Written by Dauphin
A boy and family get a visit of a nanny. She changes their lives forever
"A sweet story where Reality TV actually helps someone" Diana
"This must be fiction, as would this really happen in Reality?" Dauphin


Hello everyone. I am Nanny Philips. I have been trained at the best British nanny institute and now I am a TV Nanny. This means that I visit homes with children that have gone out of control and fix the situation. I love being on TV, as it spreads my view of children and how they should be raised. The most famous case I had was with the 11-year-old Johan. People called me everything from a witch to being evil and said I ruined a family. Many said that I should have lost my degree and TV show. I suppose it’s time to tell the story from my side.

The first time I saw Johan was in a film. It showed him arguing with his mum. She needed help to clean the table and do the dishes. Mum had told Johan that it was his chore. It seems like he had no time to listen to her. He wanted to go out with his friends and play football. I must admit, that I was shocked at the disrespect that he showed his mother. The film changed and showed Johan go towards his 9-year sister. He started teasing her straight away. He was teasing that she was a girl, and the only thing that girls could do was play with dolls. The next thing that he did was take one of her dolls and pull the head off the doll. His sister started crying, but Johan had a big smile on his face. The following scenes showed the same. Johan was a menace with his sister and a disrespectful son with his mother. I had a job to do here and that was for sure.

A thought went through my head. Was Johan happy? I mean could his constant torture and disobedience be because he was happy? I never judge unruly children. They can be disobedient, screaming, and disrespectful and you name it. But it is often the parents that are the blame. Insecure amateur parents that are too afraid to take the bull by the horn, and give their children what they need, a structured day with rights as well as duties. Johan needed more than traditional methods. I thought his problem was that he was a man chauvinist that hated women. I knew what had to be done.

When I entered the home, his mother and sister greeted me. They were very happy that I was there. Johan just said that he was going out to play. He was obviously not interested that a nanny had entered his house. I called him back and said that there are some things that we have to discuss.

I explained that I saw them on a film and even showed the film to Johan and his family.

“Johan, why did you take the head off the doll?”

“I don’t know. I thought it was just a stupid doll”

“Maybe you felt left out and wanted to play with the dolls.”

“No way. I am a boy, and boys do not play with sissy dolls”

“Boys do not take the heads off dolls either.”

I then took out a big bag that I had. I started taking petticoat dresses out as well as summer dresses. I also had tights as well as panties. Johan looked at them, thinking it was unfair that his sister was getting a new wardrobe. However, I told him to take these clothes up to his room, and hang the dresses nicely in his wardrobe and put the panties nicely in his drawers. Johan was a bit surprised that it was in his room, but for the first time, maybe in his life, he did not complain. I told them that we would need these dresses and clothes later.

When Johan was finished, he came down and sat on the chair. It appeared as if he was lost in his own thoughts. It was like he wanted to share his thoughts, but was embarrassed. I knew what he was thinking. After putting the new girl clothes in his wardrobe, he thought that they were very beautiful. I could understand that he dared not share his inner thoughts. We teach boys to think macho, and he would never dare share his thoughts because he was afraid that he would be teased.

It didn’t take him long to find out how to express himself. He jumped on his little sister and twisted her arm. His mother tried to make him stop, but Johan just continued in inflicting pain on his younger sister. At last, I broke the fight and say that the punishment would be that Johan had to go to his room, and put on the night clothes that I put at the end of the bed. I warned him that I didn’t want any complaints, or I didn’t want any questions. Now was his turn to do as he was told.

This was the defining moment. We would find out if Johan accepted petticoat punishment. In other words where boys are treated like little girls. The approach was simple. Let a boy wear girl clothes and then watch the boy come in contact with his compassionate, behaved, and cheerful feminine side. I warned his parents and his sister not to tease or laugh when he came down the stairs. What he needed now was love.

Johan came down the stairs dressed in a nightgown. It had flowers and butterflies on it. It went to his knees and had lace. He walked slowly down and looked downwards. He didn’t say a word as his family was trying their best not to laugh. That didn’t last long. They all started to laugh. Johan didn’t say or mutter a thing. Of course, he knew that he looked like a girl, and he knew why his family was laughing. He even understood why this was a punishment. Yet there was something that bothered him worse. Why did he not cause a tantrum over this punishment? Why did he just accept it? I think I knew why. He thought the nightgown was pretty, and he was going to play martyr in order that he could wear it. I suddenly thought that the problem with him could have been that he was a transgender child. It would explain much of the jealousy of his sister. I could see that he was kicking his legs in the air as he watched TV on the floor. I could see that he was wearing panties under his nightdress. I tried not looking surprised but wondered why he would put on girl panties that were in his drawer. They were not in the pile of clothes that he had to put on. A light bulb went off in my head. Could this be the reason that he tortured and teased his sister so much? Johan saw me look at him, and quickly lowered his head. I quickly smiled hoping that he will relax and feel comfortable taking a chance wearing girl panties and of course the nightdress.

