I Was Conscripted - A Challenge for anyone Who Has NOT Posted a story.

I Was Conscripted


Our biggest challengers are the girls from Mrs. Farnsworth’s school for girls! Scholastically we are pretty damn even and a tad better in some areas. I’m on our schools debate team and the challenge was made to our school’s principle Mrs. Hensley by Mrs. Farnsworth herself after we beat them in the state’s debate tournament.

It went like this...

“Your boys are very good debaters Vivian, (Mrs. Hensley) but they appear unkempt and have very poor posture. Further those hideous jackets they wear over their equally hideous pull over shirts, worn out jeans and well worn sneakers make their winning this debate a joke.

“Vivian, have you seen the pictures? I know you’re proud of their achievement, but they look like poor orphan boys.”

Mrs. Farnsworth knew she had just pushed her nemesis’s buttons. She then struck another button as she said.

“My girls on the other hand have manners and look the part as well as act the part. I doubt you have even one boy on your debating team that could outshine any of my girls on an equal footing when it comes to appearance and deportment.

“Just face it Vivian, when it comes to the regional championships your boys will be outclassed in any of the individual events.

“Your boys won the last debate by talking the talk, but I doubt even just one of them would be willing to walk the walk. The equal rights amendment pros and cons is the topic for the regional tournament. My lead debater will be dressed and appearing as a boy to press home our argument that it is about time girls and women get the equality we deserve and have fought for.

“I personally challenge your debate team to have the guts to choose among them just one boy to appear for the regional tournament as a girl to counter our stance on this very important issue.”

Mrs. Farnsworth laughed long and hard as she added.

“If they do have the guts and I strongly doubt it, I can just picture that boy! What a vision that will be!”

Mrs. White then replied in a very perturbed manner.

“Gertrude, why should any of them try such a thing? They can dress better and learn enough poise to stand their ground for the regional. Give me one good reason for them to even consider such a challenge.”

Mrs. Farnsworth smiled knowing she had Mrs. White just where she wanted her and replied.

“Vivian, how about I open several of our programs to your boys? Let’s say, dancing, theatre arts, a coed choir perhaps in a joint effort. I’ll even go you one better Vivian.

“If they do have the guts and I really doubt that they do I will offer the services of our instructors in appearance and deportment to work with your boy tirelessly and honestly to get him up to the standards of my girls.

“I know scholastically your boys are more than equal to my girls, but nowhere near them in appearance and deportment. I give you my word that if one of your boys does walk the walk I will see to it personally that he receives the best instruction and assistants possible.

“You know that means he will have to spend at least half his school day at my school and he must be dressed appropriately to do that.”

Mrs. Farnsworth had just won this little challenge and she was smug knowing this. There was no way any of Mrs. White’s boys would take this challenge and so she added.

“Vivian, I bet you that not one of your boys will be willing to walk the walk and to back up that bet I’ll add this to it. I will pay for everything the boy needs including the finest clothing from American Tween Fashions.

“Now, if none of your boys answer this challenge I expect you to offer me something of an equal value to what I am offering you Vivian.”

“Ok Gertrude, how about I offer your girls sponsorship in basketball and supply them with everything they need to field a team including a great coach?”

Mrs. White knew this was a dream of Gertrude’s. To have a girls basketball team, but her school did not have the gymnasium that allowed enough spectator seating to get into the league. Mrs. White’s gymnasium is huge by elementary and middle school standards and she has one of the best boys basketball teams in the state if not region!

The bet was on and now Mrs. White had her work cut out for her to try and convince the boys how important this challenge is!


Vivian’s approach was through the parents and alumni members. She pointed out that having joint programs with the other school would add several worthwhile venues for the boys to round out their education. Dancing and theatre arts would help the boys in several ways they were not helped now. Social skills and the skills acquired through theatre arts would be worthwhile additions and most importantly at no further tuition costs to the parents.

It went over big and the parents of the boys on the debating team along with Vivian held a few meetings having the full support of the other parents and the alumni association.

They held their own debate on which boy would be the best candidate and one and only one stood way out front from the rest.

