Second Chances - Part 1

Second Chances

By Alexander Kung

Rich and privileged Ryan Thomas enjoyed the powers and perks of being the mayor's son, bullying everyone he deemed inferior to him. He took a particular sick sadistic joy in torturing one boy in particular, Jessie Taylor. One day Ryan's bullying goes too far, inciting the wrath of Jessie's magic using Roma grandmother, who twists the very fabric of reality in revenge. As punishment, Ryan now finds himself in the body of “Creepy” Kelly Daniels, the school outcast, a lonely troubled girl with a miserable life.

A/N: Here's an edited and revised chapter. I hope you enjoy ~ Alexander

Second Chances — Part 1

It was a slow day in Felicia Lupescu's curiosity shop, The Relic. It was a humble little shop nestled in right in the middle of the town of Tyson’s Cove . It stocked various antiques and oddities from around the world. From an actual Egyptian mummy(not for sale), rare ancient books and everything in between seemed to pass through her shop. However anything that was rumored to be the least bit magical or legendary seemed to get bought up very quickly by a crazy looking older man in a bathrobe.

“He can't be too crazy,” the woman thought with a laugh as she dusted the display cases “He's one of my best customers.”

She was an elegant looking older woman with beautiful turquoise eyes and raven black hair with streaks of silver to give just a hint of distinction. She got a kick out of the looks people gave her when they found out she was a Roma. She was far cry from the stereotypical 'Madam Inga” gypsy fortune tellers in the movies To put it in some perspective, she was more like an exotic looking Raquel Welch.

“Actually, I think I’m a bit better looking than she is” Felicia thought, allowing herself just a tiny bit of vanity.

However she strictly drew the line at any anyone asking her age, a true lady never reveals that. Besides that was just plain rude.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed a kind of strangely dressed girl looking at the various items in her store, particularly a silver ring with a gem cut blood stone. The girl with the short blonde hair was a common sight in the store, almost daily really. She spent most of the time just window shopping, killing time the older woman surmised.

“Hello” Felicia said warmly “Can I help you with anything today?”

“Just looking around” the girl replied flatly “It's gonna be the last time I'll be able to.”

“Oh? Are you moving?” asked Felicia.

“Something like that” the girl said sadly.

“Well it's a shame to see you go” Felicia said, opening the case and handing her the ring.

“I...I can’t afford this” said the girl “I don’t have any money.”

“It's a gift, to remind you of us wherever you move to ” Felicia said with a warm smile “No charge.”

The girl stared at the ring for a few minutes before her eyes started to well up with tears. Muttering a quick thank you she quickly rushed out the store leaving the kindly store owner slightly bewildered.

“What was that all about?” she thought in confusion


Jessie Taylor slowly limped home from school, his face bruised and bloody and his clothes in tatters. Ignoring the stares of the passerby’s on the sidewalk, he shuffled on, trying to walk as painlessly as possible. Pain caused by yet another vicious beating at the hands of Ryan Thomas and his cronies. It was a common occurrence, happening almost every day.

“What did I ever do to deserve this?” he thought to himself

Ever since middle school, Jessie could remember being bullied by Ryan. Now a junior in high school and he was still getting beatings. What was his crime this time? He was caught talking to Jessica Sanders who was Ryan’s girlfriend. Granted it was just a conversation over third period philosophy but to Ryan it was equivalent to high crimes against humanity. The punishment was delivered by a repeated salvo of swift boots to the body and head.

“Stick to your own kind and stay away from my girlfriend, mutt” Ryan sneered before kicking him hard in the ribs.

'Mutt', that was that asshole’s little pet name for him ever since middle school. It was a thinly veiled jab at the fact that Jessie was biracial. The bully seemed to take great pride in reminding him how less than human he was because of that fact.
He shook his head trying push the negative thoughts out of head, he didn’t need to care what that asshole thought of him. What he did need to care about however, was how he was going to explain this to his grandmother who was none too keen of him fighting.

As he racked his brain as to what excuse he could get away with, his mind drifted as he zoned out. Failing to pay attention on where he was going, he found himself blasted in the face by a fast opening door of his grandmothers shop. As his world spun around, he reached out a grabbed the closest thing he could to try and stop his fall. It didn’t work and whatever he grabbed came tumbling down on top of him, landing on the pavement with a thud.

As his blurry eyes finally started to focus, he realized that in trying to stop his fall he had just pulled a girl on top of him. He recognized her almost immediately, ‘Creepy’ Kelly Daniels. She was kind of an outcast at his school, a quiet loner spending most of her time by herself. She would almost be pretty if she didn't have a seemingly permanent scowl on her face.

But today was different, the scowl was replaced with a pair of the saddest green eyes he ever seen on a person. The kind of eyes of a person that had completely given up on everything

“Uh…hi?” Jessie stammered, slightly embarrassed at in the position they were in

The girl muttered quick sorry as an odd look came over her face. Leaning down, she kissed him quickly on the lips. Scrambling to her feet, she rushed passed him, running quickly as she could. She disappeared into the crowded streets, leaving Jessie feeling very confused.

“What the hell was that all about?” he thought

“Jessie!” yelled Felicia from the doorway of the shop, crossing her arms as she saw her grandson. “Do you mind telling me what happened this time?”

Without missing a beat a stupid looking grin appeared on his face. Felicia hated that look, because she never knew what was going to come out of his mouth next. Usually something very outlandish and idiotic.

“Would ya believe, masked dwarf ninjas?” Jessie smirked in his best Inspector Gadget voice

“Just get inside so I can fix you up.” she said rolling her eyes, despite her anger at him she couldn't help but laugh at her grandson's sharp wit. "Seriously, what am I going do with you?"

"Give me a raise and a vacation to the islands?" Jessie said making cute puppy dog eyes

"Oh, will you shut it!" Felicia said, desperately trying to hold back a laugh.

Damn him. She hated her grandson's humor due to the fact that she could never stay mad at him for long when he used it. Sighing deeply, she lead him to the storage area of the shop, sitting him down on a nearby stool as she got the first aid kit.

“Fighting again?” Felicia sighed as she gently wiped his face with wet wipe “You know my feelings on that, don’t you?”

“Gram, I don’t want to get into it” said Jessie “And you don’t have to do this, I can take care of it myself.”

“Be quiet” Felicia replied, dipping a cotton ball in a mix alcohol and iodine then dabbing his face with it

“OWWW!” Jessie yelped in pain “ Have you ever heard of peroxide?”

“This works better” Felicia smiled.

