Synopsis: Mace Conway loves the power of transforming and betraying submissives. His latest victim is a young transsexual college student named Mandy who seems almost too good to be true.
Warning: Contains scenes of sexual abuse and violence.

Julie O

Edited by Amelia R.

Chapter 1

Mace Conway got up from his seat in front of his computer; He had just spent three hours playing with his latest catch. He arched his back as he stretched and then glanced at his watch. It was almost midnight. He walked over to the fridge and took out another bottle of beer. Soon, he thought, soon I will have another conquest.

His real name was Maynard Arthur Conway, but no one dared called him by that name. He had insisted that he be called Mace, as it sounded more macho, and he had enforced this edict on anyone he came in contact with. At six-two, two hundred twenty pounds, Mace didn't fear most men, and no woman. He kept in good shape, as he spent three hours a day in the gym. He kept his jet-black hair cut short. His goatee was also always trimmed and neat.

He was so enamored with this name that he had gotten a tattoo of a medieval mace etched into his right bicep. Staring at himself in the mirror, he pulled up his shirtsleeve and flexed the muscles in his right arm. Damn, I'm good looking, he thought.

He sipped the beer and thought about the sissy-bitch he had just spent three hours training. He had first met her online three months ago, in a chatroom that catered to men wishing to be enslaved and turned into feminized sluts. Mace however wasn't interested in cyber-fantasies and had been looking for an ideal subject for him to control, train, and use in real life.

This would be the sixth person that he had taken control of and transformed into his slave. His goal was to gain total mental and physical control over them and, once they'd totally surrendered to him, he would turn them out on the streets. Had sold his last slut to a local pimp for ten grand.

Mace didn't really care about owning a slave; it was the act of transforming them that excited him. He would gradually take control of them, first in the cyber world, and then in real life. Gradually he would bring them under his control. Soon they would do anything he asked. The whole time he was getting off on watching them transform into submissive sex toys. The best he saved for last; he would fuck them and then turn them over to their new pimp. He always could have worked them himself, but that was too much work. Besides, he loved the look on their faces when they realized that he wasn't interested in them. As his betrayal sank in, they would plead to stay with him; it was so rich.

Mace wasn't picky over the gender of his victims, as long as they were submissive. In fact, he would alternate between women and the transgendered. For the most part he had little trouble.

The only problem had occurred with his third slave. She was a college co-ed and the shock of being turned into a drug-addicted whore had been too great for her. She had freaked out and tried to stab him. He'd killed her and dropped her body in an alley. The police had talked to him about the murder, but while he'd admitted that he once knew the girl, he was as shocked as anyone when she had turned to selling her body. He wasn't sure if the police believed him or not, but they never came back.

One detective who had questioned him obviously suspected the truth, but without evidence, what could he do? Mace remembered sitting in the police interrogation room across from that burly detective - what was his name? Oh yes, thought Mace, it was Det. Artie Davis. Mace vividly remembered the detective's piercing eyes. They seemed to stare right into his mind, and it had actually spooked Mace slightly. It was obvious that Detective Davis felt sure that Mace had killed the girl, but he lacked the evidence to charge Mace. Now, Mace had been in custody many times, but that had been the only time he'd actually felt worried. There was something about the large detective that unnerved him. Mace had actually kept his nose clean for over six months, just to make sure that cop didn't have any excuse to haul him back in.

However, Bree's death was ancient history now. Mace figured the police and Detective Davis had more pressing business than investigating the death of a whore. It was in the past now, and Mace didn't worry about it too much.

His present project was a male college student whom he was grooming to become a buxom shemale whore. Mace had christened "her" Capri. His plan was to work through the alphabet with both his female and transgendered slaves.

Mace looked at his watch and then picked up his cell phone. He hit one of his stored numbers.

"Carlo, can you talk?" asked Mace.

"Hey, Mace, sure thing, what's up, man?" asked the voice on the other end.

"I'm looking to score some of your medicine for my latest project," stated Mace.

"No prob. I take it you want the extra-strength ones?"

"Of course. The purpose is get her addicted as soon as possible," replied Mace with a laugh.

"You want the usual order?" asked Carlo.

"Yes. Coke, crack, pills, and just for fun throw in some ecstasy," replied Mace.

"Cool. I should have it for you tonight. So, do I get my usual tip?" he asked.

Mace laughed. "Sure. I'll make sure that you're her pusher when she hits the street. Also I'll tell her that in addition to paying you, she'll have to suck you too."

"Excellent. By the way, the pills are the latest and greatest. She'll be a junkie in less than a week."

"Good." He felt his erection growing at the thought of Capri becoming an addict. As he pleasured himself, he thought about the last three months.

Chapter 2

Mace had been searching the chatrooms for several weeks before he noticed the guy who would become Capri. His name was really Mike, but he called himself Mandy. Mace figured that any guy who wanted to wear dresses deserved to be controlled and emasculated. He started his control by only referring to Mike as Mandy. Mike didn't matter, he was insignificant, and Mace only wanted Mandy.

Mace checked out Mandy's profile and he liked what he saw. Mandy was presently a college student in the same city. That was good, as it made gaining control even easier. Mace always picked out a victim who lived close.

Mandy's photo showed potential. She was only five-six and was thin. Her size would make her easier to dominate, thought Mace. She also had long dirty blonde hair. It was almost to her shoulders. Additionally she had pierced ears. While she attended college as Mike, she admitted that she often spent her off time as a girl.

She looked passable and that also attracted Mace. That meant that he didn't have to put as much effort into initially feminizing her.

Mandy stated in her profile that she was very submissive. Mace smiled at this description. He had seen so many posers who claimed to be subs, but weren't willing to give up control. He would test Mandy. He figured that he would be able to tell within a few hours if she was really worth putting an effort into.

He stared at her photo for a long time before he made contact. Her face was pretty, but her lips were too small. She would need collagen injections. He would also have her bleach her hair and grow it out.

He was pleased that she had pierced ears, but he would require more than just one hole per ear. He would have her get three or more for each ear. He would also pierce her tongue, nipples, and clitty. Mace would do this himself, as he owned a body piercing and tattoo parlor. He could have one of his employees do it, but why let them have the fun?

He would take her to a friend who did permanent makeup. She would get eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips done. He found this was an especially effective form of control for the t-girls.

He scanned down to her body. If she was the one, then he would have her on hormones within a few weeks. Breast implants were a must. All his sluts, regardless of their gender had to have huge tits. Besides, it would aid them in their new careers!

Keeping her body hairless would be a must, including the area around her pussy.

He would also have her only wear panties and gradually shift her wardrobe to only women's clothes. He would do this by having her wear girls' jeans and shoes, things like that. Then he would have her shift to only skirts and dresses. The next move would be have her dress sexy and slutty. By then she would be totally under his control.

Along the way he would have her start drugs. While he could control her without them, it just added another layer to her enslavement. He would start out on grass and then move to coke. Eventually she would be an addict. He liked to get them addicted to crack or something like that.

After debating with himself, Mace decided that Mandy was worth checking out. Besides she had that look that he liked; in fact he thought she looked a little like one of his previous girls. He had a thing for blue-eyed blondes. Maybe because they reminded him of the slutty cheerleaders he had known in high school.

Chapter 3

After twenty minutes of casual conversation, Mace asked Mandy if she'd rather talk in private. He was pleased with how quickly she agreed.

Mace: I'll be upfront with you; I'm looking for real time servitude. Consider what we do in here as an audition. Is that clear?

Mandy: Yes, Master.

Mace: Don't call me Master. I haven't agreed to own you yet. However your willingness to serve please me. Call me Mace.

Mandy: Yes, Mace. I understand and will obey.

Mace: Good girl. Now do you have any more photos?"

Within a few minutes Mandy had sent Mace three more photos, include a nude. That especially pleased Mace, as he now had an idea of how far he could take her.

Mace continued to size her up. She seemed very submissive and wasn't scared off when he had told her that he was interested in real service.

Mace: Are you willing to become a fulltime girl?

Mandy: Yes, I'd love to live as a girl!

Mace: If I make you my girl, I will expect total obedience. Do you understand?

Mandy: Yes, Mace, I understand.

Mace: I like my girls to be slutty. Would you like me to turn you into my slut?

Mandy: Yes. Please, turn me into your slut!

Mace: Tell me more about yourself. Do you live alone?

Over the next hour he learned more and more about her. It was looking better and better. She was a freshman at City College and she lived alone in a studio apartment near campus. She was an orphan and had a sizable trust fund. This was good for a variety of reasons, thought Mace.

A freshman was less likely to be noticed when she disappeared. What family she had was on the west coast. She also had money, so she could pay for the numerous changes he had in mind for her.

Mace: Do you really want to serve me?"

Mandy: Yes, Mace.

Mace: Have you read my profile?"

Mandy: Yes, Mace, many times. I had hoped that you would pick me.

Mace nodded. Good, she had seen him in the room and had waited like a good little slut to be picked. Yes, he thought, she'll do.

Mace: If you want to serve me, then I want you to log out of here and, after changing your profile, return here as soon as you're done. You're name is now Capri, and you will include in your profile that you are my property. Is that clear, slave?

