Demon of the Fallen Angels

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Demon of the Fallen Angels
by Charlotte Dickles

Copyright  © 2010 Charlotte Dickles
All Rights Reserved.

Why did most people stay away from Great-Aunt Selma's funeral? Was she a witch - or worse? Could her soul have taken over the virginal Hayley? Of course not - such things don't happen in real life. Unless it's Halloween!


WARNING: CONTAINS NUTS, cross-dressing, fun, hetero and same sex intercourse, naughty swear words, and demon worship. If reading these subjects is illegal or not to your taste, then don't do it, or at least don't moan about it afterwards. New readers may be interested to know that the Torsolets included in this story have a regular appearance in many of my other stories; whereas Demon worship is just for Halloween.

"I do love you," Hayley said, giving Dan a kiss on the cheek as he turned the car in a westerly direction, and she let her hand trace a path upwards along his inner thigh, just to show how much she loved him. "You were hoping to get back to London in time to meet up with your mates, and now you're going to drive all this extra distance, just because I might get some interesting stock."

Hayley was a fashion designer with her own internet clothing business, or to put it rather more bluntly, she'd employed a Chinese company to make up her small collection after leaving college at the age of nineteen with a certificate in fashion design. She was now selling her clothes on the web. She was just about keeping her head above water but clearly had a long way to go before she became a household name.

"I love you, too," Dan said with a grin. He knew how Hayley would show her appreciation later that evening.

He and Hayley had been living together now for two months, and he was still intoxicated with her. That's why he had agreed to take this Friday off work - he was a newly qualified solicitor - and drive her the two hundred miles to Leeds for her Great-Aunt Selma's funeral, and hopefully return in time to meet up with his mates, that evening.

But when Hayley had asked her Uncle Tom what was happening to Selma's wonderful collection of period dresses and evening gowns, he'd told her quite bluntly that he had no interest in them and he had no objection if Hayley took the lot. She might be able to add them to the stock on the web, she had suggested to Dan.

Which is why instead of turning the car southwards towards London, they were heading towards the industrialised myriad of small mill towns - each running into the next - once highly profitable - now looking rather run down on this dark and dismal late October afternoon.

"I told you before," Dan added, "It's no problem not getting back in time to go out with my mates - I'd much rather spend the time with you. Anyway, your great-aunt's place sounds interesting. It was good of your uncle to suggest we could stay the night there if we wanted."

"It all sounded incredibly weird to me," Hayley said. "This thing about her living in a disused church - only what was all that about the place not actually belonging to her but to some kind of religious sect?"

Dan shrugged, trying not to show the erotic thoughts passing through his head, some of which involved Hayley, sex and the altar. "To be honest," he said, "I think your uncle doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting title to the place. From what he said, it seems as though your Aunt Selma sold her house and effectively gave the proceeds to this religious group. She then bought this church on their behalf, and lived in it rent free. But that doesn't give her son any right to the property.

"Anyway," he added, "I didn't like the way he was leering at you all the time."

"Was he?" Hayley said. "I didn't really notice. But he's positively ancient. He must be easily twice my age so why would he do that?"

Dan couldn't help but marvel at the innocence of Hayley. He knew for a fact she had retained her virginity all through college, right up until the time when he had met her and been totally intrigued and captivated by the tom-boy-come-fashion-designer, dressed in sloppy sweater and jeans.

She was now almost unrecognisable as the same person. Under his encouragement, she took the advice she'd trained to give other women, and wore pretty blouses with short skirts and heels. Today she had on a black dress - which, as she sat beside him, was exposing large amounts of thigh - and black boots. Dan had suggested that, with her five feet, one inch frame, she could wear incredibly high heels without looking stupid, but she'd replied that her boots with two-inch heels were high enough. She'd had her hair done and learnt how to apply make-up, but she still had this air of sweet innocence that would drive most men - including him, and clearly including Uncle Tom - wild with lust.

"And why did he get so angry," she added, "about my not having a cross?"

"Perhaps he thought you were a virgin," Dan tentatively suggested, "and that Aunt Selma would take over your soul."

"After fifty-nine days, one hour and twelve minutes with you, I'm safe enough there," she replied with a grin. "I reckon that must be almost six-hundred shags - sufficient to see off any ghost."

"Why weren't any of your cousins there?" Dan asked, smirking as he thought about the great sex he'd had with Hayley. "And where was that friend of Selma's - the one who telephoned you to tell you about Selma's funeral?"

"It's strange isn't it," she said. "Uncle Tom said the rest of his family had all got diarrhoea, which I suppose could just about be true. But apart from the vicar, why wasn't there a single other person at the funeral? You don't think she really was a witch, do you?"

"Do you know," Dan said, thoughtfully, "I think your uncle does. That's why he kept his family away, and didn't tell anyone she'd died. He was hoping no one else would come to the funeral, to have their bodies taken over by Selma's displaced spirit. It's a good job we don't believe in that garbage."

Hayley didn't speak.

"You don't believe in it, do you?" Dan asked her, noticing her silence. "It's all stupid superstition."

"Of course, it is," she said. "Only..."

"Only what?"

"Well, it's just that I used to love going to see Great-Aunt Selma. It was she who first got me interested in clothes and fashion. Then suddenly, when I was about seven, we stopped going and I was told never to even mention her name again. She'd still send Birthday and Christmas cards but - this was what was so weird - my parents would throw them straight in the bin. Of course, once I learnt what they did, I'd get them out of the bin or pick up the post before they did.

"I only saw her once more - and that was quite recently. Just after I'd passed my final exams, I telephoned her to say how much she'd inspired me. She said she was coming down to London the following week, and did I want to meet her for dinner at her hotel. The day after I'd seen her, my dad found out and was furious."

"I'm not surprised," Dan said. "You'd have been a virgin when you went to see her, so if your aunt really was a witch, she'd probably have taken over your soul."

Hayley shivered. "You don't really think so, do you?"

Dan laughed, rather taken aback that Hayley had taken his joke so seriously. "I was kidding," he said, slipping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her to him. "There are no such things as witches - just elderly ladies who get picked upon as scapegoats."

"I hope you're right," she said, "or we're all goners - and we'll be goners even more quickly if you don't put your hand back on the steering wheel."


The sat nav found it without difficulty - a typical urban church set on a street corner, with terraced housing butting against it. Further along the road, the occasional boarded-up shop front gave evidence of the urban decay in this area. Dan parked the car down the side street, glancing nervously up and down, wondering whether the car would still be there when they came out.

Hayley was far more nervous of never coming out again. She stared at the dirty, old church, with its square bell tower looming large above them over the west entrance, and she handed the large key that her uncle had given her to Dan. "You open it. I'm a bit scared."

"It's a deconsecrated church, for God's sake. Even if it had a crypt, they'd have emptied it of bodies before they left."

"But what about the souls?" Hayley said. "They might not have taken those."

"For God's sake," Dan repeated and he purposely stepped forward, put the key in the lock, turned it and pulled open the door, which screeched in a way that caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

"For God's sake," he repeated, but in frustration over his own reaction, rather than that of Hayley. He stepped inside.


Neither of them had expected the church to be occupied, and they were both amazed to see a congregation in progress. There were about twenty people, all scattered about the first few pews.

"We'd better leave them to it," Dan said, taken aback at this unexpected event.

