the ins and outs of what was happening with Lexi. Knowing that Lexi was swamped with the changes and challenges in her life, they decided not to call her. Gabi relayed their support and encouragement to Eddie who passed it on to Lexi and the older Scoobies. In this back and forth communication they decided to gather at the Dog House just after lunch on Saturday.

Bea Kahn drove Lexi and Def, picking Gabi and Eddie up along the way. Virginia Beech drove Rocky, picking Skye, Buffy, and Tad up along the way. Brenda Bangs drove Freddy, picking Faith, Izzy and Liv up along the way. The mothers exchanged greetings with Moms and Pops before heading on their ways.

Lexi was quite happy with her new life and it was clear that so was Eddie. As before, the Scoobies grouped as couples, Rocky with Skye, Tad with Gabi, Def with Faith, and Izzy with Liv. They firmed up their plans for A Scoobie’s Valentine. When the conversation turned to possible fund raisers and just plain earning money, Liv looked at Lexi and smiled.

"My family hires school kids to help on the farm," Liv said. "They've never hired anyone as young as us, but the older kids they've had the last two years were not good workers. We'll need help soon to start planting the veggies in the greenhouse. You'd have to get working papers, and wouldn't be working regular hours although a few would be working more than others. It's honest work, sometimes dirty and sweaty, but you'll never be overworked. I've been helping out since I was six and am able to do almost everything now. I guarantee it'll keep you in shape!"

"I'll say," Izzy commented as he smiled at Liv. Suddenly he realized he'd said it out and turned ten shades of red as did Liv who smiled and looked down at the floor.

Everyone laughed at the faux pas.

"I spent a bit of time with the cows at milking," Lexi said. "I wouldn't mind working on farm. Def, you and the guys should do it too, it'd help you stay in shape for football while you earn some cash."

"If Lexi's going to do it, so will I," Eddie smiled at his girlfriend.

"Me too," Izzy declared as he smiled at Liv.

"I'm game," Def smiled. "How about it, Faith?"

"Okay," she smiled.

Skye sighed. "I couldn't help much since I work in my dad's pharmacy but I might be able to help out at your real busy times."

Gabi smiled nervously unsure of herself. "Would they let me work?"

"I think so, just not as often or as many hours," Liv answered.

"Buffy, Freddy and I already help with the farming here," Rocky said. "But we might be able to help occasionally."

"Plus we help out at The Crateful Bread," Buffy added.

Gabi looked a bit guilty as she turned to Buffy. "Should I be helping you guys instead?"

"You don't have to help anyone," Buffy smiled. "The Crateful Bread buys most of what the Goode's produce. Actually, it might work out better if my family worked together with the Goode family on the farming. I mean, Pops is still in good shape but at his age he shouldn't be spending as much time as he does in the fields. We really helped him a lot last year or he wouldn't have kept up, but there is a lot we can't do yet. I know Pops likes to garden but I bet he'd like to share what he knows. If we work our fields with the Goode's fields, he could supervise us to make sure we're doing things right."

"That sounds good to me," Liv nodded. "All we have to do is get the grups to agree."

The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing how things were going at school for both Lexi and Gabi. Obviously, Gabi’s life was running smoothly while Lexi’s life had been like a wild roller coaster ride. Gabi had little to say as she listened to the details of life in the seventh grade.

Gabi’s silence morphed into sadness soon accentuated by a few tears. The rest of the Scoobies didn’t notice her descent into ruefulness. It was only when she sniffed that the others noticed.

Surprised and concerned by her friend’s tears, Buffy asked “Gabi, what’s wrong?”

Gabi shook her head. “When I came to school in a skirt after Operation Scoobies Treats, I was afraid that I’d face the rejection and issues like Lexi has.”

“You weren’t afraid,” Rocky protested. “You were brave! You didn’t even hesitate as you led us into the school.”

“I might have looked brave but I think I’d have wet myself if anyone had sniped at me,” Gabi sighed. “I was pumped up from Operation Scoobies Treats. I’d really gotten into my role as Abby and used her intelligence and determination to do the right thing to force my fears down. Heck, that’s while I still dress in my version of Abby’s Goth style. She’s an adult and sure of herself, and comfortable in her persona. By copying her she’s a shield to protect me. The real me is just a scared little girl.”

“You might have been a scared little girl that day,” Tad declared as he slipped a comforting arm about Gabi’s shoulders in a gentle hug. “But you’ve grown beyond that.”

That’s for sure, sis,” Eddie smiled. “ You’re not an Abby clone. You may have started out copying Abby, but you’ve incorporated her best features into your personality. You are Gabi.”

Gabi smiled at the open support, but there was still a hint of sadness in her grin. Everyone returned her smile and waited for her to continue as she was obviously collecting her thoughts.

"I thought I was the only person with Gender Dysphoria in the school," Gabi finally said. "Then I found Lexi and discovered there were two of us. Since the incident with Mr. Kuelus, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. First, I wonder if there are anymore students who are transgendered but might be afraid to come out or are there others like Alex who refuse to even admit they have an issue?"

"Yeah, I wonder about that too," Lexi agreed. "I was so miserable in my denial I hated myself and everyone else. I wasn't a nice person."

"We always got along," Eddie defended. "You weren't a bad person. You didn't go looking for trouble but you were a hot head and that got you into trouble."

Lexi stuck her tongue out at Eddie, but then giggled.

Faith smiled at their antics but grew serious. "Do you think maybe we should try to get a support group together?"

"Our shrink talked about a support group for the transgendered and their families," Gabi said. “My family and Lexi's have been getting together every two weeks and we pretty much work out any issues we have, so I guess we've become our own support group."

"We are," Lexi agreed to which Def and Eddie nodded their agreement.

“I’m also concerned about how people in general accept us,” Gabi added. "I've done a lot of on-line research and I think we might try to set up a GSA club for anyone who might be LGBTQ and their friends."

They all looked perplexed but it was Liv who asked, "What's that?"

"GSA means Gay-Straight Alliance and LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Questioning since they all face similar public issues and discrimination," Gabi explained. "A GSA club is not only for LGBTQ people, but their friends and supporters too."

"That sounds great," Lexi exclaimed. "We could help a lot more people."

"Yeah," Faith agreed. "I can think of two girls in our class who have been hiding that they're lesbians."

"I think there might be a couple of guys too," Def added. "A GSA club could help a lot of people."

"I think my dad might help as a sponsor," Rocky said. "The UCC Church has come out for full inclusion of LBGTQ people."

"My family might too," Buffy added. "They've always welcomed gays in The Crateful Bread."

"I bet the Metamorphosis School of the Arts would support us," Freddy suggested. "They employ homosexuals. What we need to do is go online and get more information."

"I already have a lot," Gabi said as she pulled a CD case from her purse. "I also have links to get detailed info on setting up a GSA club."

"Great, I can sort out and organize the info we'd need to start a GSA club," Freddy said.

