Mi Magdalena

Mi Magdalena

by Andrea Magdalena DiMaggio

I’m so sorry that I never let you live
and that I never gave you voice.
So maybe now that we’re finally united;
at last together we will rejoice!

Mi Magalena
You live within my heart.
Just like a sister,
We’re never far apart.
You’ve never faltered;
you’re there when I need you.
You’re my completion;
you’re all that’s good and true.

We’ve been separated almost into two;
now two as one, we’re stronger now together.
We’ll learn once again to live and laugh
despite our voyage in the stormy weather.

Mi Magdalena
We weep through all our pain.
But we will conquer
together once again.
No longer splintered.
No longer pulled apart.
Mi Magdalena
A blessing to our heart.

I’m so sorry that you never got to sing
And that my melody was without you.

But now I’ve come to see the joy of what we have;
no longer to harmonize without you.

Mi Magdalena
The girl I kept inside;
we’ve come together
No longer will you hide.
Brother and sister;
united finally.
I am so grateful
that you’re a part of me.

Mi Magdalena
You live within my heart;
just like a sister
we’re never far apart.
You never falter;
always there when I need you.
Mi Magdalena
You’re me and I am you.

From the song Mi Morena
As Sung by Josh Groban
From the Album Live at the Greek
Words and Music by Martin Page


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