Jenny, parties over, the final part of the wedding dress story. Part 3

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Life was getting very interesting, I had a boyfriend, a supportive mother and a desire to be a girl, but a caution about giving up my birth gender.

Life through the rest of the year was pretty much one of, Jens for college, Jenny for most of the other times. After our heart to heart after the halloween dance mum offered to treat me to a hairstyling that would allow me to switch easily between genders, so when I came home I would only need to change and add light make up to feel right. They also took away the black and dyed my hair a more natural light brown.

Christmas came and I got lots of Jenny gifts off all those who knew. We had a big dinner with Jack and Sean turning up to make it a busy day. Of course I had a lovely new dress for the day, dark red stiff cotton with new red spike sandals off mum, 3" chain ear rings off Emma and a set of silk underwear off Mark, which he gave me in private to save my blushes.

I had grown more confident about my presentation as Jenny so for new year I went with Mark into town to join in the celebrations as a girl. My eighteenth birthday came next, I could drink legally but my ID card proving my age was not very flattering even though I tried to let my hair look girly, it was still going to be hard not to be questioned over who it was on the card when I was Jenny. Mum got over this by using the ID maker at work and generating a new one identical to the student card except in the gender it was female and in the photo it was a fully made up Jenny.

Mark was still keen on our dates and as my job disappeared in the winter, he was able to persuade me to go out more often if he was paying, this was not a problem as mum had virtually got me to be Jenny every weekend since the turn of the year. As easter came we both put our heads down to get our best grades, Mark suggesting as a reward when we were finished we go away for a weekend, our mother's on hearing this suggested a nice city break and they would pay for it. Exams over and summer jobs not started we had our cases loaded into Mrs Jones' car and we were off on our first holiday without parents, but the fuss my mother made about what I packed made me think she was taking too much interest. It was summer so she had me use tanning creams on my body, then sent me for a trip to the hairdresser for a trim, then she had me do the long nails and fix my chest, which only left the packing. Long ago I had learnt how to hide my male member with glue and tape, so now I could wear pretty knickers of any design, but she had thongs in mind for my time away, she also fastened me into a new corset she had treated me too, then I was allowed to choose my clothes as long as she approved. You would have thought Mark was picking for me and not my own mother. Once packed and dressed in nothing but skimpy, light or revealing outfits, I was allowed to go. Then when we arrived in York at the hotel and unpacked I found a fresh tube of lubricant and a pack of tampax, she really was setting me up for a weekend of passion, but I was not going to object, it had been weeks since the last opportunity to have my hole filled.

Mark took his chances and asked if I wanted help changing before we went to look for somewhere to eat, when he found that I was only in a corset and thong under my cotton wrap over dress, he took it to mean I was randy, soon he had me over the side of the bed while he pushed into me till he could last no longer and came in a heaving rush. While he recovered I dressed in my christmas dress, smart but short enough to please him was the idea, and it worked. We had a nice pasta meal and a walk around a few bars, before heading back for round two. Only this time he was not fully recovered and I was relaxed more, so as he touched my excitable spots I became more keen to get him to push against those spots, eventually I had my first orgasm, I had masturbated as a boy but this was totally different and far more satisfying, then Mark came. He asked what had happened to me. I told what had happened is what I want to happen every time, I might allow him a quick shag but what I wanted was a long slow fuck that made me come. And bless him he said he would try.

We had Saturday sight seeing, followed by a evening of trying to satisfy me but failing. Then on the Sunday more sight seeing followed by a new approach, while getting ready to go out for a meal I knelt in front of him and sucked him off, my reasoning being, I liked having him totally at my whim, I liked the taste and lastly it would slow him down later. It worked so well I came well before him and was able to enjoy relaxing as he pumped away at my arse. I had never had sex as a boy but I doubted it could be better than this. I was filled with cum and happiness, what a post exam experience.

