Metamorpho-sis Part 3 of 3 (1st Song of the Kylie Warren Saga)

(1st Song of the Kylie Warren Saga)
Part 3 of 3

Things are different now, when I walk by
You start to sweat and you don't know why
It gets me nervous, but it makes me calm
To see life all around me moving on
Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become
Whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through
Come on and give me a kiss
Come on, I insist
I'll be something new
A metamorphosis(Hillary Duff - Metamorphosis)

Now that her astral searches had fairly satiated her thirst for knowledge, she decided to try to find something to help relax her. Searching Jennifer Sue’s mind she reviewed the girl’s favorite movies. One of the things that surprised her was that while the story line and characters were well remembered, only glimpses of the scenes were present. The movies that piqued her interest she sought out on the internet to view for herself. Of course, she could assimilate the films in mere minutes instead of hours. This helped her achieve a better sense of preteen girls’ likes and dislikes. The Disney ‘High School Musical’ movie was really fun.

By the same token, she searched James Wilson’s memories for films of interest. One particularly peaked her interest, a strange, slightly unsettling film about a preteen girl forced to grow up when her family was wiped up by drug corrupted cops. She’s out shopping when the hit goes down and returns as the hit is being wrapped up. Terrified, she walks past her apartment to the apartment at the end of the hall and knocks on the door saying she’s forgotten her key. The reclusive, silent man who lived there reluctantly let her in. He was a professional assassin, and she wanted to learn so she could get revenge on the killers who killed her little brother... the rest of the family were inconsequential because of the neglect and abuse she’d suffered. The film was about the girl’s unhappy life, her near execution, and her overwhelming need for revenge. Kylie found herself irresistibly drawn into the character of Mathilda. There were many similarities to Kyle’s life... the repression, abuse, anger, frustration, seeking revenge and payback with violence. The movie was ‘Leon, The Professional’. Mathilda was played by Natalie Portman. The lessons Mathilda learned in the film made her realize that violence and revenge were not satisfying and very dangerous, lessons Kylie had already learned the hard way.

While Kylie admired her pluck and could appreciate Mathilda’s toughness and intelligence, she vowed to never again let her life bog down in anger and revenge. She also decided to use her astral abilities to try to help anyone who was suffering and to right wrongs. She just had to find a way to do so without attracting attention in either plane of existence.

One thing she liked was Mathilda’s hair style, short and sassy. She had her astral self clothed in several of the outfits Mathilda wore in the film especially with her hair. As she laid in bed she smiled as she watched her perky astral pseudo Mathilda move about. She liked what she saw.


Kylie wore a mid-calf length denim skirt with a three inch wide ruffle about the hem and a pink mock angora sweater along with panties and a matching training bra to be discharged Thursday morning. She hugged her new friends from the children’s ward goodbye as well as all the nurses as she left.

Kylie decided to see if her astral body was still limited in the distance it could be away from her physical body. She knew she could pop out astral tentacles all around the world if she’d first traced the route via the internet. But she had been unable to move her actual astral body more than about one thousand feet from her physical real world body. As her physical body sat in the back seat of her mother’s car cuddling Puddy, her astral body was in the computer center, both were a single entity. As the car passed the thousand feet distance, astral Kylie was yanked through the wall of the computer room as well as every wall between the center and the outside of the hospital. Once free, she flew high in the air like a kite on a tether. In moments, Kylie’s astral self was seated by her physical self. Kylie began to giggle as she realized she was actually really beside herself.

Laura looked in the mirror at her giggling daughter wondering what set her off.

Instead of heading straight home, there were a few stops along the way. First was the styling salon Laura frequented to have Kylie's hair trimmed and styled. DJ and Kylie both wore their hair long and combed straight back. When their hair brushed their shoulders, they'd have it trimmed back to their collar. The brothers were due for a trim when Kyle was injured, so Kylie’s hair was now a bit past her shoulders.

As the stylist had Kylie sit in her chair she asked Kylie if she knew how she wanted her hair trimmed. Kylie didn't even hesitate. "I want my hair styled like Natalie Portman’s hair from her role as Mathilda from the movie 'Leon, The Professional'. Bangs just touching my eyebrows with the rest parted down the center on top, blunt cut level with my jaw with the tips of front sides curving front and a bit toward my mouth."

The stylist smiled and nodded her head. "I think that will look wonderful on you. Let's get started."

Laura wasn't sure the style would look good but had already discovered Kylie had her own ideas of what she wanted and so far her decisions had been quite appropriate so wasn't too worried. Besides, if the way she wanted it cut didn't look good, it could be restyled into a cute bob.

Fortunately the style looked wonderful and Kylie beamed with delight. Laura was impressed that Kylie was able to select the perfect style. Of course, the women knew nothing about Kylie’s astral self who modeled the style. Her straight red hair accentuated her intense green eyes. Simply by changing her facial expression, Kylie could look cute and innocent, perky, sassy, coquettish, or intimidating.

As a special treat, Laura treated herself and Kylie to manicures. Kylie was delighted with her dainty pink nails. After they left the salon, they stopped at a drugstore to fill the prescriptions for pain pills and antibiotics. While they waited for the prescriptions to be filled, Laura helped Kylie select a beginners basic make-up kit, a manicure set, hair brushes and head bands, and a selection of Love’s Baby Soft cologne and body powder.

By the time they arrived home, Kylie was tired. Still, she was anxious to see her redecorated bedroom. She squealed with delight as she crutched into the room. It was everything she’d hoped for. After hugging her mother, they put away their purchases and Kylie removed the plastic cover over her leg brace to lie down for a nap with Puddy wrapped in her arms.