Mandy: Yes, Master.

Mace nodded, she's very submissive and smart enough to call him master now. He didn't mind his slaves being smart, that only made them easier to train.

Twenty minutes later, Capri logged into the room. Mace checked her profile and was very pleased that she had listed that she was the property of Master Mace.

He worked her for a couple of hours before giving her some final instructions.

Mace: I want you to grow out your hair. Do not cut it. Is that clear?

Capri: Yes, Master.

Mace: Good girl. Now, I want you to get your body waxed. If they ask you why, you will tell them that you're doing it to please your Master. Is that clear?

This was one of his first tests to see how they reacted.

Capri: Yes, Master. I will do as you have ordered.

Mace smiled.

Mace: I want you to throw out all your male underwear. From now on you only wear panties.

Capri: Yes, Master.

Mace: One more thing. You no longer own your clitty. I own it, and you may not pleasure yourself without my permission. If you please me, I will let you rub your clitty. I will know if you disobey me. Do you understand?"

Capri: Yes, Master.

Capri agreed to this and several other demands. Mace was very pleased. For the next couple of hours, he played with her and found that she was indeed very submissive.

Chapter 4

Over the next few weeks, Mace gradually increased his control. He had her buy a cam so that he could watch her during their sessions. He insisted that she dress en femme and slutty for their digital meetings. Whenever he allowed her to pleasure herself, he had he lick up all her cum. He wanted her to get used to the taste, as it would be an important part of her training. He was very pleased that she was doing everything he ordered. In fact, he decided that she was ready for the next step.

Mace: I want to see you this weekend.

Capri: Really, Master? I'd love that! Thank you!

Mace smiled, he had been right again. She would be his next conquest. She had already given him her phone number. They had talked a few times on the phone. Mace had traced her number and had checked out where she lived. So far everything she had told him was true. This gave him an erection. True subs were so trusting and that made the betrayal so much better. The look of shock on their face when they realized that they were facing a future of being a whore was priceless.

Mace: Yes. I will be at your place tomorrow evening. I want you to be waiting for me, dressed in panties, bra, stockings, high heels, and a garter belt. You will curl your hair and make yourself up .I want you to look slutty. Is that clear?

Capri: Yes, Master.

Mace: I will arrive at seven. I will stay until Sunday morning. You will do everything I order.

Capri: Yes, Master.

Mace was very pleased when he was met at the door by Capri. She was dressed, as he had demanded.

He closed and locked the door. "I've very pleased that you obeyed me."

Capri nodded and Mace noticed that she was trembling slightly. That made him lick his lips in anticipation. His plan was to use this weekend to ease her down the road to femininity. He would be kind to her and gain her trust. Once he started her on the road to permanent change, it all became so much easier.

He was carrying two large bags and he set them down next to the couch as he sat down.

Capri stood before him with her head down in submission.

"Have you ever been with a man?" he asked.

Capri shook her head. "No, Master."

He nodded. "Come sit here next to me." He patted the seat next to him.

Capri obeyed. Mace smiled as he checked her out. She looked even smaller in real life.

"Now, I know you're nervous. I want you to relax. You were meant to be a girl; this is the right path for you." He pulled her gently closer to him. "A girl has to know how to please her man."

He leaned down and began to kiss Capri. She was offering no resistance and willing accepted his tongue as it pressed deep into her mouth. He ran his hands over her body as they kissed. He wanted her to get used to attention to her breasts, and so he rubbed her tiny nipples.

He then guided one of Capri's hands down to his hardening cock. He let her massage it through his black jeans. She responded willingly and Mace knew she was ready for the next step. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock.

Mace's cock was seven inches when fully hard, and he guided Capri's hand to begin stroking him. She obeyed and began to stroke him as they kissed.

So far she was passing all the tests, so Mace guided her head down to his lap. "Show me that you're my girl."

Capri nodded and opened her mouth and his cock slid in. He smiled as she fought off gagging as she sucked him. This one was so eager to please, he thought. She wasn't the best cocksucker that he had known, but what she lacked in skill she made up for with enthusiasm. She took it all in and then bobbed back up. Mace held her head and began to fuck her mouth. He worked her faster and faster until he came deep into her mouth. She gagged, but swallowed every drop. Mace was incredibly pleased with her effort and he knew an appropriate reward.

When she finished he ordered her to slide over until she was lying across his lap. He reached down into one of his bags and pulled out a small leather case.

"A true girl like you needs to be rewarded," he stated as he prepared the syringe. He then injected her with a very potent experimental female hormone. He had originally used estrogen, but it didn't work fast enough. He had found a supplier of a powerful synthetic hormone. It worked three to four times faster than the natural stuff. He wasn't worried that in its clinical tests it had been linked to cancer and heart attacks. That would be his victim's problem, not his.

Capri took her shot without complaint.

"Good girl. Now, I will give you several more shots over the weekend. I will also leave you pills. You will take them everyday. I want to see you grow nice big tits."

"Yes, Master," she replied.

Mace smiled. He reached into the bag and pulled out the containers of drugs. Like the injection, the pills were experimental. They wouldn't work overnight, but in a few months she would have tits, along with other feminine changes. He wanted her to have at least B-cup breasts before he would have her get implants. With her small frame, D-cups would look so sexy.

He planned to have her suck his cock numerous times that weekend. He wanted her to get used to the taste of cum. He also planned to start preparing her anally. He had several butt plugs and vibrators in the bag. These would be used to train her to take cock up her ass-pussy.

He had her get up and ordered her to lead him to the bedroom. Her next lesson was about to begin.

Chapter 5

Saturday he took Capri out shopping. He'd discovered that this was a very effective way of strengthening his dominance.

"I want you to look pretty for me. In the future you will have to buy all your own clothing, but today I'm treating you," he stated.

"Thank you, Master," replied Capri as she licked the last of his cum off her lips.

"I want you to get dressed. Do you have a dress?" he asked.

Capri nodded and showed him a blue floral pattern short dress.

"That will do. Fix yourself up. I also want you to wear the small butt plug."

"Yes, Master," replied Capri.

Mace watched as she did her makeup and styled her hair. In a few weeks, he would have her bleach it and have it cut into a unisex style. Gradually she wouldn't be able to pass as a guy. She would go out and salesclerks would call her Miss, even when she was trying to look like a guy. Mace got hard thinking about this.

They hit a variety of stores, with Mace picking out outfits for her. He only picked out skirts and dresses for her, not pants, all of which had short hems. She had a nice pair of legs and they would only get better as the hormones did their magic.

Mace didn't bother with collars or things like that. He preferred mental bondage and control, and so far Capri was falling deeper and deeper under his control.

He also bought her several pairs of shoes, ranging from boots to pumps.

"When you're at home, you will always wear heels from now on," he stated.

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl."

By the end of the day he had spent over a thousand on clothes, shoes, lingerie, jewelry and makeup for his new slave. It was more of a loan, as he would get it all back with interest.

When they got back to Capri's apartment, he watched as she carefully put away her new outfits.

"Now, I want you to put all your male clothes on the bed," he ordered.

Capri obeyed and soon her bed was covered with her male wardrobe.

Mace told her to go get some trash bags. He was pleased to see that she had obeyed him and had already disposed of her male underwear.

"I will let you keep some of this, the rest we'll go drop off at the Goodwill," stated Mace.

He left her with one pair of jeans, several t-shirts and a few long sleeve shirts. He also left her with one pair of sneakers.

"Now, before you panic, my sweet. Tomorrow you will go shopping. You will buy some new jeans. They will be girls' jeans. You will buy some new shoes; again they will be girls' shoes. But buy the type that could pass for male shoes. Also buy a woman's watch that could pass for a male's. You can still wear these t-shirts, but I want you to buy some tops that could pass for what a boy would wear. This way, Capri, when you pretend to be a boy, you're really going to be dressed in girls' clothes."

"Yes, Master," she replied.

"Remember, Capri, you entered this relationship of your own free will. Do you still want to be my slave?" asked Mace.

"Yes, Master. I want to serve you!"

"Okay. Now bag up this stuff. We'll run it over to the donation box," ordered Mace.

As Capri slowly bagged up her male wardrobe, Mace went through her apartment and scooped up other male items. He cleaned out her bathroom of male aftershave, deodorant, shampoo, and other items. He would have her replace them with more appropriate feminine substitutes. He wanted her to be constantly aware that she was becoming a woman.

"We'll stop at the drugstore on the way back here. I want you to smell nice too," remarked Mace.

"Yes, Master," replied Capri. The reality of what was happening was beginning to sink in. She knew that she couldn't resist her strong Master.

Later that evening she sucked his cock as they drove back to her apartment. Mace began to revise the timeline he had initially set for Capri's transformation; she was a true submissive gem.

Chapter 6

Mace had Capri dress Sunday morning. He ordered her to dress in her remaining male clothing.

"I'm very pleased with your progress so far, slave," he commented. "I want you to go out go shopping. I know you won't let me down."

Capri nodded and slipped on a pair of pink panties. She had already slipped in her butt plug. Mace had ordered her to wear one at least six hours a day. She then pulled up her last pair of male pants. By this evening, those too would be in a Goodwill donation box, along with her last pair of male shoes.

