Harry Potter - When Past and Present Collide - Chapter 17

Lizzie's planning to bring one of her best friends into her secret, can Hermione accept the changes and will the Weasley twins heed Lizzie's warning.

Harry Potter - When Past and Present Collide


Chapter Seventeen: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers is.


“So we need to let the school know the Marauders are back, any ideas?” asked James.

“What about turning all the tables in the great hall into jelly,” suggested Sirius “I’ve always loved jelly,” he grinned.

Remus shook his head and laughed.

“Okay how about we turn the great lake into jelly?” tried Sirius.

“Sirius forget it, I have a better idea listen up,” said Lizzie with a cackle that could scare a witch. (Even putting Bella Le'strange to shame)

And now......

The next morning found Lizzy waking first, she quickly set about washing and preparing for the day, as she was dressing Lily woke and quickly followed suit. Hermione was due to arrive at 7.30 to begin being tutored and both girls wanted to be ready to help bring Hermione up to 6th year standard if not beyond.

Lizzie was confident her Gryffindor friend would be quick to catch up then surpass her year mates, Lily was just pleased to see Lizzie had got her friend back, at school Lizzie had occasionally talked about Hermione and the friendship they had, she had also spoken about her wish that her friend was still around. At the time, Lily thought Lizzie was talking about Beauxbatons not Hogwarts of the future.

Hermione arrived on time along with the Marauders minus Severus who was busy preparing for his first class of the day, the group retired to Lizzie’s trunk where after a quick breakfast they began Hermione’s lessons.

They stayed in the Trunk for only an hour and a half real time but had managed 12 hours of study with 3 hours sleep at the end followed by a pep-up potion on the way back out the trunk to resume lessons as normal. The group separated to go to their assigned lessons.

Lily had 7th Charms from 9 till 11, Lizzie had care of magic creatures with Hermione till 10 then a free period till 11 during which she planned to meet with Sirius and Remus to put the prank in motion. James would be busy with Transfiguration at that time and Severus would still be in double potions with 3rd year Ravenclaws and Huffelpuff’s.

Severus was also concerned that the 3rd years could be in danger if he was not with them when the prank was activated, cauldrons tended to spill things when bounced around.

Care of magical creatures went quickly and before Lizzie and Hermione knew it the lesson was over and the girls quickly made their way to the entrance of the kitchens. Sirius and Remus were waiting for them already so the four made their way to a passageway that led to the room Lizzie mentioned the previous night.

The room looked unimpressive, it was just an empty room but the group knew if a spell was cast here that was not malicious it could alter the castle completely, the spell Lizzie came up with was carefully designed not to be malicious or harmful. She knew if it was Hogwarts would react in a negative way.

Lizzie had been told of the room by Salazar after all as one of the founders he helped create the school, Lizzie as one of his heirs knew she stood a good chance of pulling off the prank as Hogwarts would recognise the heir of the founders more so than even the headmaster. Lizzie quickly cast the spells concentrating on getting them word perfect as being in Latin they required an almost descriptive incantation.

The walls around the group suddenly began to change as Lizzie finished the spell, Hermione gave a little bounce testing the floor.

Lizzie grinned “looks like it worked, come on let’s get out of here before anyone finds us,” said Lizzie as she went to walk out only to bounce and slip falling flat on her face.

The others laughed.

“Okay this sounded a good plan at the time,” Lizzie grinned “Mione climb on my back.”

Hermione looked confused until Lizzie morphed into Stripes before looking to Sirius as Hermione got on her back.

“Good plan Stripes 4 paws are better than 2,” laughed Sirius as he transformed into Padfoot and waited until Remus climbed on his back.

The group bound from the room, as they bounced along Hermione began giggling.

“What’s up Hermione?” asked Remus from Sirius’s back.

Hermione grinned and began to sing.

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Stripe’s the only one.”

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful girls
They're loaded with vim and with vigor
They love to leap in your laps
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Stripe’s the only one.”

“Tiggers are wonderful girls.
Tiggers are awfully sweet.
Everyone else is jealous,
And thats why I repeat...”

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Are Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Lizzie’s the only one.
Yes, Stripe’s the only one”

As she finished Hermione broke out into maniac laughter.

“GRRrrrrrr...” was Stripe’s response as she bounced along.

Remus looked confused but decided to wait till they stopped before asking, they soon bounced into the entrance hall and stopped dead, students everywhere were bouncing around laughing.

Stripes Resumed her bouncing towards the main door with Padfoot close behind, they continued running towards the main gates as they left the castle, Hermione and Remus dismounted so Stripe's and Padfoot could change. They turned as a group to look upon their handiwork with grins on their faces.

Hogwarts looked to have been replaced by a giant bouncy castle; above the entrance was a banner.

The Marauders are proud to present
Hogwarts Bouncy Castle.

The group walked back to the entrance hall to find Lily and James bouncing around the room laughing with the other students. Fred and George seemed to be climbing the bouncy stairs then jumping from the 3rd floor. Other students were doing similar acrobatic stunts.