“If I didn’t know better, I think you doing this on purpose” Jessie snorted, still reeling from the new stinging pain.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of such a thing” Felicia grinned dabbing his face again.


“Oh yeah, she’s doing it on purpose” thought Jessie.


The Sun had begun to set on the beautiful shores of Norman’s Beach, bathing the sky in lovely oranges, blues and purples. The sound of the waves coming in as well as the squawk of seagulls added to the incredibly peaceful atmosphere. It was funny how something as simple as a walk on a beach could soothe a soul if you let it.

Taking off her shoes, Kelly Daniels slowly walked the on the soft wet sand letting the gentle waves slap her bare feet before going back out to sea. There was no way the beach could work its soothing magic today. She felt completely numb to everything, fully fed up with her life. It just wasn’t worth living anymore.

So it was today she that planned to do it. She had to, it was just too unbearable to go on. Her abusive home life, the constant bullying at school both verbal and physical, the loneliness of not having any friends, and last night… She couldn't even finish the thought without retching in disgust as tears flowed down her eyes.

As the sun disappeared over the horizon, she made it to her special safe place, specificity underneath Pier 17. It had been her special spot for years, giving her a feeling of safety she never felt at home. Here she could think and try to convince herself that things would get better.

But today it gave no sense of any sort of warmth or sanctuary. Nothing would anymore...anything except... going away. She laughed bitterly at the almost quaint sounding term for what she was about to do.

Pulling the ring out her pocket, she looked at it sadly. It was one of the last two things on her mental B-list. She always wanted it but never could really afford to buy it. She felt a twinge of guilt as she remembered how she planned to steal it today. When the woman just gave it to her, it was just too confusing and she really didn’t know how to react. Nobody was nice to her, much less gave her anything for free.

Then when she ran out the store, she ran right into her crush. She liked him because it seemed like he was just like her, a victim of cruel fate. She didn’t really know him but to her it seemed like he was a kindred soul. Maybe one of the few people who could possibly understand her.

But when she stole a kiss from him today, she felt nothing. She felt no love, no lust, nothing but a numbing sad feeling that engulfed her entire soul. If was as if her spirit died last night and was waiting for her body to catch up.

Climbing on a pile of drift wood she slipped a crudely tied noose around her neck. She thought about leaving a note but who would care? Honestly, who would really give a shit? She doubted anyone would actually grieve for her when she was gone. She softly hoped that boy would but even that she doubted.

Her lip trembled as she prepared herself, hoping it wouldn't hurt too much. Closing her eyes, she grasped the ring tightly and jumped... She needn’t have worried, it was quick...

All was quiet as the ring slid away from her limp fingers and dropped into the sand beneath her feet. Sadly her death had been just as her life, lonely and tragic


Jessie made his way to the school cafeteria, his face still a bit bruised and swollen from the massive beating and his ears still ringing from Grandma Felicia's 'riot act'.

“Who the hell says riot act anymore?” Jessie thought shaking his head.

There was a reason why she didn't want him fight though Jessie passed it off as just old Roma superstition. Apparently she had a dream of him dying quite violently during a fight. So she expressively forbade him to be involved in any sort of physical conflict.

“Easier said than done” Jessie thought as he started to eat his lunch “It wasn't like it was my choice.”

“Hey nerd boy, mind if I eat with ya?” yelled a voice with a distinctive southern twang.

It was Max “Tex” Caldwell one of Jessie's rare and closest friends. Despite being from two different so called cliques, Jessie being the nerd and Tex being the Football player, they were the best of friends.

Tex was the epitome of a young southern gentleman which was a bit out of place in the coastal west town. He was a big chubby boy with wild red hair, blue eyes that just sparkled with mischief. More often than not he was the voice of reason in most conversations. You just couldn't ask for a better friend than Tex.

“Go ahead cornbread!” said Jessie as Tex sat down.

“So what's new in your..........Jesus H Christ!” Tex exclaimed, seeing all the bruises on his face "What in the holy hell happened to ya?"

"Wanna take a guess?" sighed Jessie "But don't worry I showed him, I smashed my face into his fist a few hundred times. I think he got the message"

"How the hell can ya joke about something like this?" Tex said

"What else can I do?" Jessie said softly

“Well, I'll tell you what I'm gone do" Tex said getting pissed "The next time I see that summa bitch, I mo kick his ass”

“Smart thinking Tex” Jessie sighed “You lay one finger on the school's golden boy, they'll expel your ass in a heartbeat. You'll kiss that scholarship that you worked so hard for goodbye. I can’t and won’t let you do that”

“Aw shit” Tex said in defeat “So what? We just let him get away with this happy horseshit every damn day? Ya know he only pushes everyone around because he's the damn mayor’s son! There gotta be something we can do.”

“Well right now it’s my problem. You don't need to mess up your life on my account” said Jessie "I'll figure out some way to deal with him, so don't worry about it. Better yet, let’s just change the subject.”

“Fine, fer now” Tex said in a teasing tone “So I wonder where ya 'girlfriend' is today. She’s not in her usual place.”

“What girlfriend?” Jessie said raising an eyebrow “Who are you talking about?”

“Oh come on don't act like ya don't know” Tex smiled “Hell, she damn near followed you around all last summer like little lost puppy. That little blondie that dresses all gothamic like.”

“Kelly Daniels?” Jessie said “I don't think she goes for nerds”

“How do ya know unless ya try?” said Tex

“I guess I don't” Jessie said looking down at his food

“What are you two dumbasses talking about?” said a very sexy sounding voice.

It was Ericka Jenkins, Tex's girlfriend. She was very beautiful ebony skinned girl with long copper colored hair and light topaz colored eyes. Beautiful both inside and out, she was brutal in her honesty, but had a sweet way about her that endeared her to Jessie. She was like the big sister he never had. Both she and Tex were the only friends Jessie had but they were enough, he’d take quality over quantity anytime.

"Holy shit!" Ericka exclaimed "What the hell happened to your face?"

"Hang gliding accident" Jessie said flatly “Crash landed on face first on Ryan's fist”

"Damn you need to learn how to defend yourself better!" Ericka lectured “ Did you ever hear of bobbing and weaving?”

"Thank you, mom. I’ll have to try that next time " Jessie said sarcastically “Can we please talk about something that doesn't involve my face or Ryan Thomas?"

“Oh fine, Let's talk about yer love life then” Tex said “Or lack thereof. Hell ya ought to do what I did to get Erika.”

