Changing Cal: Chapter 7

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dreams almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl now in him takes over?

Chapter 7 is here it's nice to see that even after my long absence people still want to read this story. I appreciate all the comments and votes more then you could ever know as this is really the only thing I've ever wrote that I showed to others. For now here's the next chapter and I hope you enjoy because there's more to come. This story is inspired by the "Kate Draffen" and the "For a Girl" stories but it's NOT set in either universe. There are however some common elements but other then that this story stands on it's own.

Exhausted form everything that had happened it was almost 10 when I woke up the next day. It was still a shock waking up to my new body and I’d spent the night before learning how to sleep with it. When you have breasts sleeping on your stomach isn’t the most comfortable thing when you squish them flat. I tossed and turned for almost an hour before I found a spot that was comfortable and went to sleep. The way my new body moved with me the chest movement and the new center of gravity was still something I was getting use to as I went through my morning routine for the first time as a girl.

The new hair cut made it easier to dry my hair after my shower but it was still more hair then I had ever had and a bit annoying. Simple things like brushing my teeth even felt different thanks to my new sense of taste the tooth paste didn’t seem to taste the same anymore. Stuff like that I had no idea even existed but now I knew that two people could taste the same thing and taste two very different things. I was still struggling hooking my own bra but using the trick my mother showed me I got it on and stood in my bra and panties in front of the bags full of my new cloths. I had no idea what I wanted to wear even though it wasn’t skirts, dresses, and stuff like that the jeans, shorts, shirts, and tops were still girls cloths so in my head it still felt weird.

My body on the other hand didn’t mind it at all as I picked out a pair of blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt with a pink and purple design on it and put them on. A woman’s skin believe it or not is much more sensitive then a man’s so things like the different fabrics in clothes feel different as one. I had always been the ruffle and tumble kind of guy so my hands were always ruff and hard but now against my skin they were as soft and smooth as silk. I couldn’t help but almost cry as I looked in the mirror after I put my tiny size 7 shoes on. I wasn’t me anymore and I never would be again at least not the same way I was.

Still determined not to let this get the best of me I pulled myself together and nodded my first real hello to the girl in the mirror. The bags in the floor of my room reminded me that I really needed to put all my new cloths away but it was nice to see I was still a procrastinator as I decided to do it later. I didn’t really have anything to do instead but putting them away was just something I didn’t want to deal with yet. It felt like once those cloths were hanging in my closet it wouldn’t be my room anymore it’d be Caleigh’s. It was becoming easier for me to understand people with split personalities now and how they felt with more then one person in there body. No I only had one person in my head but I had Caleigh on the outside and Cal on the inside.

I’d heard my brother leave earlier to do whatever he had planned but being Saturday both my parents were home. I could smell the breakfast my mother had made earlier and a bit hungry I raided the kitchen to see of my father and brother had left me anything. On the counter were some muffins so grabbing on I sat down at the kitchen table and started picking at it. Hearing me flipping the channels on the TV in the kitchen my mother came and joined me sitting down beside me and rubbing my back. I smiled at her and she laugh “Since when do you like blueberry?” I looked at the muffin not really noticing that it was blueberry till she pointed it out and shrugged. “I…guess I do now?” Smiling again she nodded and said that he doctors had said there would be some changes. “This must be another one.”

I looked at her a bit confused unsure what she meant by another one because as far as I could tell the change in taste had been the only one “What do you mean another one? What else is there?” Brushing my hair behind my ear my mother’s new thing with me she tried not to smile as she looked at me “Little things dear like the way you sit, the way you talk a bit faster, nothing too huge but stuff a mother notices.” It was strange how I hadn’t noticed any changes other then to my body but to be honest that was a big one and rightfully had most my attention. Maybe Caleigh wasn’t all just physical? Maybe she was in my head a fact that made me worry a little as I continued to pick at the blue berry muffin.

