A Father's Rebirth - 1 - Girlified!

A Father's Rebirth
A Venus Cursed!Story
by Saless
Chapter 1 — Girlified!

Everything's gone wrong. George thought as he sat in Tiffany's apartment, trying hard to ignore his new body. Why did I attack her like that? I've never done anything like that before... His thoughts trailed off as he remembered, oh so vividly, one of the beatings he'd given his 'son'. But this memory wasn't from his own perspective, but that of his son.

Was I really such a horrible ogre? he thought, seeing the images replay themselves in his mind. Thanks to that girl, Jill, he couldn't ever see those events the same way again. He'd really thought he was helping his son become a man. Didn't it work for me? Or did it...

He resolutely shoved those thoughts away and curled up on the couch. In his tiny new body he only took up about a third of the couch, but he pushed that thought away, too, and fell into a fitful slumber.

Tiffany woke him before leaving for work to show him where everything was in the kitchen and to give him some clothes she'd bought on the way home. She'd bought clothes that were quite large on his tiny body, but he was happy with that. He didn't want to deal with tight fitting clothes that emphasized his new shape.

After a bowl of cereal he sat in front of the TV and thought about his life. His father was a good man who never raised a hand to anybody, but his grandfather was something else. He'd spent summers with him during high school and it was from him he learned how to 'be a man'. Now, looking back he realized he'd taken those lessons to heart far more than he should have.

Sarah's memories kept coming back to haunt him all day, leaving him convulsed in tears more times than not. When did I become such a cry baby?! he thought angrily after the first time. After the second time he blamed it on the hormones and determined to maintain control. That didn't last long.

This isn't getting me anywhere! I've got to find a way to get my life back together. But what can I do if Sarah never changes me back? he thought.

He must have dozed off, as Tiffany woke him when she got home. She'd already eaten dinner, so he heated up some soup. She asked how he was doing, but he just shrugged. He didn't feel as afraid of her as he had, realizing that at least some of her threatening had been an act. Her shadow trick still freaked him out, though.

He sat in front of the TV thinking the rest of the night and ignored Tiffany as best he could. All his thoughts returned to the same direction, though, If Sarah doesn't change me back, I'm screwed!

To Be Continued…

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