“As I recall you grabbed my ass on dare!” Ericka narrowing her almond shaped eyes “And if I also remember correctly, I damn near separated your jaw for it.”

“But oooh damn, was it worth it” Tex said giving his girlfriend a sweet kiss. “Because I ended up winning yer heart.”

“Oh so,very true” Ericka smiled kissing him back “I just love my Texie poo.”

"Okay now!" Jessie said playfully "Some of us are trying to eat here without all this PDA happening."

"Ya don't like then don't watch" Tex smiled "Hell if ya git off yer ass, maybe try to find yer balls and ask that girl out then ya wouldn't have time to worry about our PDA."

“A girl? Oooh do tell, Jessie” teased Ericka "Who's got you all hot and bothered?"

“Kelly Daniels” Jessie shyly said with a slight blush, thinking about that kiss she gave him “I'm thinking about asking her out. I haven't
seen her today though.”

Erika's face grew a bit pale as her smile melted into a more sullen expression. Her mouth went a bit dry as she tried to find the right words.

“What's the matter?” Jessie asked "She’s not that bad. Hell, I really don’t know what is so ‘creepy’ about her."

“You guys haven't heard have you?” Erika said sadly

“Heard what?” said Tex

“It's all over school guys” Erika said “She killed herself yesterday. They found her underneath the pier on the beach this morning.”


The rest of the day went by in a blur. Each little clique had their own opinion on the death on “Creepy Kelly” and none of it good. Sadly she didn't have the best of reputations and so the rumors abounded as to why she killed herself. That she was a slut that got pregnant and couldn't deal with it, she was druggie that took some bad stuff, etc. It was disgusting, a person died and they didn’t even give a shit.

Sick to his core, Jessie just wanted go home. He quickly packed his books from his locker, hoping to get home before running into any trouble.

“YO MUTT! Where do you think you’re going?”

“Aw fuck” Jessie muttered to himself "Not this shit today!"

It was Ryan Thomas. He was the pampered son of the Mayor which afforded him a lot of power over people. At a tall 6’4 he towered over Jessie who was just barely 5’11. He was built like a large muscular tank, sporting close cropped blond hair with steel gray eyes and a chiseled jaw line.

He had considerable clout in the school and most of the town, being both the captain of the football team and the son of Mayor Thomas. He could he could get away with just about whatever he wanted, because the mere threat of him going to his father was all he needed to strike fear into people. Bottom line, nobody messed with Ryan.

With him were the McQueen twins, Billy and Bobby. About just as tall as Ryan, they both had greasy gelled black hair with scary looking hazel eyes. To call these guys gorillas would be insulting...To the gorillas. If Ryan was the brain they were indeed the brawn, following anything the guy said without question or hesitation.

Why they picked on Jessie was unknown to anyone but Ryan. He seemed to get a particular sadistic sick thrill on seeing him in any sort of pain. When he started on Jessie, nobody in the hallway stepped in to help, they weren't that stupid. Most just turned their backs, pretending nothing was happening. It was just easier that way.

“I heard that little slut that was following you around killed herself” sneered Ryan as he slammed Jessie into his locker.

“Don't talk about her like that” said Jessie shoving him back

“Oooooooh I think we touched a nerve on the little nigger mutt” said Ryan as he slammed him back in the locker following up by a vicious punch to the ribs

Jessie dropped to the floor holding his sides in sheer pain. He gasped as The McQueen brothers followed up with merciless kicks him to the ribs. As Jessie curled up in a ball, writhing in pain, Ryan couldn't help but gloat a little bit.

“Maybe the little creepy little bitch couldn't take the thought of you asking her out. Let's face it, no woman could” Ryan whispered in his ear with a sick smile

There’s a rule that every hiker or camper follows when in the woods, never provoke a coiled snake. Well, the same rings true with nerds in the fetal position. With his anger reaching a boiling point, Jessie finally snapped.

Balling up his fist, he lashed out and hit Ryan in the groin with everything he had. A high pitched squeak was heard as Ryan fell to his knee in unbearable pain. Popping to his feet, Jessie threw a hard right to the bully’s face.

The McQueen boys said nothing as Ryan held his face in disbelief. It was as if he was genuinely surprised that Jessie had had the outright audacity to defend himself. His disbelief turned to rage as he slowly rose to his feet, his gray eyes clouding over with anger and hate.

“What are you two fucktards looking at?” Ryan growled still holding his groin and face “Get him!”

“Get him?! Like hell!
” Jessie thought as he ran off down the hallway

Looking over his shoulder, he could see the McQueen's right behind him and gaining. So in a mix of clumsiness and sheer brilliance, he kicked over a nearby janitors mop bucket. The slippery soapy water sent the bullies slamming hard into the nearby lockers with a satisfying thud much to the amusement of the rest of the school

They slid and fell over each other for a good minute and a half before finally getting their footing on dry floor. By that time Jessie was long gone.


After school Jessie helped out at The Relic as he always did. It was an interesting job especially when the rare and obscure items came through the store. Jessie would never admit it aloud but as weird as the place was, it brought a sense of peace he couldn't find anywhere else. Most of the time anyway. Case in point, like right now. He’d rather be anywhere else but in the shop getting chewed out again by his grandmother.

“Again, Jessie?” Felicia yelled in annoyance while dusting some vases “What have I told you about fighting?”

“It's not my fault!” Jessie said while itemizing some rare books “I try everything I can, but he won’t leave me alone.”

“Then try harder!” Felicia said angrily

“*sigh* I wish you could understand what it's like Gram.” Jessie said lowering his head “It's not like I'm the one picking the fights.”

“I know hon” Felicia softened in a more motherly tone “You do know why I don't want you to fighting. I don't have to tell you twice how
disturbing my vision was.”

“I don't believe in those Roma superstitions.” Jessie said skeptically “Look, it was a dream and nothing more. Stop freaking out over nothing.”

“I am not freaking out over nothing! I take it seriously and so should you” Felicia pleaded “Try to make friends with the boy or something but promise me no more fighting okay? Please? Can you do that for me?”

“Only because you asked so nicely.” Jessie said kissing his grandmother on the forehead

“Good now, go clean up the upstairs store room.” Felicia smiled

Outside a classic 68 camero inched slowly down the street like a wild tiger searching for prey. Inside it, three teenage punks still steaming from their embarrassment at school and seeking revenge. Looking in the rearview mirror, Ryan sneered at the black eye given to him by the nerd. As soon as he found him, oh was he was going to suffer.

“There!” Ryan pointed from the driver seat “That's where that little shit works.”