Mace noticed that she had a soft feminine aroma about her. It was a combination of her shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. He smiled to himself that soon she would be adding perfume to her daily routine.

He had also given her three injections that weekend. He would give her more the following weekend.

"Have you taken your pills yet?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," replied Capri. She put on a red t-shirt.

"Good. Trust me, Capri, I'll know if you're not taking them," he warned.

He walked her down to her car. Capri's hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she looked very feminine.

"I'll see you online this evening. Now have fun shopping, my sweet slave," he stated.

Capri thanked him and went off on her assigned tasks.

Mace knew that this would be a very humiliating experience for Capri. She would have to go into stores and try on and buy women's clothing for herself. He imagined that there would be some salesgirls snickering at the thin male. It was all part of his plan to strip her of her self-respect and masculinity. The soft seduction was so much more satisfying than using threats and violence. Anyone could do that, thought Mace; what I do is an art.

By that afternoon, Capri had bought what she had needed. She had three pairs of jeans, several belts, a ladies' Timex watch, socks, tops, and several pairs of shoes. She bought running shoes, a pair of hiking boots, and a couple pairs of sandals. She also bought a pair of black flats.

She went home and changed into her new clothes. In accordance with Mace's orders, she took the old male jeans and shoes to the Goodwill. She walked into the market to buy something for dinner. At first glance, she looked like a thin guy with a ponytail. Yet if anyone had looked carefully, they would have seen that she was dressed entirely in women's clothing. She was even wearing a gray top instead of one of her remaining male t-shirts.

Mace watched her from his car as she walked down the street towards her apartment. He was very pleased with how she had followed his orders so completely.

Chapter 7

Capri went to her classes unaware that Mace was sometimes watching her. So far she continued to follow his orders.

Mace drove over to Capri's apartment while she was in class and, using the key she had given him, entered, carrying several bags. He checked her bedroom and was satisfied that she had disposed of all her male clothing, with the exception of a few shirts. Even her sweats and jean jacket were now feminine.

He then stripped her sheets and made her bed with pink floral sheets. He also replaced her green towels with pink ones. Next he picked up a copy of each of the magazines that were in the apartment. He would send in a subscription change for each to change the name to Capri Thomas. He had also taken the liberty of giving her several new subscriptions to women's magazines.

Mace placed a vase of flowers on her small kitchen table. He would change the art on the walls over the next few days. He left her a note telling her that he was pleased with her progress.

Capri was shocked when she saw the changes to her apartment. Her life was changing so quickly.

Chapter 8

Over the next few weeks Mace continued his transformation of Capri. After just three weeks she was starting to show breast growth. Her nipples had grown and seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal.

"Soon, you will have to start wearing a bra, Capri," he remarked as she sucked his cock. "In fact, I want you to start wearing one all the time, starting tomorrow."

Capri didn't reply, as she was too busy orally pleasuring Mace. Thankfully the weather had turned cooler, so she would be able to hide the fact that she was wearing a bra under her coat. But the other changes were making it harder to pass as a guy. Her hair had had a growth spurt and was now well past her shoulders. She wore it in a ponytail while at school. Additionally, she felt as if her hips and ass were growing too.

She had been crossing campus the other day and she could have sworn that a guy was checking her out. Still it was all part of the path she had chosen.

Mace held her head down on his cock as he came. She was becoming a much more proficient cocksucker and he complimented her for this.

He was still training her anally. She had graduated to a larger butt plug and he had been using a vibrator on her nightly. He couldn't wait to bust her virgin ass.

"Get dressed. I have another surprise for you," he ordered. "Wear something cute and sexy."

"Yes, Master," Capri replied.

He was taking her to his shop today.

Mace led her in to his shop. "Come on, Capri, we need to go in the back."

Capri obeyed and followed him back into the piercing room.

"Okay, these will hurt a little, but I know you'll be able to tolerate it. You're doing this to prove how much you love me," explained Mace. "Now, get undressed and we'll get started.

Capri obeyed and sat down on the exam table.

A short time later, she had a steel ring through the head of her clitty. Both nipples had matching rings and her tongue had a small post in it. Mace loved the way that felt when he was getting oral.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked.

"No, Master," replied Capri, as she looked down on her piercings.

"I have one more thing to do to you. Now, lie down on your back," ordered Mace.

Capri obeyed and in a moment she was aware that Mace was tattooing her. It seemed to take hours, but eventually Mace finished.

"Now, sit up slowly. This is my gift to you, to show you that you mean so much to me," he stated.

Capri sat up and saw that just below her bikini line was the word slave tattooed in red script lettering. Additionally, there was a small image of a mace on her right ankle.

"Now, everyone will know that you belong to me," announced Mace.

Mace then went on to explain how she was to take care of the tattoos and her piercings. He didn't do anything else to her; she needed time to recover before the next changes.

Chapter 9

A week later Capri was ordered to get her hair bleached and cut. Mace told her the salon to go to.

The woman was very pleased to meet Capri. "I'm very impressed. You already look so feminine. I can understand why you want to be a girl."

Her name was Karen and she had known Mace for a few years. She was also in the S&M scene and enjoyed the fact that she had a role in the feminization of this college boy.

Actually, Capri barely looked like a boy. Her breasts were presently A-cup and still growing. Her waist had shrunk three inches. In her girl jeans and sweater, she looked like a young woman.

Just that morning the guy at Starbucks had called her Miss.

"Now, I'm going to give you a cut that will really enhance your femininity. You'll be able to style it for those times when you want to look like a boy. Although, looking at you, I don't see how you could pass as a boy," remarked Karen. Mace had asked her to continually tell Capri how feminine she was. It was a task Karen really enjoyed.

Capri sat there in silence as Karen turned her into a bleached blonde. Additionally, Karen waxed Capri's eyebrows.

"Let me do your nails while we're waiting. I'll just use a clear-coat polish for now," continued Karen.

Capri just nodded. She had been told by Mace to agree to whatever Karen wanted. She suspected that Mace was somewhere close watching.

Capri tried to keep track of everything that Karen was doing to her. The smells were terrible as Karen worked. Capri wasn't worried about the reaction from her classmates, as most didn't know who she was, and the others just thought she was some weirdo.

Capri was also a bit surprised by the amount of hair that Karen cut off. She had thought that her hair would remain long.

When Karen turned her around, she gasped. He hair was very light blonde, almost white. It was cut in a layered look that made her look very feminine.

"All you have to do is brush it like this, and it will look slightly more butch," stated Karen.

Capri had her doubts. She had never thought that she could look so feminine. Her nails, even with clear polish, contributed to her girlish appearance.

"Now, come back when your roots start to darken and I'll touch you up. Maybe you'll let me give you a perm when you're ready to give up your boy life," commented Karen.

As Capri walked home, she kept seeing her image in store windows. She no longer had to try to look female. It was looking male that would be difficult, if not impossible.

Chapter 10

Mace called Karen and thanked for the great job she had done.

"You did a wonderful job. I don't think she'll be able to pass as a boy anymore," stated Mace.

"I know. I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I told her that. So when can I give her a perm? I think she'd look darling with big curls," replied Karen.

"In a few weeks. I want you to do it right after she gets permanent makeup," replied Mace.

"She's going to be a real cutie. You sure have a knack for picking out adorable blondes."

"I know. She's pretty hot."

Mace couldn't believe that he had taken her so far in just three months. He watched her as she left for class and there was so little masculinity in her looks.

Her piercings weren't totally healed yet, but he was pleased with her progress. The hormones had done wonders too. He had called his plastic surgeon friend and had made an appointment. The doctor was also in the scene and enjoyed enhancing bodies without the patient's total permission. He got a chance to satisfy his fetish thanks to people like Mace.

"You know, Mace. I'm pretty sure that I can give her an E-cup without too much trouble. From what I've seen in those photos you've sent me, she already has some good breast development."

"What about her hips?" asked Mace.

"Oh, I'll have fun with those. I can give her a nice caboose."

"Good. She'll need it when she's strutting her stuff on the street," replied Mace.

"Too bad, but your loss will be the public's gain!" he laughed.

"Yes. Oh, one more thing. What about her face?"

"Nose could be smaller, and I can give her some nice cocksucker lips," stated the doctor.

"Just do the lips," replied Mace.

"You sure?" asked the doctor.

"Yes. Nose jobs take too long to heal."

"Okay. So I can expect you here next Thursday around seven?" asked the doctor.

"Yes. Her classes end that day. I think it would be a nice reward for her."

Mace hung up the phone. He thought about Capri and how unbelievably lucky to have found her. She was a fucking dream come true, he thought. In fact, she was almost too good to believe! Mace couldn't believe his luck in finding a sissy so submissive and willing to please him- all his previous subs had had some difficult spots that had required extra time and effort, and all had had occasional times when they cried, even while trying to obey him. But not Capri; Mace figured that she must be close to the ultimate true submissive. This would make his betrayal of her all the sweeter, and his cock grew in excitement as he contemplated her reaction.

Chapter 11

Friday evening Mace picked up Capri. His three months of groundwork were about to pay off. Capri didn't know it yet, but her life was about to change forever. Up to this point, she could have pulled back. True, the hormones had changed her, but even those changes could be reversed. Mace knew from his previous conquests that starting tonight Capri would truly be his.

