Feminizer disease takes my body over - Chapter 24 Final Chapter

That night I asked Steve how he would feel if I stayed a woman. He got such a big smile and a huge hug for me, saying he would love for me to stay a beautiful woman. Well, I almost fainted hearing that.

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over
Chapter 24 - Final Chapter
By Terry Hansay

Description: My wife helps me through the Feminizer disease as I become a full woman slowly. I had to learn a whole new life with her help.
Chapter 24 - Final Chapter
I woke up in his arms. I was so calm. I thought I could handle anything today with his help. He is my strength.

When I opened my eyes, Steve was looking right back at me with his big blue eyes. We said nothing, but I could not help myself and moved in for the biggest kiss I think I ever gave him. I was so in love with the man. I need his love for me, he taking care of me. I loved being his woman. I knew right then, I could never go back to being a man. I loved being a woman, a woman for Steve.

Again I could not really understand how my brain was processing everything and what all was happening, but I knew I loved my new life. My emotions for my wife in the hospital were stressing me and Steve was totally understanding my concerns.

He jumped out of bed and said he would have Paula bring up some coffee while I get ready. He would be ready to drive me to the hospital when I was ready.

I gave him a big hug and kissed him again. He was a dear, I melted every time I hugged him and he knew it.

I took my shower and was happy that we stopped home for my clothes. I was getting tired of wearing that all-in-one corset for 2 days. My regular bras felt so good. I was still wearing the retro pointed bras, but I seemed to like them. I thought nothing of having such a pointed bustline, probably because my wife has brainwashed me into wearing those retro bras. Plus I knew Steve loved them and my feminine shape and he is the one I want to please.

I got my nylons hooked to my girdle garters, slipped on my full slip and started to put on my daily makeup. I was looking in the mirror thinking how well I have adjusted to this daily routine. I was very comfortable with my new life and even enjoyed looking pretty. Looking pretty now for Steve was my pleasure. Each day I loved putting on the diamond earrings and necklace he bought me.

While I was daydreaming looking in the mirror, Paula knocked on the bedroom door and came in with a beautiful tray of coffee, muffins, and flowers. She hung out with me while I finished my makeup and hair. I love the girly talks we have. Even though Paul is a teenage boy, he is such a convincing girl when he crossdresses.

He was already dressed as Paula in a beautiful, very short sweater dress that showed off his perfect little teenage figure. He looks 100% girl, perfect for a teenage girl like she is trying to be. Her makeup was perfect and earrings were so cute. His friend next door has really trained him well in the art of makeup and dressing. "Pam could teach me some things about girly fashions", I thought.

Paula commented on her fascination with me wearing my retro bras. She still could not understand my desire to have such a shapely bustline, like in the 40's or 50's. "Terri, I like your look and would like to buy that kind of bra. Where do you buy them?" Paula asked.

With a big smile, I said, "Paula, I love this look. I think the Institute has taught me to appreciate this fashion statement. Even though my pointed breast shape is not in style, I love it and the men drool over my girlish shape. My girlfriends at work also love this look and just between us girls, so does your father. Plus I think George is eyeing me. I have learned how men look at our bustlines. Sometimes I want to say, "Look up at my face. Stop looking at my breasts." But it is fun and I love having men's attention. I buy these bras at Mary's Bra and Shape Shop here in town."

Paula said she knew right were the shop was, had been in there only once. Paula begged me to have a girly shopping trip and asked if I would take her there. "Of course I will take you bra shopping, it will be so much fun. Maybe this weekend after I get my wife home from the hospital. Mary's has such a fun shop with lots of feminine lingerie. She is so helpful in fitting my foundations and making sure I am comfortable in them. I just love going there."

We girly chatted as I finished dressing. She was so sweet helping my with my dress, zipping it up and giving me that last "inspection" before heading downstairs for breakfast. I spritzed on some perfume. Paula asked to try my perfume and of course I spritzed some on her. We giggled and hugged each other. I thought being a girl is so different than being a man.

As soon as we were in the elevator, Paula commented on how much she liked my high heels and asked why I wear them all the time. I told her that these are the only shoes my wife allowed me to wear. I wear them all the time and learned to love them. I guess the Institute taught me to be as feminine as possible and it has stuck. Paula smiled and said, "Terri you look beautiful all the time, I want to be just like you." Paula gave me a big hug just as the elevator doors opened and Steve was there waiting for us. I could tell Steve was happy with me bonding with his son, his crossdressing son. Steve had a big smile as we walked out of the elevator. I knew my bonding with Paul made him happy.