“Dude, I don't think this is a good idea man” Billy McQueen said looking across the street from the passenger seat “I heard some weird shit about this place."

“I didn't ask your damn opinion” Ryan said, annoyed that Billy would have the nerve to question him “He embarrassed all of us and bottom line, he needs to pay.”

“Man what is your obsession with this guy?” asked Bobby McQueen from the backseat “What the hell did he do to you that was so bad?”

“That's none of your fucking business!” Ryan yelled in sheer anger “Now are you with me or are you a bunch of little pussies?”

“We're with you man” Bobby said quickly “Right, Billy?”

“Yeah” Billy said fearfully

Getting out the car the trio headed across the street and walked inside The Relic. Ryan turned up his nose at the place. It was a creepy place full of old worthless junk. Inside was an older woman dusting the old things, she was definitely milf material by any standards.

Perhaps he and the boys would give her a whirl when they were done with the mutt.

“Hey old lady!” sneered Ryan “Where's the mutt at? I know he works here”

“What a disrespectful young man!” Felicia said in a very annoyed tone “There is no mutt here! Now if you have no further business here, I suggest you leave”

“My business is with Jessie, bitch” Ryan said “Do you know who I am or who my father is? Do you?”

“No, I do not” Felicia said crossing her arms at the much larger boy completely unafraid “Nor do I care. Leave… NOW!”

“I don't think so” Ryan said roughly picking up a nearby vase and dropping it to the floor. “Oops, clumsy me”

“That was a $5000 dollar vase!” Felicia shouted angrily

“Oh you stand to lose a lot more than that” Ryan said slapping the woman across the face “Show her that we mean business guys.”

With a sadistic smile Billy and Bobby started to smash everything in sight, destroying priceless antiques, ripping valuable old books to shreds without a single care of its significance or worth. To them it was just old moldy junk.

“Stop it!” Felicia screamed holding her cheek

From the back room, Jessie heard all the commotion on store floor. Rushing out to see what the problem was, he gasped in horror as the bullies were destroying everything in the shop.

Disregarding his earlier promise to his grandmother, he rushed into the fray fists balled up. Ryan found himself tackled to the ground from behind with Jessie punching him viciously. He knew he promised but no way was he going to let anyone lay his hands on his gram or her shop.

It was an uneven fight as Jesse soon found himself completely at her mercy of the much larger boy. His legs turned rubbery as Ryan landed punch after punch to his face. A nasty sounding crack was heard as Jessie took shot to the ribs.

“Jessie, NO!” Felicia screamed as Ryan grabbed him by the shirt and sent him flying through the air with ease.

She watched helplessly as her grandson slammed hard into a nearby suit of armor, with a sickening wet sounding thud followed by the clatter of the suit falling apart.

“That was too much fun! Maybe it will teach you not to disrespect your betters.” laughed Ryan and the other boys

The laughter soon died into silent horror. A nasty gurgling sound was heard from where Jessie had landed. A large growing puddle of blood appeared under his body. When he crashed into the armor, the sword in its outstretched hand had impaled him through the chest. There was no doubt about it, he was dying.

Not caring about anything else, Felicia quickly raced to Jessie’s side. Cradling his head, she tried to keep him awake and maybe, just maybe he’d be alright. There was just so much blood and it wasn’t stopping.

“You're going be okay sweetie” she cried not quite sure who she was trying to convince more “Just stay with me okay?”

“I' … Gram” Jessie gasped weakly

“Shush…. Don’t talk” said Felicia “Save your strength”

A nasty rattling noise came from Jessie as his chest fell and failed to rise. His eyes formed into a blank stare as the rest of his body fell limp. He was gone….

“No no….Jessie..Oh please no” Felicia pleaded as tears streamed down her cheeks “Don’t play your stupid games with me. Wake up! Please wake up?”

The three boys who previously stood motionless in utter shock at the sight before them finally snapped out of it, realizing the full severity of what they had just done. They killed him….They killed Jessie Taylor….

“We got to get the fuck out of here man” Billy yelling in fear “This is murder! Even your dad can't get us out of this shit!”

As they ran to the exit, the heavy wooden double doors slammed shut of their own accord. No matter how much boys struggled, they wouldn't open. It was if they were wielded shut

“Where do you think you’re going!?!” hissed a thickly accented almost demonic sounding voice

Turning around slowly in fear, the boys saw the old woman slowly walking toward them. Her heels echoing with a loud haunting clack with each step on the hardwood floors of the shop. Her tear stained face was now twisted in a mix of anger and grief, her eyes glowing like red coals and her hair whipping around wildly as if in a windstorm while the store started to go unnaturally dark. Soon the entire store was bathed in the choking blackness, leaving nothing but an endless void with the four of them illuminated by only the woman's evil looking eyes.

“You three have FUCKED with the wrong family” she growled “And you shall pay dearly for it!”

“What …. What the hell are you?” Ryan stammered fearfully

“I'm a chovihani” growled Felicia through gritted teeth “A gypsy witch, if you prefer. Never have I used my powers this way, for no one has ever given me a reason to do so until now. But now, I'm going to make an exception and an example out of you three for causing the death of my grandson.”

"It...It was an accident!" Ryan argued "I swear! I didn’t mean to kill him"


She relished the fear on the boys faces as she inched closer and closer there was nowhere for them to run to and they knew it. She would have her revenge and there was nothing they could do about it.

“Billy and Bobby McQueen” Felicia growled “You two have been mindless followers your whole life, even though you should had the sense of mind to do otherwise. Perhaps you should have used your brains more. I punish thee to a life where those attributes shall fit you better”

As Felicia snapped her fingers, the McQueen brothers screamed in pain and terror as their bodies cracked like glass before shattering into nothingness

“And now what to do with you, Ryan Thomas” mused the Roma witch “A young boy of privilege and power, someone who could go on to do great things and yet you only wish to abuse what you were given. Doing harm to others while hiding behind your father's title, it must make you feel like a big man doesn’t it? I think a special punishment is due for you. What shall it be I wonder?”