"That sounds like a plan," Faith said. "I'll talk to Miss Meddlar to find out what we need to comply with school rules regarding starting a club. After what happened this week I don't think the school would dare to object."

"It would probably help if we all signed a petition of intent," Def said. "We need to get our parents to sign to show we have parental approval."

"I'll whip something up," Freddy said as he took a seat at the computer and slipped the CD into the reader.

"My grandparents and Moms and Pops would sign to," Buffy assured them.

"We can probably get some people from the Metamorphosis School of the Arts to sign on too," Gabi added. “Maybe they'd even offer to be one of the sponsors for the club. My dad will probably sponsor us too."

"I think The Crateful Bread would sponsor us," Buffy said.

"My dad's Pharmacy might too," Skye put in.

"Heck, I might get my mom's Styles With Bangs to sponsor us too," Freddy added.

"Maybe my family farm could do it," Liv suggested.

"Sounds like we better get rolling on this," Eddie said as the others nodded.


The rest of the weekend flew by as the Scoobies pulled things together. The adults followed up on the youths' suggestions for the farm work. The Crateful Bread, The Hundred Acre Farm, and Green Acres Organic Farm, worked out an agreement to share the work load and the farm land, orchards, and green houses with The Crateful Bread having first choice of the crops. Sonny Summers would be available to help the Goods on heavy jobs, while the Scoobies, with parental permission, would be part time as needed workers.

The Scoobies also received parental permission and support to start a GSA club at school. The Crateful Bread, By Wright Pharmacy, The Metamorphosis School of the Arts, Green Acres Organic Farm, Styles with Bangs, and Lyle Bull Attorney at Law all agreed to be community sponsors of the proposed GSA club. Pastor Palmer Beech gave tentative approval for Trinity UCC Church to be a community sponsor pending approval by the Church Consistory.

Freddy organized the information on GSA clubs and even cobbled together a mission statement using posted samples of other clubs and e-mailed it to the rest of the Scoobies.

Mission Statement:
The Hickstown School District GSA brings together GLBTQ youth and straight allies to fight homophobia on campus and in the community. GSA brings students of different sexual and gender identities together to meet new people, hang out, eat food, and have fun. We will coordinate outings, dances, movie nights, and other activities. Through acceptance at all our activities we will reduce isolation and depression. We welcome all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and straight youth to come and talk about any issues concerning them. Listening is our strong point and members can bring up personal issues they are facing. By using one on one or group discussion, we hope to create a safe place to offer support, resources, and alternative outlets for emotion. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, linking homophobia with other oppressions, and advocating for equal treatment for youth of all sexual orientations, our GSA will create a school environment free of homophobic sexual, verbal and physical harassment.

Lexi called Lorin Mythe, her history teacher, to explain about the Scoobies desire to form a GSA club. Lorin thought it was a wonderful idea and asked how she could help. Sunday evening Lexi, Def, Eddie and Gabi went to Lorin Mythe's home to show her their proposed mission statement and ask if she would be the teacher advisor for the GSA club.

Lorin Mythe was stunned by the depth of research the Scoobies had done. The fact they had already compiled a formal request petition to the school for the establishment of a GSA club, had their parents sign the petition, and they'd signed up community sponsors was quite impressive. Their proposed mission statement was superb. When they told her they'd only come up with the idea of starting a GSA club the previous day she was flabbergasted.

Lorin Mythe had heard about Gabi through her fellow teachers. She also knew that Gabi had discovered Lexi. Now that she’d met her in person and learned it was Gabi who had suggested the GSA, Lorin was really impressed and looked forward to having the original Scoobies in her classes next year.

"I'm flattered you've asked me to be your faculty advisor and I accept," Lorin Mythe told them. "With all the prep you've done and the backing you've secured, I don't think there will be any significant issues. I doubt anyone in the administration will object after what happened last week. The only issue that might occur is the inclusion of Elementary age students. This is no offense to you, Gabi, obviously you and your friends are more than mature enough, but I think some may object."

"My dad will convince them it's okay," Eddie assured Lorin. "He has already made sure Principal Jass from the elementary school accepted Gabi as transgendered and that was before the entire incident with Coach Strapp. With the involvement he had over that plus what he did this past week, he'll make mince-meat out of anyone that tries to keep Gabi and her friends out of the GSA Club."

Realizing Eddie wasn't bragging but simply stating the truth, Lorin Mythe smiled. It was young people like these that made teaching worthwhile. Lorin agreed to attend an after school organizational meeting of the GSA with Principal Reid Enright if the Scoobies could set it up.


Monday morning Principal Reid Enright was not surprised to see Lexi Kahn, Def Kahn, Eddie Bull, Liv Goode, Skye Wright, Izzy Fuhl, Faith Fuhl and Tad Pohl enter the school office before school started although he did wonder why Lorin Mythe was with them. Realizing this was a formal visit, he asked them into the conference room.

When Lexi explained they were requesting permission to start a Gay-Straight Alliance Club and that Miss Mythe had agreed to be faculty advisor he felt nervous. When Def handed him the petition, he was surprised not only to see all the signatures of the interested students, but those of their parents as well. What truly amazed him was the list of community sponsors they had already enlisted. The fact that Lyle Bull, Attorney at Law was listed at the top of the sponsors list let him know this request was to be taken quite seriously.

"If it's possible, we'd like to get the GSA Club approved as soon as possible," Lexi added. "All the students who signed up will be able to meet with you after school, as will most of the parents."

"My dad has already contacted the school's solicitor and faxed him a copy of what we've given you," Eddie added. "We're not trying to jam anything through, but we want to pre-empt possible homophobic resistance."

"You are moving fast," Principal Enright replied. "I'll have your paperwork checked and will let you know by lunch if we can meet after school."

"Thank you, sir," Lexi smiled as the others nodded.

Principal Enright realized he was standing in the middle of the tracks as a speeding locomotive swept towards him. A bit overwhelmed, he looked at Lorin Mythe as the respectful students headed out to the halls.

"They called me yesterday and visited me last night," Lorin smiled. "They really have their act together. What they didn't tell you was that the idea for a GSA Club only came up at a meeting of the Scoobies on Saturday afternoon. They pulled all the paperwork together by last night. They are a determined and intelligent group and I'm delighted they asked me to be their faculty advisor."

"I realized they were a unique group after they pulled their class together last week when Mr. Kuelus lost it," Reid Enright said. "If they have everything in order, we can probably meet after school. They are one determined group of students."


Reid Enright contacted Superintendent Pickles and told him of the petition for the GSA Club and the request for fast tracking approval. Dr. Dil Pickles cleared his schedule and headed to the junior/senior high school office. Together they reviewed the petition and found everything was in order. Every 'I' was dotted and every 't' was crossed. It was only when he looked at all the names and sponsors that Dil Pickles realized who was involved.

"I see Lyle Bull is involved with this," Dil Pickles sighed.