We arrived home on the Monday afternoon and had time to recover from the drive before our mother's got home and wanted to know how our break had been. We ate together and chatted about our weekends, Sean and Jack had been around but we were not brave enough to ask if they had stopped for the nights as we were not there to hinder any night time activities. It was when Mark and Emma left that my mother came out with it. 'You have lost your virginity properly now, haven't you' I was at a lose at to what I should say, mother's I thought kept off such topics, but I blushed 'thought so, you seem more confident with your touching and your smile tells me something special happened, I made up the I right' I hugged her and told her I was in love, that Mark was so kind and considerate I could think of no one else I would want to be with. She hugged me back and told she was pleased for me. Next she asked if I had thought what I was going to do next, get a job, go to uni, do some job training. I had not really thought that far ahead and just wanted a break from studying.

Until the results came out I picked up my old job selling at the kiosk, so I was back to being Jens a lot of the time, except my hair was now a swept back bob that had a feminine feel to it, and did not go unnoticed as a camp look. The results came, Mark got great results and was accepted onto the course he wanted, for me it was not so easy, my results were poor, maybe all the gender confusion had taken its toll on my studies, whatever, I could not do the course I wanted or anything like it at any of the unis I preferred so I had to consider getting a proper job.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, I had been at home since I finished work on the Saturday, had got dressed for a night out with Mark and was now flicking through the local newspapers and college brochures in what might be called Jenny's morning look, tits still in place, nightie and silk wrap. I was admiring my pink nails which I had now grown a bit so they had a nice oval shape but were not too long, when mum comes in and asks if I have found anything I will apply for, I point out a few trainee jobs, but then mum picked up a college leaflet, I had not done it deliberately but it was just on top so mum thought it significant. The course was for a one year hair and beauty foundation training, with options to take the training further in future years. Mum seized on it saying it would be a great asset, Jens as a boy would be able to do the course and see it from a different perspective, male hair dressers are always the best she convinced me, and as a secondary result my time as Jenny would improve with a greater knowledge. I promised to enquire on the Monday. When they said they had places and no objections to a male being on the course, I was unexpectedly pleased that I had a way forward that could leave me with many options and oppurtunities, though I would be expected to participate fully in all aspects of the course, there was nothing that should prevent me from completing and passing the course work and final exam. I also rang some of the trainee jobs but I was either to well qualified with my A levels or not qualified enough having not got a degree. What clinched my decision was that mum offered to pay for the course fees and give me an allowance if I failed to pick up a part time job, she just explained how much Mark was going to cost Emma and if I had gone to uni she would have had to find that money from somewhere or see me go into debt. All I had to do was sign up and wait to see what my classmates and tutors would make of me.

Two weeks later I found out, I was the only boy among twenty one teenage girls, all who had made a special effort to get themselves dolled up for the first day, seemingly competing to show how much make up they could use. Myself I had chosen to wear smart jeans a nice Jens jumper which made me feel rather drab, but I was a boy in this situation and not Jenny so I settled for my boy look. The first week was finding our feet, where places are, what topics we need to study, who our fellow students are, which was interesting as I got different reactions from the girls, some saw me as an intruder others an interesting novelty. The comment that stuck me most was a tutor who explained how, when we were doing practical sessions we would be taking it in turns to be the model, because we need to know how it feels to have all the treatments done to ourselves so we can explain better to customers what is happening, and rather pointedly I was told I was to take my turn regardless of the treatment being practised. Unknown to both her and myself this instruction was to have profound effect on my life, let me explain.

Three weeks later we had been doing lots of listening to tutors doing the theory of the course, then we began to use the equipment that the college had for training, our first practical was washing and conditioning hair, we had done the theory of why and how this worked and is good for hair, now we were told to pair off and wash each others hair. I paired with Kim and washed hers, then she washed mine, followed with blow drying each others as we clearly would not want to be leaving with wet hair. Kim had long wavy hair that had got more curl from the wash, so I just dried it with a volumizer to give it body. Next she dried mine which was at the time a sort of bob cut that stopped short of my shoulders, as Jens I would sweep the fringe hair over the top without a parting, but Kim dried it with a parting so the fringe came across my face leading it into the bob which now curled under. Some of the other girls had restyled their partners hair, but I was the most self conscious of those who had been restyled. It was when the tutor congratulated me on taking a full and active part in the session, I said I had every intention of learning as much as possible, good she replied I might remind you of what you just said later in the course if you refuse to participate. Kim then chipped in with her own comment that she would make sure I did not miss out on anything, and when I looked at ther she had a very cheeky smile on her face. I just said thanks with what I hoped was a wry grin on my face.