An icy chill flowed Ryan's body as he locked eyes with the woman. He shuttered at sight of the woman's eyes which seemed to burn brighter with anger. Tilting her head curiously, it was as if she was reading his mind and soul like a complicated book

“Indeed I am. I'm looking very deeply” Felicia said “Such shameful secrets you hide, even from yourself. I must say it would be quite amusing if it wasn't so pathetic. The richest, most spoiled boy in town, who could have anything he wanted except the one thing all your money could never buy. So he becomes a cowardly bully instead. It's pretty sad actually”

“I...I don't know what you’re talking about” Ryan said unconvincingly "You don't know anything"

“Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel any better” Felicia said with a malevolent smile “But I know the truth”

“Are... you going to kill me?” Ryan said fearfully

“No...” Felicia said flatly “Death would be too easy and too good for you. Instead, I will take everything that you hold dear from you, your money, your power that hid behind, everything that had made you the person that you are. You will suffer as you have made others suffer. I punish thee to a life that is the complete opposite as the pampered life you knew. Hopefully it'll make you a better person but I truly doubt it.”

As she snapped her fingers, Ryan’s eyes widened in horror as felt his arm stiffen like brittle glass. It then started to crack, spreading along his whole body. He opened his mouth to try to beg for mercy but all that came out was a eardrum shattering scream as his body shattered. The pain he felt as his body ripped apart was indescribable but it was over as quickly as it began. The pieces shattered upon themselves until there was nothing left.

Feeling that justice had been done, the glow started to fade from her eyes as she closed them sadly. Revenge was that bitter sweet desert, because she knew that no amount of vengeance or magic would bring her grandson back. To have to bury her grandson wasn’t right, it wasn’t the nature of things. Tears streamed down her face as the choking darkness faded away bringing her back to the shop floor.

Opening her eyes, she gasped as the store was in immaculate condition, everything that the boys had broken was back to the way it was. There was nothing to show that anything violent had ever had happened.

“Yo Gram?” yelled a voice from the back store room “Where do you want me to put these vases?”

Felicia's Jaw dropped as her grandson appeared from the back room, placing various items in nearby display cases, completely fine with not a bruise on his face and completely oblivious to the carnage that happened just a bit ago

“It’s not possible” thought Felicia “How?”

“Are you okay?” her grandson asked seeing her tear stained face “Wait a minute, did someone die on your soaps today?”

Without any hesitation she snatched him into a big hug trying hard not to cry but failing. It shouldn't be possible but she wasn't going to complain. She was just glad she had him back and that he was fine.

“I almost lost you!” Felicia sobbed softly

“You almost lost me?!?” asked a confused Jessie “What are you talking about?”

“Never mind...” Felicia sniffed wiping her tears “It’s nothing”


Ryan groaned as he woke up in the morning. His body felt sore and stiff as if he just got sacked and slammed by the whole football team. Everything was so blurry as he opened his eyes. He must have had a rough night last night

"Gah,what a weird dream" he thought. "Magic and gypsy witches? Yeah right!"

As his vision cleared he noticed he wasn't in his normal bed room. Gone were his football trophies, his car chick posters and his giant plasma screen TV. He didn't even have his king sized bed. Instead it was just a dreary bare room with a small mattress on the floor.

“Where the hell am I?” Ryan thought ,still half asleep.

Weird his body didn't exactly feel right, but whatever. It wasn't the first time he drank too much and woke up in a strange place. Though this wasn’t the type of place he usually partied, it was too dreary and depressing.

Sleepily he made his way to the bathroom of this unknown house really needing to pee. As he slid down his sweat pants to drain the weasel, he was in for a very rude awakening...he couldn’t find his cock. He must have be more out of it than he thought. Even a blind guy with no hands could find his dick.

“I must have drank some heavy shit if I can’t find it!” he thought groggily, swearing never to drink again

Pulling his sweats down to his ankles he tried again with no success. Looking down, his eye grew wide as he snapped completely awake. His penis was indeed missing, in its place was a smoothly shaved hairless vagina. Pulling his hand back he noticed it wasn't his normally large masculine hand either. Instead they were small almost delicate hands with the short nails painted a dark blue.

“What the fuck?” he yelled and almost immediately covered his mouth. That wasn't his normal masculine sounding voice; it was a higher toned and very feminine voice.

Scrambling to the mirror, he gasped in disbelief. That wasn't his face looking back at him either, it was a girl's face. A kind of tomboyish type girl but a girl none the less. She had short cut blonde hair with bangs that came down to her small delicate nose, haunting emerald green eyes, pale cream colored skin with a hint of freckles across her pierced nose.

“Oh shit! I'm Creepy Kelly”
Ryan thought starting to feeling dizzy “No...No this has got to be a fucking dream!”

Sitting down on the toilet, he absentmindedly slid his used the bathroom as a girl would have. It was weird going as a girl, as he had nothing to aim with. Finishing ,he then folded a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped himself dry again as if he did it a hundred times before.

“What the hell?”
thought Ryan/Kelly “How the hell did I know how to do that?”

She then grabbed her clothes hanging off the shower rod and slid them on . A pair of tattered jeans, a band t-shirt and a well worn leather jacket, somehow knowing that it was one of her most cherished items.

She then went back to the mirror, her hands again moving of her of their own accord. He tried to fight it but to no avail. Grabbing her makeup, she proceeded on applying heavy mascara and black lipstick. It was weird but at the same time it felt so normal. Just as she was finishing up, someone started to pound on the bathroom door.

“Open the damn door!” growled a very angry voice.

It was a voice a brought fear to her new body; she found herself unable to stop shaking as her hand reached for the doorknob. Her new memories knew exactly who the voice belonged to, her stepfather. Opening the door she gulped as a huge bear of a man stood over her, reeking of booze. He may have been a decent human being sober but she'd never know because he hardly ever was.

“This ain't no damn Hilton, you little bitch!” yelled the man pointing a fat finger in her face “You better hope to hell that check from your mothers insurance comes pretty soon or else you're out on your ass. Now get the fuck out of my face!”

Ryan/Kelly didn't need to be told twice as she raced out the door of the house determined to find some way to reverse this. Skipping school she made her way toward her real house. Yeah that's it, if she could explain it to her dad everything would be all right. He could get that gypsy bitch with to change him back, she was sure of it. Her dad could get her out of anything.

After a two hour trek, she made it to the house but something was wrong. Stuck in the lawn was a big for sale sign. Rushing to the windows she peered in finding only empty rooms. It had to be a mistake, somebody had to be here. They had to be, they just had to.

“No” she thought “I’m at the wrong house or something”

“Can I help with something miss?” said a well dressed man with a clip board, obviously a Realtor “You seem lost.”

“The family that lived here…Where did they go?” Ryan/Kelly asked weakly

“You must not be from around here, I take it” said the Realtor “This used to be Mayor Thomas' house. They moved about…Oh...I’d say about month ago. Right about the time his son Ryan passed on. I guess he couldn't take the death of his only son. It was really no surprise to anyone when he stepped down from his position and retired somewhere out of state.