“Minerva’s on the rampage,” warned James as he bounced over to Lizzie.

“The only proof is the banner and it’s hardly proof as anyone could have written it,” grinned Lizzie.

“True but the Marauders name does sort of give it away,” said Lily.

“Not really, again it could be someone masquerading as the Marauders.”

“Yeah like that will be believed considering we are all here,” said James with a laugh.

“Still without catching us in the act there is no proof it was us,” said Lizzie with a smirk.

“What about Hermione being heard singing a weird song whilst bouncing into the entrance hall on a tiger?” asked Lily.

Hermione went beet red.

“Well that doesn’t mean it was us, it just means we were having fun,” grinned Lizzie.

“What was that song anyway Hermione?” asked Remus.

Hermione explained who Winnie the poo and Tigger were and the songs relevance the others broke up laughing at the thought of Lizzie bouncing around as Hermione described Tigger did in the books.

“Shouldn’t you be in class,” Lizzie asked James and Lily.

“No it seems due to Hogwarts being all bouncy Albus cancelled classes for the day,” Lily informed the others.

“How about we take Hermione back for more Tutoring?” suggested Lizzie.

Before they could say anything Ron’s voice came from the stairway beside them.

“What are you doing with Mione you snakes, get away from her or I’ll hex you,” he growled out.

“Ron it’s okay Lizzie and Lily are friends,” said Hermione hoping to keep things civil.

Ron who was standing beside his sister looked shocked “You can’t trust snake's Mione.”

“Oh Ron shut up,” exclaimed Ginny as she walked up to twins “Hi I’m Ginny Weasley," she said offering her hand.

Lizzie ignored the hand and pulled the younger girl in for a hug instead.

“Let go of my sister,” said a red faced Ron.

“Ron she’s not hurting me,” said Ginny angrily.

“Look why don’t you come with us Ron I have something to explain to you both,” said Lizzie with a smile.

“What and trust someone who’s probably a death eater.”

Lizzie’s smile vanished at Ron's words, before anyone could blink Lizzie drew her wand and fired of a curse.

Petrificus Totalus” Ron’s body went rigid and he was about to topple but Lizzie continued “Locomotor Corpus” Ron fell backwards but instead of hitting the floor he hovered there, Lizzie then cast a notice me not charm on him.

“What did you do to Ron,” asked Ginny with concern.

“Just Petrified and levitated him so he can come with us,” said Lizzie.

“Ginny you trust me right?” asked Hermione.

Ginny nodded.

“Then trust me now, what Lizzie will tell you will be worth it,” said the older Gryffindor.

“Fine but you’ll let Ron go after?” asked Ginny.

“I promise Gin,” smiled Lizzie as she carefully led the way trying not to bounce too much as they magically pulled Ron along, When they reached Lily and Lizzie’s rooms they immediately entered the trunk, Ginny followed wide eyed.

“This trunk is amazing,” she said in awe.

“You don’t know the half of it,” grinned Hermione.

“When they entered the great hall Lizzie released the spell on Ron.

He immediately jumped up and pulled out his wand.

Expelliarmus” Lizzie said quickly.

Ron stood stock still in shock.

“Ron I didn’t bring you here to hurt you or Ginny, you are the last people I’d hurt,” said Lizzie softly.

“So what do you want to tell me so bad you feel you can kidnap me and my sister?”

“I’ll just say it as there’s no easy way, I was Harry Potter,” Lizzie mumbled.

“Bwahahahaha,” was Ron’s reaction.

Ginny stood stock still staring at Lizzie with an open mouth.

Ron was wiping tears from his eyes after such a funny joke “Pull the other one Frostpine.”

“She’s not lying Ron,” said Ginny solemnly.

“What! There’s no way that’s Harry,” spluttered Ron looking incredulously.

“How could you tell Gin?” asked Lizzie.

“You’re eyes they are the same as they were as Harry,” said Ginny as she raised a hand to caress Lizzie’s cheek tenderly “what happened to you?”

“Malfoy, it seems he wanted me as a trophy wife only I wasn’t female, so he altered Neville’s and my potion, The pain of changing was so bad it caused my 3rd Animagus forms powers to activate sending me to the past.”

“You believe this tripe Ginny?” said Ron in a disbelieving tone.

“Yes, I’ve seen Harry’s eyes close up many times when we dated, I could never forget them,” said Ginny as she smiled at Lizzie “It’s good to have you back, is this permanent?”

“Yes, not that I’d want to change back even if I could.”

“This is rubbish I’m going, come on Ginny, Mione lets leave the snakes to play make believe,”

“I’m staying,” said Ginny.

“Me too,” said Hermione.

“Suit your selves,” said Ron as he shrugged and headed towards the doors in the hall.

“By the way Ron how’s the ghoul in the attic at home?” asked Lizzie.

Ron narrowed his eyes at Lizzie “How do you know about that? Did Mione tell you?”

