Jenny: Chapter 1


By Princess!

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“Jennifer, you ungrateful bitch! Why haven’t you done any of your chores today?” she yelled as she entered the bedroom. He was sitting on his bed wearing a black satin maids outfit.

He looked up at his step mother and defiantly rose from her bed, “Because, I can't take any of this anymore. I am leaving,” he said, courageously.

“Well, we will just have to see about that won’t we,” his step mother said. “I am giving you one chance to get up and start on your daily chores. “

His back defiantly stiffened as he stood in front of her as she slowly counted down from ten. He was trembling in his dress. She stared at him in anger, “I gave you your one chance and you blew it. Now, I have to...”

He approached her angrily, “You have to what, Melinda. What will you do?!”

“Its quite simple, I have to punish you, Jennifer. It was you that chose not to wear that sexy red dress and put on those stupid looking jeans and tee shirt. What did you think you were doing?”

He looked at her confidently, “I am thinking that I’m going to leave.“

“LEAVE,” She echoed.

“Yes,” he confirmed. “Its over. I am just going to walk out. Whose going to stop me, You?” he asked as he stared at her.

“Yes,” She answered trying to sound strong as if she could stop him.

He laughed calling her bluff, “I’d like to see you try. With that horrible Mistress Donna gone for the week and now that my older sister Linda is gone, it's just you and me. And I am nineteen. I don’t really think you want to see if you can overpower me without your friends, now.“

He was roughly the same size as she was. But he was stronger than she was. It was clear that she couldn’t overpower him. She knew it too.

“You relied on Mistress Donna and my wicked sister to discipline me for the last nine years. But Donna is on vacation, now and my sister has gone to live with her husband and care for her little son. She has her family, now.“

She laughed trying to appear strong, “So, if you leave, what will you do? You have no skills to support yourself. What do you plan on doing when you leave?”

He pushed her down to the sofa behind her. “Well, I've been thinking about that all night and I think that I am going down to the local police station to make a report about you and my sister. And then I want to talk to Alex. Because of the work that I have doing, I do have a lot of skills.“

“But your sister has her own family now, why would you want to destroy it? Why do you want to tell her husband?” she asked, confused.

“Because, she has a little boy with her. Their infant son. But I think he should know how his wife treats young boys, don’t you think? I have pictures and some video to show him about how she treats boys, and what she thinks of us. If he has any morality in him at all, then he will leave her and take their son. But if he doesn’t leave her then I can pay a visit to social services and police. Either way, I will make sure that boy will never suffer as I did.“

“You vindictive bitch!” she said. “You will destroy your sister's family to get back at her? And you are talking about morality?!”

He grabbed her arm and twisted it painfully behind her back and kept wrenching it tighter until she cried out in pain, “Stop! Your hurting me!” she cried out, all the while knowing that he didn’t care.

“Yes. My sister tried to destroy me. She watched as her previous boyfriends forced me into stuff that I wasn’t in to. She dressed me up like a hooker and sent me out into dangerous situations with no regard for my welfare. Is that the type of woman that would make a good mother to a little boy?” he asked. “I think not, and I will tell everyone she knows; Her husband, her new boss and even child welfare. I will destroy everything in her life and she has no one to blame but herself.”

He let her arm go as his fist smashed into his step mothers face. He sent blood and teeth flying though the air as he left still wearing the girls dress.

“You can expect a visit by the police, we aren’t finished yet, you horrible bitch.“

She wasn’t happy to be here that day. Detective Olivia Benson was hoping for a day off. She was relaxing comfortably on the couch when she got the call from the station that they had a problem. She still held out hope that she could stay home for the day. She told him that there were other detectives, but the officer told her that this case was for the special victims unit so she had to come. Grumbling under her breath, she said told the officer that she would be there in a few minutes. Then she cursed out loud.

She got her badge and gun, Put on her uniform and headed out the door still cursing. The desk officer had called and told her about a boy that came in and reported that he had been being abused and molested over the past nine years by his step mother and older sister. That report did fall squarely into her area of training so it was up to her to deal with. She would have to sit with him and go though his history, what had occurred and what options they had.