Mum was a little surprised to see the restyled hair when I got home but told me it looked nice, I told her it should as it was how I wore it as Jenny and the cut had been designed to be that way really. What she meant was it looked nice without me being Jenny and just being me.

My next practical of note was a manicure, the girls had all been told to come in with their nails clean, I just made sure all traces of my weekend activities were removed so as not to arouse suspicion. Again with Kim who had become a good friend by this time, removed cuticles, filed, polished and buffed each others nails, Kim had brought her own polish in but I used the clear offered. Kim did comment on how I kept my nails longer than her brothers did, I said I did not like them short and stubby, it stopped me chewing them. As we chatted future practicals came up and the one where we put acrylic nails onto each other made for interesting conversation, she had long nails and hoped not to have them put on her fingers as real long nails look better than acrylics, but I had short enough nails for the nails to make a dramtic effect. I tried to explain how it might look odd a boy having long nails, but my eagerness to learn statement was returned to me and I knew that with Kim as my partner I would not get away with the excuse of being a boy, besides I was sure one tutor in particular saw me as a challenge and did not want a boy on the course and used practicals to try and drive me off the course, I also felt a couple of the girls wanted me to fail and leave, it felt a bit like sex descrimination reversed.

As the year progessed, we worked through massaging hands and feet with oils and moisturisers, waxing which we only did on arms and I knew when it was coming so did not depilated for a month before so I had something like a boys arms to show. When I said I liked the feel of smooth arms I got some odd looks from a few girls, but stated that I might just keep them clear as they felt so nice, to which Kim asked if she could do my legs, Sally then offered to do my bikini line, I told them I would think about it and if I decided I needed help they would be the first to know. What they did not know was that my pubic hair was already trimmed back to take my thong, and there was no way they were going to wax me up there.

Towards christmas I noticed an advert for a Saturday girl at a salon, and feeling brave went in and asked if a Saturday boy would do, I told them about the course I was studying, and was told to start that weekend. This would be great experience and much needed cash so I was pleased with myself, as a bonus the manager was a man which made me feel a little more confident about being there. He was not quite the stereotype gay hairdresser but not far off, his hair was long and luxurious, and his clothes had a feminine look about them. I was only sweeping up, making drinks for customers and at times washing hair, nothing hard but it was a job. Over the weeks I got to like Ray and the other two stylists, they behaved like three girls not two girls and a man, so it was no surprise that with all my exposure to the girl students as well, I too became one of the girls at the salon imitating Ray, touching customers in a gentle feminine way, chatting about nothing, letting my vioce sing a little, and make gestures with my hands that when I caught myself recognised Ray in them. Besides which Ray was the first real gay man I had meet properly, I found this out on my very first day at work, as we were closing up a man came in, very muscular, tanned and in tight fitting clothes to show off his physique. I very nearly said we were closing when Ray came past me and greeted the man with a proper kiss. I was really shocked at this up front display, the other two stylists, Sara and Kate just laughed at me when they saw my reaction, which made me blush, and wish a hole would open up below me. How embarrassing. Needless to say I was not so shocked next time, and as my demeanour became more feminine at work Sara jokingly asked if Ray could set me up with a date, when I said I did not need a date they asked if I already had one, I said yes, then as a joke I think they asked 'Is he nice?' I stumbled over my answer and stammered, which got a clap of Sara, and of Kate 'Excellent, another fairy like you Ray' I was getting truly embarrassed and upset at being teased like this, so it stopped and Sara gave me hug and told me they meant nothing by it, I had a long way to go before I was anything like Ray and some of his friends.