"His daughter, Gabi, was the first openly transgendered student in the district," Reid Enright said. "She's also the one who realized that Alex Kahn was transgendered when she visited the hospital as part of Operation Scoobies Treats."

"So she's one of the Scoobies," Dil Pickles nodded.

"All the students who signed the application are Scoobies," Reid Enright replied. "The others joined the original four over the holidays. They organized themselves to watch out for Lexi when she came to school. They came up with the idea for a GSA Club on Saturday and pulled this all together since then."

"I am morally opposed to a GSA Club," Dil Pickles sighed. "But I understand my professional responsibilities require me to make judgements on such matters by merit and adherence to rules and regulations."

"Their parents signed the petition as well as all the business sponsors," Reid continued. "We really have no choice but to grant approval to their petition. Lyle Bull isn't the only big gun they have. Werner Summers, president of the school board, is the great-grandfather of Buffy Summers. Werner and his wife Kathryn signed on as club sponsors as The Hundred Acre Farm. Werner's son is Arie, their daughter-in-law is Choo Choo, Buffy's paternal grandparents. Her maternal grandparents are Walt and Val. The girl's four grandparents own The Crateful Bread. Then there is By and Devine Wright, owners of By Wright Pharmacy and Skye Wright's parents. Brenda Bangs, Freddy Bangs mom, owns Styles with Bangs. Hertz and Bea Goode are Liv Goode's grandparents, who together with her parents, S. Mel and Alice Goode, own Green Acres Organic Farm. Then there is Lynne Swann, manager of The Metamorphosis School of the Arts where five of the Scoobies take lessons. We have the most progressive and influential businesses in Hickstown backing these kids."

"It looks as if we have to approve their petition," Dil Pickles said.

"Well, there is an issue we have to address," Reid Enright said. "The four original Scoobies are in Miss Peach's sixth grade class."

"Gabi Bull is one of them," Dil Pickles acknowledged. "That shows the issues the GSA Club will address is already in the Elementary School so we can't deny them membership. We'll insist that age can not be used to deny membership in this club. Parental permission should keep out children who are too young. We'll also have to insist that at least half the club's activities be age appropriate for all members. I doubt that will be an issue with these students but it may prove necessary at some future date. It's my understanding the four sixth graders are excellent students so we can get them excused to come over here at the end of the day for meetings. I doubt Principal Jass will be happy about that but he'll just have to deal with it. We'll also have to make arrangements for the younger members to be escorted from the elementary school to here, but it's only a hundred yards so that shouldn't be a major issue. We'll also have to remind all clubs their members must maintain passing grades to participate."

"Well, we can't stop them but we can't let them bulldoze us," Dil Pickles summed up. "If they want an after school meeting, they'll have to schedule it for later in the week. In order not to look like total hard asses, offer to meet them during the last period today." Dil Pickles was satisfied the school still had a modicum of control on what seemed to be a runaway train.

With that settled, Reid Enright headed to the cafeteria to tell Lexi and Eddie the administration had accepted their petition but in order to meet today it'd have to be done during the last period. Lexi and Eddie quickly finished their lunch then called the adults. At least one parent and one representative of the sponsors said they could make the earlier time. Lexi and Eddie let the principal know the meeting was on before heading off to class.

Reid Enright contacted Superintendent Dr. Dil Pickles to let him know the meeting during last period was a go. Then he contacted Principal Hugh Jass to let him know that Buffy, Freddy, Rocky and Gabi needed to come over to the Junior/Senior High for the last period meeting and that in the future they'd need to be released for GSA Club meetings. Needless to say, Hugh Jass was quite unhappy at the disruption of his routine. Fortunately he knew that since Gabi was involved, he'd have to fully cooperate.

Hugh Jass headed up to Miss Peach's sixth grade classroom to tell her to release the Scoobies for the GSA Club's organizational meeting. The Scoobies were delighted to get the news. Most of the kids in the room were obviously curious about why the Scoobies were getting out of class to go to the Junior/Senior High.

Miss Peach looked at Gabi. "Gabi, would you like to explain why you'll be going to the Junior/Senior High?"

"Sure," Gabi answered as she stood. "We're organizing a new club that will be open to elementary students. The club is a GSA club. That stands for Gay-Straight Alliance. It's where kids with gender issues and their friends can get together to discuss issues, do projects, educate society about issues, and have fun. One of the terms used with GSA is LGBTQ, that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning. A lesbian is a girl who is sexually attracted to other girls. A gay is a boy who is sexually attracted to other boys. A bisexual is a person who is sexually attracted to girls and boys. Transgender is a person who's physical gender does not match up with their mental gender. I'm transgender. I have a boy's body but a girl's mind. Questioning is a person who is not sure of their sexual orientation."

"The reason we're starting the club is to help students who may be afraid to reveal their orientation because they're afraid of what other's might think or do," Gabi continued. "You all heard what happened to Lexi Kahn last week at the Junior/Senior High. Lexi is transgendered like me. We got together with our friends to form this club so that anyone who has gender issues will have fellow students to support them."

"There are twelve of us starting the club," Gabi added. "Lexi and I are the only ones with personal gender issues. Two of the guys are our older brothers. The other eight are friends who support us. The number of straight members outnumbers the LGBTQ members. Anyone who wants to make a difference in helping LGBTQ students be accepted will be welcomed to join."

"So they're letting you four go to the Junior/Senior High for this club during school time," Jenny Talia said. "Can any of us join?"

"The way we applied for the GSA Club should allow any student to join," Gabi answered. "I assume you have to have passing grades and good conduct, especially for us younger kids, to go up to the Junior/Senior High. You also have to have your parents sign a permission slip allowing you to join the GSA Club. This is not just something to get out of class. Members will have to participate in discussions and events."

"You'll all be eligible to join clubs next year when you're in the Junior/Senior High School," Miss Peach said. "Students are encouraged to join clubs that interest them but you don't have to join any. This is the first time a club has been opened to elementary students and you have the Scoobies to thank for that. I'm sure once they get the club up and running, they'll put out information to encourage new members to join. As Gabi mentioned, your grades have to satisfactory and your behavior acceptable before you'll even be considered for membership."

When it was time for them to leave, Miss Peach nodded to the four Scoobies who quietly gathered their things and headed out of the classroom. At the office they signed out, and Bea Kahn, one of the secretaries, led them to the side door of the school and accompanied the Scoobies as they walked across the pavement running through the cold windswept lawn separating the Elementary School from the Junior/Senior High School. Reid Enright waited by the door to let the chilled fivesome inside, then led them to the cafeteria where the meeting was to be held.