She was thinking about the strange call during her drive to the station. The officer said a boy came in and told him that his step mother had been abusing and molesting him for the past nine years. That in itself isn’t all that out of the ordinary, unfortunately.

She walked in and she saw a shy young woman talking to one of the desk officers. She approached the desk officer She looked at the girl and said, “Excuse me young Lady.”

“You called me about a boy being abused,” She asked the officer.

The looked extremely hurt and offended by her statement. The young woman looked up at her and eased herself away from the detective. She keep looking at the detective with fear and hurt.

He nodded at her, “Yes detective. I did call, This boy came in and made a rather troubling complaint about his step mother. This case is in your purview. Special victims, sex crimes. You need to take it.“

She looked around for a boy. “Is this a joke, officer. Where is boy. I just see a girl here?”

The officer pointed to the young woman in the corner. “There he is, Detective. Do you remember what I said about him being dressed like a girl?”

“Oh my God I am sorry Miss,” She told Jason . She couldn’t believe that was a boy of nineteen years old. He looked just like a girl around that age. He was slim, his hair was blonde and hanging down his back, and styled like a girls hair. His face has very soft feminine features. His hips were wide and he has a waist as girl. And the boy had really large prominent breasts that jutted out. This nineteen year old boy looked as good as a female lingerie model. He was sexy enough that he could model bras for Victoria’s Secret. Did he stuff his bra or were they natural. Well that was something to figure out.

She approached him, “Jason, I am detective Olivia Benson of Special Victims Unit. Come with me please and we will get this all sorted out.“

He didn’t respond, just looked at her full of hurt, anger and fear. His body started trembling and he shrank back from her touch as she reached for him. His eyes were full of stark fear as he looked up at the officer. He huddled into the corner of the room.

The woman backed away from him but the boy still looked in fear at the woman. He was really afraid of her. She could tell from his eyes that he was more than afraid. He was in paralyzed with terror.

She looked at the boy as she backed away from him. She said to him, “It is OK, I am not going to hurt you. I just need your statement and then we can help you.“

He said in a small trembling voice, “I think this is mistake. I should leave.”

He was still looking at the woman like he was afraid she was going to hurt him. But He even sounded like a girl. What happened to this boy?

She asked him, “Would you be more comfortable making your statement to some one else, we have male officers that can take your statement.”

He thought for a few short seconds. He didn’t want his step mother to get away with what she did to him so he had to stay and do this. He nodded at her, “That would be better.“ He said sounding relieved. He didn’t know if he could have made his statement to the woman detective.

“OK, then. Take a seat here while I get my partner over here. He is Detective Elliot of the Special Victims Unit. I can assure you he is great. He will be here in a few minutes."

He took a seat in the room while she went to another room to give her partner a call. She observed him and she still would swear he was just like any teenage girl. He moved with the grace of femininity. He sat down like a girl. Every movement screamed femininity.

She saw her partner come into the station twenty minutes, later. Jason saw him walking in to the station and he was put at ease, “Hello there,” the officer said. “I am Detective Elliot Stabler of the Special Victims Unit. I will not hurt you, Jason. Please follow me.“


Jason stood up and followed the detective into one of the rooms in the back. It looked rather plain to Jason. It was a large room with a table in the center and a few hard chairs. There was a mirror covering one side of the room but Jason guessed that the mirror was a window on the other side. He sat down in one of the chairs and Elliot sat down across from him.

“Thank you, Jason. Please don’t be afraid here. None of us will harm you. We will record your statement and decide what to do. My partner, Benson is here to observe. “

He kept looking at her and asked, “I would feel more comfortable if Detective Benson was not here. I am sorry, but she makes me feel very uncomfortable.“

He could tell he was scared of the woman detective by the way he kept looking at her in fear. Stabler stood up and quietly asked if she could observe from the outside and she agreed.

“I am sorry about that Detective, but I was upset when she called me young lady. I hope you aren’t upset with me.”

“None of us are judging you, Jason and I am sorry about that. Can you tell me why you look like you do?”