While she slept, astral Kylie explored her neighborhood from a few feet above the ground. While not as interesting as the hospital, she could do a lot of exploring. Curiosity got the better of her and she dove into the street to see if she could ‘see’ underground in a manner similar to the night vision shots used for TV. She found the fresh water lines, the sanitary sewer lines, gas lines, and the storm water sewer lines but the sense of being underground began to overwhelm her so she popped back to the surface.

Sending out astral tentacles she began searching for ways to see underground without going underground. She spent the rest of the afternoon gathering information about subsurface characteristics including the location, distribution and structure of rock types, grain size distribution, and material strength, porosity and permeability. The earth's inherent complexity makes it difficult or impossible to infer these characteristics from direct observation. Therefore scientists often test the distribution of fundamental subsurface physical properties such as density, electrical conductivity, acoustic impedance and others. These basic properties can be measured via geophysical surveys that record the earth's response to various types of natural or manmade signals using ground penetrating radar, electrical pulses, acoustic wave signals, magnetic property detection, and gravity testing as well as x-ray and infrared scans taken from airplanes and satellites.

Using her astral abilities Kylie figured out how to replicate the equipment, tests, and surveys including how to plot the data and apply appropriate processing and analysis of the gathered information to develop images. By merging all the techniques and analysis into one detailed overview, she was able to ‘see’ rock formations, aquifers, and minerals at great depths. She was also able to ‘see’ formations near the surface such as archaeological artifacts, refilled trenches, and even the roots of plants. By 5:00pm she had synthesized and mastered all the information, data, and techniques into a whole system that gave her effective three dimensional sight below the surface on almost instantaneous feedback.

Having her astral body engaged with the research had no effect on her physical body. When she woke from her nap, she was aware of the frenzied astral activities but the welcome smells of supper wafting into her bedroom made her tummy growl. The hospital food had been okay, but her mom’s cooking was much better! Slipping to the edge of the bed she grabbed the plastic brace cover and snapped it into place. The using the crutches, she headed to the bathroom to relieve bladder.

“Hey lil’ sis, are you awake,” DJ called from the top of the steps. “Mom says supper is almost ready.”

“I’m awake, big bro,” Kylie answered. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

Soon the distinctive CLUNK, pad, CLUNK, pad of a person on crutches coming down steps was heard. A few moments later Kylie crutched into the kitchen. “That smells delicious, mommy,” she said as she headed for her normal place at the table.

Dave and DJ were struck dumb not only by her effervescence, but by her utter girlishness. Seeing her, they had no doubts she was a girl. The skirt and sweater perfectly complimented her new hair style.

“Thanks, Kylie,” Laura replied. “It’s nice to occasionally have a compliment.”

Dave snapped out of his reverie as he heard the barbed comment. “I’m sorry, Laura. Your cooking is always wonderful. Thank you, Kylie, for reminding me to be more polite and not take things for granted. I’ll sure like being seen in public with two beautiful females on my arms.”

“Good save, dad,” DJ chuckled. “I’d better follow your example. Mom, your cooking is always great! Kylie, you really look cute! That hairstyle really suits you.”

“Thank you,” Kylie blushed demurely as she slid into her seat.

“Dave, just don’t sit there,” Laura scolded. “Get another chair so Kylie can prop up her leg.”

As they ate, the conversation turned to Kylie’s return to school. Dr. Alterson had set up a morning meeting between herself, Laura, Kylie and the school principal, guidance counselor, and Mrs Wentzel. A substitute teacher would take over Mrs. Wentzel’s classes.

“There are rumors all over the school about Kylie,” DJ said.

Laura gasped in surprise. “They know she’s a girl?”

“They think Kyle finally flipped out,” DJ explained and looked at his sister. “Face it, sis, Kyle was scary before he was hurt. Now some kids are downright terrified. There were a lot of people at the game that saw your foot practically ripped off with several guys barfing at the gore. Then they heard your maniacal laugh and saw you waving the football until you passed out. They know the doctors think you broke your ankle in the second last play but that you didn’t say anything and walked off the field. Then you went back in and ran on the broken ankle. Most think Kyle is the toughest bastard in the world... their words, not mine. They all think you’re nuts. The main rumor is you went crazy and think you’re a girl. At least a dozen people asked me if you really thought you were a girl.”

Kylie chuckled. “What did you say?”

“I told them you were recovering from your injuries and it had changed you,” DJ answered. “I also told them you were tough and stubborn enough to be whatever you wanted to be and if they didn’t like how you changed, then they not only had to deal with you, but they’d have to deal with me too.”

“Thanks, bro,” Kylie smiled.

“No problem, sis” DJ replied.

Dave and Laura smiled knowing their children were going to be all right.


The next morning, Kylie dressed in another mid-calf denim skirt and a light blue sweater with a cute kitten appliqued on the chest. They met Dr. Alterson in the school parking lot at 9:00. Her aura revealed she caring and confident but twinged with a bit of anxiety. Together they entered the building and signed in at the office. The secretary showed obvious surprise upon seeing Kylie but quickly recovered and treated them in a professional manner as she showed them into the conference room where the school principal, guidance counselor, and Mrs Wentzel waited. Their auras showed they were anxious and concerned but devoted and caring. They too were clearly surprised by Kylie's girlishness, glad they'd been forewarned.

After exchanging greetings, Dr. Alterson passed out folders with the results of all the tests Kylie took. As they reviewed the contents she explained the results of the medical exams which showed Kylie is XXY intersexed in that she is completely female as well as well completely male. Then she went on to explain the results of the psychological tests which showed that mentally Kylie scored in the 92nd percentile for females and only in the 7th percentile for males. She then stated that Kylie emerged from her coma presenting her true femininity and, even before the tests were taken, had steadfastly insisted she was a girl. Then she explained that Kylie had elected to present herself as a girl and would be returning to school on Monday as a female student.