"Don't be silly," Hayley said, regaining confidence at seeing a crowd of people. "I'm sure they'll make us welcome when they hear who we are." Without further ado, she walked up the aisle, and Dan was horrendously aware of the click-clack noise her heels made on the hard wooden floor.

Not one of the women - and they were all women in the congregation - turned their heads to see who the intruder was, and Dan sheepishly followed Hayley, almost tip-toeing as though to make up for Hayley's lack of discretion. Hayley went right up to the front pew, where there was a space next to the aisle, slid into the space, turned to the woman next to her, and said, "Hello, I'm..."

The words died on her lips, turned to a shocked gasp, and Dan's blood ran cold. What kind of sect was this, for God's sake? For an instant, he was tempted to run back to the street to fetch help, but he knew he couldn't leave Hayley behind. He quickened his pace so he could grab her and pull her outside.

"Come on, Hayley. Let's go. We know when we're not welcome."

But Hayley resisted his pull, and then turned and looked at him and smiled sweetly. If his blood had run cold before, it froze now as he wondered whether Great-Aunt Selma really had taken over her soul.

"Aren't you going to say hello to the congregation?" she asked.

He turned to the woman next to Hayley, about to make some excuse to depart and met...

The eyes of a tailor's dummy stared blankly back at him. "What the..." He turned to the woman standing in the pew behind and she too had the face of a dummy. His glance flicked across the whole congregation - they were all the same.

"This is Aunt Selma's costume collection, silly," Hayley said. She swept her arm to indicate the whole of what he had supposed was the church congregation. "Isn't it magnificent? Do you see why I made you come all this way?"

Relief seeped through him, draining him of energy, and suddenly making him feel extremely stupid, but Hayley's infectious grin lifted him, and he grinned back.

"If you were frightened of these ladies," she said, "it's a good job you didn't see who was in the pulpit."

She nodded to indicate the direction and he turned to look up to the pulpit, and face Satan himself! Black shiny body with long horns on the head, sharp fangs protruding from the mouth, wings partly extended, and huge claws on each hand, ready to rip the throat of anyone it didn't care for. It was fortunate that by this stage the only reaction Dan could give was to go into a petrified stance, whilst his senses came to terms with the apparition.

It was another model! The realisation ran through him. Just like the tailor's dummies.

"It's quite realistic, isn't it?" He was incredibly proud of the nonchalant way he spoke those words.

"Realistic?" Hayley retorted with a smile. "I thought you didn't believe in the devil."

"Well... I don't but..."

"It's OK." She put a finger to his lips. "I'm only teasing. It certainly seems to confirm that Aunt Selma was into witchcraft, or the occult, or something. Oh..." She broke off, turning towards a dummy on the other side of the aisle. "Isn't that the most wonderful dress?"

She pushed past him and went over to look at a long, black dress, with a neckline which plunged halfway to the navel and was held together by a silver ring below the bust - out of which the dummy's breasts bulged in an extremely pleasant manner.

"It's lovely," Dan said, as delighted by the cleavage as the dress itself. Now he looked around he could see that most of the dummies exposed similarly delicious cleavage.

"Wouldn't it be lovely to wear it?"

Wouldn't it just, Dan thought, but did not say. Since she was standing immediately next to the dummy, he felt it much safer to point out the mannequin was at least six inches taller than she was. "It's too long for you," he said. "You'd need really high heels to be able to walk." Now there was an erotic thought to distract his mind from other things.

Hayley gave a little laugh. "Don't be silly. I didn't mean me wearing it - I meant you."

The shock was greater than when he had come face to face with the devil. Did she know? Had she seen through his nonchalant gaze at these wonderful clothes? Oh if only... But he had to pull himself together. He didn't think he'd given himself away but...

"Yeah, fine," he said, putting every ounce of sarcasm he could muster into the words which were absolute truth. He had to change the subject before she took it further, and he waved around at the congregation. "These are all fantastic dresses. Each one must be worth thousands. Did Uncle Tom know he was giving away a fortune?"

Hayley shook her head with a smile. "They're not as valuable as you think. They're all modern reproductions, many of them made for budget films, where historical accuracy takes a poor second to cleavage. I think some have even come from fancy dress shops."

"Oh," Dan said. "I thought they'd be worth quite a lot of money." If they weren't worth much money, he thought, why had they driven all this extra distance to get them? Not that he was complaining.

"Fraid not," she said. "But I've noticed the way you've been looking for the last few minutes. I've also noticed that monster in your trousers getting all excited."

Shit! he thought. She's realised how these clothes turn me on.

"So, it's put me right in the mood for what you fancy," she said.

"What I fancy?" He pretended to be bewildered, dreading her outing him as the kind of guy who wanted to put on a woman's dress.

"Don't tell me you haven't been fantasising about having sex on the altar?"

"Oh!" He blushed slightly. "Well, I er..."

"You are so obvious," she laughed. "But with that monster almost bursting out of your trousers, I'm up for it."

To be honest, Dan was almost disappointed that Hayley was suggesting sex rather than dressing him up. But Hayley ran over to the altar, hitching up the black dress she had worn for the funeral, so that she could clamber up onto it. Beneath the dress, she had on black stockings with black suspender belt and no panties! Suddenly he was very ready for sex on the altar. He caught a glimpse of the bush between her legs as she grabbed hold of the brass rail which ran around the altar and levered herself up. She stood upright on the altar and her dress fell back into an almost respectable position.

"I'm queen of the castle," she chanted, "you're a silly, old rascal." She reached behind and unzipped her dress, shrugged her shoulders from side to side to let the dress slither over them and down her body. It momentarily caught on her bra but, with her boyish figure, not for long.

Then she was stepping out of it and kicking it hard towards him so it caught him fully in the face.

"Phlugh!" He pulled it to one side and walked purposely towards her. Normally she was so much shorter than him, but now, standing on the alter she towered above him.

She took off her bra and waved it in the air, making an erotic sight dressed only in boots, stockings and suspender belt.

"Repel all borders," she said, and wacked him around the head with her bra.


"Ah-ha! You'll have to do better than that."

"Is that right?" he said. "Well how about if I..." He tried to grab her ankle, but she nimbly skipped out of the way. As she made to slap him with the bra again, he made a grab for it, but she flicked it up out of his reach.


"If you want to come up here to pay homage to the queen, you'll have to be my serf," she said. "First of all, take off all your clothes."

That was something he could agree on. He frantically pulled off his clothes and dropped them on the floor, and then he was clambering up onto the altar to join Hayley, his enormous erection making a very welcome third member to their group.

"On your back," Hayley directed with rather more urgency than Dan was used to. Normally, it was he who took the lead but with the devil watching on, it seemed that Hayley had taken on a whole new identity.

As Dan obediently lay on his back, she dropped her knees on top of his shoulders, pinning him down. Then she wriggled forward so his arms too were were under her control.

"I need to ensure my serf knows who is in command," she said, grabbing a decorative leather strap which ran over the top of altar beneath the brass rail. In a second she had made a loop and slipped it over his right wrist, and was tugging the other end to tighten it and secure his arm. Seconds later, she had repeated the operation with his left arm, in spite of Dan's half-hearted efforts to stop her.

In fact, he was finding it an incredible turn on - not that he wasn't already turned on - but this was something new and exciting. Now that his arms were trussed to the rail on either side of the altar, she turned around and wriggled down his torso and onto his knees, so she could secure his legs in a similar manner.