He looked uncomfortably. Then he said, “Because I had to get out of there fast. I attacked my step mother and ran out dressed like this. I didn’t Have a choice, this was how I was dressed today.“

He nodded at the boy. “I see. Your name is Jason Small?”

“Yes, That is my real name but My Step Mother has been calling me Jennifer since I was ten years old. I am nineteen now, her abuse started when I was ten. This is not the life I would had chosen if I had any say in it.”

“I understand, Jason. Can you describe for us how she made you this way and then we can do something about it. “

“Yes, she has many friends that have skills. One of her friends is a physician. That woman, Doctor Megan Henny prescribed me some kind of pills when I was twelve. She told my step mom that it world prevent my body from going though puberty as a boy. I started growing these humiliating things on my chest and I also started growing out in other areas that boys aren’t supposed to. I don’t know how she was allowed to prescribe things for me but it all happened and my step mother and Mistress Donna Adam made damn sure I took the pills three times a day, or else I'd be punished. She also helped heal me after my step mother beat me to bad and I needed medical care.”

“Oh my god,” The detective groaned. “How did she punish you if she felt you needed to be punished?”

He saw the boys body shutter as he was forced to remember, “She would punish me in various ways. Sexual, mostly physical but a lot of it was sexual. It depended on her mood. She had this stick she used, it was like a police baton she would hit me with hard. She hit me repeatedly on the ribs, buttock or thighs. It was very painful and after she got done hitting me, there were times where she would have to call my doctor over to fix me. There were times where she cracked my ribs from the beatings. Once, she had to close my jaw bone because she hit me on the face with it. I was fourteen when she did that. But most of the time, she would use her strap-on or that awful plug she shoved in me to punish me. That was even worse and more humiliating. When she thought I really needed punished, she called John.“


“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew about John Melvin. He’s a guy Mom knows and he likes to have sex with young children. I met him when I was nine and he touched me all over. My step mom would just watched and get aroused. He made me sit on his lap and he’d make me move my hips and butt on his lap. She thought it was funny as hell. It got worse and she called him to set me right when I stepped out of line to far. He’d usually do some awful sexually violating thing like forcing oral or some other sex act on me.“

My god, the Detective thought to himself. The boy's statement keeps getting worse and worse. There was his step mother who was horrible. She'd have to go away and there was a doctor who would have to be arrested. They would have to find out if she was a real practicing doctor or just someone that calls themselves a doctor. But likely, She was real if she was prescribing medication. Shed have to be qualified which meant that she'd soon have her license revoked and probably soon be indicted. And now Jason was talking about a pedophile that has been abusing him with his step mothers full approval. John was going away too if Jason was telling the truth. He suspected Jason was which meant a lot of arrests would be taking place soon enough, after they checked his story out.

Tears were streaming down Jason’s face as he silently sobbed.

“Just be strong for a few more minutes. I need you to tell us how all of this began.“

“It all started when I was eight, or may be seven. My Mother died a year before and my Father, He was Jason Small Senior. He met and married Melinda. I was only seven or eight. Sorry about the fuzzy memory, but it was a long time ago and so much has happened to me. Well anyway, I don’t think she really loved him, she just married him for his money. She didn’t like boys at all. She really hated me. But he was blinded by his love for her, even though she spent his money like crazy and walked all over him. They got married and my life changed. She would slap me around with my sister helping her, and they called me names. I tried to tell my father but he stopped listening to me. So just tried to stay away from her. But my sister was horrible. Well, about a year later my father died. It was ruled a drug overdose, but I think she did it to get all of his money. But anyway, his will left everything to Melinda, me, my sister, the estate and his billions was left to her. That was when things really changed for me. I was only nine then and I met John, her friend. Maybe he was her lover, but I don’t know. He started molesting me and she walked in once. He was on top of me and I wasn't struggling. It would not had done any good, I was nine and he was in his thirties. Well she just laughed and got him off of me and then she looked at me with disgust. She thought I was enjoying it because I wasn’t fighting. My step mother called me all sorts of vile names and just left me with him. He started again. He became a regular visitor.