"Where are we going tonight, Master?" asked Capri.

She was dressed in a short black leather mini skirt, knee high black high heel boots, a gold top, with a leather jacket. Her hair was styled out and she had done her makeup heavy, as Mace liked it.

"It's a surprise, slave," he stated, smiling inside at the fact that after tonight Capri would never be able to pass as a guy again. "I know you have exams to study for, but I wanted you to relax a little."

Mace drove them to the club where he would get the drugs. It was a very safe place to deal, as it was owned by the mob. Mace led Capri inside. Many of the regulars knew him and nodded knowingly.

"Sit here for a moment. Don't worry, no one is going to bother you," comforted Mace. "I have to see someone."

Capri sat there and waited for Mace's return. The waiter brought over a glass of wine. She sipped it nervously.

Mace returned a few minutes later. "Enjoying your drink? I thought you'd like it."

Capri nodded. "Thank you, Master."

"I have another gift for you. I know how stressed out you've been lately, these pills will help you relax." He handed her the small bottle of pills. "Take one."

Capri normally would have asked what they were, but that was another lifetime. She obediently swallowed the pill, washing it down with the wine.

A short time later she felt very relaxed.

Mace noted the change in her demeanor and smiled. "The effect will last a few hours. Here's the bottle, take one when you're done studying, they'll help you get to sleep."

"Thank you, Master," replied Capri. "I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me."

Mace nodded.

Chapter 12

Capri stumbled through her finals. While the pills helped her sleep, they made it difficult to study. She found that by Monday she was taking one as soon as she got home. The pills made her so relaxed that her fears of the tests seemed to melt away.

She sloughed off the feeling of uneasiness she had when she awoke the following morning. Her first final wasn't that hard, but she had trouble concentrating. She barely finished and knew that she should have done much better. She was determined to study harder for her next one, but found that she was popping one of the pills as soon as she got home.

By midweek she had to force herself to go to school. The only things on her mind were serving Mace and taking her pills.

Thursday was the day of her last final and she blew it off. Instead, she walked down to see Karen. As she had a month off until the next semester, she decided to get a perm and surprise Mace.

Karen was very pleased and gave Capri the works. First she touched up Capri's roots and then she gave her a perm. As per Capri's wishes, she gave her large curls, so that her hair would flow around her face.

While the chemicals were doing their thing, she called Mace and told him that Capri was in her salon.

"Really, well isn't that sweet. I'm so pleased that she skipped her final. That means that her old life isn't that important to her anymore," stated Mace.

"When do you need me for the permanent makeup?"

"I'll call you tomorrow. Capri's getting some bodywork tonight. I think that you can work on her eyes later this week. You'll have to wait on her lips," replied Mace.

"Oh, she'll look great with some nice thick lips!" Karen hung up and checked on Capri.

"Can you do my nails too?" asked Capri.

"Sure. I can give you extensions too," replied Karen.

Later that afternoon Capri walked out of the salon. She was very pleased with her appearance. No one would suspect that she was really a guy. Her B-cup breasts bounced slightly as she walked. She couldn't wait until her Master saw her.

Her nails were now long and painted bright red. They had a liquid look to them that Capri couldn't stop admiring.

When she got home there was a message on her machine. It was Mace.

"Well, my sweet little slave. I'm so pleased that you're out making yourself sexy for me. I'll be by to pick you up at six. I'll be taking you out for a night you'll never forget."

Capri smiled and began to get ready. She popped one of the pills and soon felt the familiar sensation of relaxation.

Chapter 13

"You look exquisite this evening, slave," remarked Mace as he drove them downtown.

"Thank you, Master."

"Are you happy, my slave?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, Master. For the first time in my life I feel whole and loved."

Mace smiled. Good, he thought. This would make her reaction to betrayal even greater when he turned her over to the pimp.

Capri didn't ask where they were going, but she sensed that it was someplace special. She was surprised when they stopped in the back of a medical office.

"Come with me, slave. There's someone I want you to meet," ordered Mace.

"Yes, Master."

They walked in the back entrance. Mace seemed to know where he was going, so she just followed, having no idea what was ahead of her.

"Here she is, Doc," greeted Mace.

The doctor smiled and ran his eyes over Capri.

"Undress," ordered Mace.

With slightly trembling hands, Capri got undressed. She hung up her clothing on the hooks next to the door. The doctor stood there staring at her with studious eyes.

"Very good, Mace. She's even better than what you've described. Those hormones are fantastic. I can't believe she's gotten so big so soon," he remarked.

Capri was soon standing naked in front of the two men.

"Please sit on the table," ordered the doctor. He licked his lips slightly as he studied her body.

Mace nodded and Capri silently obeyed.

The doctor made her nervous, but Mace's presence eased her fears slightly. She was looking at Mace as the Doctor injected a needle into her arm. She turned to see what had happened but was instantly engulfed by darkness.

Chapter 14

When Capri awoke, her body was sore and she moaned slightly from the pain. She looked up to see that there was an IV in her arm. Why was she in a hospital bed? she thought, then she remembered the doctor.

She attempted to sit up, but found that leather straps restrained her. She was about to call out when Mace and the doctor entered the room.

"I knew she'd be awake. How do you feel?" asked the doctor.

Capri couldn't help but notice the wicked smile on his face, as if he was hiding something.

"My body hurts," she replied. "I also feel... out of it."

"You should, you've been drugged for the last week," laughed the doctor. "Relax, it's just my way of allowing you to heal faster."

"Can she sit up?" asked Mace.

"Yes. In fact, she can get out of bed if she wants. There's a full-length mirror for her to see my work."

The doctor began to unstrap Capri. The doctor also removed the IV. He then helped her out of the bed. She became instantly aware of the increased weight on her chest. She looked immediately towards Mace.

"It's okay, slave. I've just had you made even sexier," he replied.

Capri nodded and turned towards the mirror. The doctor removed her gown. She stared at her naked body. She now had huge breasts. They were large, round, and full. Her hands went up instinctively to feel them.

"You're now an E-cup. They look larger due to your small frame," interjected the doctor. "Look at your ass."

Capri turned and saw that she now had a round firm ass. Her hips were also enhanced.

She then walked gingerly towards the mirror. Her face was different. She had on eyeliner and her lips looked very thick.

"Collagen injections and permanent makeup," remarked the doctor. "I only did the lips. Your friend Karen is responsible for your eyes."

"You look lovely, my sweet slave," commented Mace. "By the way, these changes aren't a gift. You're going to pay me for them by working that sexy new body."

"What will happen to me, Master?" asked Capri.

"You'll move in with me. I've taken the liberty of moving you out of your old place. I also told the college that you're taking a break."

Capri stood there speechless.

"Do you need anything?" asked the doctor.

Capri nodded. "I still hurt."

"I can help you with that," stated the doctor.

He handed her some pills, which she swallowed without question.

"You just rest. I'll come and visit you. When can I take her home?" asked Mace

The doctor smiled. "Two more days."

Capri felt herself getting sleepy. Master said home. He's taking me home, she thought as she drifted away.

Chapter 15

The next stage was always a tricky one, thought Mace. He would increase Capri's drug addiction and start her on the road to becoming a sex-addicted slut. He would treat her more like his girlfriend than a slave. The goal was make her totally trusting, so that she wouldn't suspect what his ultimate plan for her would be.

He would introduce her into role-playing. They would go to parties and clubs and he would have her serve other men, while he watched. He would convince her that it aroused him to watch her have sex with other men.

Then he would turn it up a notch. He would have sex with her in public, to get her used to doing guys in cars and back alleys. Then he would introduce her to the streets.

He had his lines already rehearsed and ready. "Trust me, Capri, this will be fun. I'll be watching and you won't get hurt."

Then he would have her whore for a whole weekend. Her reward would be his praise and, of course, the drugs. Then would come the glorious betrayal. His cock hardened at the thought of it.

He retrieved a DVD and inserted it into the machine. It contained the moments of betrayal of all of his victims.

The first was a woman whom he'd named Aimee. She was a big-breasted redhead. Mace had met her at a party and was intrigued with her submissive nature. He had also dated her on and off for a few months before the idea of turning her into a whore entered his mind.

Next was his first t-girl and the first of his victims that he'd met on the net. He renamed her Alisha. While her original hair color was brown, he'd had her become a blonde. He decided then that all of his conquests would be blondes. He trained Alisha for nearly six months before he sold her to RJ, the pimp who controlled most of the t-girls in town.

Then there was Bree. Mace realized that it was a mistake to have thought she would have been a good whore. True, she was submissive, but the crazy bitch actually had fallen in love with him. Mace shook his head in disbelief that she could have thought that he loved her. Still, he wasn't worried. He had easily handled her and felt no guilt over her murder.

It was stupid, but Mace had kept the tape showing him killing her. That big detective would love to get his hands on this, he thought. He watched it and smiled at how easily he had broken her neck.

Bridget was next. He'd found her online and she'd easily surrendered. Mace found that it was much easier to transform the t-girls. They had a desire to become a woman, often without any thought that someone might betray them. It was almost too easy. He had seen Bridget working the streets the other night. She still looked good, although RJ told him that she was now addicted to heroin. Mace shrugged his shoulders, as it wasn't his problem.