Bea Kahn was the parental rep for Lexi Kahn and Def Kahn. Alice Goode was the parental rep for Liv Goode as well as the sponsor rep for Green Acres Organic Farm. Werner Summers was there as the sponsor rep of The Hundred Acre farm. Autumn Winters Summers was there as parental rep for Buffy Summers and sponsor The Crateful Bread. Cyn Fuhl was there as the parental rep of Faith Fuhl and Izzy Fuhl as well as sponsor Farmers Bank of Hickstown which just that morning approved being a sponsor. Pastor Beech was there as parental rep for Rocky Beech and sponsor rep for Trinity UCC. Brenda Bangs was there as parental rep for Freddy Bangs and sponsor rep for Styles With Bangs. Mae Pohl was there as parental sponsor of Tad Pohl. Lyle Bull was there as parental rep for Gabi Bull and Eddie Bull and sponsor rep for Lyle Bull, Attorney at Law. By Wright was there as parental rep for Skye Wright and sponsor rep for By Right Pharmacy. Dr. Dil Pickles, Reid Enright, Ima Meddlar, and Lorin Mythe were administration reps. Twenty six people in all were there to participate in the meeting. Two other people were there. Cindy Caishun and her camera man would observe and record the meeting and follow the GSA Club as part of the planned documentary on Gabi and Lexi.

Dr. Dil Pickles began the meeting by reviewing the rules and regulations for clubs and by saying that the application and petitions for the GSA Club met all the requirements. Then he re-emphasized the open age policy for the club and grade average maintenance by the members.

"I feel the need to make a personal comment," Dr. Dil Pickles began. "I am morally opposed to this club but understand and accept my professional commitment to supporting the GSA Club. Fortunately, I won't have much contact with the GSA. Principal Reid Enright is fully supportive of the club as is Miss Lorin Mythe. I'll bow to their leadership abilities in this matter. The reason I'm even bringing this up is that if at some time, you feel I'm being uncooperative or obstinate in regards to GSA activities, I'd like you to speak to me before taking any formal or legal action. As I said, I'm morally opposed to the concept but professionally supportive. While I'll endeavor to do my best, at some point my personal feelings may bleed into my professional activities. I feel it will be best for everyone if we handle that quietly and informally. This school has been through more than enough scandals this year and I certainly do not want to create another."

"We thank you for your honesty, Dr. Pickles," Lyle Bull replied. "As the logical legal representative for the GSA Club, I can assure you we will attempt to handle any discriminatory incidents on an informal basis before moving on to formal proceedings."

"I appreciate that, Mr. Bull," Dil Pickles replied. Then he looked at the group. "It is my hope you succeed in your efforts to support others with gender issues. Now, I'll leave you in the capable hands of Principal Enright."

As Dr. Dil Pickles gathered his things to leave, Lexi stood and began to applaud. The other Scoobies quickly joined in followed by the adults. Dil Pickles smiled and nodded before leaving the room.

The next order of business was to organize the Club. Officers would normally be elected in September of each year. Since they were just starting up interim officers were nominated and accepted by acclamation. Then the slate was unanimously voted into office. Def Kahn would be President, Eddie Bull would be Vice President, Faith Fuhl would be Treasurer, Lexi would be the Recording Secretary, and Gabi would be Elementary Coordinator. They were sure Miss Peach would serve as Elementary Faculty Advisor.

They decided to send letters to the homes of every student in the district explaining the GSA Club and informing parents students needed their parent's permission to join the club but that each student would be allowed to attend one club meeting without joining as an informative session. The letter also enclosed a permission form the parents could return to the school either allowing their child to attend or forbidding them to attend GSA meetings. The office would provide a mailing list and the sponsors agreed to foot the postage bill. The letters would go out Wednesday morning and on that same day they also decided to announce the formation of the GSA Club on the morning announcements with Lexi explaining why the club was being formed in the Junior/Senior High and Gabi doing so in the Elementary School. Freddy had already made up a number of single page advertisements that could be hung throughout the schools. Again it was decided to post them on Wednesday morning. The first meeting would be held in the cafeteria the following Monday and any interested students could attend to get more detailed information of the GSA Club's intentions.


The rumor mill started from the Elementary School where Gabi had already revealed the GSA Club's formation to her class. By Wednesday morning, nearly everyone in Hickstown had heard the news so the fliers and announcements did not shock anyone. Only a handful of parents sent the permission slips back indicating they were forbidding their child to participate in GSA Club activities. Five times as many sent the permission slips back permitting their child to participate in GSA Club activities.

Miss Peach readily agreed to be the Elementary School faculty advisor for the GSA Club. Principal Hugh Jass was relieved as it meant Miss Peach had to take responsibility for making arrangements for the students to get to the Junior/Senior High for meetings and activities.

The Consistory of Trinity UCC voted to approve sponsorship of the GSA Club. On Sunday, Pastor Palmer Beech favorably addressed the issue during his sermon.

The message put out by the GSA Club pointedly indicated they were not advocating any sexual orientation but simply creating a safe environment in which a person could be themselves and where people with no sexual issues could be supportive of those who did. The goal was to educate people that sexual orientation was not a choice but fact and to foster public acceptance.

Cindy Caishun interviewed residents and students of the Hickstown School District starting Thursday to get their initial reaction to the GSA Club. Many were unsure how to react. The fact that the Scoobies were the organizers helped them accept the premise the GSA Club would be a support group. The fact they had the sponsorship support of so many important Hickstown businesses and the Trinity UCC also alleviated many concerns. Most people took a wait and see attitude, deciding to give the GSA Club a chance to prove itself. The few who were upset by the concept of a GSA Club freely voiced their opposition if asked, but none made a show of public outrage. They knew their neighbors well enough to understand their opinions would be respected but the majority ruled. Just as those opposed would not make a public spectacle of their opposition, the supporters would not attempt to force them to change their minds.

Cindy was amazed by the mutual respect and restraint the residents showed in regards to the issue. The community would give the actions of and new ideas espoused by the GSA Club a chance to bear fruit or wither on the vine. She would make sure the community's positive attitude of open respect and cooperation would be showcased in her documentary.


In the afternoon of Saturday, January 14, the Scoobies gathered at the Dog House to finalize plans for Monday's initial GSA open meeting. As faculty advisors Miss Peach and Lorin Mythe attended the meeting. Both women were surprised to find the Dog House so large and well furnished. Moms and Pops greeted them when they arrived and thanked them for being the faculty advisors as they led them to the loft area leaving them with the kids. Neither woman had realized that Pops, who they knew was President of the School Board, was Buffy's great grandfather.

The meeting was open and friendly, the interplay between the Scoobies was a joy for the teachers to behold. The teachers quickly noted the Scoobies paired off and the couples interactions were affectionate without being in your face. The couples would hold hands, smile a bit more at their other half, and simply enjoy being together. It was a refreshing atmosphere where everyone freely accepted Gabi and Lexi as girls and Tad and Eddie were accepted as the girls' boyfriends.

Snacks and drinks for the meeting were planned. The Scoobies would prepare the treats at The Crateful Bread Sunday afternoon. One of the topics discussed was whether or not the Scoobies would remain separate or simply expand to include anyone that joins the GSA Club. They all knew they couldn't bring anymore kids into the Dog House and they didn't want to lose their comraderie.