When all the facts had been laid out, Kylie spoke up. "I've always felt I was a girl but I denied it even to myself. My dad insisted his sons be tough and excel at sports. DJ and I both did it, he liked it but I hated it. That's the reason I shut down my emotions and barely spoke. When I saw my ankle almost ripped off, I realized my days playing sports were over. That's why I laughed so crazily. I passed out thinking I'd been freed. The next thing I knew I was floating in the air above the football field and saw the paramedics working on me, then the helicopter came in to get me. I can prove it too, the number on the tail was N35876N."

Everyone was amazed as up to this point Kylie had not revealed she'd been floating above the field.

"Kylie, you never mentioned that before," Dr. Alterson declared.

"At first I was too scared, and after that I was just to busy and it slipped my mind," Kylie explained. "Anyway, I was yanked along and followed my body to the hospital. When my heart stopped on the operating table, a bright white light appeared and started getting bigger, then they got my heart going and the white light disappeared. The same thing happened the other two times my heart stopped."

"My God," Laura whispered. "Only Dave and I knew your heart stopped three times! We didn't tell anyone."

"It sounds like you were having near death situation experiences,” the principal said. “I had a friend seriously wounded in the first Gulf War. He suffered cardiac arrest and afterward said he’d had a similar experience to what Kylie has described.”

“It really was a weird experience,” Kylie added. “After they moved me into ICU I went back inside my body. Even though I was in a coma, my mind kept working. I couldn't feel, hear, or say anything and I couldn't feel my body during the ten days. I began thinking about how unhappy I was and what I needed to become happy. My mind didn’t sleep and since I couldn’t do anything else, I was able to concentrate on my life. I figured out I really was a girl even if my body was male. When I found out that the tests all showed I really was a girl I was delighted. I’m never going back to being the quiet, angry boy I used to be. I’m a girl, a girlie girl. But I won’t let anyone push me around. I remember everything I knew as a boy. I’m at least just as tough now as I was then, probably more so. I won’t start anything, but I won’t run away either. I think it may help if on Monday the school has an assembly where I can reveal I’m really a girl. If we get everyone together, I can tell them what’s happened to me. Everyone will get the same story which should stop the rumors.”

“I agree with Kylie,” Dr. Alterson said. “I’ll bring in some information to present to help explain what Kylie’s condition. If we can be proactive and get everyone right at the start, we’ll have less problems.”

“That does sound like a good idea,” the principal agreed. “But I’ll have to run it by the Superintendent. Let’s tentatively set up the assembly for fifteen minutes after the morning bell. That will give the teachers a chance to take roll and organize the class for the assembly.”

Mrs. Wentzel and the guidance counselor agreed with the idea. All three school staff were quite impressed with Kylie. The discussion continued for another half our as they covered what points would be made and how much Kylie herself would present.

Kylie, Laura, and Dr. Alterson left the school, bidding each other goodbye in the parking lot. Kylie was charged up with adrenalin and eager to go shopping for new clothes. After Laura assured herself Kylie was up to going shopping, they headed off to the nearest mall. Upon arrival, they headed to the mall hospitality center where they rented a small electric scooter as they knew Kylie couldn’t stay on the crutches for extended periods of time.

Soon, Kylie was slowly driving down the mall beside her mother. The pair had a wonderful time going from store to store. Kylie tried on dozens of outfits, all skirts or dresses as her injured leg prevented her from trying on pants. They stopped at a jewelry kiosk and soon Kylie sported double pierced ears. One set was a small gold angel with a faux emerald body and a faux ruby head. The other set was a golden butterfly with enameled multi-colored wings. There was a larger matching butterfly on a golden necklace chain.

They ate lunch in the food court, then resumed shopping. By the time they stopped about mid-afternoon, they’d made three trips to the car before the final one to go home. Kylie had dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, slips, half slips, camisoles, training bras, panties, pantyhose, tights, kneesox, and anklets. They only bought a few cheap shoes as Kylie could only wear one shoe and by the time she’d be well enough to wear both, the one she’d worn would look shabby in comparison. By the time they arrived home, Kylie was ready for another nap.

Over supper, they discussed the day’s events. DJ revealed the storm of rumors that swept the school. Although no one had seen Kylie, everyone knew there had been a meeting and that a special assembly was announced for Monday morning.

“The funniest is that Kylie is a vampire and can’t be killed,” DJ chuckled. “The guys who saw your foot almost ripped off said there was no way that in three weeks you could be healed enough to return to school. I’ll give you my vampire teeth from Halloween. When you get on stage, smile. I’ll be a hilarious!”

“Kylie will do no such thing,” Laura scolded.

“Chill hon,” Dave laughed. “DJ knows that would be inappropriate. But it can be fun to imagine what would happen.”

“Then imagine it to yourself,” Laura chided.

“Yet another reason I hated being a boy,” Kylie shook her head.

Dave and DJ exchanged pained looks. “Women,” they simultaneously said.


Monday morning was a bright, sunny day. Kylie selected a sassy pink and green plaid pleated jumper that ended about two inches above her knees. A white kneesock and sneaker adorned her good leg. The pink cotton blend blouse with half length puffed sleeves had a cute ruffled collar. She added a touch of pink lip gloss and slipped the butterfly necklace about her neck.

Dave had taken the day off and drove Laura and Kylie to the school, arriving just as the bell rang to start the school day. Kylie bravely led her parents inside. Dave and Laura had to scurry to keep up with Kylie as she breezed along on her crutches, actually going faster than she normally walked.