The last woman he'd converted wasn't as much trouble as Bree. He'd renamed her Celine. He loved the stunned look on her face after he told her her fate. She just sat there shaking her head in disbelief. The tears rolling down her face were the cherry and whipped cream on top of the pie. It only made it all the sweeter.

Mace stroked his fully erect cock as he stared at her image on his television. He hoped that Capri was as dramatic. He pleasured himself fantasizing about how she would react when he betrayed her.

Chapter 16

"This is our bedroom, slave," stated Mace as he led Capri through his home.

"It's wonderful, Master," she replied.

Mace was pleased that her new breasts were healing so quickly. She was presently wearing a corset with garters, stockings, and high heels. A gold chain connected her pierced nipples to her clitty ring.

"While you are in the house, this is how you'll dress. I've brought over some of your clothes. We'll need to get some more bras and tops to fit your new titties," he explained.

Capri nodded. "Yes, Master." The new breasts would take some time to get used to. She still couldn't quite believe that they were her own.

"Now, Capri, sit down on that stool. I want to finish something that I started earlier."

"I'm going to add a few more piercings. Don't fret, they'll only be in your ears," he explained.

Ten minutes later she had a line of five studs in each ear.

"That's much better. It gives you a much sluttier appearance," observed Mace. "Does it hurt?" he asked.

Capri nodded. "A little, Master."

"Here's something that will help." He handed her a pill, which she eagerly took.

"Now, I think that it's time that you tested those new lips out."

Capri knew what to do and slipped down to her knees in front of Mace's erect cock. He was so amazed at how good she had become at giving head. He hoped that she was only half as good a fuck. Yes, my sweet, he thought, you were born to be a whore.

Capri was determined to give her Master the best blowjob yet. Her head slipped on and off his cock, her tongue wrapping around it. Her reward for this work would be a tummy full of cum, but it would be worth it.

Mace held onto Capri's head as he fucked her mouth. He looked down as he saw her big tits bobbing up and down as she worked his cock. Yes, my whore, you'll soon be working the streets. The thought of her as a streetwalker caused him to cum into her eager mouth. He was pleased as she swallowed every drop and then licked and sucked him clean.

Chapter 17

Mace continued his training of Capri over the next few weeks. By now she was addicted to the pain pills. He decided to complicate her life even more by adding cocaine to her routine. As expected, she eagerly fell into this trap.

Capri, he noted, was getting ahead of schedule. He had fully trained her orally and was ready to take her through her ass-pussy for the first time. He decided to change his timeline for her and do something new.

"Capri. I've invited several friends over this evening. I expect you to orally please each and every one of them. Your reward for this display of hospitality will be that I will finally take you in your pussy. Would you like that?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, Master. I so want to feel you in me," she replied gleefully.

"Very good. Now, I only want you in your corset and boots this evening. I would like you to wear the thigh-high, black spiked heel pair."

"Yes, Master," she replied.

"Your makeup should be heavy and very dramatic. I want my guests to know that you're my slut-slave."

"Yes, Master," replied Capri, obediently.

Mace would watch her service his friends, but what excited him was that she was another step closer to her fate.

That evening Mace was very pleased by Capri's eagerness to service his guests. He had invited over ten friends from the scene. They were very impressed with his training.

Mace always liked to share his latest conquests with his friends, as he believed that it raised his status in their eyes. Several of these men owned clubs and bars in town, and Mace liked to stay on their good side.

"Mace, she's fantastic. You mean you really found her online in one of those horrid chatrooms?" asked Malcolm, a muscular man, with a large gray beard. He was sipping some single malt whiskey. "I thought they were just full of posers."

"Malcolm, I've found all my whores in those chatrooms. You just have to know what questions to ask in order to sort through the chaff to get to the wheat," replied Mace. He watched as Capri finished off a large black man named Rod. Mace had ensured that his guest were a racial mix. He wanted to see if Capri showed any hesitation over sucking men of different races. To Mace's relief, she didn't.

"I can't believe that her ass is still virgin territory. When do you plan on opening up that border?" asked Rod, as she joined them.

"I'm saving that honor all for myself," replied Mace.

Rod smiled. "I'll bet it will be luscious! I love fucking a white sissy."

"I noticed that you liked having one suck your cock," interjected Malcolm.

"Yeah, she's pretty damn good at that."

Mace nodded.

Two hours later Mace led Capri back to his bedroom. He was very pleased that she had pleasured his guests with such zeal. Her belly must be full of cum, he thought as he ordered her onto the bed.

"You pleased me tonight, slave. You sucked a lot of cock tonight. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Master," replied Capri.

"Tell me how much you enjoyed it. Tell me how much you love cum."

Capri nodded and started telling Mace about her love of sucking cock and her craving for cum.

Mace felt his cock hardening as he listened to her.

"Very good, slave. Now tonight, you will become a real woman. I will take you in your ass-pussy. Tonight will confirm that you've chosen the right path. Now, get on all fours and face the mirror."

Capri nodded. "Yes, Master."

Mace came up behind her and began to lube her ass. This was not lovemaking, it was fucking, pure and simple. He forced his cock into her in one push. She gasped in pain, but this only excited Mace more. He grabbed her by the hips and began to fuck her. It was a hard, fast, brutal fuck. Mace wanted her to get used to quick and hard fucking. He looked ahead towards the mirror opposite the bed. He wanted to see her face and how she responded. He saw surrender and no resistance. Good, he thought. The look on her face put him over the edge and he came deep into her ass-pussy. He pumped in every drop before pulling out.

Capri sagged as he pulled out, but stayed on all fours. Mace noticed that her pierced clitty was semi-erect. So, she enjoyed it, that's good, he noted.

"You're now my slut. You old life is over; you know that, don't you? You will be my house slut and will pleasure anyone with your mouth that asks you. Do you understand?" he demanded.

Celeste was breathing hard. "Yes... Master."

"However, your ass-pussy is mine. For now, I'm the only one who will have access to it. Is that clear?"

"Yes... Master."

"Good, slut. Now go clean yourself up."

Mace walked over and turned off the hidden camera that had recorded his deflowering of Capri. He would edit the three tapes tomorrow into a single tape. He would add in footage of Capri's cocksucking from earlier in the evening. It would be a nice souvenir.

Chapter 18

Mace continued to degrade Capri. He began to take her to porn shops and have her suck him off in one of the booths. Next he began to have her service him in his car. He would pull into an alley and have her suck him off.

Capri did everything that he ordered. She was almost too good to be true, thought Mace.

Tonight he had taken her to a new level of submission. After spending the night in a club, he took her out back into the alley. He pressed her against the wall, pulled down her panties and fucked her. It was a quick and dirty fuck, the kind that a man gives a whore.

On the way back to his house, he turned to Capri. "You did good tonight. Did you like the way I fucked you?"

"Yes, Master. I love making you happy."

"You know how I love watching you suck off other men?" he asked.

"Yes Master," she replied.

"Well, I want you to do it for me tomorrow night."

"Yes, Master."

He pulled into the driveway. "Capri, tomorrow night I will put you out on the streets. You will suck off men, like a real whore. Now, I will be watching you and will be there to protect you. I want you to hang out with the real whores and learn from them. This is just a game, and you will be safe. But I want you to learn everything you can."

Capri nodded. "Yes, Master."

"You will do this money. I told you that you would have to pay for your big tits and ass." He wondered if she had any idea of what he planned for her.

"Yes, Master. I will earn lots of money for you."

He could tell that she was nervous, but he didn't sense any resistance. "I have some special outfits for you to wear. You will make me so happy."

Capri smiled back and nodded. "Thank you, Master."

He led her inside and laid out a line of coke for her. He loved that she was becoming as addicted to this as she was to the pills. As she sucked his cock he fantasized about seeing her as a streetwalker.

Chapter 19

The night was cool, but clear. Capri was in a red mini-dress and matching boots. She was wearing a fake fur jacket that only made her look cheaper and sexier. Mace was pleased she would be one of the few blondes out that night.

He had called RJ earlier that day. RJ confirmed that the other girls would welcome Capri.

"So when do I get this bitch?" asked RJ. "I liked the DVD you sent me. She looks like she really loves cocksucking."

"If everything goes as planned, how 'bout next weekend?" asked Mace.

"Good. I need a bitch like her to liven up my stable."

"I'll need fifteen for her," stated Mace.

"Pricey, but she looks like she's worth it. I'll pay up on delivery."

"Good. Is the apartment ready?"

"Oh yeah. I have a room ready for her in the Brunswick hotel."


"Do you mind if I sample the merchandise this evening?" asked RJ

"Just as long as you pay her. Remember, I'm trying to train her to be a whore."

RJ laughed. "Fine. I'll pay her. What the hell, I'll get it all back with interest anyway."

Chapter 20

Mace dropped off Capri on a side street. "Now, I'll be watching you. I know the pimp who works these girls. Everything will be cool with him and the other girls. I want to see you out there selling yourself. Show me that you're a worthy slut."