Christmas was a special time, no college, just dressing down for work but I could keep myself feminine if I wanted, I bought myself a pair of tight hipster jeans and a long sleeve T shirt similiar to what Ray wore, and felt at home wearing them to work. Of course Mark being home for more than just a weekend meant we had some catching up to do, he was enjoying his course, making new friends and getting into the student way of life, I told him about my life, the course and the job and the incidents that happened and laughed at the times I was nearly found out, but most of all I loved being with him, having sex again and being able to be his girlfriend was just so special.

The next term brought new challenges to my identity. We had a series of lessons on hair colouring, at the end we all knew we would be doing something to our partners and had to discuss with them what they would like doing, Kim said she would like to try an all over auburn colour, I was still unsure after my black hair experience, but I had the salon girls I could ask for advice from as well and they all felt I should try highlights. And so mid February Kim got a auburn head of hair one day, followed by me leaving the next with silver and gold highlights, the tutor was around to avert any disasters so it came out fine, and I unexpectedly liked it more than I thought I would, the texture of my hair seeming to have more life, so I promised Kim I would be more adventurous next time we have a chioce in a practical session.

For practice we were encouraged to use the college facilties outside lesson time, so myself and Kim plus a few others would spend Wednesday afternoon when we had no classes pampering each other. This usually meant manicures, pedicures, massages and hair styling. The girls would also make each other up, I did not join in with that but did Kim's make up on several occasions. The main benefit for me was the manicure, my nails became elegant but not long which was nice, and my hair was treated to several different styles though a bob cut is rather limiting compared to what I could do to Kim with her shoulder length locks.

I also started to wear more feminine tops to college, mostly the long sleeve T shirt style that fitted rather better than a boys would, plus my large shoulder bag I used to carry college work in, not to mention my more effeminate gait and gestures, I hardly could not believe it when Angie pointed out how gay I was behaving, and when I said sorry, they said what for I was just being me and I looked lovely the way I was. I gave her an air kiss and a hug, thanking her for being so nice. But it did rather let me lower my Jenny/Jens divisions. I nearly always wore hipster jeans and tops I had bought from the women's rail in stores, plus I stopped hiding my hairless arms, and started wearing nail gloss all the time. I was just feeling more myself like that rather than trying to be a college boy and dress scruffy.

Towards Easter we had classes on make up and fashion, I knew practicals would follow and worked out how to aviod being totally dressed up by Kim. After the holiday it came about and I managed to do Kim's make up but created a new challenge of what make up would work for a boy or man, we had plenty of fun experimenting with subtle shades until we had a barely noticed make up which just made my face look better with clear eyes and soft lips, no strong colours just shades. We thought it worked well and we got good marks but you could tell one of the tutors felt Kim should given me the full works.

Next we had to dress our partner differently to their usual style. Kim nearly always wore a mini or long top and footless tights, So I scoured the charity shops with her and found a pair of long black silk culots, and a big flouncy paisley top. For me, we found a short lemon kaftan top and white linen trousers. At the end of the week we had a fashion show where we all went out changed and came back to show the class our new look. Kim got a eight for hers, I got a seven, not bad we thought as we had not been able to fully accesorize the outfits. Some of the others felt the same and a new show was scheduled for the next week. We had the morning to fully prepare our partner, I gave Kim a big hair do, with eye shades picking out the paisley colours, lilac nails and lips also from the paisley, then stood her on a pair of light purple shoes she owned. She got a ten this time because she was stunning and so different to her norm. I was given a bob full of body and a fringe sweeping across one eye, which covered some of the make up she had used giving me darker eyes, paler skin and creamy lips, my nails had a slight pink tint but nothing noticable, and I wore some plain sandals on my feet. I got a nine, based on the use of different styles and that I did look good, but it was not that far removed from what I might be expected to wear. 'Make up and a girls hair style?' I questioned, and nearly to a girl they all said yes if I turned up with make up and styled hair it would not be a surprise, the lemon top was no real break with what they felt I wore already, just a slightly more camp top than usual.