I had hated blueberries all my life but the muffin was just so good I couldn’t even remember why. I wondered what else had changed and how long it’d take me to figure it out. With the muffin I hadn’t even thought about it I smelled them and just wanted one the fact they were blueberries never even occurred to me. I hadn’t thought much about the mental changes the doctors had warned us might happen too caught up in the physical ones but now I wondered what else had changed. Nothing seemed different to me though I didn’t feel like I was talking faster when I did or that I was sitting differently. It all just felt like the normal way I acted but my mother was right it was new.

After my muffin I told my mother I’d picked the offer we were going to take and gave it to her so she could get hold of whoever she needed to in order to set it up. For the amount of money they were offering as much as I didn’t want to talk about what had happened and what was going on I couldn’t say no. I didn’t know how good of an interview I would be or what I was going to say but it didn’t seem like they really cared. As long as they were the first to put me on TV they didn‘t care if I said anything they were sure it‘d draw ratings. While my mom was talking to the producer of the show I sat at the table acting like I didn’t really care, I was nervous and afraid yes but there was also a bit of excitement I have to say. I’d never been on TV before and now I was going to be on national TV and millions would be watching.

It was a pretty simple thing for my mother setting up interview from what I could tell. As soon as she told the producer she was the mother of the young boy who’d been infected with GANs she had their full attention. Giving them our address and some basic info of when I was infected, how long the transformation actually took, and what my name was the producer told my mother they’d be at our home Monday morning for the interview. I was shocked at how soon they could set something like that up but was even more shocked that he asked us to send him a picture of me so they could start to tease the interview. Trying not to look totally scared to death and embarrassed my mother snapped a quick shot with her phone and sent it to the producer.

After he told my mother that the picture was ok I got up and paced the floor a bit as he told my mother he’d be here Monday morning at 5am to set up for the interview and prep us. There was no turning back now I thought and Monday morning everyone would know that I was the guy who turned into a girl. Not wanting for anything to get out before Monday the producer asked that I stay the weekend inside and not go out and do anything. That of course was no problem I had no intentions of going outside the house for any reason. Once he had all the info he needed the producer let us go and told us to call him if we had any issues or concerns before Monday.

With a sigh as if to say here we go my mother smiled at me pacing the floor. “You’re sure you’re alright with this?” I nodded lying through my teeth because I wasn’t sure in fact I was terrified of being outed as the freak but at least it was going to be my choice. I knew sooner or later it would get out who I was and at least this way I got something for it. I could tell my mother hadn’t been fooled by the nod and knew I was freaking out a bit but she didn’t comment on it. “Well just think how jealous every girl on TV will be it took them years to get there probably and you’ll be a star less then a week as a girl.” I couldn’t help but laugh my mother always had thought no matter what me and my brother did we’d be stars.

To me it was just an interview to her it was her little girl now instead of her boy staring in a morning talk show. Even though she was excited just like I was about me being on TV I could tell she was also just as scared for me. There was just no way of telling how everyone would react to the new me and all we could hope is that they excepted me for what I was now. A girl. As much as I didn’t want to forget I was Cal I was a bit surprised that I was starting to wish everyone else would forget I was. I was a girl now like it or not and I knew it would be easier to be just a girl and not some freak too. For now all we could do was wait and hope that after the interview people wouldn’t treat me like a leper.

My father had been outside working in the yard while my mother was on the phone so when he came in we told him what the producer said. He didn’t seem as nervous as we did but he asked me a couple times if I was sure I wanted to do it and I had to reassure him I was. “Well if you’re sure then I’m sure you’ll be great Caleigh.” I smiled still struggling a bit every time someone called me by my new name and in remembering that it was me they were talking to when they did. It probably help the name was at least close to mine but after being called something for 16 years it was going to take a while to get use to being called something else.

After a short chat with my mother and father I went back up to my room and the bags on the floor. I knew I had to put the stuff away but I put it off again as I picked up my guitar and sat down on my bed. I was never a amazing guitarist but I was at least good before my transformation. Now I struggled a bit with my smaller hands and tiny fingers to learn how to play all over again. I was never a singer before but when I was alone I would sign along with the song I was playing because it didn’t matter how bad I sucked. Playing one of the songs I wrote I changed the key to fit my new voice as I played to my empty room trying to forget for a little bit. Until I heard the knock on my door frame I thought I was alone and jumped as I saw Kevin in the doorway. “No don’t stop playing. I’m sorry.” I rolled my eyes at him and put my guitar away as I stood up and walked over to him.