The next morning, I walked into Johan’s room to see what he was doing. He was already up, which is quite unusual, as it was a Saturday. I could see that he was taking the bedclothes off his bed. They were wet.

“Did you wet the bed?” I asked


“It will be best if we tell each other the truth”


“Do you wet the bed every night?”


“Do you sometimes wet during the day?”


“That must be why you were wearing panties yesterday”

“They were… they… they were pretty and I had no briefs left”

“OK. It must have been hard for you hiding your wetting from your mother and father. You must really feel strange. I can assure you that you have been a courageous boy. How did you feel with the nightdress and panties on you?”

“I- I felt like a girl. I felt pretty. I know I am a freak because I like wearing girl clothes. I am just a sissy”

“First Johan let me assure you that many children wet themselves. Their bladder doesn’t grow fast enough. Don’t worry, you will get over it. As for being a sissy, don’t let that get you down. I am here to help. I will help you find your true self. You can be a sissy, and there is nothing wrong with thinking you are a girl. The main thing is that you are happy”

“Please don’t tell Mum that I am a bed wetter and I thought I looked pretty last night”

“At some stage, we are going to have to tell her, but not now. Now, you and I are going out shopping. We are going to buy you diapers, so you don’t wet your clothes and bed anymore.”

“No way am I going to wear diapers!”

“It’s me that decides while I am here. Come on, let’s go shopping. In the meantime, you can wear panties and some tights I bought. No one will know that you have them on.”

We visited the local supermarket. I could see that Johan was trying to lift his trousers as far as possible. He did not want anyone to see his panties and tights. He also put his hood on. He didn’t want anyone to know it was him. I laughed at him, thinking he was being so sweet, but we were only buying diapers. He put some boy pampers that fit him in the basket. I put them back getting him the same type of GIRL diapers. He looked confused at me, and I whispered that I thought he might have preferred them, as they were pretty. I gave him the money for the diapers and threw a bottle and pacifiers in the basket. He looked at me again. I said I would probably need these.

The cashier took the diapers and coded them in. Johan looked down as she looked up at him. Then she did the bottle and pacifier. Poor Johan, he was as red as a cherry. This was a good experience for him. He has a problem that has an embarrassing solution. He takes the bull by the horn and does something about it.

When we got home, I helped Johan put a diaper on. He was quite surprised by the fit and told me that it looked pretty and felt so comfortable. I told him he can wear tights, and he smiled as he put them on again. I told him that it was the time that his Mum and dad knew about this. Johan started to cry, but I calmed him down and said that I would speak to them, and I am sure that his parents love him enough and would help him.

It is never easy telling parents that their son has a problem. I decided to tell them the truth as short as I could and tell them it’s really not a problem. Of course, the parents were not alone in this. They knew that millions of viewers would now be watching as I told them that their son was a bed wetter. His mum knew this and the fact that he hid his clothes and bed sheets. Like many parents, she thought that it was just a phase, and would go away. I mentioned that he now wears diapers until he gets better, and he has slowly come to accept this. His dad was not that happy about this. Try telling a proud dad that it is no shame to require help as in diapers, to save the embarrassment and shame of wet clothes.

I also told them that the punishment he was getting was called petticoat punishment. This simply means wearing dresses and other girl clothing if he misbehaves. Both parents found this to be a strange form of punishment. However, they were shocked when I told them that Johan did not consider it as a punishment. I asked them what did they not notice when he got the nightdress on, that he did not tease his sister. His feminine side was showing. Then I told the parents that he enjoyed wearing girl clothes and I considered him transgender. His father got very mad and said that it was my job as a nanny to help him be a boy. He should learn how to play sports. He should learn about cars and hunting. I told the father that research has shown that we should respect what is going on in his head and support him. The father just got mad and said that this was the modern politically right attitude that has the country in a mess that it was now.