"I think our activities have given the SCOOBIES positive name recognition in the community," Freddy Bangs finally said. "The GSA Club has a negative connotation for more conservative people. If we could have all the GSA Club members known as Scoobies, I think we'd have a better chance at complete community acceptance. At the same time, I'm hesitant about sharing our identity."

"How about if we start referring to ourselves as the SCOOBS and let the GSA Club members be SCOOBIES," Gabi suggested. "We could let the GSA Club Scoobies take over our Valentine Day plans as their first service project. We'd still be heavily involved but could keep the Dog House for our private use."

Skye Wright raised a point. "Could we roll the Scoobies website over to the GSA Club?"

"That shouldn't be a problem," Freddy Bangs said. "We'd just need to make sure the GSA Club members want to be Scoobies."

"We should come up with an acronym for SCOOBIES that would be appropriate for the GSA Club," Faith Fuhl suggested.

That set off a flurry of suggestions and it didn't take long to come up with appropriate words to make SCOOBIES a suitable acronym for the GSA Club.


Everyone agreed that while it was a bit wordy it was quite appropriate.


On Monday, January 16, five sixth graders in addition to the Scoobs signed up to go to the meeting. Miss Peach walked the nine youngsters to the Junior/Senior High. In the cafeteria they met with the older students. In addition to the eight older Scoobs there were ten seventh graders, twelve eighth graders, nine ninth graders, nine tenth graders, eight eleventh graders, and four twelfth graders for a total 69 students. All had to have the signed parental permission slips to attend the organizational meeting.

Def identified himself as interim President and called the meeting to order. First he introduced the Faculty advisors. It was clear the students were happy with the choices as most knew both women and many had been their students. Def then introduced the other interim officers, Eddie Bull as Vice President, Faith Fuhl as Treasurer, Lexi as Recording Secretary, and Gabi as Elementary Coordinator. Then he introduced the other founding members of the club. He also announced that as this meeting was to enlist members, nominations for officers would be held at the end of their second regular meeting with campaigning for two weeks before elections.

"I'm telling you this now so the older students won't feel weird about being in a club with officers as young as we are," Def finished. "This Club will be sensitive to the feelings of everyone, especially fellow members. Now, let me introduce Freddy Bangs. He was the one who pulled all the documentation needed to start this club in one weekend."

As the Scoobs handed out papers, Freddy began a brief explanation of how he researched the documentation. Then he did a quick review of the GSA Club statement of intent and rules as well as the school's rules for clubs.

The older students were amazed the sixth grader was so self-confident and knowledgeable.

The Scoobs then explained why they felt the need to form a GSA Club, stressing that members didn't have to have sexual identity issues but could merely be friends interested in learning more and helping gain public acceptance for those who had issues. They also stressed that no one had to reveal if they had issues or not. They also stated that putting a face on the issues helped as they pointed out Lexi and Gabi. Everyone knew what had happened with Lexi, but several were in the dark about Gabi. Many were amazed to learn Eddie’s weird little brother was now the perky quasi-Goth sixth grade girl who helped Lexi to discover her inner girl.

The Scoobs went on to explain they had formed the original Scoobies as a self help and to help others. Everyone was aware of the Scoobies and their positive reputation. The Scoobs then explained they had changed the name of their core group to the Scoobs to allow the GSA Club members to assume the name Scoobies. The new GSA Scoobies would assume the Scoobs' public service plans as a way of sharing their good will with everyone and fulfilling the GSA Club's goals. The Valentine Day plans were overwhelmingly accepted. Those attending also agreed the acronym the Scoobs had come up with for the new SCOOBIES in the GSA Club was quite appropriate: Students Collaborating Openly On Bringing Individuals Emancipated Sexuality.

The rest of the time was spent with the Scoobs and advisors answering questions. Gabi was the most sought after of the Scoobs and the giggly girl freely spoke of her transsexuality. Fifty two of the 57 interested students attending the meeting signed up as GSA Club members and became Scoobies on the spot, making the GSA Club the largest club in the school.


The students and staff and residents of The Hickstown School District buzzed about the formation of the GSA Club. Signs were up announcing the GSA Scoobies were organizing a Valentines Day outreach for the hospitalized children, homeless, and retirement home residents. A few rednecks both inside and outside the school tried to voice their opposition to the GSA Club but were quickly shut down by peer pressure before their objections came anywhere nearing moving past comments to action.

Cindy Caishun began conducting individual interviews with the Scoob's and their families, trying to do one an evening in their homes. She also conducted several man on the street interviews each day to gauge public reaction to the GSA Club. The reactions of most of those interviewed were positive. Of the few who didn't agree, none were violently opposed.


On Saturday January 21, the Scoobs all headed out to Green Acres Organic Farm arriving for the 5am milking. To say they were bright eyed and bushy tailed would be a lie. The Goodes had a good chuckle as the droopy eyed Scoobs stepped into the barn. Since it was winter, the cows spent the night in the barn. Needless to say the troughs behind the bovines were not clean. The manure and urine scented air in the barn very quickly opened the weary eyes of the unsuspecting Scoobs. Even Lexi reacted.

Now that they were awake, Def and Eddie followed gramps upstairs into the hayloft. Izzy, Rocky and Tad followed S. Mel Goode's instructions on how to properly handle a manure shovel as they began cleaning the troughs. Johnny B. Goode showed Freddy how to rinse the trough without splattering once the shoveling was completed. The girls went with Alice Goode and Liv to begin the actual milking.

By 6am the work was done. After cleaning themselves, they trooped into the house for a hearty breakfast of sausage, eggs, and pancakes. The work had spiked everyone's appetite and Grams had to hustle to keep up with the boys' but no one left the table hungry.

By 7am, the Scoobs were following the Goode's as they trudged to the greenhouses where pops joined them. The four adults each took three Scoobs and toured the greenhouse, then showed them the recipes of how to make the potting soil for each plant as the mixes varied to meet the particular needs of each plant, including water so they had a damp but not muddy mixture. Next they were shown how to place the potting soil in the compressed peat moss seedling trays called flats. Lastly, came the instructions for placing the seeds at the correct depth in each section of the seedling flats.

The necessity of keeping the planted seeds separated by plant was stressed, and popsicle sticks with an abbreviation for each plant was placed in each flat immediately after planting the seeds. The flats were then placed on tables covered with black plastic carefully smoothed to remove all wrinkles. Each table top was level and had three inch raised sides. Once the flats covered a table, the table was flooded with a quarter inch of water. Enough to keep the potting soil in the flats moist enough to allow the seeds to germinate.

By lunch, several thousand seeds had been planted and set out on the tables. Seven varieties of tomatoes, five varieties of hot peppers, three varieties of sweet peppers, eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, squash, and five varieties of melons.

Arriving back at the Goode home, the Scoobs were delighted to see that Moms had joined Grams to prepare a sumptuous lunch. Despite the heavy breakfast, the work had engendered enormous appetites and they all dug in with gusto.

