Chiaroscuro ~ Part 1


By Kristina L.S.

Life is change. She had; it was all about the challenge now, well the money too, let's not forget that. After all, it's just business, nothing personal at all. Just a way to measure.
Chiaroscuro... def... indistinct, shadowy...
This is not sweet, there is violence and allusions to child abuse, be aware.



This is a work of adult fiction.

No resemblance to reality should be inferred or expected.
Copyright KLS 2010.



By Kristina.L.S.


Part One... Blossom... def... bloom, unfold.

It was a chilly and drizzly early Winters day which didn't really fit her mood. Sure she was a little sad but basically her thoughts spun on the idea of freedom. She could not in all honesty say she was sorry he'd died, not at all, though she probably would have the odd moment where she would think fondly of him. Especially as she was his sole heir and the pathetic old queen was damn rich. Not BRW rich list rich, but after 20 mill who's counting. Some might she guessed, but it was enough for her.

A small hiccup sounded as she bit down on a laugh at the image she must present. The grieving young widow, except she wasn't grieving or widow and she wasn't really a she, though that was near enough now. The black ensemble, below the knee dress, stockings and heels, careful makeup. The hooded Issey Miyake cashmere coat. She eschewed a brolly though the dozen or so mourners mostly had them. Lifting her face to the cool mist she stared into the grey feeling the droplets on her eyes and skin and smiled slightly. Most here had known him as one thing and thought her to be something other than she was. Two men to her left knew much more.

The coat hood lay back on her shoulders and droplets glistened on her glossy dark brown hair and the rich fabric as she nodded to the few whispered condolences and waited. Which one she wondered and turned to face them, the last two at the grave side. Here to see off 'Solicitor'.

The taller one, 'Judge', aristocratic of bearing, the perfect tailored suit and styled silver grey hair. Craggy features that looked stern and serious even when he smiled. His smiles still chilled her years later... and those cold grey blue eyes that held no hint of warmth. How did no one see she wondered not for the first time and shrugged at the pointlessness of reminiscing and whatif's. What is, is and what will be...well. The second, 'Inspector', not as tall or as stylish, though seemingly warmer on the surface and with a very useful little glint in his warmer blues, coupled with a soft and gentle manner. Ah he had fooled her at first, but he too was a monster, two of many. Another memory flitted in, she was sitting on the lounge some years back watching a movie with Mr Wilkie, it was 'Aliens' and the little girl had stated very matter of fact to Ripley... people say there aren't really monsters, but there are aren't there... and she had burst out laughing and could not stop as tears of mirth ran down her face. Mr Wilkie had got in a huff as she shook her head and refused to explain and just laughed until finally he had turned it off and left her there, walking out as she kept laughing almost hysterically as she brushed absently at remembered bruises and past welts.

Fear stroked her as these two reptiles looked her up and down and she shivered and smiled, times and people change don't they. Well she had, others she doubted could or would. A small shiver crawled up her spine as their eyes crawled over her and she smiled slightly at the perverse pleasure it gave her. Like brushing through spider webs in the dark. Which one?

Judge stepped forward... ah, might have known... his voice just above a whisper still cut through her like a razor and as the shivers grew so did her smile.

"Well my dear, look at you, a picture of dutiful mourning." His expression didn't change though she could feel the sneer.

" I really don't understand why Robert kept you all these years. Not to mention indulge your whims. Still he always was a little weak. I don't see the attraction myself but be that as it may. He kept the faith with the group and we... allowed his indulgence. So my dear you may do as you will and live your life quite comfortably I believe. Don't be a fool and we will ignore you, I'm sure you understand. "

She stretched and let a small moan escape her lips as the terror washed over her, he mistook it's meaning of course as he stopped almost against her. His right hand pressed against her dress and cupped the last remnant of who she had been.

"No I don't really see the attraction, still it could be an interesting diversion. Sadly that loss of innocence is irreversible and now neither one thing or the other... tsk, Robert should have disposed of you years ago " he made a small sound like a cough and his face showed his contempt as his hand squeezed and a small cruel smile twisted his face and lit a flame in those eyes.

Nothing showed on her face as he increased the pressure and her right hand lifted slowly to his left that rested on her arm in apparent sympathy. Without any change of expression she gripped his pinky and wrenched up and out, smiling as a squeal of pain and outrage greeted her. She released his hand and her arm continued its arc and the edge of her elbow smashed the bridge of his nose, dropping him stunned to the ground at her feet. She stepped back to avoid getting blood on her coat and turned to face 'Inspector' who had begun to move.

Raising a finger in a stop gesture she flicked a DVD to him. He caught it and glanced at the 'post it' stuck on the front. It read.. touch me this goes to every editor and Current Affairs producer in Sydney. He glanced back at her and as she had guessed he would, stuck it in his jacket pocket and kept coming. The raised compact pistol with the long cylinder on its pointy end stopped him. She smiled again and shot him in the left foot. He made no sound but dropped to the side gripping his bloody shoe and glared at her.

"Come after me, I will kill you, all of you. If I so much as see one of you or even catch a cold I will kill you. All of you. Do you understand?"

"Fuck y.." he didn't finish as the second phhfft smashed into his foot again, this time passing through one of the hands wrapped over it. He groaned softly and glared at her.

"Do You Understand?"

He nodded trying not to show the fear as she stepped forward crouching and pressed the muzzle to his groin noting absently the small wisp of smoke as the fabric singed. She pressed and stared into his eyes.

"I am no longer afraid of you, any of you. Nor am I your plaything any more", this with a glance to 'Judge' watching from a pace away.

"Leave me be and I will ignore you... come after me you die. Try to cover things or perhaps manage to kill me you will be destroyed. Mr Wilkie left me very comfortable and knowledgeable and I am not the lost and scared child you once.... played with. "

Judge spat through the blood, contempt warring with fear as she lifted the pistol his way and stood, stepping back.

"Robert was a weak fool, we should have buried you years ago. Stalemate, leave us be and you will be left alone. You have my word."

"Ah such benevolence, it is so tempting to leave you both lying here with your brains leaking into the dirt. But yes, mutual, a stand-off. Keep your word and I will. Goodbye."

She pocketed the pistol and turned away lifting the hood and without a backward glance strolled into the misting rain.

…. to be continued... if there's interest. I'm winging it as a way to try and write, so... as there's something dark in the water of late I thought I'd toss this in the back of the wagon and watch it bounce around..... possibly 5 pieces.

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