Tales of the Season: Charlene's Story - Chapter 7


Another BigCloset TopShelf story. Charlie awakes after a nice nap...


Tales of the Season : Charlene's Story


Lisa Elizabeth

Chapter Seven

The Transformation of Charlie

Charlie watched the door close. He looked around the bathroom and realized he was alone. After a few seconds, he also realized that his thirty minutes were steadily ticking away. He took off the robe and hung it behind the door, then removed his underpants and placed them in the hamper. First he shaved his face. Fortunately not a lot of hair growth there, he had only started to shave recently, more for practice than any real hair. As he neared the tub, he noticed the bath had a lavender smell to it. "Better get started!" He took a deep breath and climbed into the hot tub.

Charlie had used a small timer next to the tub to time his shampoo and had just set it to time the conditioner when there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Charlie asked.

"Cherie, it is just Marie, I have some clean panties for you and I need to get your dirty clothes to the laundry." Marie then entered the bathroom, deposited a small bundle of material on the counter, retrieved the underpants from the hamper and left.

Charlie muttered to himself. "I won't be seeing those for a while!" He didn't know how true those words were.

Charlie had finished shaving his under arms while waiting on the shampoo, while he waited for the conditioner he shaved one of his legs. He rinsed the conditioner out of his hair and then shaved his other leg. After checking himself over, he drained the tub and turned on the shower to rinse the left over bubbles off. He then dried off, getting as much water out of his hair as he could and reached for the underwear, Marie had brought in. He held them up and stopped cold. 'These are girl's panties! Ms. Jane must be serious about this dressing as a girl!' He thought over his situation one more time, there really wasn't an alternative. He had to get through this course, whatever this 'petticoat punishment' was and get back to his family. 'If she wants me in girl's clothes, then I'll play her little game.' Charlie looked over the panties, decided where the front was and slid them on.

Charlie had just started to tie the belt on the robe when the door opened. There stood Jane Thompson. "Time is up! Are you finished with all the tasks?" She asked.

"Almost ma'am. I just need to comb my hair." Replied Charlie.

"You are fine like that, Charles. Marie will see to your hair. Now step out here and I will explain the next portion of your program." Jane stepped back and motioned Charlie to come out of the bathroom.

"Marie will be your instructor for the next part of your training. Listen well, Charles, for you shall be expected to dress yourself after a very few days. When Marie is finished with you, please come down to my office, we have a few things to discuss before dinner. With this being the first time you are dressing as a girl, it will take a little longer. I expect you to knock in one hour, is that clear?" Jane asked.

"Yes Ma'am, very clear." Charlie replied. He tried to curtsey, but it was a poor attempt.

"A nice gesture, Charles. You will get better at performing a proper curtsey very soon." The coldness in Jane's voice and the evilness of her smile made Charlie shiver.

With her patented 'evil grin' still on her face, Jane Thompson left the bedroom and closed the door.

Marie waited a moment for Charlie to turn and look at her. "It is not so bad Cherie, I do most of this every day!" It was Marie's attempt at being lighthearted but all Charlie did was huff a little.

"We had best get started, that hour time limit will be upon us very quickly I presume!" Marie stated. "First, I believe we should get you somewhat dressed. Please remove your robe and hang it so we may begin."

With a huge sigh, Charlie removed the robe and placed it on the hook by the bathroom door. He then walked over to Marie and his transformation began.

Marie worked efficiently and quickly to turn Charlie into a lovely young girl. She started him off with a garter belt in white, reminding him to thread the straps under his panties to make using the 'Water Closet' easier. Next she rolled up white stockings, showing Charlie how to put on one, then having him do the second one himself. With those attached to the top of the garters, Marie placed a heavily padded bra around Charlie. This gave him the modest bustline of a young girl.

Charlie was both intrigued and scared by all of these items. He looked in the mirror above the vanity. There stood the body of a girl. The strange feelings from all the clothes were fascinating yet unsure. He thought it felt neat when the stockings slid up his legs. To look down and see breasts in front of him was an interesting sight. But the reflection in the mirror both fascinated and bothered Charlie.

Marie noted Charlie's fascination with his lingerie. She smiled inside, 'This one is going to work out just fine.' Marie knew that the boys that were fascinated by the masquerade learned quickly and were back home in no time at all!

"Charlie? We need to finish with your dressing. This is a petticoat! It is the garment that Ms. Thompson's method gets it's name from. Step into it and I will tie it off for you." Marie instructed.

Charlie stepped into the proffered garment and felt it tickle his legs all the way up to his waist. It left him with Goosebumps all over. He was then motioned to sit in front of the vanity. He moved over and sat on the stool.

"Not like that, Cherie. You will wrinkle you petticoat and that will cause Ms. Jane to admonish you! Stand again, we will fix the wrinkles and I will instruct you how to sit properly in a petticoat." Marie explained to Charlie and had him rise. She then straightened out the petticoat and instructed Charles on the proper way to sweep the petticoat and sit so it didn't get all wrinkled.