After they finished, Gramps, S. Mel, and Pops reviewed what the Scoobs had learned and answered all questions. The Scoobs understood the work was hard but not difficult, dirty but not filthy, and would most certainly keep them in good physical shape. The five larger boys would be regular workers, alternating days when not as many were needed. The girls and Freddy would pitch in as extra help was needed.


By the next GSA meeting on January 23, the five students who hadn't initially joined signed on so the GSA Club Scoobies had sixty nine members. Plans for the Valentines Day service project were laid out and many new Scoobies accepted responsibility for carrying out particular aspects of the preparations along with the Scoobs. A dozen nearby retirement homes responded positively to the GSA club’s request to visit their facilities on Valentine’s day


On Sunday, February 5, the families of the Scoobs gathered for a Super Bowl XL party at the Dog House. Even with 38 people in attendance, the room was not crowded. Starting in the early afternoon with a hot buffet luncheon from The Crateful Bread the families joked and talked. Freddy pulled up some Big Band music on the computer and played it over the speaker system. The Scoobs got a kick out of watching the older people jitterbugging and quickly joined in. At 3:30 the Goodes and Scoobs headed over to Green Acres Organic Farm to milk the cows. With so many hands, the job was quickly done and everyone made it back to the Dog House for more food with plenty of time to spare before the game.

Everyone watched the game on the big screen TV. Naturally they all cheered for the American Football Conference champion Pittsburgh Steelers against the National Football Conference champion Seattle Seahawks. The excited yells cheers filled the loft as the Steelers defeated the Seahawks, 21—10.

They spent a half hour basking in the win before everyone pitched in to clean up and the job was done in fifteen minutes. Everyone went home happy and tired.


By Valentine's Day, everything was ready. Computer generated cards created by the students included short verses they'd composed. Candy, fruit, yogurt raisins and peanuts (some dyed red) and baskets of food had been prepared. Gift certificates from several major supermarkets and department stores had been donated and placed in some cards. All sixty nine Scoobies attended school wearing red pants and white tops with Valentine heart shaped boppers on their heads. They had a great time being silly.

With parental assistance, they split into groups to distribute the goodies. Cindy Caishun was hard pressed to keep up with the energetic kids as she followed them through school. Fortunately, Lexi and Gabi both went with the group heading to the children's ward of Good Shepard Hospital so Cindy followed them. The big hearted transgendered duo and their Gay-Straight Alliance Scoobies made it to the national media as the good news spot for the day.


Cindy Caishun's documentary on Gabi and Lexi was fantastic. Not only did it reveal their unique friendship, it also chronicled their influence on and growth and transformation of the Scoobies into their incarnation as the founding members of the Hickstown School District Gay-Straight Alliance. What was amazing about the GSA was that by the end of the year it had 98 members, one tenth of the Hickstown School District’s student enrollment of 975. The positive, upbeat attitude of the Scoobies and their efforts to help others won over even die-hard local opposition to the GSA. This was accurately portrayed. The documentary, entitled THE SCOOBIES DO, won an awards for the best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.
While the Scoobies were quite active in the GSA Scoobies, they still made time to get together. Gabi maintained her unique Abby-esque Goth personal style and bubbly positive outlook. Just as Buffy, Rocky, and Freddy had begun to merge quite a bit of Gabi's green Goth style into their personal style. Lexi, Liv, Skye, and Faith began to morph their personal styles with Gabi. It didn't take long for Eddie, Def, Tad, and Izzy to begin adapting to their girlfriend's styles. After Valentine's day, they were all wearing green nail polish and lipstick and sporting Skull Flowers.

Gabi and Lexi were so undeniably girlish in their actions and appearance that even those who knew their birth gender could see no sign of their unwanted boyhood. Dr. Norma Lee had no issues prescribing testosterone blockers for Gabi and Lexi and the pair eagerly took the medication. While they asked for female hormones, Dr. Lee was adamant that they wait as medical standards required they be eighteen.

Although frustrated, the girls accepted the denial. But that did not stop Gabi from doing research on natural herbs and teas that could enhance the natural development of female hormones. When she gathered information on what she thought would be safe, she took her information to The Crateful Bread to discuss options with Val, the ex-hippie resident herbal supplement expert. They decided on several safe supplements. After Val reviewed the list and researched appropriate doses, she met with Gabi's and Lexi's parents to review the positive and negative effects of taking the supplements and appropriate doses. Dr. Lee also reviewed the selections and after researching them approved the supplements but insisted the girls get blood tests every two months to monitor the effects.

Dong quai contains phytoestrogens that bind to the estrogen receptors in our body, thereby increasing our levels of estrogen and is available in a variety of forms. The easiest way to take the herb is in pill form and the recommended dosage is between 500 mg daily. Dong quai is especially effective when used in combination with black cohosh. Black cohosh is believed to contain phytoestrogens, specifically isoflavones, that bind to the estrogen receptors in your body. Black cohosh is available in supplement form. It may be taken up to two times a day for six months, but should not be taken for a longer period of time. Red clover is one of the premium sources of phytoestrogens, plant estrogens that mimic the female sex hormone. These phytoestrogens help to increase the levels of estrogen in our bodies. Red clover is usually taken in capsule form, the recommended dosage is 400 mg. The maca root does not contain plant estrogens but, instead, is an adaptogen that is, it helps to balance out our body's own existing hormone system and encourages the production of hormones and encourages an increase and then a balance between estrogen and progesterone. The daily recommended dose of maca root is around 900mg taken in capsule form three times a day.

Gabi and Lexi eagerly took the supplements under the strict supervision of their mothers. It didn't take long for the effects to be noticed in softer skin and the beginning development of feminine curves. This is not to say they blossomed into full puberty, far from it, they simply blossomed in that direction from their previous gender neutral childish bodies.

All the Scoobs had also joined the dance and martial arts class at The Metamorphosis School of the Arts. They all though Wally Wacker and Vance Barr were great teachers as well as entertaining. The guys were amazed the difference the classes made in their strength, coordination, and stamina.

The Scoobs all worked on the farms through the spring and summer becoming tanned and lean. The adults loved working with them as the Scoobs sang as they worked.

The teamwork and camaraderie the Scoobs built up proved itself in a most unusual manner at the end of the summer. Def, Izzy, Eddie, Tad, were joined by Rocky at the tryouts for the 2006 Hickstown Junior High Football Team, appropriately named the Harvesters. The Hickstown School District was the smallest in the county, which was the main reason they always had issues filling the ranks of the football squad. Despite that, they'd never had a losing season. Unfortunately, at the first practice only 13 guys came out for the team. Even playing Iron Man football, the guys would have little back up and had no quarterback or receivers as the guys who had previously played those positions would be on the varsity squad this year. Def and Eddie came up with an unusual solution.