“H.....His son?” Ryan/Kelly asked feeling very nauseous “How did he die?”

“Tragic, I’m afraid” said the Realtor “From what gathered, he was speeding his car on Willow Pass Rd. If anyone knows that windy stretch of road, those curves are not to be taken lightly; especially at 90 miles per hour. He lost control of his car, skidded off the road and crashed into a tree. They said he might have survived had not gas tank ruptured and caught fire. It's not exactly a way I'd choose to go.”

The Realtor almost immediately felt bad as he saw the young girl turn various shades of green.

“I apologize for my insensitivity ” the Realtor said gently “Were you a relative?”

“I'm nobody" Ryan/Kelly spat, now feeling extremely sick to her stomach.

She ran off not caring where she was going. This was just too weird, how do you wake up a girl and then find out you died in a fiery car crash? Her mind wandered as her feet walked almost of their own mind. An hour later she found herself at the doors of The Relic. Of course, she would force the old lady to change her back.

“Old lady! Where are you?” she screamed out as she entered the store

“Young Lady, where are your manners?” an annoyed Felicia said coming from the back store room “That is not a way you address your elders!”

“Fine, how about old bitch?” Ryan/Kelly snorted “Look whatever you did to me, I want it undone, NOW!”

A look of realization formed over Felicia's face followed a wide smile. Motioning the girl to follow, the older woman took a seat behind a nearby desk

“Have a seat” she said flatly

“I don't want to take a seat” Ryan/Kelly complained defiantly “I I demand you fix this...NOW!”

“I SAID SIT DOWN!” Felicia yelled, which made Ryan/Kelly quickly comply with soft fearful gulp.

“I have to say that this is pretty surprising, Ryan Thomas. But Roma magic is so chaotic and unpredictable” said the older woman “Had it been up to me, you would be nothing more than a worm dangling on a fish hook. But I think this is a more satisfying alternative. Now you get to see firsthand the same type of pain you've inflicted on others” have no right to do this!” Ryan/Kelly shouted “Do you know who my father is? Do you know what he’ll do to you?”

“Your threats ring a tad bit hollow now. Gone are the days where you can hide behind your daddy” Felicia sneered “As for my right to do this, I have every right to. You bullied and killed my grandson”

“I...I didn't mean to. It was an accident” said Ryan/Kelly “Anyway, you killed me too so that makes what you did just as bad!”

“Don't you dare argue morality with me” Felicia said crossing her arms “Besides I did nothing, Ryan killed himself; he shouldn't have been driving so fast. Everyone knows how dangerous Willow Pass is”

“But I'm.......Kelly” Ryan/Kelly said in frustration “No I mean I'm …..Kelly.... why can't I say my name? It’s really Kelly”

“That is your name” said Felicia “Kelly Daniels, a poor lost soul unable to bear the hardships of life and so she took her own. The magic
has decided to give her a second chance, though why with you is anyone's guess. You’ll find you’ll have her emotions, her memories as well as your old ones.

“But I don't want this... life” Kelly sniffed “I don't want to be a girl”

“Well the word doesn’t revolve around you anymore. I could honestly care less what you want or don’t want.” Felicia said starting to feel bit of empathy “ But I'm not a cruel woman. If you can prove that you can change your hateful bullying ways, I might be inclined to undo what was done. Just not now."

“Why not?” Kelly asked

“As I said Roma Magic is chaotic and unpredictable. There is nothing I can do until it has run its course and stabilized” Felicia said bluntly “To do so will only make it worse”

“So how long is will that be?” asked Kelly

“A few months at the most” said the older woman

“A few months?!? Are you fucking kidding me?” said Kelly “I... can’t do this for a few months!”

“You can and you will” said Felicia coldly “You seem to forget that this is a well deserved punishment that you brought on yourself. Accept it and deal with it”

Getting up she led the young girl toward the doors. Near the front of the store they passed the familiar suit of armor. She stopped to stare at it, feeling a large amount of guilt. She never meant that to happen. She just wanted to scare him

“Um...about” she stammered not really know how to ask "Is he....."

“Why do you care? Are you worried about the 'Nigger Mutt?' ” Felicia spat in distaste at the term “Jessie is fine, no thanks to you”

Kelly stomach turned in disgust at the terms. While Ryan used that term quite liberally, they never left Kelly's lips. Ryan felt all of her disgustful emotions, Kelly could never think of someone that way.

“Strange” said Felicia “It seems like your new body doesn't like the type of person Ryan was. Maybe there is hope for you yet”

“What do I do now?” Kelly asked softly “You can’t leave me like this”

“Yes I can” said Felicia shooing her out the door “Besides I have things to do, I have a trip to go on and I'll be gone for a week. But I'm sure you can handle yourself”

As the door shut behind her, Kelly spun around and pounded on it almost desperately. No answer. Sighing in defeat, she started to walk again her mind again going blank as her feet moved of the own accord.

A half an hour later she found herself beneath the pier at Norman's beach. Somehow the solitude and crashing waves had a calming and soothing effect on her, just not today. Sitting on a nearby piece of driftwood Ryan started do the one thing his father said that only girls and sissies did.... Tears dropped down her face as she started to cry

It was dark by the time she got back to her house. Her stomach twisted in fear as she entered the house and with good reason. Sitting on the couch, reeking of beer was her stepfather. He was as always, shitfaced and in a bad mood.

“WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?” he yelled causing Kelly to jump back in fear

“No...Nowhere” Kelly stammered in fear

“DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME YOU LITTLE BITCH!” yelled her stepfather getting even angrier

“I'M NOT LYING OKAY?” she yelled back " JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!

“DON'T YOU FUCKING TALK BACK TO ME!” her stepfather said angrily snatching her by the arm and tossing her over the arm of the couch. As he held her down with one arm he removed his belt with the other. Pulling up her shirt, he laid into her back with everything he had, brutally beating her back. Screaming in pain, she cried for the second time face as the hard leather belt dug into her skin…


“Hey nerd boy” Tex smiled “Where did ya run off to? You've been gone all week”

“I had the flu, cornbread and I still feel like shit” Jessie groaned “So what did I miss?”

“Oh man” said Tex “You know the McQueen twins? Well apparently they got caught blowing the whole damn wrestling team. Woo boy was they momma mad! Rumor has it she's sending them to a convent. Damn shame, those girls had some nice asses”

“Who's got a nice ass?” Ericka said playfully slapping her boyfriend on the shoulder “You better be talking about mine”

“Of course, hun.” Tex said pinching her butt “You know nothing compares to that beautiful nubian booty of yours”

“Hey Jessie, it looks like your girlfriend's at her normal spot ” teased Ericka “Go talk to her.”