When we had all been judged and marked, some did much better than Kim and myself had done, while others had not faired so well, the three tutors made general comments about what had been seen followed by a challenge that was going to affect me. It was Patricia, the tutor I felt had it in for me, who came up with a suggestion 'You have all done very well and we are all impressed with your work, but we notice that given the oppurtunity of having Jens in the group no one suggested possibly the biggest change of look' I had a good idea what was coming 'I was thinking someone might have dressed their partner as the opposite sex. So what we would like you to do is split the group in two and one from each group is restyled as a man or woman.' the pairs were all separated and we looked at each other no one volunteering in either group to be restyled, the girls were all girlie and having that stripped away would be more than they could take on board, for myself I worried I might give away my secret. With no progress Patricia intervened 'As no one is volunteering I would like to suggest Jens and Kim are the models. This will give us the chance to see how the genders are similiar or different, and the different challenges involved.' I looked at Kim she looked in shock, I was just feeling very nervous and worried how to handle the situation. 'The look we hope to see is nothing outrageous, something quite mainstream and positively cross gender' Kim was going to object when she continued 'And for Kim who I think will have the biggest challenge I will offer to take her for a full spa day to compensate for the shock she is now feeling' there was a wow from some of the other girls and Kim's smile crept back onto her face.

This decision brought about animation to the groups, most of the talking was done by the other ten girls in our respective groups, they were all trying to put forward their ideas. By the end of the session we were told to come back after the weekend and each person should have their ideas on paper and then try to put the best of them together. My more immediate problem was how would I deal with the after effects, how would my mum take it, probably well, my friends outside the course and work on the day after might be hard depending on what they actually did to me. I was right my mum had no problem with the thought of me being girl at college. The surprise was work, I mentioned what had been happening at college as I often did, they knew about my lemon top and linen trousers actually suggesting I come into work in them, and I was wearing them that day. So now I was telling them about the project to dress me as a girl, all three thought I would make a good girl if done well, and when I asked what I should do if they do something rather permanent and hard to cover up, like what they asked, I expected my hair to be coloured and restyled in some way, I also knew they would want to extend my nails. All three agreed that if I had long nails they would not be removed easily or if I had a style that would need another cut to return me to a boy look, then the only solution was for me to come into work as a girl. Then the stunning final statement from Kate 'We rather expected you to become more girlie already if truth be told, just enjoy the experience and we shall look forward meeting a new girl next week possibly' So that was it, no get out from anywhere it seemed, I could even go to work as a girl.

By the time Monday came around both Kim and me were very nervous as to what our teams would have come up with. Kim would not allow them to cut her hair, but they could shorten her nails. For me I could not think of anything I strongly rejected, my only request was that at the end I did not look like a freak, just a girl. There were a lot of ideas and it was decided to do two styles, one a student look, the other smart going out in the evening look. There was a college wardrobe that the drama courses used, plus the ever affordable charity shops to rummage through, and for me the offer of my teams own wardrobes. By Wednesday we had the styles sorted, college would be footless tights, short pea green pinafore (Siobhian's), 3" wedge sandals, tons of bangles and chunky bead necklace, Leah was in charge of make up, Suzy of hair and Emma had the nails to do. For the evening a red bias cut, one shoulder/diagonal hem dress was supplied by Suzy, red platforms, a white wrap, fine gold jewelery, a red clutch bag. Geri was to do my face, Sam would finish the nails and Alice would restyle my hair. I promised to be hair free and pick up my own underwear, I hoped I gave the impression I would need to buy some and not just look in my drawer for something suitable.

Come the Friday morning I was almost ready to accept whatever happened, but nervous about how it might affect me afterwards, I still had to go to work and finish the course, how would I do these if they did something extreme. I spent the morning with my college team. They told me to sit back and just let them do all the work. As I expected the nail trolley was wheeled over and Emma proceeded to fix full length acrylics painting them a pale green colour. Suzy gelled my hair and with small bows created and mass of tiny pony tails all over my crown. Leah then gave me a plain make up with no bright colours just a daytime style. Finally I was dressed. They loved my lace knickers, and had found some bra inserts to fit in my matching bra. I was finished and along with Kim who looked like a weedy lad in jeans, trainers and a sweat top, her hair hidden in a baseball cap, they had darkened her face to look less pretty, and cleaned her shorter nails of colour. We entered the main classroom to applause, Kim blushed I tried to look unsteady on the heels, no point in being to obvious. Then the tutors and class marked and commented on our appearance.