Freddy Bangs was the smallest seventh grader in the new school year, only standing four feet eleven inches and still wearing his thick coke glass lens glasses. But in the Scoobs interplay at the farms, he’d proved he had an unerring arm and the intellect to judge distances and the force needed to throw objects. With a bit of desperate urging, the guys talked Freddy into coming to their next practice to try out for quarterback. By the end of the first practice, he had mastered throwing the football with pin-point accuracy and tremendous distance. With Def, Eddie, Izzy, Tad, and Rocky on the front line protecting him, Freddy had little fear of being sacked.

Now that the Harvesters had a suitable quarterback, they still needed fast, agile receivers. As they watched their boyfriends practice, the girls could see their frustrations. Gabi had become the firebrand of the Scoobs. Adapting Abby Scuito as her role model had not only allowed her transsexuality to flower, it effected nearly everything she did. Gabi incorporated Abby's devotion to her friends as well as her desire to do the right thing and sticking to a problem until she solved it. Gabi looked at Lexi and the duo sighed. Together, they stood and walked out onto the practice field. Faith, Skye, Buffy, and Liv stood and cheered causing the guys on the field to stop their practice.

As Gabe, Gabi had always been more than capable sports-wise always outplaying the jocks in his class. He had always enjoyed playing sports but simply had little interest in joining organized teams. Now the Harvesters needed help so Gabi had finally had a reason to overcome her reluctance to join a team. As Alex, Lexi had been an edgy tough guy often flying off the handle getting into fights. Now with the added benefits of her dance and martial arts classes plus working on the farm she’d grown to be calm and focused.

As the guys on the field saw Gabi and Lexi walking out to them, they could see the looks of determination on their faces. Def and Eddie started clapping, Tad, Izzy, Rocky, and Freddy quickly joined. It took a moment for the rest of the team to understand what was going on. They didn’t understand how they could be helped by having two girls join their understaffed squad. It took them a bit before they recalled that Gabi and Lexi were transgendered. Even though their previous experience playing football was quite limited, Gabi and Lexi both knew the game.

“Lexi, go long,” Def called out.

Lexi took off down field. Freddy cocked his arm and fired a fifty yard spiral down the field. Lexi looked over her shoulder to see the ball in flight, altered her curse, and made a ballet-esque leap to easily snag the ball, land deftly on her feet, and speed into the endzone. All but the Scoobs were dumbfounded. Eddie had chased her but failed to catch her until she slowed in the endzone. Taking the football, he punted the ball back over the gaggle of players.

“I got it,” Gabi called as she headed out looking over her shoulder as she ran. She easily twisted to jog backwards the last few yards to easily snag the ball.

“All right guys, stop her,” Eddie yelled through his cupped hands.

Def led the charge towards Gabi. The green goth never wavered, with a giggle she sprinted directly towards the charging guys with her twin ponytails flopping behind her. When Def was five yards away, Gabi did a graceful sidestep and twisted her body away from Def’s desperate lunge. With the ease of balance evidencing her dance and martial arts training, Gabi easily danced through the entire squad. The most any of the guys got was a brief flailing touch as she slipped from what had seemed an inevitable tackle. When Eddie saw Gabi was going to break free, he charged out and set himself up to snag his sister. With the rest of the squad now in hot pursuit, Gabi easily outdistanced them and headed to her brother with a big grin on her face. Eddie suddenly realized his little sister was fully confident that she’d get past him. This rattled him enough that Gabi was easily able to fake him out and did a pirouette around him before sprinting into the endzone to join Lexi in a big hug as they squealed and jumped up and down. The other girls cheered and yelled from the sideline. Needless to say, Gabi and Lexi made the team.

Not wanting to be left out, Faith, Liv, Skye, and Buffy joined the cheerleading squad. The returning veteran squad members looked down their noses at these newcomers who were most definitely not part of any of the acceptable jock/cheerleading cliques. With their dance and martial arts training, they effortlessly picked up the routines and cheers stunning and even shaming the somewhat lazy veteran girls. Clair Lee Endowd, the voluptuous cheer squad coach, was so impressed she increased the complexity of several routines. The veteran girls struggled to keep up with the four Scoobs who set a blistering pace. By the end of the practice sessions the veterans were tired and achy while the Scoobs with their increased strength and stamina were still perky. The Harvester cheer routines were the recognized as the most energetic and stirring amongst all the schools in their league.

Even though they didn't particularly like suiting up, Gabi and Lexi were delighted with the teamwork and friendship amongst the Harvester's JV Squad. Both wore their hair in twin braids ending in dark green bows emerging from beneath their helmets to rest on their chest. The dark green bows matched their make-up. As Gabi and Lexi lined up opposite their opponents, they'd smile like a cat ready to pounce on a bird while toying with their braids. Their self assurance and simultaneous innocent girlishness disconcerted their opponents. The teams they faced were well aware that Gabi and Lexi were transgendered and expected them to be quaking sissies. After the first few plays, their opponents realized the transsexual duo far outclassed them which further shook any hope they might stop Gabi or Lexi. Gabi and Lexi definitely flaunted their natural girlishness to further confuse their opponents.

As soon as a game or practice was over, the girls hurried to change. Gabi and Lexi felt great relief to shuck off the hulking padding. Both girls were impatient to once more revel in their just blossoming girlhood. When off the field both regularly wore a dress or skirt to dispel any lingering shadow of masculinity.

Dr. Norma Lee discussed the paradox of being transgendered and playing football with Gabi and Lexi. The girls explained they were doing it to help their friends and school. Both insisted they were merely girls playing on the boys team. After attending a game, Dr. Lee was satisfied their behavior when in uniform was feminine. Since there have been genetic girls periodically playing football the fact the transgendered duo was doing so in no way impacted their status as gender dysphoric.

To have the transsexuals on the Harvester football team caused quite a stir, especially since Cindy Caishun’s documentary had been so widely viewed and the girls were now widely known. Even though clad in the Harvester uniform and padding, Gabi and Lexi maintained their girlishness. They used their girlishness to fluster their opponents. A few people in the league unsuccessfully tried to have them banned from the playing field. Most games had protestors against the transsexual duo but they were always outnumbered by those who were supporters. Cindy Caishun and crew also made every game. The Hickstown GSA club mounted a pep squad. The JV games had a higher attendance than the varsity games.

The JV Harvesters proved unbreakable and unstoppable playing Iron Man football. With the Scoobs forming the back bone of the squad, they not only remained undefeated, they never had more than two touchdowns scored against them by the opposing teams and never scored less than five touchdowns per game. The center line of Def, Eddie, Izzy, Tad, and Rocky garnered more sacks than the combined total sacks of all the other teams in the league. They also were instrumental in keeping Freddy from being sacked. Freddy the only quarterback in the history of the county to be in every offensive play of every game. For his part, Freddy had an 85 percent pass completion percentage, easily breaking the county record for quarterbacks. He also proved a capable scrambler and runner. Gabi bested and Lexi in pass receptions and yardage, but both individually tripled the next best yardage player in the league. Freddy, Gabi, and Lexi also played defense, covering the receivers or runners on the opposing teams. With their dance and martial arts training, the trio made so many interceptions they forced their opponents to run the ball. Even then, the trio was able to outrun the people they were guarding and stop the few runs that made it past the imposing front line. Def, Eddie, Izzy, Tad, Rocky, Freddy, Gabi, and Lexi, all wearing matching dark green nail polish, lipstick, and eye shadow, were the green Goth hardcore heart and soul of the Harvester offence and defense. Many wondered how the eight central players could play non-stop through the entire game. The Scoobs always looked to the stands to nod their thanks to Wally Wacker and Vance Barr.