The principal, guidance counselor, Dr. Alterson, and Miss Waters greeted them and they headed to the auditorium. Their auras showed they were hopeful but also apprehensive. Dr. Alterson set up her audio-visual presentation while Laura and Dave took seats in the back of the auditorium. Kylie sat just off stage where she could see the podium and portions of the seating. Miss Waters watched her closely, amazed at the calm demeanor of the girl. Once the students were seated, the principal began the presentation.

“A little over three weeks ago, one of our students was horribly injured in a championship football game,” Principal Forrest began. “You all know Kyle Warren, and there have been all sorts of rumors running through the school. We’re here to put those rumors to rest with the truth. I’d like to introduce Dr. Alterson, the psychologist who has been treating Kyle since he was brought out of a ten day induced coma. Dr Alterson.”

“Thank you, Principal Forrest, good morning students,” Dr. Alterson greeted everyone. “I must admit I was quite intimidated when I read Kyle’s school record. It showed an obviously intelligent but deeply troubled person. I was even more daunted when I viewed films of Kyle’s last two plays to win the championship game. I’d like to show you the footage so you can see for yourselves that Kyle is one of the toughest people you’ll ever meet.” She signaled the projectionist.

“This film shows Kyle’s second last play,” Dr. Alterson narrated. “With three minutes left and eighty five yards to the goal it was third down and 18. As you can see, although Kyle was heavily covered he ran a long pattern, shaking off his guards. You can see he leaped higher than he stood to snag the pass from his brother, DJ, yet he cleanly caught it and easily ran into the end zone for another touchdown. Watch closely you’ll see one of his pursuers make a late diving tackle from the rear, slamming shoulder first into Kyle’s lower legs. Kyle violently somersaulted backwards over the guy slamming into the ground. The doctors are sure Kyle suffered several cracked ribs and broke his ankle. The pain had to be agonizing but as you can see, Kyle didn’t even whimper. The ref called the late hit and came over to see if Kyle was alright. You can see Kyle was biting his lip to bury the pain but watch what he did next. He waved off the ref and limped to the bench.”

It was clear the entire student body and school staff was intently watching the film.

“The second film has had the goriest portions blurred,” Dr. Alterson continued. “A few moments after the play you just saw, with their opponents leading by one point Kyle’s team was third and goal with time for one last play. The coach ordered Kyle back in. The pain of standing on his broken ankle had to be horrendous yet Kyle went back in. The play called for Kyle to run a pattern into the end zone. DJ would fake a pass to him before running it in. You can see Kyle ran the pattern into the end zone. None of the doctors can understand how he managed to run much less what you’ll see. Kyle managed to shake off his pursuers. As he looked for the fake he saw his front line had cracked and DJ had been nearly sacked and was back-pedaling. DJ saw Kyle was open and managed to get the ball off as he was taken down. Kyle knew the pass was too high so he jumped up to snatch it. The opposing team’s guard caught him in mid-air, hitting him low on the already damaged leg. The tackler shot beneath Kyle causing him to once more somersault to land on his ankle. Analyzation of the film sound track revealed an audible crack as his bones snapped. His head banged the ground with such force it ripped his helmet off. Somehow Kyle kept the ball as he slammed into the ground. Pay close attention to Kyle’s face. You’ll see he’d been biting his lips to hold in the pain. The impact caused him to bite through both lips. He looked at his ankle and saw his blood spraying out of his nearly severed foot. His reaction... he held the football up to show he still had possession and laughed like a mad man.”

Those seeing the film were chilled by the brutality of Kyle’s injuries and his impossible reaction.

“Kyle was airlifted to the hospital,” Dr. Alterson continued. “Three times his heart stopped during the fourteen hour surgery. His brain was battered and functioning erratically. In addition to his leg, broken ribs had punctured and collapsed one lung. The x-rays also revealed dozens of previous injuries that had never been reported. The overall status of his body was listed as extremely critical and the doctors felt he only had a ten percent chance of surviving. They put him in a drug induced coma for ten days to keep him still and allow his brain and body to recuperate.”

The audience was silent, they’d heard stories and rumors about Kyle’s injuries, but were stunned by what they’d seen learned.

"Many of you were concerned about Kyle's mental state before this incident," Dr. Alterson went on. "So were many professionals. We discussed his physical and mental state for hours while he was kept in the coma. We thought we were ready for anything when he awoke from the coma. As those of you who are familiar with Kyle might suspect, he surprised us."

Dr. Alterson chuckled as did most of the audience.

"What Kyle told us helped put everything into perspective," Dr. Alterson added. "It explained his silence and anger. It certainly stunned his family. Kyle talked up a storm and smiled, something no one could remember he’d ever done before. We decided to run some physical and mental tests to see if what he told us was a real condition or an imagined one brought on by all the stress and injuries. The tests revealed Kyle has an unusual physical condition and what he told us was correct." Here she paused before announcing. "When he woke up, Kyle told us he was a girl."

Virtually everyone in the auditorium gasped.

"I've been told that you've all studied basic biology and know that everyone has chromosomes that determine a person's physical gender," Dr. Alterson stated. "Females have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes. A few people have a variation which is XXY chromosomes. As you can imagine, people with this chromosome pattern have mixed genders. Within the XXY group, there are dozens of variations. Kyle has one of the most unusual variations. Kyle is as fully male as a normal XY male and is also as fully female as a normal XX female."

Again there were gasps from the auditorium with many exchanging looks of disbelief.