Capri soon found herself standing next to two other t-girl whores. One was a Hispanic girl called Rosa. The other was an African-American who called herself Diamond.

"Damn, Capri, you're hot. You'll have no problem getting men tonight," exclaimed Diamond. She had red hair and very large breasts that were bulging out of her low cut gold blouse.

"I thought there would be more girls out here?" asked Capri.

"There will be, it's early," answered Rosa.

Rosa and Diamond began to tell Capri the tricks of the trade. They told her how to talk to the men and the best place to take her clients. They also said that she didn't need to fear the police.

"RJ pays off the local ones," stated Rosa. "Sometimes we suck them off. They're cool and they even tip us!"

Capri nodded.

"Now, most of the men just want a blowjob and maybe to fondle your clitty," interjected Diamond.

"You need to get them off as quick as possible. Remember, the faster you are, the more men you'll get," added Rosa.

"More men means more money," continued Diamond.

Capri nodded and took in everything they said.

Ten minutes later a blue SUV pulled up. The driver's window rolled down and a middle-aged businessman leaned out and began to talk to them. His eyes ran over all three, but he settled on Diamond. She got in his car and they drove away.

"White guys like girls of color. Don't worry, Hon, you'll get your share tonight," remarked Rosa.

Capri didn't have to wait long. A car pulled along side her and a heavy set black man waved her over.

"Don't normally see a nice ass on a white girl. You had some good work done," he quipped. "I can help you pay it off."

Capri nodded and walked around to the passenger door. She directed him around the corner to the alleyway that the others had told him about.

He wanted a blowjob, but he also wanted to play with her clitty. Capri quoted him a price, and he didn't complain. As she sucked him, she was amazed at how easily she had adapted to this role.

That was the way it was that night. Just as Diamond and Rosa had said, she was very busy. She got to meet some of the other girls who also seemed willing to help her.

"RJ looks after us. As pimps go, he's pretty good," noted Diamond.

They were walking back from a convenience store where they had bought some coffee.

Capri sipped her coffee.

"He appears to have taken an interest in you," noted Diamond.

"What do you mean?"

"Hell, he auditioned you. The guy in the green SUV, that was RJ!" laughed Diamond.

"Oh," replied Capri.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he asks your man if he can buy you,' added Diamond. "Wouldn't be the first time."

Capri sipped her coffee. "How did you get here?"

"I was working in a club as a performer. I loved being a female impersonator, but I couldn't lip-synch to save my life - but damn, I looked good! RJ suggested that I shift my career plans. It's not too bad. I make pretty good money."

Capri nodded.

"You could do good out here. With that body, you'll have no trouble attracting men. If you want, I'll let RJ know if you're interested," offered Diamond.

"Thanks, but that's not necessary right now," replied Capri.

Diamond smiled. "Yes, but you're thinking about it."

Mace watched and was very pleased. Capri seemed to fit in with the other whores, as if she had been here all along. Which was good, as she would be one herself really soon. He decided to move up the timeline again. He called RJ who agreed that Capri was worth the fifteen grand.

Chapter 21

Capri cuddled up on the couch at home. She was drinking a glass of brandy that Mace had given her. Combined with her pills, she felt very relaxed.

Mace turned on the DVD player.

"I want you to see this, it shows some of my other slaves that have served me."

Capri nodded. "Master, why did they leave?"

"They wanted to move on. I don't hold anyone against her will. You're free to leave if you want."

Mace knew that this wasn't a risk. Where could she go? She was now a shemale whore slave.

"I don't want to leave you, Master."

"Of course, you don't."

Capri watched the television. She saw several women and transgirls serving Mace. He would point to the screen and tell her their names.

Her eyes opened up when she saw her own image on the DVD.

"Yes, my slave. That's you."

Capri watched as she saw herself sucking cock. Then she saw Mace fucking her. She'd had no idea that she was being filmed.

"Yes, slave. I recorded my deflowering of you for history," stated Mace. "Now, suck me, slut."

Without a word of protest, Capri obeyed. As she took Mace's cock in her mouth, she heard his voice.

"Yes, you've found your true calling. You're a sissy slut. You were never meant to be a man. No, Capri, you were made to serve real men. Taking their cocks between your thick cocksucker lips and feeding on their cum. You love having my cock deep in your ass-pussy. Yes, bitch, suck my cock."

Capri worked his cock, her mind on auto; she was the slut that he was describing.

Mace pulled her off and turned her around. He bent her over and began to fuck her. As he pumped her, he thought about tomorrow and his cum exploded in her ass.

Chapter 22

It was a little after noon when Mace led Capri into the cheap hotel located a few blocks from the area where she had been whoring the night before.

She didn't question why they were here. She was the slave and had to obey.

They walked up to the third floor. Mace produced a key and unlocked the door.

"Go in," he ordered.

It was a small two-room apartment. The furniture was old, but clean. The main room was a combination kitchenette and living room. There was a couch and coffee table. There was a TV and DVD player, along with a CD player in front of the couch. Capri recognized them as the ones from her old apartment.

The bedroom had a large bed and a dresser. There was a small bathroom with a shower stall off the bedroom.

"You won't be living here, but it will allow you a place to bring your better paying customers. I rented it for the next couple of weeks. Don't worry, you're still my slut," lied Mace.

Capri was surprised to find some of her clothes lying on the bed. Her makeup was also here, along with some cosmetics.

"We're going to do something different tonight. I'm going to leave you here. I'll come by around ten and walk you over to join the other girls. Until then you're on your own."

"Can I have some money, please, Master?" asked Capri.

"What do you want to buy?" he asked.

"I want to see Karen and get my nails done," replied Capri. "I'll need money for that and for the bus."

Mace smiled. "Here, take a cab." He handed her five twenties.

"Thank you, Master," beamed Capri.

Mace nodded. "Oh, here're some more pills for you. If you look extra sexy for me tonight, I'll have some coke for you."

Chapter 23

Capri admired her nails as she sat waiting for Mace's arrival. She glanced at her wristwatch; it was almost ten.

She jumped up upon hearing Mace's voice at the door. "Open up, slut."

Mace walked in and ran his eyes over Capri. She was wearing a black miniskirt, a low cut red top that showed off her amazing cleavage, black boots, and leather jacket. Her makeup was heavy and sexy, just as he hoped.

"Superb," commented Mace.

"Thank you, Master."

Mace smiled and set up a small video camera on top of the TV. He turned it on and pointed it in Capri's direction.

"Sit down, slave."

Capri grabbed her purse and sat down on the couch. Mace followed her with the camera.

Once he was satisfied with what he was seeing, he turned to Capri.

"I have some big news for you. I no longer consider you my slave. You're now a whore. I'm selling you to RJ, and starting tonight you will be his slut. Don't worry, I've contacted my friend and he'll keep you supplied with your precious drugs. This is your home from now on, bitch."

Mace watched her reaction. Her eyes opened wide in shock and she began to tremble slightly. Good, soon she would be crying and begging him to take her back.

"Just so you know, I planned this from the moment I first talked with you. Your fate was sealed as soon as we talked," he remarked. He then smiled at her. "You sissy slut, just think how many men you'll make happy as you suck their cocks. It's the best thing you know how to do!"

Capri shook her head. "Is that what you did to the others?"

Mace laughed. "Of course. Hell, you might meet some of them out there tonight."

"All of them?"

Mace shook his head. "No, I had to whack one of them. Bitch wouldn't accept her fate. So keep that in mind. I can be very dangerous!" Mace glared at her.

Capri lowered her head in defeat.

Mace relaxed, he had won again. He broke out in a huge smile. As she lifted her head up, he fully expected to see tears running down her face, her makeup running in black rivers. It would look so great on the video.

His joy suddenly stopped when he saw her glaring back at him. She wasn't crying. The pure hatred in her eyes was so strong that he didn't notice the gun for a few seconds.

"What was her name?" ordered Capri.


"What was the name of the girl you killed?" demanded Capri angrily. She was holding the gun steady with both hands. The gun was pointed directly at his chest.

The sound of the hammer being pulled back in the small room was deafening.

Mace stared at the gun. It was a snub-nosed .38. Not too accurate, but at this range she couldn't help but hit him.

"Answer me!" screamed Capri.

"It was Bree," he replied.

"No - her real name!"

Mace searched his memory. "I don't remember. I think it was Meg, yeah, that was it. It was Meg."

"Is this her?" asked Capri as she held up a photo.

Mace stared at the photo. It was a graduation photo of a pleasant looking girl. "Yeah, that's her. Why?"

"She was my sister, you fucking bastard!"

Mace stepped back in shock. "Your sister?" He could see the resemblance. That's why she looked so damn familiar. Mace suddenly realized that he was in deep trouble.

"I just wanted to make sure it was you," stated Capri angrily.

"Look, she wanted it. I was just defending myself," stammered Mace. He was estimating if he could get the gun before she pulled the trigger.

"Shut up!" She was still holding the gun steady at him.

"Look, please don't turn me in to the police. We can make a deal," pleaded Mace. "I have money, lots of money."

"I'm not calling the police," replied Capri calmly. "I have other plans for you."

Mace glared at her. What the hell did that mean? "What are you going to do, turn me into a whore too?"