That went on for a few years, me and her friend John. That was horrible enough but no one listened to me and my sister just got a kick out of the whole thing. She was strong and free willed, and she liked what john was doing to me. I had always had a harsh rivalry with my sister. She hated me from the time I was born. I don’t understand why but she was strong for a girl, really strong and her hate was strong. But did seemed to favor me and she didn’t get as much as I did. I once heard that he mistreated her some how but I don’t buy it. But my sister, and my stepmother both hated me and that drew them together. But it made my life miserable. Well I kept getting molested by John and being beaten by my sister and step mother. My sister kept setting up situations where I would have to spend time with John. That was my life till I was twelve. That was when my life really changed for the worse. My Sister had always called me names that were girlly. She called me Sister, Princess, Sissy, Barbie. And Jennifer or Jenny. I must admit I was a pretty and soft going boy. My hair was soft and I was small. And with the continuing sexual abuse from John made me withdraw and become even more feminine. But he made me that way. But by my twelfth birthday, My step mother moved us to here. Hundreds of miles away. Where no one knew us and that’s when my sister started turning me into a girl. “

“I was twelve and just lying on my bed crying when My sister came in and beat me up again, and then she tied up and left me for the rest of the night. The next morning she came in and tied me, then undressed me. I hardly ever resisted her because I was so afraid of her. She dragged me to the basement and then started hitting me again. There was a guy watching. He was Craig and he was horrible. He just watched and snickered. I personally think the whole thing was planed but my sister kept throwing me into the wall and pushing down onto the concrete floor. I begged her to stop and he laughed and said, “Cant you even stop your sister by yourself, you pussy. Come on, be a boy.” But I couldn’t. she was older, more developed and stronger than I was. I tried to be strong when I stood up and flat out said im going to my room. It was a bluff and she blocked my way and said, “You aren’t going anywhere, Barbie. Our step mom said you have to do anything I said.”

I blurted out, “SHe didn’t mean you could beat me up.” It probably did but I tried.

She responded, “I thought boys liked to wrestle and roughhouse. “

That was when Craig said, “May be he’s not really a boy, Linda. “ and she pushed me down to the floor.

I shouted, “get off of me!” but She simply said, “Our step mom said I could make you do anything so I think it is time I take advantage of it. “

Then, She pushed me down to my knees, blind folded me and taped my wrists behind my back. I could not see and I heard some moving. Then, She took the blind fold off and I saw Craig standing in front of me. I shouted, “I will scream if you don’t let me go.”

That was when my sister said slyly, “I think the princess needs to be gagged.” I shouted, “You better not put the tape on me anymore.

Craig said, “We wont gag you with tape. And then he slowly unzipped his pants in front of me and pulled his cock out. It was pointing right at my face and he said, “I am going to gag you with this!” and he held his cock and pushed it at me.

I shrank back in horror and started crying. My sister couldn’t do this to me in my own house. I know my step mother had been but now my sister is bringing another guy here. Oh my god.

I cried in despair, “Anything but that, Linda please. You know johns doing things to me please not another boy.”

She said slyly, “Anything, are you serious.”

“Yes please.” I should had known better.

“Ok Barbie. Lets make a deal. I want you to dress up in my clothes and let me take pictures, and I wont make you give Craig a blowjob. Is that a deal.”

“You cant be serious,” I cried but she looked serious and said, “Yes I am. Or you can start sucking right now. Well anything was better than having another guy so I agreed. I let her take about fifty pictures of me. First I was naked, then I was wearing various colored lace and silk lingerie. Stockings, Panties, Thongs, Her bras, Bustiers. Very slutty lingerie. Then I was in slutty dresses. I modeled four different dresses and posed in different sexy poses. I kept crying as she took digital pictures of me. It was all over and I broke down crying. I had to finish it by giving crags cock a kiss. Some of it spurt on my face as I kissed it.