“No Ron, I’ve seen it for myself duh, I stayed with you when you rescued me during the summer after our 1st year,”

Ron stood open mouthed staring at Lizzie.

“Mind you I must admit the trip to Hogwarts in our 2nd year was fun even if we did hit the whomping willow and get an ear bashing for not using the train, and then there’s when we met Aragog,” grinned Lizzie.

Ron paled “Don’t mention that creature.”

“Fine by me, do your mom and dad still have the clock with mortal peril on it?”

“How do you know all this?”

“I already said Ron, I was Harry. I could describe more if you’d like.”

“But you’re a girl,” spluttered Ron.

“You only just noticed?” smirked Lizzie.

“Bloody hell,” muttered Ron as he slumped into a nearby chair.

“Will you all take Hermione and help her train whilst I tell Ron and Ginny everything?” the others nodded and left with Hermione as Lizzie and Ginny took seats close to Ron.

Lizzie patiently explained everything that had happened since she vanished in her 5th year, Ginny caught up quick and decided to join the others, Ron seemed to struggle getting his head around certain subjects.

“Let me get this straight you Harry Potter my best male friend fancied Snape in our 5th year but it wasn’t till you were in the past with a teenage Snape that you got together, you didn’t you know, fancy me back then did you?” asked Ron awkwardly.

Lizzie giggled “No Ron you’re safe.”

“Bloody hell but Snape, I mean the guys old and mean,”

“He’s not that bad Ron he just had a rough time when I went missing and thought dead.”

“But he’s a greasy git, how could you fancy him I mean urg,” said Ron as he made gagging noises.

“Ron he is not greasy and you can’t help who you fall in love with, Severus was different back then, it’s mainly the war and my disappearance that made him bitter, just promise to give him a chance.”

Ron grimaced but saw the look on Lizzie face and quickly raised his hands “fine I’ll try,” he relented “I still don’t get why you’re in Slytherin?” he continued with a puzzled look.

Lizzie groaned it was going to be a long night. It turned out to be a couple more hours before Ron and Lizzie joined the others by which time it was time to eat so they all retired to the great hall, Hermione was gushing over her progress and even Ginny had learned a lot in the few hours she had been with the Marauders.

Lily had been teaching Hermione Charms and Potions after which James and Remus did DADA followed by Sirius with Arithmancy; while Hermione was doing Arithmancy Ginny was doing charms with Lily. Every hour they rotated making sure the girls had no chance to get bored doing the same thing for too long.

It was the same method the Marauders had used themselves to learn quickly and efficiently, Hermione had not caught up but in most lessons she was getting there. Severus arrived for Lunch much to Lizzie’s joy and Ron’s discomfort in his mind it was one thing to be told your best mates a girl and dating a hated professor but an entirely different matter seeing the lovebirds.

Ron for once kept his mouth shut and used it instead to consume as much food as possible.

As they sat eating Severus relayed what was happening in the castle.

“Minerva’s out for blood,” Severus warned.

“She can’t prove we did, what about Albus?” Asked Lizzie.

Severus grinned startling Ron “he’s bouncing round like he’s 20 again,” he laughed “I don’t think he’s had such fun in years, I think if he has chance he’d do it once every year.

The rest laughed.

“He knows though,” warned Severus.

“What do mean?” asked Lily.

“He said only the founders or their heirs could alter the castle in any way and he knows James is Godrics Heir, and possibly a Helga’s heir as well while and Lily is Salazar and Rowena’s heir meaning you Lizzie are all 4 founders heirs.”

“I never hid it in fact I did tell him I was Salazar’s heir, I never mentioned the others though, he must have known Lily and James’s heritage. Any idea what he’s going to do?”

“Nothing, he said to me as the heir to all 4 founders you had more right to change the castle than he did, but he asked that you don’t do it too often because it causes Minerva to hyperventilate,” laughed Severus.

They all joined him “good old Albus,” grinned Sirius.

After eating the group got back to helping Hermione, Ron and Ginny get up to date and beyond, Ron grumbled about studying but Hermione reminded him that like her he was behind in his studies. Lizzie convinced Severus to help all 3 in potions even though Ron wasn’t doing potions officially, still Lizzie felt it would help Ron see Severus wasn’t like he thought.

They all agreed to have a sleep after several more hours, they had only been in the trunk for a few hours real world time but in the trunk they had been studying for over 20 hours. James and the rest of the guys showed Ron to the replica Gryffindor dorms but Hermione and Ginny decided to sleep together in the extra bed in the twins room.

Severus had left the Trunk earlier as he had further lesson to attend to, in no time at all everyone was fast asleep.

The Raiders

Authors Note

I would like to thank Silver-Entrantress-Elf from fanfiction.net who originally had this idea but stopped writing it in 2006, I saw their story and decided to re-write the idea as it was never completed. The initial plot and chacters are the same but I have sice built on that, I hope you enjoy :)

Megumi :)

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