Just as we were finishing breakfast the phone rang. I was the hospital calling. I could tell by Steve's face it was not good news. The doctors were suggesting I get there as quickly as possible. My wife had turned for the worse and she is failing.

Without thinking Steve said, "Get your purse and let's go" and took me to his car. I was so upset I could hardly walk. Paula came with us. She is so sweet.

We got to the hospital up on the intensive care floor. The doctors met us and said my wife was not doing well and may not make it. I thought I was going to drop to the floor and faint. Steve and Paula held me up and took me to Cathy's room.

She was still unconscious and looked bad. I sat with her holding her hand praying she would come out of this. After hours of tears and praying, the doctor said I need to take a break or I will be sick. Steve took me for some food in the hospital cafeteria but I was so worried I could not eat. Steve and Paula were right there "holding me up".

Just then a nurse came running into the cafeteria calling for me and asking me to come right upstairs. She would not say what was going on.

The doctor met us on the intensive care floor and pronounced my wife had passed away.

I was traumatized and fainted. Two nurses and Steve helped me to an examining room bed to help me.

Once I got my composure back, Steve was hugging me the whole time. He said we needed to make arrangements and go home. The doctors agreed, they would handle the hospital matters.

Steve and the nurses took me into Cathy's room for one last kiss. I could hardly handle myself and did not want to leave her bedside.

The doctor gave me a pill to calm me down. It really worked fast as we were saying our goodbyes to Cathy.

Steve took me back to his house. I could not think as he put me right to bed.

The next day I was better but still thinking in a hundred different things and Steve could see my mind racing.

Steve hugged me and said, "Terri, we are all here for you. We will do what ever you want to help you with your tragedy. You can stay here as long as you want."

Looking into his big blue eyes, I knew I loved this man. I gave him a big kiss and slumped into the living room chair asking what do we do next.

Steve suggested a funeral home and all sorts of things we needed to handle. I asked him to go ahead and handle them, he knew best.

SIX MONTHS LATER — I was still living at Steve's house. It seemed like we were married. I have my old house for sale on the market. Steve wants me to live with him. I have been going to the Institute to the therapist and have listened to CD's every night. The messages on those CD's really calms me down and helps me focus. Just like my wife, Steve has helped me with the CD's.

My doctors were monitoring my disease giving me more girly pills as I call them and pills to relax me. They told me that my disease had increased due to my stress and I may never be able to be cured of it. For some reason I was OK with that diagnosis.

All three of us, Steve, Paula, and me got into such a lifestyle, it was like I was the wife, Steve was my husband, and Paula was our daughter.

I finally took Paula shopping at Mary's to fulfill her desire to wear pointed retro bras like mine. Mary was so sweet helping Paula get fitted. Paula did not have large breasts to fill out the retro bra, so she had to help fill the cups with inserts. Paula was OK with that. She loved the look under her sweater. Paula wore her new bra home, was all excited saying "now we have matching figures".

I was having so much fun with her. We spent two hours at Mary's salon.

Mary even sold Paula on the idea that a good firm long leg girdle was important for her figure development and sold her three gorgeous girdles. I was jealous and wanted them too.

We also left Mary's with three matching nightgowns. Paula wants to have a slumber party, a real girly night with the three of us - her dad, me, and her. I thought Steve will love this, he loves soft lingerie.

Back home Paula modeled her new figure for her Dad. I could tell with his big smile, he was so happy for his son. I almost thought he was envious of his son wearing that retro bra. I knew Steve still wanted me to take him shopping to buy him that pretty bra we talked about.

"Paula you look wonderful, so pretty in your new lingerie" Steve said. Paula ran up to her Dad and gave him a big girly kiss.

This is a strange house but who am I to pass judgment? Look at me.

I got into a conversation with Steve one night asking him what I am going to do with my Feminizer disease. I have no health insurance.

Steve said, "Terri, I will pay for everything, don't worry about health insurance. You can continue to treat your disease or if you choose stay a woman, that is fine. I love you either way."

I gave him a big hug and kiss, telling him he was the best.

Could I stay a woman? I know I would love living here and being his wife. I know I love being a woman. I think it's time I ask my therapist that question, should I stay a woman?

That night I asked Steve how he would feel if I stayed a woman. He got such a big smile and a huge hug for me, saying he would love for me to stay a beautiful woman and he would like to marry me.

Well, I almost fainted hearing that. He wants to marry me?

He dropped to his knees and brought out a ring box and looked into my eye and asked me to marry him showing me a huge diamond ring.

I screamed YES and jumped into his arms, I was so happy! I guess my life is set for me now. I will be a woman and Steve's wife. I am so happy!

The End.

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