Then, my sister said, “we are finished now. Put on the red silk nighty and panties and go up to your room for the rest of the day, Barbie. And my you are a good Lingerie model. Everyone saw me running to my room. My step mother loved it. It wasn’t over yet, John came in my room as I was crying in the nighty. He thought I looked sexy as hell and forced me to give him a blowjob and then he raped me. He has endless sexual endurance. I balled all night.

I came down the steps the next day to see my sister and my mother, and john looking at the pictures that my sister printed out from her computer. I started crying again. I heard my sister saying, “Melinda, I want Barbie to dress like a girl for now on. He just doesn’t look right in those jeans and t-shirt he has on. “

I shouted, “No, you cant do that to me, step mother.” I had to call her step mother or she would beat me.

She agreed at first by saying, “Barbie is pretty but wouldn’t we have to get her a new wardrobe.” It was all about the money for her, of course. She never wanted to spend any on me even thought she has billions.

“Not at all, “ my sister said. “I have tons of frilly clothes my dad used to make me wear for him. Their small for me now but they will look great on the Barbie Jennifer. And she look how pretty Barbie is in those pictures and I bet she still can taste Johns cum from last night. Barbie has been being Johns girl for so long that its probably natural now. Especially after being with John last night.”

That was when she said, “Ok. Lets do it. “

“From then on, I was dressed like a girl, detective. I tried to resist but My sister and Step mother could be very cruel. They made it clear that I’d either be a girl for them, or that I would be a box with a priest over me. It started slowly at first. But it got much more serious. I still remember the night, it was that night that I was forced to give craig a blowjob too. Luckly that’s all he wanted but it was bad enough. He was very upset and threatened to leave my sister if she didn’t let him loose on me. So she let him and they threatened to show everyone my pictures and let them at me if I didn’t perform oral sex on him. I mean, they threatened to leave me in the street after showing my pictures around. I was afraid they would kill me so I did it.”

“It went from that to being their slave. A few nights later, they brought Mistress Donna and she dressed me in a maids outfit and forced me to be their slave girl. They trained me to be the houses Maid, like housekeeping. I had to fix food for them all in a dress, I had to learn how to curtsey, make meals, scrub the floors, make beds and do everything a maid does. It was grueling and long hours spent in heels making the house clean. Between that and meeting John or Craig I started getting very depressed. But it wasn’t done yet. Later that year her doctor that started medicating me to make my body change into a girls. At fifteen, I hadn’t grown fast enough so she got me implants. That is Why I have 34 D breasts now. Its humiliating but that is my life and I want to change back.

“OK, Jason. We have your statement. Now, we are taking you to the hospital to get you checked out. If what you say is true then we can go arrest your step mother."


Olivia and Elliot took him to the hospital. Getting in was quick enough and the doctor gave him a battery of tests. They X-rayed him and took a blood sample. The doctor did get a shock when they got his clothes off. What he said about being Jason a boy was proven true with the evidence right in front of them. He had a shrunken penis and large breasts and hips. The X-rays showed many healed bone fractures in the ribs, collar bone and the jaw line. There was also a lot of evidence of sexual abuse. They got semen from Jason’s rectum and sent it for analysis to find out who it was from. The blood tests showed he was Male with a very elevated level of estrogen in his system. With all of that evidence it didn’t take long to get it to the DA and swear out several arrest warrants.


Jason was sitting in one of the empty rooms when Olivia returned. She said to him, “We are all finished now. Elliot is talking to the DA Casey Novek. You will have to speak to her later tonight. They are putting out warrants for the people you named. Do you have anywhere to stay tonight, Jason?”

He shook his head, “No Ma'am. I am sorry for not trusting you earlier. Its just that I haven't met a kind woman for most of my life. So it was difficult, but I can tell that you care about me. Can you forgive me for being rude?”

She knelt to talk to him, “There is no need to forgive you, You have been mistreated horribly. You are the victim, so I understand. I am glad you trust me. I wanted to invite you to my place. You can stay with me and I will care for you, Jason.

He thought for a few seconds and said, “That would be good. Olivia, You remind me of my mother. She was also an Officer.“

To be continued Chapter two coming soon

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