“I know you’ve told me millions of times I suck let’s I don’t need to be reminded.” Kevin looked at me a bit funny as I stood in front of him and almost forgot this was the first time he had seen me as a full female. With my best faux spine I asked him what he thought a little scared of what he’d say. “Wow…um it’s a change for sure. You defiantly don’t look or sound anything like Cal even though I know it’s you but I don‘t know if I didn‘t know it was you I still think I could tell.” I tried not to be self conscious as he looked me over knowing it was just because I was so different and not because I was a girl. “Well believe me I’m still very much me no matter how I look.” After I invited him in I sat back down on my bed as he took a seat in the chair to my computer desk and told me the rest of my friends would be along shortly.

After the hospital visit Kevin told me that she’d told them how much I’d changed. “Man I didn’t really believe it but look at you. You’re a girl…a cute girl1 You know how weird that is for me?” I laughed and asked him if it was as weird as changing into a girl yourself which made him laugh. “Ok I guess you have it a bit worse. So how are you doing?” I was actually already starting to get sick of people asking me how I was doing as I told him I was ok and dealing with it. He told me as we waited that they’d all decided yesterday at school to come see me and how none of them had told anyone what was going on. I was never worried about any of them telling people I was turning into a girl but it was still nice to hear.

“Thanks but they’ll find out soon enough.” Just as I was about to tell Kevin about the interview I heard Ashley and Scotty’s voices as they came up the stairs. Standing I did my best model pose and as soon as they saw me both of them cracked up. “Holly crap it’s Miss America!” Scotty shouted as they both joined us in my room and crashed in the floor. It was different for them I could tell but they were all doing great dealing with the new me and I felt comfortable being with them again even as a girl. We talked for a bit and I tried not to take it too hard when one of them would ask a strange question or made a comment about how good I looked. I had been worried about being attractive as a girl and having guys find me cute but it actually made me feel good instead of bad.

Madison was the last one to show up shortly after Ashley and Scotty giving me a hug and telling me how cute my outfit was before sitting with me on the bed. Madison had always been like one of the guys when she hung out with us so it gave me hope that I could be too. It seemed to be the case too as we all talked about what was going on at school and the theories everyone had about what was going on with me. “None of them have an idea that you’re the one their talking about on the news.” Kevin told me. It reminded my of the interview Monday so I told them all about it and asked if they’d come over in case they wanted to talk with some of my friends. It seemed to excite them all that they might get on TV and they all agreed.

“Wow I can’t believe you’re going to be on national TV that’s pretty cool Cal…I’m sorry it was a slip.” I smiled at Scotty and shook my head “It’s ok really I know how hard it’s got to be to call me by a different name. Probably as hard as it is for my to answer to it but I’m not going to get upset if someone forgets.” With a grin my plain spoken friend Scotty nod and along with the rest told me how well I was doing. The changes in me were a bug part of our conversation as Kevin got up and handed me my. “ Speaking of changes check this out guy. Here Caleigh play what you were playing earlier.” I rolled my eyes at him still struggling to actually hit the right cords all the time with my tiny hands. Relenting I started to play the tune I’d wrote again.

Shaking his head Kevin looked at me. “Sing too.” I stopped and sighed thinking he was making fun of me. “I know Kevin I can’t sing can we just drop it?” Laughing he told me that’s what I though and told me to just do it so the rest could hear. A bit upset now that he wouldn’t just let it go I finally agreed as the others all encouraged me. Playing again I began to sing as they all watched and listened with stupid looks on their faces. I focused on the cords trying to keep from messing up the song as I sang along with my new voice. Clapping when I finished I thought they were all making fun of me along with Kevin so I smiled and put my guitar up again. “Wow you’re voice is great Caleigh. You may have sucked before but you are the furthest thing from it now” I was a bit surprised as Madison told me how I sounded and the other agreed. I’d always wanted to be a singer but had an awful voice as Cal so to hear that I was good now did make me a be happy.