"This dual gender was missed," Dr. Alterson added. "Since Kyle has all the characteristics of a male, everyone assumed he was a boy. His family is very sports oriented and Kyle was expected to follow his older brother DJ. Kyle didn't like sports but was made to play. The more he was made to play sports, the angrier he became. Those of you who knew Kyle for years saw him getting quieter and ever more bitter. Kyle knew something was wrong but had no idea what. He absolutely hated all things boys normally enjoy. Outside of the sports and some video games he was made to play, he didn't play, period. The only thing he did was read. Try to imagine growing up not having anything you wanted to play with and being made to do what you hated. That's what Kyle's life was like."

The audience was subdued as they tried to imagine how Kyle felt.

"After Kyle was injured," Dr. Alterson continued. "Melissa Waters from the County Children’s Welfare Department became involved in his case. She brought me in as his psychologist. We have counseled Kyle's family and they now understand how they unknowingly mistreated Kyle. They have pledged to treat Kyle as the person he is. Children’s Welfare will be monitoring the family and this school to insure Kyle is not abused by anyone."

Everyone again exchanged looks, this time of apprehension.

"As I mentioned earlier, when Kyle awoke he was talkative and happy as he knew his injury would get him out sports," Dr. Alterson explained. "He also announced he was a girl. Once we had the physical and mental test results and knew of Kyle's dual sexuality, he announced that he was right that he was a girl and wanted to be called Kylie. Since Kylie scored exceeding high in femininity and extremely low in masculinity on the exhaustive mental exams, the medical and legal professionals involved in Kylie's case have agreed that Kylie is to be considered a girl. It was thought that Kylie would be out of school for at least six to eight weeks but her recovery so far has amazed her doctors. She will be returning to school today as a girl named Kylie."

"This means EVERYONE is to treat Kylie as a girl," Principal Forrest stated as he once more stepped to the podium. "Anyone who does not will be disciplined."

The audience squirmed in their seats.

"When I first heard what you've been told, I was apprehensive," Principal Forrest added. "But when I met Kylie on Friday, I was pleasantly stunned. I can say unequivocally that Kylie is girl and except for a slight physical resemblance is nothing at all like the Kyle we all knew. Now, I'll ask Kylie to come out as she would like to talk to you."

In the quiet auditorium the 'CLUMP pad CLUMP pad' of someone walking on crutches filled the room. As Kylie emerged from the side into visibility there was a unified loud gasp as the audience saw a pretty girl on crutches emerge. No evidence of the old Kyle was visible.

Kylie crutched up to the microphone. "Hi, I'm Kylie Warren. As you can see, I'm a girl. I've always been a girl but was too messed up mentally to understand. I had a lot of time to think after Kyle was injured and figured out that in my heart that I was a girl. I was delighted to learn that I really am a girl! I know it sounds strange to talk about Kyle as a different person from me but he was quite different. I've found it easier to think that Kyle died of his injuries but I survived. Please forgive Kyle for his past behavior, he was frustrated and angry and has finally found peace. Even though I remember everything Kyle experienced, I am nothing like him. I am a new person and I hope you will give me a chance to be not only accepted, but to become friends with you."

Whispering swept through the audience.

"In an effort to eliminate any misunderstandings or misconceptions," Kylie continued. "With the help of Dr. Alterson, Melissa Waters, and Principal Forrest, I'll try to answer any questions you might have."

A girl asked "I don't understand how you can be a girl and a boy at the same time?"

"It is hard to understand," Kylie replied. "What it means is that I have a birth defect. It's like I started off as a set of fraternal twins, one a boy and one a girl. But somehow they merged into one baby, me. I have the sexual organs of a normal boy on the outside where they belong and at the same time I have all the sexual organs of a normal girl on the inside where they belong. Physically, I am a girl and a boy at the same time. However, mentally, I'm most defiantly not a boy, I am a girl!"

A boy asked "How come no one ever discovered you were a girl?"

"That's simple, when you look at a baby and see it looks like a normal boy, no one looks inside to see if there's more hidden inside," Kylie answered. "My girlishness was always there but since no one had any reason to check, it was never discovered."

A girl asked "How can you be a girl if you've got a... you know... boy thingie?"

"That's harder to answer," Kylie said. "Normally, a child simply knows it's a boy or a girl before it knows there is a physical difference between boys and girls. When I was a toddler I felt I was a girl. It was really confusing when I found out I had boy bits and everyone insisted I was a boy. I couldn’t handle the dichotomy and just emotionally shut down. Most people find the way they feel matches their genitals. A few don't and they're called transsexuals and it is a real medical condition. That's what I thought I was until the tests showed I was dual gendered. In my brain and my heart I'm a girl, the boy bits I have I consider to be a birth defect. The doctors have told me that when I'm older and stronger, they can remove the boy bits."

Several guys visibly shuddered. Another girl asked "Can you have babies?"

"I have all the girl bits needed to have a baby," Kylie replied. "The hormones in my body are predominantly female and I'm entering puberty just like any girl. I haven't experienced a monthly yet, but the doctor's think I will within a few months. So I should be able to have a baby."

Then a boy asked "Could you make a girl pregnant?"

"As I said, I'm entering puberty as a girl," Kylie said. "My boy bits do behave like a normal boy. I use my built in hose to urinate and it embarrasses me to admit I've awoken with a woody. Since I hate being a boy, I never even tried to masturbate so I don't know if my boy bits make sperm. I might be able to father a child, but I find the mere idea of using my boy bits in that way disgusting. So while I could possibly do it, I won't."

Another boy asked "Do you like boys or girls?"

"I assume you meant to ask if I'm sexually attracted to boys or girls," Kylie unflinchingly answered. "Kyle had no sexuality at all and absolutely no interest in sex. I'm a girl. I want girls and boys as friends. I've only openly been a girl for a week and half but am finding myself attracted to guys. Right now I'm certainly not mentally ready for a boyfriend but I've been changing so rapidly I might soon be ready. Before my parents get upset, I'm an old fashioned girl and expect any boy who might be interested in dating me to meet my parents first. Also, I've promised myself to remain a virgin until I'm married."