By mid season, there were sports reporters from the local newspaper attending the games and excerpts from Cindy Caishun's filming were shown on the local sports segment of Eye Witless News. A few clips even made it onto ESPN. The fact Gabi used Abby from NCIS as a role model made her the focus of much attention and many comments. Incorporating Abby’s traits into her own and using her green Goth persona to morph from a boy to a girl fascinated the public.

The upshot was that after the football season was over, Gabi along with the rest of the Scoobs received an invitation to attend a filming of NCIS. Several photos were taken of the Scoobs with the NCIS Team. The best was one of Abby and Gabi wearing identical pleated miniskirted schoolgirl outfits the wardrobe department had designed. Both had matching twin ponytailed hairstyles.

What would the future hold for the Scoobs?
Gabe Bull - 11/1994 - 6th
Eddie Bull - 12/1993 - 7th
Faye Wray Bull - 37/1974 - Mom
Lyle Bull - 38/1973 - Dad, Captain Marine Reserves, lawyer
Ralph Bull - deceased, Lyle’s father
Moe Lester - 11/1994 - 6th bully
Mike Rotch - 11/1994 - 6th bully
Dick Swett - 11/1994 - 6th bully
Stu Piddity - 11/1994 - 6th bully
Hugh Jass - 48/1957 - principal
Rocky (Rockford) Beech - 11/1994 - 6th, big kid
Sandy Beech - 8/1997 - 3rd, Rocky's younger sister
Palmer Beech - 38/1973 - Rocky’s dad, pastor, 'St Francis of Assisi UCC'
Virginia Beech - 37/1974 - Rocky’s mom, teacher in church preschool
Freddy Bangs - 11/1994 - 6th, sissy, Coke glasses, nerdy sissy latchkey kid
Brenda Bangs - 27/1984 - Freddy’s mom, single, beautician, owns shop 'Styles With Bangs'
Martin Lewis - 18/1983 - Freddy’s deceased dad
Geraldine Lewis - 50/1955 - Freddy’s grandmother, successful business woman
Lynne Swann - 31/1980 - instructor MSOA
Buffy Anne Summers, 11/1994 - 6th, skinny red-headed girl,
Werner(Pops)Summers - 75/1930 - ex-marine, retired shop teacher, Buffy’s MGGF
Kathryn (Moms)Pope Summers - 75/1930 retired home-ec teachers, Buffy's MGGM
Mike (Arie)Summers - 53/1952 - hippies,NN:Arithmetic adding=summers Buffy’s PGF
Susan (ChooChoo )Clark Summers - 53/1952 - hippies,NN:Last Train from Clarksville, Buffy’s PGM
David (Walt) Winters - 53/1952 - hippies,NN:WaltDisney/(DW)DisneyWorld opened 1971 Buffy’s MGF, son of Moms & Pops
Kathleen (Val)Parker Winters - 53/1952 - hippie,NN:Valet=Parker, Buffy’s MGM
Sonny Summers - 29/1976 - Gunny Sargent Marine Reserves, Buffy’s dad, son of Arie & ChooChoo
Autumn Winters Summers - 29/1976 - Buffy mom, daughter of Walt & Val
Wally Wacker - 29 self defense instructor, MSOA, life-partner Vance Barr
Vance Barr - 29 dance instructor, MSOA, life partner Wally Wacker
Miss Peach - 6th grade teacher
Miss Demeanor - elementary school counselor
Norma Lee, PHD - child psychologist gender dysphoria
Tad Pohl - Eddie's buddy
May Pohl - Tad's mom
Barn (Barney) Pohl - Tad's dad
Dr. Al K. Seltzer - Hickstown physician
Payne Inthass - 9th grade bully
Dr. Mack Arronie - Lexi’s shrink
Alex/Lexi Kahn - 12 transsexual
Bea Kahn - Lexi's mom, secretary at Hickstown Town Hall
Ike Kahn - Lexi's dad, delivery driver for Hickstown Heating
Def (DeForest) Kahn - 13 - Lexi's bro
Cindy Caishun - TV reporter
Jacques Strapp - gym teacher, Hickstown Junior High
Jim Sox - gym teacher, Hickstown Junior High
Judge Hardaz - family court
Evie Dense - private eye
Douglas Deaper - principal, Hickstown Junior High
Wanda Kidd - head of County Children and Youth Services
Laura Norder - Assistant D.A.
Seth Poole - Hickstown chief of police
Faith Fuhl - 12, classmate/girlfriend of Lexi
Cyn (Cynthia) Fuhl - manager at Farmers Bank of Hickstown
Izzy Fuhl - 13, classmate/football squad Def
S.(Sylvester)Newt Fuhl
Liv(Olivia) Goode - 12, classmate/girlfriend of Lexi
Alice Goode - farmer
S.(Seymour)Mel Goode - farmer
Gram (Bea) Goode, 57? Liv's gram
Gramps (Hertz) Goode, 59 Liv's gramps
Johnny B. Goode, 10, 4th grade, Liv's bro
Skye Wright - 12, classmate/girlfriend of Lexi
Devine Wright - Skye’s mom
By (Byron) Wright - Pharmacist, owner, Wright Pharmacy
Officer Fetterman - Hickstown Police
DJ Gerry Atric - district justice
Barb Dwyer - Judge of Common Pleas
Reid Enright - new Junior High Principal
Ima Meddlar - Junior High Councilor
Rose Busch - Junior High 7th grade homeroom & English teacher
Cal Kuelus - 7th grade math teacher
Mike Krobe - 7th grade science
Lorin Mythe - 7th grade history
Sue Flay - secretary to Jr/Sr High Principal
Eva Lution - office secretary Jr/Sr High
Melody Musik - Jr High music teacher
Art Painter - Jr High Art teacher
Juan Alaya - Jr. High Spanish teacher
Rusty Blades - Jr. High shop teacher
Lisa Mae Boyle - Jr. High home-ec teacher
Sargent Marshal Law - temp head of Hickstown police
Dr. Dil Pickles - Hickstown School District Superintendent
Al Fresco - Teacher's Union shop steward
Lee Galade - Teacher's Union solicitor
Grant Juree - Hickstown School District solicitor
Jack Goff - 7th grade bully
Brock Lee - owns Brock lee Pizzaria
Jenny Talia - 6th grade girl
Clair Lee Endowd - cheerleader coach

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