"My serf is going to give me a ride," she said, "and he is in for the journey of his life. But first, let's warm up my mount, and let my mount warm up me." Still facing his feet, she wriggled backwards until his face was pushed against her pussy, and commanded, "Lick!"

And that is what he did.

And so did she; except that she started by slowly licking his balls, and then, tantalisingly slowly, she let her tongue lick further and further up his shaft, until she was licking his knob, until it throbbed with excitement. Normally at that stage, she'd have let her mouth sink down over his prick, and gone down on him until he could feel her tonsils. But instead, she merely reversed what she had just done, slowly descending his shaft, licking for all she was worth, until once again she was slowly licking his balls.

"Let's do it now," he gasped.

"Goodness," she replied. "You haven't given me one orgasm yet. We can hardly start on our proper ride until I'm properly warmed up."

"No but I'm desperate," he said, further words being rendered inaudible as Hayley sank her pussy down hard on his mouth.

"Go on," she commanded, "bring me off."

Dan's tongue had never had to work so hard as he fiendishly brought her to her first orgasm.

"Mmm, that was nice," she said afterwards. "Now let's do it again, only I want you to give me a much bigger orgasm this time."

They continued in this fashion for almost half an hour. Dan was powerless to give Hayley the fucking of her life, the fucking she now richly deserved. If he hadn't have been tightly bound to the altar, he'd have been climbing on the ceiling with frustration. Each time he tried to tell Hayley how urgent his need was, she rammed her pussy onto his mouth and prevented him doing anything except pleasuring her.

Finally, after her third very satisfactory orgasm, she turned around and said, "I think it's time now for our ride, don't you?"

"Oh God, yes," he muttered.

She was still wearing her boots, stockings and suspenders, and now she squatted over his enormous cock like a jockey in the stirrups, and lowered herself so she could work it inside her. Then she slid down onto him,

"Jeez, that was good," Dan said. "More, please."

"Don't expect me to do the work," she said, "get trotting."

He had to arch his back in order to lift her up, but she made no effort to support herself, so as he dropped back down, she was still firmly embedded around his prick.

"Come on," she said, "I want a bit more effort than that." She drove her heels into his thighs to make the point.


He realised he would have to thrust upwards much more quickly, so that she would momentarily be thrown into the air, slightly withdrawing from his cock as she did so. It worked, but she immediately landed back on him, and he would have to repeat the whole process over again.

"Hell, I can't keep this up for long," he said after a minute or two. "Can we do it an easier way?"

She grinned at him. "The devil's got into me," she said, "so the answer's no. Come on. No slacking. Keep it up." Another painful jab of her heels into his thighs.

Keeping it up was not Dan's problem. His need was more urgent than any he'd ever had before; he had to squirt his semen inside her; he just had to. With Hayley spurring him onwards by the continued use of her heels, he increased his pace and started to get into the rhythm of it. The sweat was pouring off him, and his muscles were screaming at him to stop, but yes, he was starting to enjoy it.

And so was Hayley. She stopped using her heels to bore holes in his thigh, and instead placed her feet flat on the altar and used them to help the action, producing the kind of rising trot her riding instructor would have been proud of.

For some reason he'd never figured out, Hayley had the most incredible vaginal muscles. As the action started to get easier with her help, so she prevented him getting too far ahead by contracting those muscles and squeezing his prick like a navvy holding a pickaxe. Oh God, he so desperately wanted to squirt semen into her, but for minute after precious minute, he couldn't get there. Surely, he would have a heart attack if he didn't stop. His muscles would seize.

Feeling him slacken slightly, she gave him another satisfying dig in his thighs with her heels. She had really enjoyed doing that - riding him as though he was a thoroughbred horse. Perhaps she was a bit of a sadist - perhaps she really did have the devil inside her.

But Hayley could now feel herself ready to come, and she relaxed her vaginal muscles and accentuated her rising trot.

"Faster, faster!" she urged. Another dig in the thighs. "Go on, go on. Fuck me!"

Dan could feel his testicles start to tighten as he approached his climax, and he realised this would be the most incredible orgasm he'd ever had in his life.

They reached the finish post together in a screaming, shouting climax, so loud it would have deafened the congregation, had they not already been so. Hayley could feel squirt after squirt of hot semen filling her more completely than any fucking she had ever known.

"Mmm, that was a nice ride," she said to him, using her vagina muscles to work the last drops of semen out of his penis.

"Mmm," he agreed. Then he fell asleep.


It had been a very tiring day for Dan. The previous night, Hayley had been even more demanding than normal and they had made love all-night long. By the time the two of them had fallen asleep, it was almost time for the alarm to wake them to make an early start on the journey ahead. Hayley had soundly slept all the way to the crematorium, but of course, Dan had to keep his wits about him as he drove through the rush-hour traffic. The motorway had been full of idiots all wanting to drive at an illegal eighty, whilst only ten feet behind the car in front, with any hiccup causing a panic of frantic braking to avoid a massive pile up. After all that and his mammoth efforts during their lovemaking, he was totally shagged out.

It was quite dark in the church by the time he awoke, with the only illumination being the street lamps outside filtering through the stained-glass windows. For a moment, he didn't realise where he was, and he opened his eyes to face the devil.

"Ugh!" It was still in the pulpit, but in the half light, it looked even more terrifying and - well, just plain evil. He shuddered, turning away from it and - well his chest felt different, somehow. He glanced down.


It was a sight even more terrifying than that of the devil. He had breasts!

Not just man-breasts. No, these were wonderfully large breasts - the kind you see on American film stars or on porn internet sites, and hardly ever on women walking down the High Street on a Saturday morning. Was this a dream? It must be. He should try squeezing a breast, just to make certain.

He sat up, his breasts swinging to hang vertically below him. He could feel them moving! That did not happen in dreams. Did it? Cautiously, he lifted a hand to cup one.

"Mmm." He'd half-hoped that Hayley was playing a joke on him, that she'd been out and bought some false breasts and stuck them on him. But he could feel his breast, and his hand cupping it - and it felt nice. He raised a thumb to his nipple, and gasped out loud as a sexual excitement shot through him.

This was so not-right, he thought, but he couldn't help dropping his other hand to his penis - except it wasn't there! He stared downwards at the bush of dark hair covering a slit, at the top of long, very sexy legs.

"S-H-I-I-I-I-T-T-T!" He was almost crying. This was no dream - not even a nightmare - this was for real. The devil had taken away his cock and turned him into a woman.

"Fooled you," Hayley said from somewhere above his head.


"I might have died from a heart attack," Dan moaned.

"Rubbish," Hayley said. "If you were going to die from a heart attack, it would have been whilst I was riding you to that tremendous climax."

"I'd still have been dead."

"Yes, but what a way to go."

Dan shook his head, sadly. "So tell me again how you managed to change my sex."

"I haven't really changed your sex." She led him over to one of the other mannequins which she had stripped of its costume. "When you look at the naked model, it's easy to see the difference between the face and hands, and the torso." She pointed.

"The face and hands are obviously plastic, just like any other tailor's dummy," she said. "But the torso looks just like real skin - like some fantastic waxwork model.

"On this plastic dummy, you can see it's actually a skin-coloured, sleeveless leotard which fits from just beneath the chin down to the groin. After I managed to find the fastening, which is between the legs, it was easy to see that all the shape - the breasts and the hips and bum - are built into the leotard. I found the user guide for it in the vestry at the rear. It's called a Torsolet and it's specifically designed to transform men to look like women. That's when I had the idea of putting it on you whilst you were still asleep, and watching from the gallery whilst you woke up. After all, you did agree to wear that fantastic dress."