That answer certainly sent a buzz around the auditorium.

There were more mundane questions, and Kylie was able to answer them all. Everyone was impressed with her composure, knowledge and openness.

When the questions finally wound down, Kylie spoke once more. "Thank you for listening to me. I hope I have a chance to become friends with all of you. If you have further questions but were embarrassed to ask, please don't be ashamed to ask to meet me in the library for a one on one talk. If you want to avoid me, feel free to do so. But don't try to hassle me because I will report it and you'll suffer consequences. If any of you are offended by my change, I'm sorry, but I'm not going away. I will give those of you who might be inclined to try to hurt me a warning. While Kyle is dead, I'm just as tough as he was and I will not hesitate to defend myself if it becomes necessary. I sincerely hope that never happens. You can see that I’m a girl, please let me be one. Thank you."

The applause started softly then grew until almost everyone was standing. Kylie smiled broadly and waved.

Principal Forrest stepped forward. “Thank you, Kylie. I’m even more impressed by your composure and bravery than I was on Friday.” Then he turned to the audience. “As Kylie said, she is a girl. You will treat her as you would any other girl. Those who don’t will face quick and serious consequences not only from the school, but also by the County Children’s Services. While I can’t condone Kylie’s assertion that she’ll defend herself if assaulted, I have no doubts that she is as tough as Kyle. Just remember, this pretty girl standing before you on her crutches had her foot practically torn off her leg, all the bones splintered with the muscles and ligaments ripped away just 23 days ago. As you witnessed, Kylie is also smart and quick. She was able to answer all your questions without hesitation and so accurately none of us had to come to her aid. Don’t mess with her.”

“I thank everyone for being so understanding and look forward to having a great school year,” Principal Forrest finished. “You may return to your classes.”

The students and teachers filed out jabbering about Kylie. Kylie wearily sat on a folding chair someone had brought out on the stage for her. Laura and Dave walked down the center aisle to join her. DJ had been given permission to linger to speak to his family and then escort Kylie to her locker since they had all her books.

As for the audience, they were stunned by Kylie. One thing in her favor was that outside of sports, Kyle had never had a conflict with anyone. There was no sign of the familiar if scary Kyle. While he had been silent and intimidating, Kyle’s quest for solitude amongst his peers had been respected and his academic prowess respected. Just as he’d done with DJ, not once had he ever bragged about being better than anyone else. In fact, most students knew very little about Kyle. All they knew was what they saw in class and heard from those who had played with or against him on the sports fields. From those who knew him from sports activities, it was well known he was tougher than anyone else.

The entire time she’d been speaking, Kylie was astrally scanning the audience, searching for dark and red auras and probing those a bit to see if their angst was turned against her. Only a handful were upset about her and she ‘tagged’ them with astral markers that would activate if their thoughts against her ever turned to action. For her part, she projected an aura of upbeat positivity and hope that seemed to snare most of those who were unsure how to accept Kylie.

Everyone in Kylie’s second period class looked up as she crutched into the room with a Hannah Montana backpack slung across her shoulders. Again she exuded her positive aura. The perky smile upon her face as she surveyed her classmates was met with tentative smiles as their auras showed they were uncertain and a bit intimidated. As she reached her seat, she leaned her crutches against the desk and slipped off her backpack. After sitting, she laid the crutches on the floor beside her seat.

“Please be careful when you get up, she told the boys who sat in front of and behind her. I don’t want you to trip of my extra legs,” she joked.

The boys and most of the class chuckled at her open humor.

“Welcome to my class, Kylie,” the teacher smiled. “I do hope you’re not going to be a chatterbox in class.”

“I’ll try to behave,” Kylie replied cheerily. “It’s just that I’ve never wanted to talk before. Kyle was simply too emotionally defensive to even consider talking but now that he’s gone, I intend to make up for lost time and make some friends. If I do speak out when I shouldn’t, please remind me.”

The class chuckled as the teacher smiled. “I will, Kylie.”

The class went smoothly even though Kylie and the girls who sat on either side of her were cautioned twice. The girls were simply amazed by the Kylie's transformation and were unable to restrain their chatter.

All period, the classmates kept glancing at Kylie. They were looking for some sign of the silent angry Kyle but found nothing. In his place they saw only a cute girl. About half way through her class, the teacher decided the interest in Kylie was simply too much to hold in check. Quickly wrapping up her lesson, she assigned homework and gave the class free time to work on it. Of course she knew many of the students would be talking with or about Kylie so she cautioned them to keep their voices low. Kylie handled all the inquiries with humility and candor.

Kylie kept an astral eye watching the aura's of her classmates. None were dark although several revealed confusion and trepidation. Most were positive but one in particular piqued her interest. The boy's aura flickered between trepidation, anxiety, curiosity, and hope. They had been together in every school class since kindergarten and sports team. Because of Kyle’s repressed funk, other than on the playing field, they’d never really interacted.

When the class ended, that boy, Billy Dawson, who sat two rows over and back one seat, made his way around the back of the class to Kylie. Most of the kids left as soon as they were dismissed. A few, including the girls she'd been talking too all period, clustered about Kylie. Most wanted to offer assistance to Kylie but were still a bit too intimidated. Kylie noted Billy standing by himself behind the others. Kylie noted his aura was now one of hope, fear, and anxiety. A quick probe revealed he wanted to talk but was too timid.

Kylie smiled as she looked right at him. "Billy, would you mind carrying my backpack and helping me to our next class?"