For Kim the next event was a shock, being lunchtime every one went to the cafe, she felt her credibility would be ruined if anyone saw her, especially her boyfriend. I tried to look nervous but told her I would do it if she did, and getting changed back just for a buttie and coffee, then having to change again would make things more long winded. We walked out of the building surrounded by our classmates, rather like we usually did any other lunch time. When it was noticed how easily I was walking, I replied that I did not know what all the fuss about heels was they were not that hard to walk in.

After a quick lunch my second team had me back in the training rooms. Alice did the full works on my hair, shampoo, conditioner, colour, then a cut. She would not let me see what she had done. Like wise Geri did my face, Leah had plucked a few eye brow hairs out in the morning, Geri now pulled more out, I did object but was told no girl had bushy brows. The only thing I could see was the red polish Sam was applying to my toe and finger nails. Then it was time to dress, I had brought red underwear, but they told me to only use the knickers, then they sprung a corset on me, I had to be strapless and this would give me a waist as well. They seemed to enjoy pulling the laces as tight as possible but I did finish up with a great figure, then it was on with the dress, short gold neck chain, gold bracelet and watch, long dangling gold chains hung from my ears. I was then allowed to see the mirror. I shall start with what they had done to my hair, my bob had gone, well nearly, at the front I still had the length and a fringe which parted in the centre, but the back had been trimmed right up the nape of my neck the longer outer layer of hair being nearly level with the top of my ears at the back coming forward in a diagonal line to the long hair infront of my ears, The short exposed hair was a darker colour than the lighter top and sides. That was not the end though, my eyebrows now had the tadpole shape the girls all seemed to like, below which my eyes had a smoky look, there was foundation and blusher but it was the full red lips I now had, something they had painted on them before applying the red gloss had made them tingle and now I could see the results. Plumped up kissing lips.

All happy besides me I was lead of the meet my partner Kim, she was in a smart suit, shirt and tie with a tribly hiding her hair now, the jacket gave her the look of broad shoulders without looking like an american footballer, she looked quite good for a girl. We made our entrance linking arms as if I were the girlfriend, again applause and excellent marks for everyone and great comments. It was now late afternoon and the tutors suggested that rather than waste the effort we have a class night out, all the other girls would go home and change meeting up about seven at a pizza hut. Kim was not keen but her girlfriends persauded her to have some fun and she could go home with one of them if she did not want her family to see her. Which left me dressed up to the nines and only a bus ticket to get home with. Patricia who seemed to have enjoyed the days activities offered me a lift home. I was relucant, but what else would I do for three hours dressed like this.

Mum was home when I walked through the door, 'oh my look at you' she squealed, she had known about the project but was not ready for the results, 'those girls have done wonders with you, they are so talented............. And you are going out tonight as well....... brilliant' She stopped making tea and called Mark's mum who was round like shot, took pictures on her phone and sent them to Mark, which resulted in me getting a text 'Gorgeous, wish I was there, remember you are my girl' I sent back 'always,love you'

The evening was good fun, some girls were not eighteen so could not drink, but still came to the bars with us, all dressed up and with no boyfriends except Kim we were like honey to any man who fancied his chances, some got a terrible time as over twenty excited girls would tease them or try and pair them off with me, I obligingly played along and Kissed a few before telling them I was really a boy, which got varied responses from 'I don't believe you' to angry homophobes calling me a pervert and the girls unladylike names.

It was back to earth with a bump when I got home, it was not late and mum was still up and clearly wanted to have a chat. She was pleased to see me looking so good but wanted to give me support as I worked through what I was going to do in the morning. I would have to go to the salon and we did not have the time or equipment to do anything then that might alter my appearance. I felt that wearing my jeans or white trousers and a t shirt, like I normally wore would be fine, mum was keen to point out everything about me looked female so why not embrace it, be brave and go to work as a girl. I still felt it was too much for me and the salon to handle in one hit, I would wear trousers and a top. In the morning mum got up to check me out before I left, she was clearly dissappionted I was not taking this oppurtunity to be Jenny, but I was not prepared to be so reckless.