Mrs. Julia Marie Taylor’s son Kim Rene was by far the best of the best to accept this challenge! The pros in his favor are he is the top student in his sixth grade class. The school only goes up to the eighth grade and Kim is poised to skip seventh entirely if he tests out and everyone believes he will do just that.

Kim has been studying ballet since he was two years old, that’s nine years of quality ballet lessons and it shows. He moves with a grace seldom seen in a young boy. He is a great mimic and uses that skill to humor the other students thus protecting him self from the teasing and bullying that went on during his first year.

He has had two years of speech therapy and seven years of voice and singing lessons. His voice has perfect pitch and he can speak and sing like no other boy in the school.

The final nail in his coffin is his appearance! Being born with double jointed hips and inheriting his looks more from his very beautiful mother than his very handsome father Kim is a beautiful looking boy, not cute, not pretty, but with a little work, beautiful! Huge Bambie eyes, full perfectly shaped lips, and a face and body shape that cannot be compared to any boy his age alive.

He’s tough, as strong as his slight frame allows and with stamina no one can beat! His reflexes are lightning fast and his proportions are as perfect as if he was made from a mold created by the goddess herself.

The problem is that he tries his best to mimic the other boys in their mannerisms, speech, and posture which are all typical boy ones and this detracts from his skills and what his bearing should be.

Mrs. Julia Taylor smiles a smile bigger than she has ever smiled before! She knows just how to get him to volunteer him self for this and she has the perfect deal going on in her mind. She places a special overseas call to her husband who is at sea overseeing a big military construction project for the government.

She sets up a time in which Mr. William Joseph Taylor “Wild Bill” to his many friends and Willie to his wife can speak to her and his son at length as soon as possible. They get that arranged and now she awaits her son to come home from school.

School that day for Kim was really cool! The debating team was called to the principal’s office for a special meeting and he had gotten out of gym class as a result. Gym class was the only class he was still teased in. His damn body shape was the cause really. He was forced to wear the girl’s equivalent shirt and short set to what the boys wore. It fit him well, but hugged his shape at the same time. At least they were in the same colors the boys were.

George Miller is his chief antagonist and one day switched his jock strap with a thong panty and even added a matching padded training bra! His jock strap couldn’t be found and he was forced to wear the thong panties! He didn’t wear the bra. Secretly it didn’t bother Kim at all because he wore the same style panty for dancing, but he wasn’t about to let the boys know that. The children’s sized gaffs were cut wrong for his hips shape and he had to find a replacement and the Spandex material thong panties worked the best. Ms Poole his dancing instructor fitted him herself with the thong panties.

Anyway, when Kim brought them home and told his parents about what had happened his mom washed them and then put them away in one of her draws. They were both proud of him for how he had handled the situation.

The meeting was an eye opener for the debating team! Mrs. White had prepared for this meeting and the way she presented it was the most important part was beating the girls at their own game! Beat Mrs. Farnsworth’s Girl’s is the very popular school wide chant! The debating team was treated as heroes when they returned to school after winning the state championship! Over half the school attended the debate!

Mrs. White made it sound that the boy chosen would be an instant school wide hero and get full support from his fellow students and the faculty as well as the members of the alumni association and all the parents of the students as well!

The boys weren’t impressed with the dancing offer, but theatre arts were way cool! The older boys liked the idea of being allowed into the girl’s school for their own sexual reasons and they smiled.

The team debated the issue and agreed to take the challenge for the good of the school and for the extra programs offered if they did accept the challenge. The next step was a foregone conclusion and Kim expected it. He left the final decision up to his parents and he knew his parents, especially his dad would allow him out of it and then another boy would be chosen.

Mrs. White then went over the particulars with the boys while the vice Principal Mr. Jack London addressed the other boys in a special school wide assembly.

It went over well, better than well and Kim was now a hero if he knew it or not. He knew it as soon as Mrs. White released them for lunch. When he walked into the cafeteria he received a standing ovation from every boy there including the faculty and kitchen staff! Kim knew he had no way out of this now.


Alright you newbie writers, the stage has been set! You have the main characters, you have the setting, you have the theme, now take on this challenge of mine and go with it!

Huggles and good luck to you all
Angel O'Hare

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