"Agree? I didn't agree to it."

"You said: 'Yeah, fine,' when I suggested it."

"I was being sarcastic."

"Were you?"

From the intonation of her words, Dan couldn't work out whether she was being deliberately obtuse to prove her point, or whether she'd seen right through him, so he kept quiet.

"It was quite difficult getting it on without waking you," she continued, "but you really were dead to the world. It was made more difficult because there's this gel I had to smear over your body to stop you sweating. But you have to admit, it's very effective."

Dan indeed had to admit that. Secretly, his heart was pounding with excitement, but he was trying to keep a deadpan expression so that he didn't give the game away. Still, he permitted a wry smile. "I certainly have to admit that."

He stared again in the full-length mirror Hayley had found in the vestry, and brought to him. In spite of his face and hair, it was impossible to believe that the reflection was anything other than that of a naked, curvaceous woman, with breasts to die for. "But my legs look so sexy. You said the Torsolet thing isn't covering those, didn't you?"

"They're your own legs," Hayley said. "I simply shaved them."

"Wow," Dan said, then a puzzled look came on his face. "But do you normally carry a razor with you?"

She laughed. "Of course not. No, I used a ceremonial dagger I found in the vestry." She suddenly pulled it from behind her and waved it in front of his face. "It's very sharp."

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed. "That's scary. Look, do you mind not holding it in front of my nose. You might slice it off."

"Of course." She grinned again as she put it down. "But you can't deny it gave you an excellent shave."

Dan felt his face which, by this time of day would normally have signs of stubble. "No," he said. "I can't deny that.

"But what I don't understand," he continued, "is how I can feel my breasts swinging, and how come my nipples are so sensitive?"

"I've had another read of the user guide," Hayley said. "It seems there's this feature called Sensotouch. It works a bit like a touch-sensitive computer screen, only it results in tiny electric shocks applied to your own skin, which gives that sense of feel. I'd have thought it was rubbish, except that it so obviously works for you."

"So I assume," Dan said, hoping against hope that his assumption was right, "that you want to dress me up now, like a little dolly."

"My little dolly never had boobs like yours," Hayley said, "but yes, I'd love to try a few dresses on you. You don't mind too much, do you?"

He smiled, putting just the right degree of resignation into it. "You'll pay for it later."

She grinned back at him. "I always pay for it later - that's part of the pleasure."

"Alright," he said. "Do your worse."

"I was hoping you'd say that," she said. "Only the first thing I have to do is to lace you into a corset."


Who could have believed that the person facing him in the mirror was not only a man, but it was him. He smiled, and the woman smiled. He gave a little shake to his shoulders and the woman's breasts joggled in a most pleasing way. He was wearing the black, full-length dress Hayley had pointed out earlier, and with the help of the corset, it fitted him perfectly. You really couldn't see the join where the Torsolet met his skin, and his breasts were fantastic. Even his face looked more attractive, framed by the long, brown wig.

"You look so sexy in that dress," Hayley said.

Something in her words surprised him. He'd have expected her to say another woman looked good, or even beautiful, but not sexy. He should have kept quiet, but instead he said words he regretted as soon as he'd mockingly spoken them. "Why would you think a woman looks sexy?"

Hayley looked puzzled. "Well of course I do. Why else would I have sex with them if I didn't find them sexy?"

"Sex with them? You mean... you're a lesbian?"

"Well of course I am. I'm nineteen for God's sake. You didn't think you were the first person I'd had sex with, did you?"

"Well, er..."

"I can't believe this! Just because my hymen was intact when I met you, you have the audacity to think that I've never enjoyed sex. Oh, men are so self-centred."

"Sorry, it's just that you didn't say, and I assumed."

"You haven't said anything about your past lovers. Does that mean you've never had any? That you were a virgin?

"Oh, it's alright," she continued, seeing the look on his face. "I really do not want to know about your past loves, just as I assumed you would not want to know about mine. But to put it all into the open, yes, I've had sex with several women and I tremendously enjoyed it. Now I've had sex with you and I've enjoyed that as well. And..."

Her voice softened as she continued, "Well I have a tremendous affection for you that I've never had with anyone else. I really do love you."

Dan smiled at her, and said, "I love you, too. It was stupid of me to make assumptions like that, and thanks for telling me I look sexy." He hesitated, making a judgement over what he was to say next, and then decided to go with it. "Does that mean you want to have sex with me?"

A wide grin spread across her face. "Too right it does, and I think you're in for a bit of a surprise at how good it is to be a woman." She stepped forward, lifted a hand and ran it down Dan's breast.

"Wow!" Dan murmured.

S-c-r-e-e-e-e-c-h, the church door went as it opened.

As they guiltily stepped apart, Dan once again felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck.


"Good evening, Haley." The voice boomed the length of the church, and echoed all around them. They peered into the darkness trying to detect someone standing there, but with the door open, they could only see those items illuminated by the street lamps outside.

Haley took a deep breath and then stepped forward. "Good evening," she said. "I'm afraid I can't see you."

"Sorry love," the voice said, "I'm trying to find the light switch..."

A click, followed by the church flooding with light, showed he had done so. At the far end stood a nondescript man - middle-aged, medium height and build, balding, and wearing a dark raincoat.

"I'm John," the voice announced. "I'm the person who rang you to tell you about Selma's death. Welcome to the Church of the Fallen Angels. I wanted to make certain you'd found your way in and had everything you need."

He walked towards them, smiling a welcome, which Hayley and Dan returned.

"Thanks for letting me know about Selma," Hayley said, and she gestured towards Dan. "This is... Daniela ."

"Pleased to meet you, Daniela ," John said. "I'm glad to see you entering into the spirit and wearing one of our dresses. That Torsolet fits you really well. Is it comfortable around the goolies? Some people have a bit of difficulty when they put it on for the first time."

Dan felt a blush coming to his cheeks. He had hoped that John might have been fooled. "I know you think this is strange..." he started before John interrupted him

"There's nothing strange about people enjoying wearing lovely dresses, man or woman. What's strange is the way that most people get upset about something that doesn't affect them. I take it Selma explained everything to you?"

"Well, not really," Hayley replied. "She told me she hadn't long to live, but she wouldn't go into any details. She said I was her chosen one, and when I asked if that meant she'd named me in her will, she replied that she had little to leave, apart from the soul of Semias, or something like that. I didn't really understand what she was saying."

" Semiazas," John said. "Let me explain. Selma was a lovely person who helped lots of men like me to explore our needs. She let us dress up in this wonderful collection of clothes. We knew she'd always had unusual religious beliefs but it wasn't until we'd known her for several years that she revealed she was some kind of Satanist. She explained that didn't make her evil - that was the way most of the conventional religions - including the Christian Church - portrayed them. She said she was Semiazas - the Demon of Fallen Angels."

John paused for a moment before continuing, "I know it sounds kind of weird, but we'd known her for years by this time as kind, generous, warm-hearted and open-minded person. Compare that with the fire and brimstone local vicar, who condemned people like us to hell, and you can see why we were happy to convert.