Capri shook her head. "No, that would be a step up for you."

It took Mace a second to realize what she meant. It was a second too late. By the time he started to lunge at her, the first shot slammed into his chest. He slammed against the wall behind him and slid to the ground.

Mace felt the burn in his chest and a sense of shock and anger. The bitch had betrayed him! Shit, a fuckin sissy slut had betrayed him! He was stunned and staggered back to his feet. Oh, she would pay, he thought. He took a step towards her when the second shot struck him in the stomach.

"You... bitch," he gasped out. "You fuckin whore! You shot me! I'm Mace... I own you."

Capri shook her head and took careful aim and shot Mace in the arm, right in the middle of his prized tattoo. "You never owned me. I was hunting you the whole time. I just wanted to make sure that I killed the right man."

Mace screamed out in pain. "Help!" His right arm was shattered and was bleeding profusely. He leaned up against the wall, trying to get the strength to make another strike at her.

"No one is coming to help you," stated Capri in a cold hard tone.

She aimed the gun and fired into both of his knees. Mace fell to the floor and writhed in agony.

"Oh... please... please... stop!" he moaned.

Capri shook her head, aimed carefully, and shot him in the groin. His scream told her that her aim was true and that she had hit the bull's-eye.

"Just so you know, the thought of shooting you there was what got me through all the times I sucked you," stated Capri.

Mace felt his life ebbing. There was always the hope that the police would arrive and save him. Mace coughed out a laugh, he was actually hoping the police would appear - first time for everything, he thought.

He was able to roll over on his back and, to his horror, he saw Capri methodically reloading the gun. The look on her face was pure hatred. She closed the cylinder of the gun and stood over him. The last thing he saw was the gun lowering down towards his head. He tried to plead for his life, but no words came out of his mouth.

"This is for you, Meg," stated Capri as she pulled the trigger.

Chapter 24

"Looks like the guy got capped by a whore," remarked one of the two uniformed police officers standing next to an older man in a crumpled suit. "He was just killed. We got here ten minutes after the 911 call."

They were standing in the hotel room investigating the reported murder of an unknown man. The hotel was notorious for drug dealing and prostitution.

Det. Artie Davis was one of the old breed detectives on the force. Even though he was nearing retirement, he still treated all cases with the same sort of professionalism.

He was a big man, nearly six-two, carrying a few extra pounds, but there was still a lot of muscle under the fat. His once brown hair was mostly gray now, as was his moustache. His glasses were perched on the edge of his nose as he stared at the body lying on the floor of the seedy hotel. He began to slowly take in the murder scene; it wasn't a pretty sight. His dark brown eyes began to absorb the crime scene.

"Looks more like an execution," commented Artie, as he put on a pair of latex gloves. "This kind of violence, more likely to be a male perp than some floozy."

Artie groaned as he crouched down next to the body. He wasn't getting any younger, he thought. He removed the wallet and checked the ID. He knew the name. Mace was the suspect in numerous sex related crimes, including one he himself had been assigned, the murder of a hooker. Mace had always been too smart to be caught, until now anyway.

He remembered how smug Mace had been when he had been questioned. Artie was positive that Mace had killed that young woman. Mace knew that they had no proof and just sat in the interrogation room smiling. Well, you're not smiling now, thought Artie.

He also found a knife in Mace's back pocket. Obviously, he'd never had a chance to get it. Artie also found several bottles of pain pills and a vial of coke.

"You okay?" asked the younger of the uniformed officers. "You know, a man of your advanced age should be behind a desk, not bending down over a corpse."

"How do you feel about working the graveyard shift for the rest of your short career?" snapped back Artie, without looking up. "Just 'cause I've known you since you've been in diapers doesn't give you an excuse to insult me!"

The cop's father had been Artie's partner when he had first joined the force nearly thirty years earlier.

The young cop smiled. He admired the detective and all his kidding was good-natured.

"Can't say that there will be too many people mourning the deceased," Artie remarked. "Let me guess, one of the fine upstanding neighbors called this in?"

"Yep, standard anonymous call from the pay-phone down the hallway," replied the other cop.

"Have you questioned the other residents?" asked Artie as he examined the wounds.

"The other uniform team is checking them out. I doubt if anyone will admit to even hearing the gunshots," stated the younger cop.

Artie nodded. The hotel had a reputation for secrecy; that's what made it so popular with the working girls. "Pretty big holes, looks like they're from a .38. Whoever did this put seven shots into him. One was right in his forehead, maybe three feet away. That means the perp reloaded. Have we found the gun?"

"Yes, it's on the couch. The shells from the first six shots are on the floor to your right," stated the young cop. "I image the crime guys will want to check them for fingerprints."

"Man, I hope he was dead when she shot him in groin," piped in the other cop.

Artie shook his head and pointed to the ground. "Doubt it, look at the blood trail." He stood over Mace's body. "Judging from the angle, the shooter was standing over him, like this, when he was shot in the head. The shooter also shot him in the arm. Appears like they aimed for his tattoo."

"Detective, check this out," stated the younger cop. He was pointing at a video camera. "Looks like it's still on."

"I'll take a look at it. Do me a favor and don't mention this for now," he ordered. "The press will be bugging us for a copy before we even get a chance to view it. Besides, you know how Judge Hansen feels about leaking evidence, and you don't want to get on his shit list if you plan to stay on this force."

Both cops nodded.

The crime scene investigators arrived late. Mace wasn't the only person killed that night, although he was the one least likely to be missed.

Two hours later, Detective Davis was sitting in his office watching the video for the fifth time. It was amazing; the young prostitute got Mace to confess to a murder before executing him herself, or was it himself. While the girl, called Capri, looked very feminine, she was most likely a t-girl, thought Artie. Her voice was a bit low, but otherwise she passed pretty well.

He wondered how she'd managed to track Mace down and couldn't wait to talk to her.

Artie poured himself another cup of coffee. The world was definitely a better place with Mace Conway dead, he thought. Still, he couldn't just let a murder go unpunished, even for someone like Mace. He was about to call his supervisor and tell him about the video, when his phone rang.

"Artie, I'm forwarding you this call. Says she has information on that murder you're working on," stated Jose Melendez, another detective.

"Which murder? I'm working four cases right now, Jose."

"That guy who was executed at the ritzy Brunswick Hotel tonight."

"Send her through," stated Artie. After hearing the click of the transfer, Artie addressed the girl, hoping she was the one on the video. "This is Det. Davis, how can I help you?"

There was a long pause. "You were the one who investigated my sister's murder. Her name was Meg Carlton."

There was a weariness to her voice, almost as if she had no hope, thought Artie. He paused. "Yes. I worked that case."

"Have you seen the video?"

"Yes. Are you Capri?"

There was another long silence. "I hate that name. Please call me... call me Mandy."

"Okay, Mandy."

"I want to talk to you... in person, not at the station."

"Where are you, Mandy?"

"Look, promise me first that you'll hear me out before you arrest me. I want to talk to you first. Don't worry, I don't blame you. I know you did everything that you could."

"Okay. So where are you?"

Mandy gave him the address of a twenty-four hour coffee shop located about two blocks from the Brunswick hotel. Artie debated calling for back up, but his gut told him the girl was harmless.

Chapter 25

He found her sitting alone in a booth. She was wearing the same outfit as she had in the video. Mandy was staring vacantly out the window. He ordered two coffees and sat down next to her.

She turned around and smiled a weak smile.

"Here, you look like you could use this," stated Artie. He pushed the mug of coffee towards her. She looked ten pounds underweight. He debated getting her some doughnuts too.

"Thanks," she replied weakly. She poured in sugar and cream and took a sip. She then added more sugar. "Obviously, you saw the video."

Artie nodded and sipped his coffee.

"I had to do it. I did it for Meg. She was my sister and her death destroyed my family. My mom got depression and committed suicide eight months ago. Meg wasn't a whore; she actually loved Mace, and he turned her into a street slut. Have you been to his house yet?" she asked angrily.

"Another detective is on it."

"You'll find some real disturbing tapes and DVDs there. He did this to four others."

"Do you want a lawyer?" he asked. He figured he'd better cover his ass.

She shook her head. "I killed him and I'm proud that I did it. I just wanted you to know why."

"Tell me what he did?"

For the next couple of hours, Mandy told the detective her story. After her sister was murdered, she'd decided to hunt down the man who'd done it. All she had was a description of the man and his tattoo. She knew her sister had first met Mace in a chatroom that catered to sexual dominance.

Mandy had hired a detective to track down his sister's killer. Artie asked his name and nodded with approval when she answered. He had once been a detective on the force and was pretty reputable. Finding Mace wasn't that difficult, he was well known both to local authorities and to those on the fringes of the underworld. What the detective couldn't come up with was the evidence linking Mace to Meg's murder. The PI did find out that Mace liked both submissive women and transsexuals. He also gave Mandy a list of websites that Meg frequented on her computer. Mandy was shocked when she investigated the sites and found that some weren't just sexually oriented, but were hardcore bondage and discipline sites.