It took Charles four or five tries at sweeping the petticoat and sitting on the vanity stool before Marie was satisfied.

"We need to fix your hair and then do your makeup. Quickly now!" Marie instructed.

With quite practiced hands, Marie took out the hairpiece she had matched to Charlie while he was in his drugged sleep. As she held it up and began pinning it to Charlie's hair, she heard Charlie squeak!

"Is there a problem, Charles?" Marie asked, knowing the answer.

"My hair!...It's...It's...lighter, almost a blonde color! How?" Charlie stared in the mirror; his hair was very much lighter than it had been just one hour ago.

"Oui Cherie! The shampoo, it included a lightening agent. When I am through with you, no one will recognize you! I believe you will be quite pretty!" Was Marie's response. She proceeded to clip and weave the hairpiece onto Charlie's head. When she was done, she brushed out his hair and the added piece into a shoulder length style, curling the ends under with a curling iron. She then combed a portion of his hair forward and trimmed the bangs to just above Charlie's eyebrows.

Putting down the brush, Marie picked up a pair of tweezers. "Lean your head back. This will sting a little, let me know if your eyes start to water." With that comment, she started to remove portions of Charlie's eyebrows.

"Oww! Marie, do we have to do that, it hurts!" Charlie commented after the first few hairs were removed.

"Oui! You must do this to look your prettiest! Whoever saw a young girl with shaggy unkempt eyebrows! Now be still and let me finish. I will tell you this, sometimes you must suffer a little to be pretty!" Marie replied and went right back to removing the offending hairs.

It seemed like forever to Charlie and he was sure that he didn't have any eyebrows left at all when Marie finally stopped tweezing. He lifted his head back straight and checked in the mirror. There above his eyes were two very nicely shaped eyebrows. Not too thin but finely arched to open up and accent his eyes.

"I.. I.. I thought you had removed ALL the hairs!" Charlie exclaimed.

"No Charles, just enough to give you a more feminine look." Marie replied. "Now for a little makeup and you will be ready for your dress, yes?"

Marie took a good look at Charlie's face deciding what would look best on him. She started with a light foundation, almost an exact match to Charlie's natural skin tone. "You are fortunate you do not have to shave often, Cherie."

Charlie snorted at that comment. It was the first time that only having to shave once a month was an advantage for him.

Marie had Charlie close his eyes. She started with a light blue eyeshadow, only covering half of each lid. Marie then worked in an off white shadow, blending and shading to lessen the effect of the blue, until she reached his eyebrows. The shadow started at Charlie's eyelashes and faded away to nothing by the time you looked at his eyebrows. She then finished his eyes with a blue eyeliner pencil. This made Charlie's eye water and Marie had to stop him more than once from trying to rub his eye.

"Do not rub your eye, it will only make it worse! Use a tissue and blot up the tears!" Marie told Charlie.

Charlie did blot three or four times before Marie was happy with his eyes. She then added a light pink blusher to the 'apples' of his cheeks and a matching pale pink lipstick.

Charlie looked in the mirror and was surprised. There sat a girl that could be his sister, if he had one, or at least a cousin. "Amazing! I really do look like a girl!" Charlie said softly to himself.

"You do not have time to stare at yourself, we have only a few more minutes before you are due to speak to Ms. Jane. We must now hurry!" Marie exclaimed as she headed for the walk-in closet. Marie took out a Navy Blue dress. It had a fitted bodice with a full flowing skirt. The puffy short sleeves had white lace trim along with the skirt hem. Marie had Charlie raise his arms to slide the dress over his head and settled it on his petticoat. It made the skirt flare out slightly and emphasized his now feminine figure. She then went into the closet and returned with a two inch heeled pair of 'Mary Jane' style shoes. Charlie was told to sit on the bed. Marie had him stand back up and gently admonished him for wrinkling the dress and petticoat. Charlie stood back up and straightened out his dress and petticoat. He then correctly swept it under him and sat on the bed. Marie had him put on the shoes and buckle them, then had him stand and walk around the room three or four times to get the hang of the shoes. She grabbed the hairbrush and quickly brushed a few errant hairs back into place.

"That is all we can do for now!" Said Marie as she looked at the clock on the wall. "You have four minutes to get to Ms. Jane's study and knock on the door! Now hurry! She will be very upset if you are late for your first visit in a petticoat!"

Charlie looked at the clock and hurried out the bedroom door. He took a quick left turn and had to stop. It took a minute or so to get down the stairs due to his unfamiliarity of the heels. He hurried along the corridor and knocked on Jane Thompson's study door, breathing a sigh of relief that he made it there in time.

"One moment, please!" Came a voice from inside the room. A moment later the door opened and Jane stood before him. Checking her watch, she nodded her head. "Very good, I see you can tell time accurately, that is one less thing we need to worry about. I will need a few more minutes to complete a business call. Please sit there and I will call you when I am done." Without waiting for a reply, Jane closed the door, leaving Charlie alone in the hall.



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