Obviously caught off guard, Billy blushed and sweat began to form on his brow. "Ah... ah... y... yeah, I... I can do that," he forced himself to reply.

"Great," Kylie smiled. "We don't have to rush. I have a pass to allow me and anyone helping to be a little late for class." Then she looked at the others. "I hope no one is upset I picked Billy but he's in all my classes. Besides that, he's big enough to keep me from being trampled. You'd better get going. I have to wait until the halls clear out a bit before I can leave."

The others headed for their next class while Kylie and Billy waited by the door until the next class began to come in. When there was a slight break in the human wave, Billy stepped into the hall and shielded Kylie from the thinning herd as she crutched out of the room. Once in the hall, he fell in step behind her to play defense as he did quite effectively on the football team. As they walked they talked.

"I'm glad you wanted to help me with my backpack," Kylie said.

"Most of the others would have helped you," Billy nervously replied. "I didn't even get to talk to you before you asked me. How did you know I wanted to help you?"

"Girl's intuition," Kylie giggled. "I could see you wanted to talk to me but were too shy and you didn't want to push your way to me. Besides, we've been classmates since kindergarten and you played on every team Kyle played on. I know you're a good guy."

"But I never did anything with you except when I had to," Billy added. "How do you know I'm a good guy?"

"Just because Kyle seldom spoke and never made an effort to have friends doesn't mean he wasn't aware of what was going on," Kylie said. "You never teased or bullied anyone and if you realized the guys you were with were going to do that, you tried to talk them out of it and left if they went ahead with their pranks. I also know most of the guys don't want to hang with you because you're so good you’re no fun. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you've become a loner this year because you refuse to compromise your standards. Kyle was a loner by choice, you're a loner by circumstances. I want you to be my first new friend. We can help each other."

Billy’s aura brightened with hope and he smiled. "I'd like to be your friend."

By that time they arrived at their third period class, only three minutes late. Kylie showed the teacher the pass and he nodded his head. About half the kids had been in Kylie's previous class and most were openly receptive. As she scanned the auras, she found none threatening and took her seat. Several of the guys chuckled when they saw Billy carrying the Hannah Montana backpack. Billy blushed and placed the backpack on Kylie's desk and headed to his own. Several girls were wondering if, despite what she’d said in the assembly, Billy was Kylie's boyfriend. Their auras revealed they were a bit jealous as Billy was maturing into a hunk.

The fourth period class went smoothly. Lunch was the next class and Billy had to restrain himself from joining the rush to the cafeteria as he usually did. Needless to say, most of the guys were already chowing down as Kylie and Billy were the last in line. Billy took one tray and put two sets of utensils and napkins in on corner. Then he followed Kylie as she crutched down the serving line. The servers smiled at the duo and since they were the last ones through the line, they made the servings larger. Billy smiled as he saw how much he was getting. By the time they reached the end of the line, the tray was crammed with two full meals. They scanned their school ID badges which deducted the cost from their individual pre-paid accounts and headed out to find a seat.

As Kylie expected, by their macho posturing and auras, most the guys made sure to let the pair know they weren't wanted at their tables. A lot of the girls did the same with their haughtiness. Kylie stopped and looked about. Seeing DJ, she waved at him. The guys at the table were all sports oriented and all had played on at least some of the same teams as Kyle and Billy. DJ motioned for her to come to his table.

"Guys, I want to introduce my sister, Kylie," DJ smiled. "As you saw this morning, the only way she's like Kyle is in her toughness. Just be careful as she'll talk your ear off."

Everyone chuckled and nodded their acceptance. Kylie could see respect in their auras and a bit of uncertainty.

"Kylie, sit at the end of the table, Billy, you can sit across from her," DJ stated.

"Thanks, bro," Kylie smiled as she took the seat carefully propping up her crutches.

"Yeah, thanks DJ," Billy acknowledged as he sat opposite Kylie.

As soon as they were seated, the guys discussion about football resumed, basically arguing about what college teams would go to which bowl games. While DJ and his buddies were jocks, they weren't the tough, self-important, arrogant type. They knew they were good and were self-confident enough that they didn't need to flaunt their prowess. This isn't to say they weren't rough and tumble guys, but while they did play hard, they knew sports were not life and death matters. The pranks and jokes they played were never malicious. They were jocks without the negative connotations.

DJ made sure to include Billy in their conversation and soon the timid boy was embroiled in the stats. Kylie had certainly been exposed to sports enough to be able to follow the conversation but was content to listen and watch.

Since they'd been amongst the first in line, the guys finished their meal and left after bidding Kylie and Billy goodbye. Sheepishly, Billy looked at Kylie who smiled back.

"I'm okay with sports as long as I don't have to play," Kylie smiled. "You looked like you were enjoying talking with the guys."

"Yeah, they're good guys," Billy smiled. "They didn't give me any dirty looks."

"You need to open up more," Kylie replied. "You know what's right or wrong and you're confident enough to say NO when it's appropriate. Your opinions and thoughts are good and valid. Don't be ashamed to voice them."

Billy smiled and nodded. "Thanks, Kylie. I guess I have been too hard on myself. I miss having friends. Thanks for choosing me to help you."

"You're welcome, Billy," Kylie answered. "I never had any friends. I'm glad you're my first."


The rest of the day and week passed without any incidents. Few people in the school had any issues with Kylie's emergence and those who did kept it to themselves and ignored her. Of course it helped that she was aware of any hostile auras and carefully avoided them. Most of her classmates accepted her and she began to make many casual friends. It became normal for Kylie and Billy to sit with the guys at DJ's table for lunch.