After my little concert we all talked about music and Ashley told me his band had been looking for a singer. “I don’t think the others were really thinking about it being a girl but you should come play with us.” Blushing I agreed to go with him sometime to a practice and sing for the other members of the band. They all seemed really surprised at how good I sounded and couldn’t stop talking about it for a while as I felt Madison sitting next to me light brush my hand so the others couldn’t see it. I hadn’t really thought about the lesbian thing since I’d last seen Madison but as the others left and I asked her to stick around I was a bit nervous what was going to happen.

I said my goodbye’s to the three guys as they all left and closed the door to my room as I smiled at Madison sitting on my bed. “Finally we are a lone god I can’t believe how hot you are. “ I blushed as Madison crossed the room and lightly touch my face the nerves going crazy causing my stomach to turn. I stood still as Madison smiled “I and so attracted to you it’s crazy I know you’re still dealing with all this but I’m so glad I have you to talk to now. I haven’t ever told anyone about being a lesbian let alone touch another girl.” Without warning and in mid sentence it seemed Madison turn and kissed me something I’d been waiting for along time for. I had no clue what to do standing the perfectly still as my stomach ran laps.

Pulling away I told her I was sorry. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this but I feel it’s too soon I’m still dealing with this and it just feels weird I guess.” Upset at myself for stopping something I’d wanted for so long I sigh sitting back down on the bed. “It’s ok really I understand we can take it slow. You do find my attractive right?” I looked at her and still saw the same beautiful girl I always had “Of course you’re beautiful.” smiling she sat beside me again and just took my hand. I felt the nerves start to ease a bit as we just sat there and looked at the floor.

“What’s in the bags?’ I smiled and told her that it was the new cloths I’d gotten the day before as she stood up and started to look at them. Over all she seemed to approve and said I’d look cute in a lot of it. “Come on let’s put them up I’ll help you.” I smiled and nodded as Madison helped me fold and hang up my new cloths and said she wanted to take me shopping sometime once I had all that cash. Laughing I told her it sounded good. “Between you and my mother I’ll have a better wardrobe then most the girls at school. “ Nodding Madison said I was right and we laughed and talked until it was time for her to head home.

Saying our goodbye’s I told Madison how happy I was to have her and the guys there for me and how great they all were. Before she left she gave me another quick kiss as I stood there in a bit of shock and she smiled and apologized. “Sorry I know I said we’d take it easy but you’re just too sexy. I’ll control myself better next time I promise.” I nodded and smiled as she went down stairs still trying to figure out why I felt the way I did and why I didn’t just jump Madison after how long I had wanted her. She was still the beautiful girl I had always known so what was the problem?

I thought about it for a while until I heard my mother call me down for dinner. Sitting at the table with my family Mark was still quiet. I knew he was trying but it seemed like he was still struggling with having a sister now. “So they want to interview us all?” my mother had been talking with us all about the interview Monday and mark seemed concerned as he looked at her after his question. “Yes dear all of us according to the producer. Caleigh will be the main interview but they want to talk with all of us after her.” I sat there in silence as they talked and watched the nervous look on marks face and wondered if I had one just as bad on mine.

After dinner I spent the rest of the night playing with my guitar and watching TV writing a new song. I’d written a lot of songs over the years but reading this one it sounded different. I was still new to being a girl but I could already see the influence of it in my music. Today just seemed to be a day of new metal discovery as I thought about all the new things I seemed to be thinking and doing since the transformation. Why was I dealing with this so well? Shouldn’t I be freaking out at how much I’d change? I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t crazy thinking that surely this was enough to make anyone go nuts. Instead it seemed like no matter what it was I just accepted it. Yes it all upset me at first but then I would just accept it and add it to my life.

I looked forward to a lazy Sunday after I climbed in bed and found the same spot from the night before to sleep. I didn’t know what I was going to do the next day but after today I thought that not knowing had worked once hopefully it would work again. A smile crossed my face as it surprised me that even as nervous as I was about the interview and about being a girl still I felt strangely a bit happy.

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