The PI said that for some "additional funds" he would be able to get a copy of Meg's online contacts. He told her that this was very difficult to obtain and therefore would be expensive. It cost Mandy $5,000, but it gave her some excellent leads on finding Mace online. Still, none of this was enough to convict Mace, and it was then that Mandy decided that the only way she could get justice for her sister was to go after Mace with herself as the bait.

Mandy explained that while she hadn't considered herself a transsexual, she had been in several school plays in female roles, and had felt at ease in those roles. Her slight build made her a natural. She had even portrayed Juliet in an all male cast of the Shakespeare play, so she knew she could pull off her role as Mandy.

Mandy then immersed herself in the world of sexual dominance, submission, and transsexualism. The Internet was an excellent source of material and she quickly gained the information she needed to make herself attractive to Mace.

Mandy began to grow her hair out, pierced her ears, and enrolled in City College. She also acquired a feminine wardrobe. Surprisingly, she began to feel very comfortable in her new attire, and life. She began to wonder about her own sexuality, but not enough to distract her from her mission. Deep down she knew this was a long shot but she had to try it.

She had spent numerous hours cruising the various chatrooms provided by the PI looking for him. She'd searched the posted profiles until she found a likely suspect. The profile had a photo of a man who had a tattoo; the problem was that she couldn't quite make it out. It was when Mace sent her his photo that she'd known she might have the right man. It was the tattoo that convinced her he was the one. Still, she had to wait until she had solid proof. The video of Meg confirmed that she'd found the right man. She acquired a storage unit where she kept the gun, and all the evidence she'd acquired about Mace. That afternoon she'd retrieved the gun and the photo of her sister. The gun had belonged to her father who had died when Mandy was twelve.

The whole story was astounding. Artie had heard some disturbing stories in his career, but this was one of the tops. He was amazed that this kid had sacrificed herself in order to catch her sister's killer. Additionally he was stunned to hear that Mandy was only eighteen.

"You know this will be considered premeditated murder?" asked Artie.

Mandy shrugged her shoulders. "It doesn't matter anymore. My sister wasn't perfect, but she didn't deserve to die like that. I consider what I did was justified. Mace killed my mother as much as he killed Meg. He also abused me. Look at me; I'm a drug-addicted shemale. There's very little of the old me left. I have no immediate family anymore and my extended family - well, they wouldn't understand. They just believed the crap in the news that Meg was a whore and in turn blamed her for my mom's death. I also used up all my savings to track down Mace. My life is over. I really don't care what happens to me now." She lowered her head and started to cry softly. "At least Meg and my mother can rest in peace now."

There were times that Artie really hated his job. This was an easy arrest. Mandy had confessed to the murder and they had an actual videotape of the crime.

Mandy's trial would be worse. It would become a real circus. It was the dream trial for the scandal sheets. It had all the stuff that they thrived on - sex, violence, and revenge. Of course, odds were that she would be found guilty and most likely receive the death penalty. It was pretty cut and dried. If Mandy had been a naturally born girl, the press would be calling her a heroine, but once they found out that she was transgendered, they would ridicule and humiliate her. Shit, I hate my job sometimes, he thought.

"I guess we'd better get going," he stated.

Mandy nodded. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose using a napkin. "Thank you for listening. I feel a little better now." She held out her arms in front of her, her wrists close together. "I'm ready to go."

Artie shook his head. "I'm not cuffing you. I know that you're not going anywhere."

"Where will they put me? I mean, do I go in the male jail or with the women?" asked Mandy. She was trembling slightly with fear. "And how bad will it be? Is it as bad as I've heard?"

Artie stared back at her. A girl like Mandy should be put in the female lockup, but she would most likely go in with men. That meant she would be beaten up or raped, probably both, probably multiple times.

"Worse," he replied.

"Oh." She let out a long sigh. "Still, it was worth it."

They reached his car and he opened up the passenger side. "Please get in, Mandy."

Mandy obeyed and sat down in the car. She suddenly felt very cold and began to shiver. She tried to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen. Not having her drugs only made it worse.

Artie stared at her. He was just three months from retirement. He had survived this long by not getting involved with the criminals he arrested. Why should he risk everything for her? He barely knew her. He also felt guilty. If he had nailed Mace, then none of this would have happened. Dammit, Artie, this isn't your fault, he told himself.

He liked to think that he could leave his work at home. That was a joke. He had been married twice and divorced twice. He also drank too much and he still occasionally smoked. He stared at the kid in his car. She was eighteen and would spend the rest of her life in prison that is until they shoved a needle in her arm. Yes, she had committed a murder, rather make that an execution, but who could blame her? Mace was a piece of shit. He looked at her again. Christ, she was the right age to be his own kid, that is, if he'd bothered to have kids with his first wife.

Artie shook his head. You're starting to act stupid, Artie, he thought. Let the courts work it out. Who knows, she might get a good lawyer and get off. Yeah, right, and I'm going to win the lotto tonight! Even if she gets off, she's still an addict and would probably end up back on the streets working for some guy not all that different from the one she just killed. He wished he had a cigarette!

Mandy glanced up at him with a confused look on her face. Why was he just standing out there? She wanted to get it over with.

Artie got in the car. "The last time I did something incredibly stupid was when I married my second wife. That was six years ago. I guess I'm overdue."

Mandy stared back. "What do you mean?"

He smiled and turned the ignition key. "Relax, kid, everything will be okay."

Chapter 26

Three months later Artie Davis, newly retired detective, drove up to the drug rehabilitation center north of the city.

He signed in and waited for Mandy to be brought out.

Her appearance made him smile. She looked so much better each time he saw her.

He had driven her up to the center the same night of the murder. He knew the director, who'd taken in Mandy as a favor. She was heavily addicted to both cocaine and pain pills.

He'd then driven back to the city and erased the tape. It was the first time that he had ever destroyed evidence. He didn't worry about it. Just as he'd expected, there was no big outrage over Mace's murder. It would just be another unsolved murder of a lowlife.

While he didn't exactly condone Mandy' s vigilante justice, he didn't see what good would come from her being sent to prison either. He decided that he would try to help her become a whole person again.

Mace's other victims were tracked down. They were also put into rehabilitation centers. Mace's DVD collection also had allowed them to remove Meg's murder from the unsolved list.

The doctor who did the illegal and unethical surgeries had been busted and was facing a long list of charges.

Artie felt Mandy looked so much better now. Mandy's hair was back to her original dirty blonde. She had also had her breast implants removed. She was still large breasted, but at least now she didn't look like a parody of a woman. The multiple body piercings and tattoos had been removed. All that remained were some fading scars.

Mandy had decided that she would stay female. During her rehabilitation, she was able to reflect on her life and found that she had grown comfortable with her femininity and had no desire to return to being Mike. Her therapist had told her that this was an opportunity to start over, and Mandy decided that should also include her gender. She talked about completing the transformation and having surgery someday, but first she needed to recover from the ordeal of hunting down Mace.

She was wearing a denim skirt and a floral top. She broke out in a huge smile she when saw Artie.

"Hey, kid, how're you're doing?" asked Artie as he hugged her.

"Good. They say I can leave this week," she replied. "I haven't felt this good in months."

They sat down in the living-room-like visiting area.

"I know, they told me about it."

"I'll still be in therapy for a while... maybe for a long time," she stated as her voice tapered off. "I hadn't really thought of what life would be like for me after what I did. In some ways I had sort of thought of it as a one-way trip. I hadn't counted on the drugs." Her voice drifted off slightly.

Artie nodded. He knew that Mandy would be dealing with layer upon layer of issues for the rest of her life. Her forced drug addictions would be one of the bigger ones she would have to deal with. Presently she was clean, but Artie knew that addictions had a nasty way of lingering. Mandy would be struggling with her drug demons for the rest of her life. He also knew that many addicts returned to drug use. It would be a hard road for Mandy to travel, but he would do everything in his power to help her stay clean.


Mandy shook her head. "No, I've replayed my actions in my head over and over. I don't regret killing Mace. I guess I should have known that it would stay with me."

"You still have the nightmares?" asked Artie.

She sighed. "Not as often, only a few times a week now."

"Hey, you're improving. Just think, you'll be leaving here, that's a good step."

Mandy stared out the window and sighed. "I just don't know what I'm going to do."

"How do you feel about Montana?" asked Artie.

Mandy turned, cocked her head and looked at him. "Montana?"

Artie nodded. "I've been offered a job out there. Small town out there needs a police chief. The biggest crime is probably cow tipping. Still, I've always wanted to see the west. You want to tag along?"

From his years in law enforcement, he knew that no town was totally drug free, but it would be easier to keep Mandy clean there.

"Really?" she asked in an excited tone.

"Sure. They have a community college an hour away. You could restart your education there... when you're ready. Until then, the fresh outdoors will be good for you."

"I'd like that, I'd like that a lot. I just want to know one thing. Why? I mean, I truly appreciate everything you've done for me. I just don't know why you've risked everything for me."

Artie smiled. "Everyone needs a second chance. You sacrificed yourself for what you saw as a worthy cause, your family. I sacrificed my family life for what was a worthy cause, my job. I kinda see you as the kid I never had time to have. I want to help you heal and ... to live. Does that make sense?"

Mandy nodded and a small smile grew across her face. For the first time since her sister's murder, she had a future.

"Thanks... Dad."

The End

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