"When the local vicar was later exposed for buggering his choirboys," John continued, "his congregation obviously stopped attending this church, and it was forced to close. Selma decided to sell her house and she used the money to buy this church and form a proper religion. We all became her Fallen Angels. Sure others thought we were all a bunch of religious nutters, but that's almost respectable - it's cross dressers who are persecuted nowadays."

He gesticulated up to the pulpit. "She got the Demon specially made by the company who make the Torsolets. She'd always wear it for our meetings, and sometimes I'd come round and find her wearing it during the day. Now Selma has gone, the Demon is empty and she waits to be filled by Semiazas' appointed one. That's you, luv," he said, turning to Hayley.

"Me?" Haley looked shocked, as well she might. "No, I mean, that's silly. I can't become a Demon. I'm just a normal girl."

"The church can't exist without Semiazas, and she appointed you as her successor. If you don't agree to succeed her, the church will have to fold, and there'll be a legal battle over ownership with her close-minded son, Tom, that will go on for years."

"But it's stupid," Hayley said. "I wouldn't know what to do, or anything."

"You've already encouraged Daniela to dress how she wishes," John said. (Dan didn't want to get into that argument, so he let it pass.) "You are already qualified in Semiazas' skills."

"But I couldn't wear that." She pointed towards the pulpit.

"Hayley," John said, "the church is your friend. We're not going to try to force you to do anything you don't wish. Selma has a flat in the crypt, and you and Daniela are welcome to stay as long as you wish. At least stay for the weekend. If you want to don your rightful garb for our special Sunday service - it's Halloween, you know and maybe you'll even stay a little longer - then that would be excellent, but if not, then so be it. It's your choice."

He gave a brief smile. "I'll be on my way now, unless there's anything else you want from me."


"Bloody hell," Daniela said, once he had left, "what a nutter."

"He wasn't a nutter," Hayley said. "He cross dressed, but then that's what you're doing at the moment, so you're hardly in a position to preach."

"I'm talking about the Demon, and Semiazas, and all that crap. It sounded like he believed in it."

"How do you know it's crap?"

"Well, of course it is."

"But couldn't you say that about all religions?" Hayley asked. "They all rely upon some supernatural entity. In fact, none of what he talked about was supernatural. It was simply a shunning of the Christian Church, prompted by the evil vicar."

"I'm an atheist," Daniela said, "so I suppose you're right, it is the same for all religions."

"But you don't call all Christians and all Muslims and all Jews a bunch of nutters. You'd soon lose all your clients, for one thing."

Daniela considered. "I suppose it's that I'm pragmatic. I don't believe what they believe, but I accept their right to believe it."

"So you must equally accept the right to believe in Semiazas, the Demon of the Fallen Angels?"

Daniela wriggled uncomfortably. "Put like that, I suppose the answer must be yes. I guess it's just something I'm not used to."

"Just like most of society are not used to cross dressers. Which is a shame, because you look so sexy in that dress."

Daniela realised those were exactly the words Hayley had used just before John had arrived when they were about to have sex. Her nipples suddenly felt very sensitive and she wanted Hayley to do magnificent things to them, and she hadn't even had a chance to properly explore down below. So Daniela did not ask her why she thought a woman looked sexy. Instead, she said, "Do you think so? It makes me feel very sensual."

"No time for that now," Hayle said, frustrating Daniela's hopes. "I want you to help me put on the Demon garb."

"Later, Hayley. Let's do that later."

"No," she said. "I must do it now. I shall need the help of the church virgin."

"Don't you mean verger?" Daniela asked.

"I know what I mean," she said, "especially since you are a virgin."

"You must be kidding!"

"Your Torsolet still has the hymen intact. You are now a female virgin, just as I was when I met up with Great-Aunt Selma." Hayley smiled. "She said I shouldn't confine myself to having sex with women and I should find a good man. I thought she was just going on, as elderly aunts do. But she said I would know when I met him, and she gave me a love potion to use."

"A love potion? There's no such thing. They're just a myth."

"Maybe." Hayley's smile became even broader. "I only know that I sprayed it above your head just before I bumped into your table in that café, and we've been in love ever since."

"You're crazy," Daniela said. "We fell in love just like people are doing all over the world, every minute of the day. OK, maybe spraying that stuff over me gave you the confidence to engineer our meeting, and to take me to bed on our first date, that you otherwise would not have had. So I'm very grateful to it, but that's all it is."

"Maybe," Hayley said. "But if you don't believe there's anything in it, you won't worry about me becoming Semiazas. So, bring her down here and let's see how I have to get into her."

Daniela climbed the steps to the pulpit and brought down the Demon. Now they could look at it properly, they could see how fantastic it was. Haley fiddled around between the legs and managed to release a catch letting the gusset hang free. The upper torso, along with wings, tail, arms with the claws instead of hands, and the head mask with its horns and fanged teeth, could then be lifted off. Beneath, were the leggings with cloven hooves in place of feet and toes. Unlike the Torsolet, the material was nothing like human skin. It was more like a thick black leather, although there was no stitching visible so they presumed it must be synthetic.

"I'm not certain how my feet are going to fit into these hooves," Hayley said, but let's give it a try." She sat in a pew and removed her boots and stockings. Then she inserted one foot into the leggings and pushed it down towards the hoof.

"Hell, it's a tight squeeze," she said, "and I don't think I'm going to be able to walk in it. My foot's pushed upright, like walking on impossibly high heels, or like you do en-pointe in ballet. Good job I did ballet when I was a kid. I remember Aunt Selma insisted I learnt..."

"Learnt en-pointe?" Daniela finished the sentence for her. "But I thought she only took up her interest in Semiazas a few years ago. That almost sounds as though she's been a closet Demon for years."

"Maybe," Hayley said, trying to brush it off as insignificant. "Let's try the other foot."

She did so, and then Daniela helped her to stand up and pull the leggings up to her waist.

"Heck, as we pull them up, everything is getting tighter, and tighter still, and...

"Ooof! That felt a bit funny, still they're up now. Let me try a little walking." She tottered around a little and then said, "It's more comfortable than you might think - it's probably because it's all so very tight and the hoof is quite stable on the floor, unlike walking en-pointe, or high heels for that matter. It seems as though my heel and ankle are locked together and they're taking most of the weight. Let's try the torso now."

Daniela pulled it open at the bottom and held it above her head. She straightened her arms and thrust them up inside, followed by her head. Daniela heaved it down her body, and with a great deal of wriggling and struggling, she got her arms into the arm holes and then her head into the head-mask. Finally, Daniela could pull the whole thing right down and fasten it between her legs.

"H-g-g-g-g-h-h-h!" It was like the growl of a dog, only a dog with a human voice. A growl which sent a shiver right through Daniela, as the Demon raised its long, sharp paws towards her.

"No!" Daniela cried, cowering away in mock horror, but somehow her horror felt a little too real.

"It's not uncomfortable," Hayley's voice came through the mask, but this suit clearly doesn't have any Sensotouch. In fact, it's is so thick, I can't feel a thing. I shall have to be mighty careful of these paws, otherwise I shall slash someone."

"Don't give me a love bite, either, Daniela said, "or with those fangs you'll be drinking my blood. Are Demons the same as vampires, or do they draw the line at bloodsucking?"

"Demons have nothing to do with bloodsucking," Hayley said. "But I can see why people might get two trails of blood dribbling down their chins after they've been French kissed by this mouth. Oh, I can feel my tongue. Hang on, let me poke it out and you can tell me what you think."

