Crystal Friend — Snip 1

Crystal Friend

Snip 1

By Mildred Ki'Lya


This is a preview of the future of the story, I wrote this short extract on my English exam while I was bored to death just having to write something simple and too technical/real for my liking. It probably won't be included verbatim in the future of the story but it gives you an idea where it is going. Be warned, the style is very raw (no proofreading at all). I hope my teachers will still like it.


Headline: Vampires feeding on humans do exist

Recently, our reporter investigating strange reports discovered that vampires did exist, he witnessed a vampire feeding on its prey and took the photo shown above. The most shocking thing is that many influential people knew about this without ever telling anybody, including out queen, who said “Technically, they aren't vampires. We shouldn't be afraid of them.” Was she out of her mind? Was she really serious and will the king back up her statement? No sane human would consider themselves willing preys. Let's hope the king still has his entire mind, untouched by those foul creatures, and let's find a new king and queen able to tackle this matter and protect us from those monsters.

Reading this, Meryl paled significantly. if she was not careful enough, she would be spotted as a “vampire”. Surely the queen would find a solution to calm everybody, but in the meantime things could get really messy. She hoped Eric would not remember the little blood she took earlier. That was just bad timing, she had just registered to school this morning and it might become a living hell in a matter of hours. It was not as if she had a choice anyway, so she had no regrets. Enrolment just used most of her magic to produce her fake identity and she had been barely able to control herself with Eric. She had needed badly a bit of his living energy and he had done it willingly, even if his consent had not been concious.

“Are you well Meryl?” Ashley had removed her from her far-away deep in thought state of mind. Carefully, she put the paper down, hiding its headline. Ashley already knew who she was. Hell, she broke her egg in Ashley's bedroom. But this was the cafeteria and Eric was right in front of her. If he ever linked this article to her, she was doomed. She could tell the article was magically enhanced to produce hate feelings.

“You look pale, do you want to see the nurse?” Ashley's words registered in her mind, but she could barely think any more, fear slowly claiming her mind. Her head started to spin and she knew she would look very sick by now, she felt nauseated. In a moment of lucidity, she let out in a low breath “Yes, please” and folded the newspaper against her chest. The next thing she knew, Ashley was taking her away to the infirmary, her lunch untouched still on the table.

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