“I....I don't know what to say to her” Jessie said bashfully “Besides she wouldn't go for a guy like me”

“Well how the hell would ya know if ya don't try” said Tex “So go on and git, the worst thing she'll do is say no”

“That's what I'm afraid of” Jessie sighed

“You'll do fine” said Ericka “Just be yourself”

He looked over at the girl eating by herself and he had to admit, she was kind of pretty. But no way would she be into a guy like him. Taking a deep breath he got up and almost immediately sat right back down

“I…cant” Jessie said getting cold feet “I don’t even know what to say to her”

“Ya big baby!” Tex said in slight annoyance

“Aww don’t be mean to Jessie” Ericka said giving Tex a sweet kiss “My little sunggle bear

“I wouldn’t dream of it” Tex said rubbing noses with Ericka “My little sweety pie”

“My pookie wookie”

“My snookums”

“My lammy whammy”

“My widdle wookums”

“Okay, Okay!” Jessie snapped; glaring at the two and honestly about ready to lose his lunch “Fine! I am going to go talk to her, even if the only reason being is that I don’t have to hear that mushy shit anymore. That’s low guys…real low, even for you two!”

Tex and Ericka smiled what could only be described as true shit eating grins as he left the table. Never underestimate the power of cute pet names in sweet sounding baby talk. Results are guaranteed every time.

It was a rough week for Kelly (as Ryan thought of herself now, it was just much easier that way), She wanted her old life back instead of this pathetic existence she was forced to live. She hated every bit of it, the loneliness of not having any friends, the other prettier girls bullying her over her looks, the fact that she was poor and let’s not forget the nightly beatings form her stepfather for any reason he could think of. Her back still hurt from last night.

She sat alone in the corner of the cafeteria nibbling on a cheap baloney sandwich, happy that she could at least afford that. Thanks to her stepfather's beer drinking, lunch was pretty much the only meal she got.

“Um...hey do you mind if I join you?” a shy sounding voice asked

Looking up from her table, she locked eyes with Jessie Taylor. She didn't see him at all during her week of hell. Not that it would have mattered if she did. For all she knew he was somehow responsible for the shit she went through.

"Great" she thought "He's probably going to rub it in.”

“Whatever” Kelly sighed just eager to get it over with “I don't own the table.”

As he sat down, she got a chance to really look at him. Normally she was too busy kicking the shit out of him to notice. When he wasn't bruised up, she had to admit he was kind of cute. His warm baby brown eyes, his dark braided hair that he had tied back, the smooth light mocha coffee with just a hint of cream colored skin, those cute little dimples in his cheeks when he smiles.......

"WHAT THE FUCK!?!" she thought “There is no fucking way I'm attracted to him! NO WAY!”

“I'm Jessie” he said holding out his hand “Jessie Taylor"

“What do you want?” Kelly asked suspiciously

“You seem a little lonely” Jessie said with a smile “So I thought...”

“So you thought you'd shoot 'Creepy Kelly some pity right?” Kelly angrily snapped “ Well get this asshole, don't need any fucking pity, not from you, not from anybody!”

"He's playing with me!" she thought getting angrier and angrier

Though she was not exactly sure why she was getting so upset. Either the obvious feigned pity or it was the....the way he started to look to her.... how her body was reacting to him, as she felt her nipples harden. She couldn't take it, it was just too weird.

“Look I didn't mean to offend you" Jessie started “I was just trying to.....

“I don't give a shit what you were trying to do!” Kelly said storming off “Do me a favor and just leave me the fuck alone, okay?”

Kelly stomped out of school, running as fast as she could. That woman would have some explaining to do. Making her way back to the Relic, her anger was averted slightly with small sense of relief, though not by much as the woman who caused all this was finally back from her trip.

“Ah Kelly” Felicia asked “How did your week go?”

“You think this is funny? How the fuck did you think it went? I'm poor, I'm weak, I have no friends, everybody hates me and....... ” Kelly yelled unable to finish the sentence, talking about her stepfather was something her body never felt comfortable doing

“I told you this was a punishment.” Felicia stated “What did you expect?”

“Was making me attracted to your idiot grandson part of all this shit? Your stupid magic has got my head all screwy” Kelly spat out “I bet Jessie is having a fucking ball, enjoying seeing me squirm.”

“What are you talking about?” Felicia said cocking a curious eyebrow “ First off only you and I truly know what transpired that fateful day. Everyone else, including Jessie knows only the reality that is now. As for your other problem, while powerful is Roma magic, it has no power on the human heart. Whatever you’re feeling reflects what Kelly is feeling or..What you yourself feel”

“You're lying!” Kelly shouted “I'm a guy..I can’t be attracted to him...I...I'm not supposed to!”

“Look at yourself” Felicia said leading the frustrated girl to nearby mirror “You are a girl. There is nothing male about you. Ryan Thomas is gone, you are now for better or for worse, Kelly”

“Please?” Kelly begged in a slight whimper “Please, just change me back...I...I can’t take this life...Please, I promise I'll leave Jessie alone and be a nicer person, just please make it stop.”

“I can't” Felicia said firmly “As I told you, Roma magic is chaotic and it will take a few months to stabilize. Until then you are stuck like this.

“No...” whimpered Kelly “There's no way I can take this shit any longer. You don't know what it’s like”
“There's nothing I can do” Felicia said softly “I'm sorry”

“Well.....There's something I can do…. ” Kelly cried running out of the store “See you in hell bitch!”

Felicia looked on in slight worry as she left. She saw those sad eyes before....


The sun was setting as Kelly made it to her safe place on Norman's Beach under the pier, numbly looking at the waves, normally so soothing to her. She couldn't take it anymore, not a life like this. She slid a crude noose over her head, propped herself on a pile of driftwood and prepared to jump. Her lip trembled as she closed her eyes hoping it wouldn't hurt too much. Taking a deep breath............... she jumped.

It didn't hurt at all. In fact it felt like she was floating. Actually more like a clumsy drifting feeling.

"So this is what dying is like" she thought “It doesn't seem so bad.”

Opening her eyes she was mildly disappointed to see she was still very much alive. Looking up she noticed the rope had a great deal of slack to it. Looking down she saw the reason for her floating feeling, underneath her was Jessie with her legs on his shoulders.

