the lost years

careful who you tell your dreams.
they just might become your nightmare.

short story by Scorcerer

The lost years

As I entered the room of my mistress my thoughts went back 3 years before this moment. It all started in a local bar where I and some of my friends used to come in the weekend,and drink some beer.

It was at one of these nights we were drinking beer as usual and discussing about some of the more stupid bets you know the one's u would never do in a million years.

It was then a good looking woman walked up to us and offered us a drink. We accepted the drinks and started to talk about one particular bet I mentioned earlier.

She asked if we were serious about what we talked about. Why yes as a fantasy, was one of my friends answered but it will be a fantasy will it.

If you have the stomach for it,it could become reality she answered back.

It was then except for myself all of the guys wished the woman goodnight and left for home. As for me ,I continued talking to her for as I lived alone it did not matter when I got home.

Are you serious she again asked me , this time somewhat more commanding. After thinking it over for a moment I finally answered yes I am but only for one's.

Then follow me to my place and in the morning after a good night sleep you chance will come. Was it the beer or the company but without hesitation I pay'd for the beer and followed, her to her place which turned out to be almost a castle with more then 20 rooms in it.

She guided me in and escorted me to a room on the 2nd floor and without undressing,I fell on the bed and fell a sleep almost instantly. For what I assumed the next morning I woke up and tried to rub my eyes and found that my arms were tied above my head, opening my eyes I found out that the darkness remained. A thick leather blindfold was covering my eyes.

As my brain started to wake up I noticed the constant female voice in my head giving me all sorts of instructions and orders to follow. In the second place I noticed I wasn't wearing my own clothes but some rather smooth and silky garments. Even the sheets were of the same fabric because even while I was bound to the bed I slithered in each direction .

Concentrating was very difficult for my mind seemed in a trance due to all the orders given over and over again.

On regular times I was been fed and given drinks while the sanitary facilities where automated , my pee was led away through a tube which covered my cock and when I have to do the other item it fell in a kind plastic bag also used for dogs.

Over the next 2 to 3 weeks the tape run over and over again imprinting the orders in my head,even though I could think for myself specific orders I could not refuse to follow.

Then the time came when I was released from my prison and was ordered to get dressed. In the corner were two piles of clothes,on one side were my own clothes and on the other side some very feminine clothing.

I sat on the edge of the bed and started to examine my body to find out what she had done to my body and found I had real sized breasts and both breasts were pierced with large welded shut rings. Next my cock was given a check-over and there also was a large ring through my cock and was welded shut.

I noticed that all-though I still could get exited my cock no longer reacted and hung limb on my body.

At that time I wanted to scream for help or just out of anger with what was done to me ,but before I could do it I picked up a ball gag and started to insert it into my mouth ,and while I tried to resist the ball gag I winded up strapping the bands behind my head after the gag was firmly into place . All my screams would come out muffled.

In my head I knew it would be easy to remove the gag from my mouth,and trust me it really was on my mind but the gag stayed where it was, firmly in my mouth. More time to explore my body I did not have because of an almost mental command I stopped what I was doing.

My mind was telling me to put on my own clothes but my body disobeyed me and, after a while I started to walk to the female clothes and picked the first item from the pile up and found to my horror I started to get excited, from the clothes,I almost got an erection putting on the silk thong.

And while dressing further I started to cry which in my entire live I, never done before,and I cry'ed not out of shame but out of pure ecstasy.

The next thing I started to do was placing a pair of 6" heels on my feet. And after fastening the straps a lock on each shoe prevented me from taking them off so learning to walk in them was a must.

It kinda puzzled me why the locks on the shoes and not the gag,but that thought quickly cleared from my mind when suddenly I walked to a table and picked up a wide collar which was attached to a long piece of chain.

On the chain were two pieces of cuffs,without thinking I placed the collar around my neck and fastened it behind my head.

Next I attached the cuffs around my feet making sure I could walk with small steps at the time.

The last item left were the other cuffs which I attached around my wrists, also behind my back.

You have to imagine ever since I started to dress I did not look in the mirror which was in the room. But when I was all ready to meet my mistress(I couldn't imagine why I called my kidnapper my mistress)I walked up to the mirror and saw in the reflection the most stunning woman I ever saw in my live,and being bound sounded perfectly normal for my situation,after-all I was a slave to my mistress.

Seeing myself in the mirror got me all exited for a real stunning female figure stared back at me following me with every move I made ,and while I looked at my reflection I saw happiness in her eyes,my eyes,and a tear fell from the corner of my eye as I turned away from the mirror and started to walk towards the door to fulfill my future life as a slave to my mistress.


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