A big factor in Kylie's overwhelming acceptance was that she was totally feminine in all she did and wore. She was outgoing and bubbly, nothing she did reminded anyone of Kyle. It was as if morose Kyle had died of his grievous injuries and Kylie was merely a likeable new student. For her part, Kylie flourished and blossomed in her new girlhood. She realized that she really had been a frustrated unknowing transgendered boy.

By Friday it was clear to everyone that Billy and Kylie were becoming more than friends. The duo knew their friendship was becoming stronger, but both were oblivious to their growing attraction. But it was clear to everyone that whenever Kylie came near Billy, he'd start to sweat without knowing why. On her part, Kylie became a bit skitterish when Billy looked at her yet was perfectly relaxed when near him.

By the end of the second week, the duo realized they were moving past being best friends. Kylie felt herself being quite attracted to Billy. What she couldn’t figure out was whether her attraction was due to her now raging female hormones or simply a reaction to Billy’s obvious attraction to her. On Friday, Billy asked Kylie to go to a matinee on Saturday. Kylie almost giddily accepted pending parental approval. Laura and Dave were both stunned when Kylie asked her parents that evening during supper.

“You guys know Billy Dawson,” DJ spoke up in support. “He’s been in the same classes as Kylie since they started school and he’s played on all the same teams. You know he’s a good guy. Kylie told you he’s been helping her around school since she’d returned and they sit with me and my buds at lunch.”

Dave and Laura realized they did know Billy and that he was a good kid. They couldn’t find any excuse not to okay the afternoon date for the twelve year olds. They called Billy’s parents and spoke for over an hour. They decided Billy’s mom would bring Billy over to the Warren’s home to pick up Kylie and Laura. The mother’s would accompany the youngsters to the mall. The moms would shop and talk while the kids saw their movie.

Kylie was excited about her first date. She wanted to be a demure lass but was simply to effervescent. When Billy and his mom arrived, Kylie opened the door before they had a chance to knock and politely greeted them. Then as Laura joined them, Kylie impulsively hugged Billy and kissed him on the cheek.

Everyone was quite surprised, but no one more than Kylie although Billy was a close second. Kylie quickly released Billy and stepped back almost losing her balance on her crutches before hanging her head in embarrassment as billy turned crimson. Finally both mothers chuckled and shook their heads for they realized Kylie and Billy were in love, at least as much twelve year olds can be.

They sat in the back of the car with Kylie’s injured leg resting on Billy’s lap on the way to the mall. Their smiling mothers watched as they walked to the ticket booth, Kylie happily babbling while crutching along and smiling as Billy placed a steadying hand on the small of her back while happily grinning.

No one asked if they’d done more than hold hands during the movie. They didn’t have too, the happiness on their beaming faces showed Billy had gotten the nerve to kiss Kylie on the lips.


During the week leading up to the Christmas holiday break, it was evident to even the most obtuse student that Kylie and Billy were closer than they had been before. Kylie began to relax in school and when asked if she and Billy were dating, her blush revealed the truth. The auras hinting at possible hatred and or violence were dissipating. Most of her classmates accepted her and she made dozens of casual friends.

The only concern she had was Heath Davis, a boy in her fifth period class. The first day his aura had been one of confusion and frustration, but since he seemed to go out of his way to avoid Kylie, she probed no further. Only on the periphery of her aura auto-scanning did she note the progressing changes in his aura. Heath’s confusion and frustration increased as third and fourth colors emerged to reveal jealousy and gloom. It was only on the last day before the holiday break when the gloom became predominate that Kylie consciously noticed. The intensity of his gloom startled her and she realized she’d wrongly dismissed Heath’s changing aura as one of disgust with her change. Something else was going on and she’d triggered it. Cautiously she probed his mind to read his thoughts.

What will the future hold for Kylie and her astral abilities?


End of Metamorpho-sis
(1st Song of the Kylie Warren Saga)


written by: H. Duff, C. Midnight, C. Bennett, A. Recke
Performed by: Hillary Duff
Album: Metamorphosis (2003)

I've been so wrapped up in my warm cocoon
But something's happening, things are changing soon
I'm pushing the edge, I'm feeling it crack
And once I get out, there's no turning back

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become

Whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through
Come on and give me a kiss
Come on, I insist
I'll be something new
A metamorphosis

Things are different now when I walk by
You start to sweat and you don't know why
It gets me nervous but it makes me calm
To see life all around me moving on

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become

Whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through
Come on and give me a kiss
Come on, I insist
I'll be something new
A metamorphosis

Every day is a transformation
Every day is a new sensation
Alteration, modification
An incarnation, celebration
Every day is a new equation
Every day is a revelation
Information, Anticipation
Onto another destination

Whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through
Come on and give me a kiss
Come on, I insist
I'll be something new
A metamorphosis

Sat 11/13/04 injury
Wed 11/24/04 out of coma
Thu 12/02/04 discharged
Fri 12/03/04 school mtg & shopping
Mon 12/06/04 return to school
Fri 12/18/04 Billy asks Kylie to movies
Sat 12/19/04 First date
Thu 12/23/04 Last day of school before holiday break

*****Come Clean*****
Dave Warren Sr. father
Laura Warren mother
DJ (Dave) Warren Jr. oldest son
Kyle/Kylie Warren youngest son/daughter
Melissa Waters county social worker & psychologist
Dr. Alterson psychologist
James Wilson dying old man
Jennifer Sue Charles dying astral girl
Doctor Proctor orthopedic surgeon
Doctor Walsh neurologist
Doctor Lance pulmonologist
Mrs. Wentzel seventh grade home room teacher
Principal Forrest junior high school principal
Billy Dawson classmate
Heath Davis classmate
St. Mary's Trauma Center

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