“What are you doing?!?” Kelly yelled struggling to get free

“I should be asking you the same thing” Jessie yelled back hanging on for dear life trying to keep her from kicking him away “What the hell are you thinking?

“It’s none of your fucking business. Just let me go!” she said hitting him in the head trying to get free “Let me just die!”

“Like hell I will” Jessie said gripping her legs tighter “I'll let go when you take that thing off your neck.

“Fuck you!” she yelled “Don’t you tell me what to do! Now let me go!”

“Uh, no!” Jessie said in frustration “If you want to play it that way, then I'll just keep holding you up there. You're not that heavy so I could hold you up there for hours and hours”

“Let me go now, you fucking asshole!” Kelly screamed

“Take the damn fucking thing off your neck!” he screamed back “I’m not asking anymore, I’m telling you!”

Sighing defeat, she slid off the noose her neck, it wasn't like it was going to do her any good now. True to his word he let her go. Her body tingled a bit when she felt his hands on her hips as he gently set her on the ground. Hopping up, he then grabbed the noose, ripping it down from the pier and tossing it aside.

She was still pissed off though, now for a new reason. It wasn't bad enough that he ruined her only chance of escape from this crappy life but now...he was taller than her. In her old body she towered over him and now, she barely came up to his chest. It just pissed her off even more...

“Why are you following me?!” she yelled punching him weakly in the chest“ Why did you stop me? Why didn't you just let me die?”

“I'm not following you!” the boy explained “I had a delivery to make by shops over there and I saw you dragging some rope underneath the pier from the boardwalk."

"Yeah right!" Kelly yelled

"It's true!" Jessie explained "I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. However you weren't exactly subtle screaming ‘I’ll show you, you fucking bitch!” at the top of your lungs. For some reason, it just didn't look right. You're just lucky I made it to you in time.”

“I didn't fucking ask for you to” Kelly sniffed “Don't you get it? I don't want to be here anymore. I hate this shit. Everything about my life fucking sucks!" Nobody gives a shit about me!”

The heavy mascara around her eyes slowly streamed down her cheeks as she started to cry. She hated the fact she was doing it in front of him. He was probably enjoying it, seeing Ryan Thomas in Kelly Daniels body crying like a sissy little bitch. He probably only stopped her to just so he could see her suffer more and rub it in that he was bigger than her now.

“Hey, it’s okay” he said pulling her into a gentle embrace “Just cry all you need to”

“Why.... Why are you being like this?” she sobbed “You of all people should hate me the most!”

“Shuuush” he said gently “Why would you think I would hate you?”

“Because....... Because......” she sobbed unable to finish the sentence crying harder

She struggled at first in his embrace but he held on tight. It was weird feeling but slowly she surrendered to it sobbing softy into his chest as he gently shushed her and stroked her hair. She didn't know what to think. She should have been disgusted by some guy holding her like this but she didn't. It felt.. so right.

The warmth of his arms around her, the sweet sound of his voice and even his smell was appealing to her. It made her feel the first time in a long The only thing she hated was that it was far too short because as soon as her sobs started to subside he let her go.

He looked at her with those warm kind eyes as he gently wiped her tears away then to her utter surprise, he gave her a soft kiss gentle on the forehead. A deep shade of red appeared on her cheeks as looked at him wide eyed in confusion.

“Uh..sorry” Jessie said shyly “I guess I overdid it, huh?”

Not knowing exactly what to do, she bolted away from him. She just needed to get away, sort things out. Things were not making any sort of sense at all.

“Hey wait” he called after her but she was already gone, disappeared into the darkness of the night


Kelly made it home a short time later, a bit fearful as she opened the front door. A sigh of relief washed all over her as her stepfather was passed out on the couch. The check must have come today. A herd of elephants couldn't wake him up after one of his insurance check benders. So at least tonight she didn't run the risk of pissing him off.

Taking great care sure to disturb him, she tiptoed it to the bathroom. Itchy form the sea spray and sand of the beach, she undressed and started a hot shower. Walking past the mirror she stopped to take a good look at her new body in all its naked glory. She had a small petite but toned athletic frame, a heart shaped ass and small but very perky pear shaped breasts. She couldn't have been anymore than about 5'4. A far cry from the large football playing frame she once had

As she stepped into the shower her thoughts drifted back to the events of today. Yeah trying to kill herself was a stupid idea but seemed like a good one at the time. After calming down, she was pretty glad she was stopped. But it left another problem weighing on her mind, Jessie Taylor. The nerd she beat up relentlessly had just saved her life, comforted her and kissed her. Even worse was the fact that she kind of liked it, a lot

As the warm shower water massaged her tired and sore body, her mind escaped into a wonderful fantasy. A wayward hand slid down her body, making its way between her legs. As she massaged her already swollen clit, she gave in to the fantasy, far too tired and weak to fight it.

It was so vivid of a fantasy, two strong arms wrapping around her from behind, as she felt someone nibble on her neck. Turning around, she should have been surprised, but after today she would have been surprised if it was anyone else.

Of course it was Jessie Taylor and he was naked in the shower with her. If she thought he was just cute before, he was completely gorgeous now. His braided hair was let down brushing his broad shoulders, that yummy colored skin of his, all wet and shinny from the shower, those baby brown eyes of his filled with lust, that dimpled warm smile, and that cock, mmmmm

She had seen it before, they both had. Ryan had pantsed Jessie in the hallway which Kelly just happened to be in. A warm blush came over her face as she remembered every decadent detail. She never forgot the sight, it was beautiful cut perfection curved ever so slightly like a delicious light chocolate brown banana with cherry colored tip. She bet it tasted just as yummy as it looked

“Do you want me?” asked the fantasy Jessie nibbling on her ear

“Yes” Kelly moaned softly rubbing her almost painfully swollen clit harder “Oh hell yes”

He smiled as he picked her up. As he slowly lowered her down, her quivering pussy dripping her hot juices on his rock hard cock, she gasped in anticipation. Feeling his hot breath her lips, tingling wonderfully as he inched closer and closer and then.....And then............

“MMMMMMMMMM” moaned Kelly biting her lip as a hard orgasm rocked her body

Breathing deeply, Kelly basked in the afterglow as the warm water from the shower stared go cold

“I can’t believe I did that” whispered Kelly to herself finding it hard to catch her breath

Dressing in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, she sneaked into her room and collapsed on her makeshift bed. She didn't even have time to contemplate who she just masturbated over or why? Within a few minutes she was fast asleep, it was a long day.....

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