In my white trousers, flat shoes, purple slash neck top a base ball cap and no make up besides the coloured nails and waterproof mascara that I did not work to hard at removing that was about me, oh and the darker lips that was a reminder not to use staining lipsticks in future. Other things like neat eye brows and still swollen lips I could do nothing about either, but I felt as though I was not to different to the Jens they saw a week ago. I arrived on time as always and started with my duties. Before all three staff had turned up, but before any customers, I had been hugged and congratulated on my look, mum had sent them pictures of me from the night before and now they wanted to know why I had come to work looking like I did. Being professionals it took no time at all once they had got me in a chair to give my hair a quick blow dry, and to whizz some light make up over my face, mum turned up with a bra and fillers, as well as some jewelry. They now were calling me Jenny and I had no excuse to stop them, besides they seemd to be enjoying the fun of transforming me. Work turned out to be fun as well, I tried very hard to be girlie with most customers not realising the change, some regulars twigged that Jenny was Jens but whoever was serving them at the time would explain how I was on a course and having to look like a woman as part of that course, which made them ask more detailed questions, which made any time I spent with them interesting to say the least.

Towards the end of the day Ray invited me to join him that evening, he was going into town after work for a 'nothing planned just see who I bump into night' I asked if I could go home and change, he said only if it was to put on my dress, I blushed and said I would think about it, the women then told me they fancied coming as well so I was steamrollered into going. As the last customer left at gone six we had some cleaning still to do, but Sara pulled me to one side and told me to use her make up bag and brighten my colours, what could I do but play along and do my face for night time, then finding her scent, tested it, like it, and used it. Going back to help with the final chores. I told mum what I was doing and when I was overheard on the phone Kate told me to invite her along, which she heard and said she should come along later, and did I want her to fetch me anything to change into, I said no but just knew she would bring me some extra female items of attire.

By seven thirty we were all in a bar eating salads and drinking wine. Mum had brought along some heels and a dress if I wanted to get changed I was persuaded into the shoes, but the dress would be too much hassle to change into given the state of many toilets in the bars. The first thing they all said was how well I walked in the heels, then over the evening I could not stop mum telling them about the parties I had been to with Mark as his female partner, they all thought it sounded a hoot and loved the idea of me in a wedding dress. They had also worked out that I was possibly getting more feminine in behavior and looks, and that it would be quite possible for me to go full time if the situation arose. They already knew I had a boyfriend, now they knew who it actually was. Ray now loved the idea of taking us to gay bars where I would easily be accepted without question. I was with my mother and not completely sure how she would take this development, nor how Mark might feel about being in a gay bar. We parted later on with everyone, but not me, being keen on me turning up to work in a weeks time wearing a skirt, I could only say maybe but knew the pressure mum would put on me would be constant.

My next problem was how should I turn up to college on the Monday, we only had two weeks left but I felt I should maintain my place as Jens, I rang Kim and asked for help on the Sunday, she told me to play along with the tutors and turn up in my college girl outfit, I pleaded with her to at least trim my hair and remove the nails, but she was busy with her boyfriend and told me to be the person the whole group knew I really wanted to be, I asked what she meant, she bluntly told me everyone in the class had expected me to come out ever since I first walked into the introduction classes, now I was speechless but struggled out a 'you are joking' she told me she was not and she had to go.