A black forked tongue slithered out of the Demon's mouth, making Daniela jump. "I wasn't expecting that," she said. "It's forked."

"R-ly?" She had difficulty in speaking with her tongue sticking out. She flicked it up before her eyes and wriggled it about, "Dn't u thik iss erothic?"

Daniela hadn't thought that until she suggested it, but now she could imagine it sliding into her mouth and... " How are you controlling it?" she asked, trying to change the subject from that vision which was both terrifyingly horrific and erotic. "I knew you normally have a long tongue, but it's not that long.

"Rrr." The tongue slid back inside her mouth, and she said, "I'm not certain, actually. My own tongue fits inside the Demon's - a bit like sliding a half-erect prick into a condom."

How did she know about that, Dan (rather than Daniela) thought. She's never seen my prick half-erect, and we've never bothered with a condom since the first time she'd told me she was on the pill and a virgin.

But Daniela said, "Well you can hardly do the same thing with your tail." She motioned the Demon's tail which was waving from side to side behind her. "It's not as though you have a prick to control it with. Even if you had, I can tell you that a prick wouldn't give much control over it."

Hayley flicked the tail so it moved forward between her legs and reared towards Dan's face, where it stopped, motionless just a few inches away.

"That's good," he said. "How do you move it?"

If it was possible for a demon to look sheepish, it would have done so now. "When we pulled up the leggings, you'll never guess where the inner end of the tail slid into. On second thoughts, you probably will. I can control it with my vaginal muscles." She didn't add that she now understood why Selma had directed she find herself a man to break her hymen and strenuously exercise all the right muscles.

"I can move it about," she said, and proceeded to demonstrate, waving it from side to side in front of his face.

Dan had expected that, when seen close up, the end of the tail would be a barbed spear, but actually the barbs were similar to the comb on a chicken's head - only more fleshy and engorged with purple blood, almost as though it was...

"It seems there are only two parts of my body which have any sensitivity," Hayley murmured. "One is my tongue. But I can also feel your breath on the end of my tail."

It was a cross between a penis and an inverted vagina, Daniela realised, both revolted and aroused.

"Lick my tail, Daniela," the Demon commanded.

Daniela controlled her initial revulsion by remembering this was simply a fancy dress plastic moulding. So she obediently stuck out her tongue and licked the engorged fleshy protuberances.

"Good! Good!" the Demon grunted. "More. More."

Presumably, Daniela thought as she licked, this was the one spot on the Demon's skin which had Sensotouch, and judging by the way the Demon was starting to grunt, this was doing as much for Hayley as his tongue had done for her when they were on the altar.

But not quite. It was quite clear that Hayley - or was it the Demon - was not reaching an orgasm.

"Other way," the Demon said, and promptly withdrew the tail from Daniela's mouth and moved its own mouth forward, fanged teeth coming towards her throat

"No! No! You'll slash me," Daniela gasped, reeling away.

"Yugh!" the Demon roared, its claws flashing forward so quickly she was taken unawares as its arms encircled her own and the claws hooked into her dress behind her, and she was pulled towards the monster.

The Demon lowered its fanged teeth towards her bare neck.


Afterwards, Daniela would have many wet dreams about that moment when, in the middle of absolute terror, she had her first crashing orgasm as a woman. The Demon's teeth were at her neck, they were about to tear out her throat and she felt - not those fangs slicing through her skin - but the lightest touch imaginable as the Demon's tongue traced a path from her throat to her ear. As the orgasm hit her, the tongue traced its way back again and did the same on her right ear. Then again, and again, and she cried in anguish that her ecstasy might never end.


When she came to, she was still being clasped by the Demon, her arms trapped beside her and through her dress she could feel its claws painfully digging into the cheeks of her arse, supporting her body weight. She realised her legs must have collapsed under her, for they were splayed out and although she tried feebly to regain her feet, she couldn't do so.

The Demon's tongue was inside her mouth. It slipped beyond her tonsils and she could feel herself starting to choke, but it moved and found her tongue. She tentatively responded and the Demon's tongue wrapped itself around hers, stroking her tongue in a way that was so erotic, she found her body starting to tingle again.

As she did so, she felt something brush her right knee, sliding past it and upwards. She tried to struggle but it was useless. Something brushed her left thigh, something like a large snake exploring the darkness under her skirt. She squeezed her legs together, but it was already between her thighs, still gliding upwards to her maidenhood.

And then, it was there, gently exploring, slightly parting her outer lips, moving backwards and forwards until it made contact with her clitoris. She immediately went into a bucking orgasm as exquisite as any she had ever encountered so far. For that is the effect that demons have on our human women.

"Take me," she said coming out of her orgasm as the tail moved away. "Oh please take me."

"No," the Demon replied. "You are a virgin, and the rules of Demonhood state we're not allowed to break a female's hymen. Instead, I will show you how fantastic sex with a demon is whilst keeping your virginity intact."

"How will you do that?" Daniela asked. Then her eyes widened as the tail left her pussy and slid between her legs. She knew exactly how the demon was going to have sex with her. "No Haley. Not there. I don't like it... A-a-a-g-g-h-h-!"

"Haley is not here," the demon said. "Only Semiazas is here. She will have sex with you anyway she chooses."

"Oh no! Oh NO!" Daniela's eyes went so wide, they almost popped from their sockets. "Oh yes. Yes! YES! Y-E-S-S-S!


Afterwards, the Demon carried Daniela once more to the altar and left her there, to recover in her own time. Now she felt restless, uncertain where to go and what to do. At some stage Hayley would need to emerge from the demon's skin, but certainly not yet.

She practised opening her wings and spreading them wide, and closing them but she knew she had to do more than that. The Demon looked around assessing the church.

When Daniela came round, she realised she was lying on the altar in just the same way as before, with the Demon still staring down at her. But the Demon shouldn't be there, she thought. Surely Hayley hadn't taken it off already. Then, the Demon moved.

"Agh!" she cried. A moving demon, she realised, is a hundred times more frightening than a still one. Huge claws grasped the edge of the pulpit, huge horns and fangs protruded from the head - this was a creature that she knew could tear her inside out as easily as she could tear a piece of paper.

In one move, the creature vaulted up so it was crouching on the top of the pulpit, its cloven hooves gripping its edge. Then it stood up, revealing its black shiny body and expanded its black wings on either side. They were massive - not the kind of joke wings you see in fancy dress shops, or the silly tiny wings that artists attribute to angels. These must have been twice the arm-span of a human. The edge of the pulpit was about seven feet above the ground and this apparition was so enormous, it filled her complete vision with horror.

"No!" Daniela wailed.

"A-g-g-g-g-h-h-h!" Again the creature roared, only this time it gathered itself and toppled forward off the top of the pulpit. Its wings caught the air and it flew down towards her, soaring along just a foot above the floor. Three feet before the altar, it soared upwards to where Daniela was lying, but just failing to reach the right height and smacking into the stone side of the altar.

"Shit! That fucking hurt!" Haley cried.

"You were crazy to try to fly like that," Daniela said. "You could have killed yourself."

"Well that's what we demons do," she said. "I shall just have to get better at it. Fortunately, this suit is a bit like motorcycle leathers. It protected me from injury."

She got to her feet, gingerly straightened up and grabbed hold of the brass rail as best she could - it's not easy holding things when each finger ends in an enormous claw - and pulled herself upright next to the altar.

"What do you think?" she said.