Hi, mother was more understanding and asked does this mean she has two daughters. I said give it time and let Johan decide. I said the main thing was not to look at him as a freak if he wore girl clothes or liked traditional girl activities. His mother could accept this and promised that she will get all the psychologists and help that she could. This was too much for the father. All of you know that seen this episode knows that he packed his bags and left. Funny enough, the mother never shed a tear that her husband was leaving. She explained that the children come first.

Johan noticed. He thought it was his fault that his father left. I told him that his father was in turmoil against a son that he has and the son that he wanted. It was a big shock to his father, and it was something his father had to deal with. By no means was it Johan’s fault.

The next day was Sunday. This was supposed to be my last day here. It was an ordinary day. Johan came down after sleeping late. He told me it was nice sleeping in a diaper, as it did not make his bed sheets were wet. He could not remember a time when he slept so well. He joked and said that he slept like a baby.

Peace didn’t last. Johan started fighting his sister. When I came in the room, they were pulling each other’s hair. They had both long hairs, so it must have hurt. I shouted at the top of my voice. Once again, I told Johan to go to his room and put the clothes that were on the bed. He didn’t argue against what I was saying. He just went to his room

When he came down, he was dressed in an old petticoat. It was red and white, with lots of lace around the sleeves and neck. I think his family and I were in shock. Johan looked like a girl. He sat on the chair and said and didn’t say much. He kept looking at his mother, which just smiled assuring him. Of course, he knew that his father was gone. Deep down I know that he thought it was still his fault. That’s the problem with parents leaving each other. It leaves children thinking that it was their fault. I broke the silence and said that his father might come back when he accepts Johan the way he is, but no matter what, it was not his fault.

The afternoon was quiet. We were sitting down watching TV. At one stage Johan rose and went over to his sister. He apologized and gave her a hug. I knew that by now, my job was over. Johan could wear dresses at home, and be happy with the inner girl, that was a part of him. He no longer fought with his sister or argued with his mother. Johan was finding his dominant feminine side, and his mother would allow him to be a girl at home. He even played with his sister later that afternoon. There were tears when I was going. Hugs and kisses. I hated leaving families, but I knew that someone else needed me. I would always remember Johan and his family. Maybe it’s because he was transgender, and I bought this side of him forth.

A few days later, the phone at my office rang. I thought it was from the show’s producers. They did not like the last show as they thought it was unethical to show the whole world a boy that could be transgender. I did not think this. I thought it would be an inspiration to the whole world. It was Johan’s mother on the phone. She begged me to come back as there were big problems with Johan.

I rushed to the house and found Johan sitting on the sofa just in a pair of tights and his diaper. I asked him what the problem is. He just said that he was teased at school the last few days. They found out that he wore diapers and tights to school. Everyone was calling him a sissy and “pisspants”. People could be so cruel! I asked him did he want to stop wearing those. It was obvious that he thought about this, as the answer was reflective. He said the damage was done, People knew and everyone would know about the dresses when the show was aired. I asked him did he not want the show on the air. He looked at me and said he didn’t know. In a way, he wanted everyone to know. He didn’t want this to be kept a secret. He liked wearing girl clothes. He liked girl activities. He liked when his sister did his hair, so it looked even more girlish. He even admitted that he liked when his sister called his sister. I promised Johan that I would help him.

I called his mother in. I said that Johan was going through rough times. Not only he was finding out who he was, but also now the whole school was teasing him about it. I told them about a private school that transgender children went to. It helped them be girls all the time. The clothes were in fact very pretty. Johan would be very happy in this school. He would be together with boys that were like him. He could really find out who he was. This would mean that he would not be tormented and teased. His mother looked worried. She admitted that this would mean a divorce. She loved Johan and could see by the smile on his face that this was something that he wanted. This was something that he needed.

A month later, I visited Johan at the school. He greeted me in the school uniform which was a blouse and navy skirt. He had white tights and his hair was put in a ponytail. He looked so cute. Or should I say, she looked so cute?

“So how is school?” I asked

“This is much better than the old school. We do so much here.”

“Like what?”

“We learn gymnastics, sewing, how to make clothes, cooking. It is so fun here.”

“Has anyone teased you?”

“No. Well sometimes someone teases about the diapers, but it’s not mean.”

So there you have it. This was the most controversial show on SUPERNANNY about a boy that wished to be a girl. Many thought that I brainwashed him. But I would have to be a great brainwasher to do that. This was a boy that was lost in our world. He needed to find his place in the world. Who knows if he is a girl trapped in a boy’s body? At least he is finding out.

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