Monday I dressed in the pinafore and leggings, I did a muted face, filled my wrists with bangles, gelled my hair to give it volume, then slid my feet into the wedges. Getting to college was not too hard besides the nerves that were playing in my stomach. For the first time in ages I felt very self conscious thinking everyone was staring at me, but I had my worst moment as I went into the study room and faced my class, there was a squeal and several jumped up to greet me, Kim turned to a couple sat by her 'Told you Jens is one of us really'. No one called me wierd, maybe they had got used to me over the year, maybe they did not care, whatever it only took minutes for the novelty to wear off and our usual conversations to return. When Patricia entered the room she scanned us to see who was there, she then came over and quietly said 'Glad the true you has come to class at last' then to everyone 'Right girls revision ahead of exams at the end of the week, any one want to suggest a topic?' And that was it I was one of the girls and it was not a problem.

I had gone a year not being that open about being a cross dresser and then everything happens at once. I had had a week of going to college as Jenny. Mark had come back mid week as he finished for the summer, and loved the fact that I was a girl fulltime, taking me out every evening that week, we even had a night when we decided we should stop hiding from our old friends and went to our local pub to see who was about, Mark got a warm welcome from one of the guys there who he had been a good friend through school, I did not fare so well, no one at first recognised me, then when they did I got a hostile reaction from one who I did not really know, and I was ignored by most of them which made me think they were talking about me. A couple did chat and ask how I was and what I was doing. Cherri who had been at the parties and was not phased by meeting Jenny again, reflecting what others had said then it seemed ineveitable that I would do this after seeing me at the haloween dance especially where I allowed myself to be less restrianed. I left the pub not keen on repeating the experience but Cherri did exchange numbers and told me we should meet up some time and maybe include some of the other girls like Samantha, I said that would be nice.

The weekend was a big turning point though, mum and Emma decided that it would be nice to have a meal with Jack and Sean, they had been around all year, I had not gone out of my way to dress for them and would hide in my room if I was not Jenny, to keep the peace with mum more than anything else. Jack had stopped overnight on occasions I was away with Mark and sometimes when I got home from work mum would look less than smart, more just a got up look, so I guessed something other than chatting was going on, if you know what I mean. Well that Saturday we all ate together, Emma cooked the main course, mum and I cooked the pudding and provided the wine. It was going very well, I was wearing the red dress I had now been given to keep and had enjoyed more compliments on my new look. As we finished our puddings and I served coffee mum tensed up and went quiet, I think only I noticed at first but Emma looked at her as well. I have something to tell you, she finally said, everyone looked at her, I have been lying to you, she looked at Sean and Jack, I think I have to tell you the truth now, I should have done this ages ago but did not want to change things, she had everyones attention wondering what announcement she was about to make, 'Jack, Sean, this is going to be hard to understand but Jenny is my son.' There was a silence, Jack started laughing, I started blushing bright red, Emma was doing a good shocked look, she clearly knew this truth but the situation was a surprise. Sean was looking around, 'you aren't joking are you' he said calmly, 'I never guessed you, are a great trannie Jenny.' I could stand it no longer and ran to my bedroom, I heard Emma tell Mark to go after me. As he hugged me in my bedroom we could hear the mothers talking to their boyfriends, Jack was clearly not happy with the truth and could be heard raising his vioce, then shortly after the front was closed and Mark went to see if the coast was clear. Mum was crying in a chair, as Emma and me tried to comfort her Mark made another coffee and tidied up the table. Jack had said some cruel comments, Sean to be fair had tried to calm things down but Jack was not happy with the fact that he was going out with a liar, a woman who encourages her boy to be a girl, a boy who had managed to fool him for a year into thinking he was girl or that Mark was somehow gay. Whatever mum was hurt, she said she had to do it sometime and had run it through her mind and after my good outcomes at college and work somehow expected everyone to be OK with the idea of me being a girl, clearly she got that wrong. Emma tried to say he will call her when he cools down but she did not convince anyone.

The positive outcome from this busy two weeks of revelations was that I had nowhere to go that I needed to be Jens, if I choose my friends carefully I could be Jenny fulltime, not just at college and at work. Then as if to seal my fate the following week Ray called me to ask if I would work full time at the salon as an apprentice, he then put on a condition, that I present as Jenny while at work, my fate was sealed when I said yes and turned up to sign the forms wearing a skirt and heels, at least with these three there was no chance of a negative reaction, it was a good place to start my career from for sure.

The end

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