"You're as mad as your Great-Aunt," Daniela said.


Maybe her virgin was right, the Demon thought as she climbed the spiral staircase in the bell tower to the top. She was still trying to come to terms with what had happened over the last twelve hours to turn Hayley into Semiazas. Of course, she thought, she could still return to being Hayley as often as she wished, and for as long as she wished.

But privately she knew she would only do it to give an air of normality to those who did not understand that Demons were a force for the good, rather than a force for God, or whatever they called the spirit Gods in this neighbourhood.

She had reached the top floor in the tower where the bells hung, wedged immobile now, as it was considered unfashionable for Demons to disturb the peace by ringing the bells. She continued to climb, up a stepladder which led to the trap door in the ceiling.

Pushing that open she climbed through and onto the roof. A castellated balustrade ran all around the edge. Not only was she protected from falling over the edge, but also from being seen from below - not that the Demon was worried about the former - but people passing-by might cause a stir at the latter, which would interfere with her plans.

There was no moon visible and the only light was coming from the streetlights, far below so it was virtually pitch black on top of the tower. A distant clock struck midnight. It was raining a fine drizzle which would persuade all but the most hardy to stay indoors. Glancing down between the castellations, the Demon could see it was completely deserted, although there were still a few illuminated windows, mostly with curtains drawn across, but here and there, one or two remained undrawn.

Excellent. It was time for her to roam.

She had nothing definite in mind at that stage - just a little practice with her wings with a bit more space around here than that embarrassing episode in front of Daniela. She moved to the side which overlooked the pitched roof of the church and checked. The highest part of the church roof was about ten feet below her, and on either side the lowest part of the roof was probably a further ten feet below that - plenty of space for her to exercise a little.

She climbed through one of the castellations, extended her wings fully and let herself fall forward.


It was nothing like her short flight inside the church. It was so exhilarating, speeding along, first of all above the church roof, and then above the gardens between the rear of the two rows of terraced housing. She had occasional glimpses of people through an uncurtained window - people preparing for bed, watching TV and in one case, having sex on the bed.

Suddenly aware that she had flown some distance from the church, she tilted her wings and turned around in an arc. Only then did she realise her predicament. She was well below the church roof, indeed, she was below the roofs of the terraced houses, and had probably dropped about thirty feet on her outward leg - more than halfway to the ground. Not only did she have to retrace the same distance as she had just covered to return to the church, but the rows of fences and privet hedges between gardens made the Grand National appear a doddle in comparison. Still losing height, there was no way she was going to clear them all and get back to the church

She tilted her wings to give her more lift. Alas, if only Selma had advised lessons in flying as well as sex, she might have fared better - or at least chosen a better landing place. For as every pilot knows, tilting the plane upwards results in loosing speed, and it is speed which keeps the plane in the air.

Unfortunately, the same rule of aerodynamics applies for Demons as it does for aeroplanes. Her speed dropped and so did she, smacking full-length into a seven-foot high, stout timber fence. She slithered down the fence to the ground, her claws making grooves in the fence. Once her feet had touched the ground, she managed to turn around and rest her back against the fence, as she slithered to the ground.

"G-r-r-r-r!" It was a sound to chill anyone's blood, but particularly anyone who has just made an impromptu landing in someone's garden in the middle of the night. There was no moonlight and the only illumination came from a bedroom window, casting a pool of light part way across the garden. Something briefly flashed into that pool of light; something very large; something moving very quickly towards her, with a row of bared teeth that terrified her. In a millisecond it had sped into the darkness towards her, but in that millisecond, the word Rottweiler implanted itself in her brain.

She opened her mouth to scream; she held up her hands in a gesture of submission, but she knew she would be dead meat the second it reached her. Only somehow, the pounding of its feet abruptly turned into a slithering noise, and as her eyes adjusted, so she saw the Rottweiler, all four legs outstretched, come to a sliding halt just an inch in front of her face.

For a second, they were face to face, until the Demon tried a smile. To the Rottweiler, the creature was baring even more of its fangs ready for the fatal bite whilst those horrific claws slashed his body to pieces. The Rottweiler whimpered, and then turned tail and ran away faster than it had arrived. It disappeared inside its kennel at full speed, smacking into the back wall with a speed which knocked it senseless, almost turning the kennel over.

"What the fuck has got into that dog?" a man's voice could be heard in the bedroom above. A window was abruptly flung open and a middle-aged man thrust his head out. He stared all around the garden, including directly at the Demon, but her black skin meant she was invisible in the poor light.

"Adolf?" he called. "Adolf? Are you there, boy?"

"What is it?" a woman's voice came from somewhere behind the man.

"Dunno, but he's quiet now. Must have been a cat."

"I'd better go down and make certain he's not ripping the thing apart. You'd think cats would have more sense than to come around here."

"Right." The man closed the window, and his voice faded as he said, "Turn the light out as you go down. I'm going to bed, and don't disturb me when you come back."

The Demon knew she was in full view to anyone coming out of the rear door, and she quickly stood up and moved behind the only cover in the garden, the trunk of a small tree. She could only hope that her black skin would continue to conceal her when the woman came down.

The woman opened the kitchen door without first putting on the light, and the Demon thought she might stand a chance of remaining concealed. Except that the woman left the kitchen, and walked directly over towards the tree and softly said, "Blimey. You made enough noise to wake the devil himself." She giggled, nodded towards the bedroom, and added, "But it's alright, he'll be asleep again in thirty seconds."

She came around the trunk of the tree and the Demon realised she was exceptionally plump, although quite prettily attractive and clad only in her nightdress, with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I have missed you," she said, and stepped right up to her, "and don't you dare slice me with those fangs. I had enough trouble explaining them away last time." She flung her arms around the Demon's body, opened her mouth as wide as it would go and leaned her head forward towards the Demon's.

It seemed almost a natural reaction for the Demon to slide her tongue into the woman's inviting mouth and play with her tongue. When she obviously showed no inhibitions, she slipped it further back and played with her tonsils.

"Im nt lnla lvlace," she said.

The Demon removed her tongue from the woman's mouth and said, "What?"

She repeated her words. "I'm not Linda Lovelace. My clit isn't down my throat. Get your tail to work, or I shall die of frustration."

It seemed the Demon's tail worked of its own accord, slipping under the woman's nightdress and up her legs, to rub against her vagina until she could locate her clitoris.

"Jesus!" she whispered, and then added, "Sorry, I know I shouldn't swear in front of you but it just slipped out - and if you could get fucking I'd be might appreciative."

As soon as the Demon had slipped her tail inside, the woman went half crazy, lifting the Demon bodily in her arms and thrusting her against the trunk of the tree. "Go on," she gasped as softly as she could. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And so they fucked, and both woman and Demon came in one incredible, mind-blowing orgasm.

"Please when I die can I go to Hell, and fuck like that every day," the woman said. "And please..."

"Oi! Have you finished?" Another woman's hushed voice sounded from somewhere above and behind the Demon. She twisted her head to locate the source, and strained to see her in the darkness. It was someone peering over the fence behind her, she realised.

"Only there's some here as want a little of what you've just been having," the voice continued.

"Too right." Another woman's voice came from the top of the opposite fence. "As soon as I heard that tree shaking like that when there's no wind, I thought: Oi. Oi. Denise is having a shag with the Demon again. OK, I don't mind Janet going next, but I'm right in the queue behind her. Can we get a move on, please?"

"What about us?" Two women's voices from the top of the third fence demanded. "We were here before you two."

"Fuck me," the Demon said.

"Yes please," they all replied, and they all clambered over the top of their respective fences and dropped into Denise's garden.


Daniela woke in the early hours of the morning. She pulled herself up off the altar - it really was an incredibly uncomfortable place to lie - and looked around for any sign of either Hayley or the Demon.

The streetlights came dimly through the windows, but it was just enough for her to see to the far end of the church where she could see a small door was open which she hadn't noticed before. She walked down the aisle and peered through the door; inside, a spiral staircase wound its way upwards. Hayley, she guessed would be somewhere up there, in one form or another.

The first floor was clearly where the bell-ringers stood, but Hayley clearly was not there. She continued up - and up - and up. Finally, she reached the floor where the bells were suspended, out of breath and vowing she should get more exercise. Still there was no trace of Hayley, and there was nowhere else she could be, unless she had gone up the ladder and through the trapdoor to the roof of the tower.

She climbed up it until she could push open the trapdoor, stick her head through the opening and peer all around to view the wet and windswept roof. Clearly no Hayley - indeed, why would she be up there? She went back down to the bell floor, admiring the mechanism that enabled the ringers to ring bells that were several times their own weight.

It was quite drafty, for in the middle of each of the four sides were tall, louvered double-doors, which allowed the bells to sound out for miles around. She went over to one of the doors and pulled it open in order to look out.

It was an incredibly long way down to the ground, and she shuddered at the very thought of overbalancing. She was just about to pull the door closed when a shaft of moonlight suddenly burst through the clouds.

Illuminated in that one moonbeam was a garden, some distance away from the church, which appeared to be full of naked women - there were young, beautiful women, plump, middle-aged women, and even elderly, most unattractive women. In the centre of them all was the Demon, who appeared to be fucking three of them with her tail, whilst simultaneously licking the breasts of five others, who had gathered around her.

As abruptly as it had come, the burst of moonlight disappeared, and Daniela was left staring into blackness blinking rapidly. Had she really seen what she'd seen? Or was it all in her imagination? It had been a long day, she realised. It was time to find the flat that John had mentioned, get out of her clothes and Torsolet, and get some decent sleep.

As she pulled away from the doorway and closed it, she knocked the piece of wood wedging the largest bell from moving. To Daniela's horror, the bell slowly started to spin on its axle.


"I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming," Janet gasped, somehow managing to avoid screaming it at the top of her voice.

B-O-N-N-N-G-G-G! went the bell in the Church of the Fallen Angels, just as she reached her climax, and it tipped Janet right over the edge into paradise. "Y-E-E-E-E-S!" she screamed as loud as she could. "Oh fucking Y-E-E-E-S-S-S-S!"

The others all fell silent, looking anxiously around in case...

The window above the garden exploded open and the same man's head appeared.

He yelled towards the church tower at the top of his voice "WHY DON'T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!. GO TO FUCKING HELL." Just as abruptly, his head withdrew inside and the window slammed shut.

In the garden below, Denise said, "At least I know one way of waking him now."

"But it's no good if you do," Janet said to her neighbour. "If a dozen naked women fucking the devil won't stir him, I don't think anything will."

"She's a Demon, not the devil," Denise said.

"Still a good fuck though," Janet said, with which no one argued.


The Demon came staggering in at about five-thirty, totally shagged out and covered in rain, sweat, mud and a little blood and other bodily substances. She found Daniela in bed in the flat in the crypt, and looking very beautiful in a gorgeous Victorian nightdress.

"Daniela," she urged her awake. "I need to get out of this gear. Can you undo the catch for me please. There's no way I can do it with these claws."

Daniela shook herself awake. "I couldn't take off the Torsolet when I came to bed," she said. "I wanted to take a shower, but it seems the catch beneath the gusset is jammed."

"Ah," the Demon said.

"Ah, what?"

"Well, before putting on your Torsolet, I had to spread a gel over your body. I'm afraid it's a strong adhesive which glues the Torsolet to your body so you won't sweat into it. The problem is..."

"The problem is..." Daniela repeated.

"Well, the problem is, it's permanent. I'm afraid you're stuck in the Torsolet until your top layer of skin is shed, which should be in ten to fourteen days."

"I'm stuck in this for two weeks," Daniela screeched. "What am I going to do about work?"

"Now you're a Church Virgin, you're going to have to give up your other job," the Demon explained.

"Give it up!" Daniela shouted. "I can't give up my job!"

The Demon shrugged. "It's up to you. However, if you go into the office on Monday looking like that, I suspect the job will give you up. But don't worry, there'll be plenty of legal work here for you to do. Aunt Selma reckoned Uncle Tom would do his best to try to fight the Church over ownership. That's why she told me I had to find a good, young solicitor to fall in love with, who'd be a great stud and wouldn't mind cross dressing. It took me ages to research likely candidates, but as soon as I saw you, I knew you'd fit the bill superbly. I sprinkled the love potion over you and, as they say, the rest is history. Now, could you open the catch on my gusset, please, and get me out of this outfit."

"I'll help you remove your outfit just as soon as I can get mine off," Daniela said. "In the meantime, you can go to hell!"

In the deep recesses of Hayley's mind, Semiazas reflected over the lost years she had spent grooming her Fallen Angels. They were all really nice guys, but somehow they didn't have it in them to become her Church Virgin. Daniela really was an excellent choice. Hayley would be invested at Halloween on Sunday as the new Demon of the Fallen Angels, and everything was going to work out fine. In the meantime, Daniela had to be brought back onside.

"Why don't we fuck?" Hayley said.

As she took Daniela into her first orgasm, Semiazas idly wondered just how upset Daniela would become when she discovered she wasn't actually wearing a Torsolet at all. She decided it would be better to delay that discovery as long as possible.


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Well up to the usual standard ...

.... Charlotte. It makes a change for you to be exploring the tough Satanic mills in the north of England rather than the effete south coast resort of Salcombe :) It seems there's a new angle here, too. Whilst the famed torselets are (supposedly) real world items it looks like there's a bit of magic at play here and Daniela may be exactly what she appears to be after all.

Very appropriate for Hallowe'en and lots of enjoyable sex for all comers ... and in the best possible taste, too.



Hell's Belles

joannebarbarella's picture

Sounds like a permanent....."wave"... that is, and the neighbourhood ladies are going to be well and truly satisfied. Daniella will adjust, no problem, and it sounds like Samiazas is there to stay.

Where is this church, Charlotte?




What a ride,and I mean ride.You would need the kicking straps and your spurs on with Hayley.Daniela is in for a new life with a difference,but I don't think there will be too many complaints.Happy Halloween.


Wow again!

That's my type of church!

Good story Charlotte.


Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
(Mark Twain)


Some thoughts...

This is kinkier than your other stories - I like it! With a congregation of horny women and the lovely Daniela to satisfy, I can see Hayley spending a lot of time in that demon suit. She clearly knew a lot more than she was letting on, so I wonder if she meant to wear Semiazas all along? Or did the Demon influence her? I'd love to see a sequel to find out more.

Wow! This definitely breaks

Wow! This definitely breaks out of your usual bounds. Very enjoyable, with some really nice twists. You should do this more often. :)

I don't usually bother reading the Halloween stories, as I usually find most to be predictable. I'm glad I took the time for this one.

Looking forward to your next effort.

- vessica b