The Swimming Pool

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The Swimming Pool

By Koalas

Chapters A - That Morning

Chapter A. John

John always felt great after first period P.E. Especially when it involved swimming. On hot days like today when it was easily over one hundred degrees it was even better. Today was better then normal because they played the girls in a game of water polo. That was really fun. Of course it took all of the boys and girls in the school from ninth grade to play each other, but that's what happens when your high school only had 75 student freshmen.
After physical education, the entire class had basic math, then history, then the most important class — LUNCH, then social studies, then English, then finally shop. The day went fine until history. That's when the pain started. I was not the only one, or else Mr. Bird would have thought that I was faking it just to avoid the pop quiz. It seemed that every one in the class was bend over in pain. After slowly deciding that we were not faking it he had each of the girls help one guy to the nurse at the office. I was last, so I noticed that he locked his room and followed us. At the office, we were told to all go to the gym. It seemed that fifteen were to many for the tiny room to fit. So the gym was being set up for us to wait while a school bus was being got ready.
The principal seem to think that it was the best way to take care of a mass problem. It was almost a half hour drive to the closest hospital. Of course the parents were being called by the office about the problem. Just as I was being lead in a sophomore was being lead in with a minor tummy ate also. In the fifteen minutes that it took for the bus to get ready five more sophomores were lead in. That changed everything. The principal announced over the intercom for all guys to report to the gym to go to the hospital with the freshmen and sophomores that were currently sick, and for all teachers to also come to the gym with what ever class they were teaching.
The bus was big enough to hold almost the entire school. It held sixty-six and the school was one hundred twenty five. So the principal had the extra kids that were not sick (All girls of course) pile into the cars of the teachers and to follow them to the hospital.
Most of the freshmen passed out from the pain long before we got to the hospital, but not before we saw some of the seniors start to have a pain in their stomachs also.

Chapter A. Sam

Sam's stomach was not feeling very well just before English. That was unusual because he never ever felt bad. He waited to long because when he complained to Mr. Bird about being sick to his stomach, Mr. Bird thought that he was trying to get out of the Quiz, but he was the best, well almost the best student in the class. After a number of the others started to also complain did he believe me, but by that time I was in pain, OK I was in a world of torment. We went to the school nurse and got some aspirin. But that was like throwing cup full of water on the World Trade center fire. Minutes after I was on the bus I was groaning in pain. I soon passed out.

Chapter A. Mr Bird

It was almost the end of the day for me. I had already taught three of the classes and it was time for the extra credit classes. It was fun teaching at a small high school with only six teachers. We took larger than usual, but with everything on bubble sheets so that I never had to grade anything, it was not bad. Well, except for today. Today I had some problems. I announced an unannounced quiz and all of the sudden I had students starting to give me a belly ache. I mean real belly aches. It started with Sam, who was usually a good student, and soon all of the boys had belly aches. So I decided to play along today. So I sent the whole class to the office. Each of the girls helping one of the guys, because some of the guys was very good actors and starting to really grab their belly. I figured a day off playing hooky like this couldn't hurt. But I was going to show that this king of thing didn't work. Tomorrow They would still have to take the quiz. And I was going to double the homework for the next month. That should show them they can't get away with this. There are consequences for this kind of anti-social behavior. After everyone was out I locked the door up so that no one could get in to see the quiz, maybe I should just change it at home and run off a new one tomorrow? I would not put it past some of these kids, especially some of the boys to have found a way to see what the test were, and then have the answers ready. Not that I really mind, that would at least show that they were smart, even if that was not a socially accepted method of behavior. After getting to the nurses office I found that it seems that the boys really did have some pain. I wonder what could have caused that to happen. Since I had all of the freshmen class for that period I wonder what could have happened to all of them? Maybe they had a party and ate something to get food poising? There's the nurse, I'd ask her.

“Betty, whats wrong? I think that the whole class if faking it, is there really something wrong”

“Yes, they really are in pain, and I mean real pain, I need to get them to the hospital and call this in. I'm sending them all on the bus, simply because it's faster than the one ambulance to shuttle them back and forth. Wait a minute, that's not a freshmen, Simon, are you felling bad, where?”

I zoned her examination out and went over to the class that was now mostly laying on the floor in pain. I could now see that they were in great pain. I taught after school sports and I could tell when a student was in that much pain. They were not just holding their stomachs and making faces anymore, like some of them did to get out of practice running or pushups.


Chapter B - The Hospital

Chapter B. Doctor Lance

“Nurses, get blood work done on all of them and get them quarantined.”

“Students listen up, I want you all, to follow me. You are now officially quarantined. Girls I need you to help with getting the guys off of the bus and into a bed. Four of you at a time help carry a guy and follow the others. I know that you wont hurt them moving them around it seems to be some kind of food poising that has them from something they ate because they are all holding around their stomachs.” One of the nurses yelled.

Soon, out of the chaos, came a nurse that started to direct the girls to line up and sending four girls at a time, and telling them how to carry a guy. One nurse was on the bus looking each student over and directing the girls which guy to unload next. In about 15 minutes all of the students were in a room. The girls were told that they were quarantined and had to stay in a room so they might as well watch a student, because there were only eight nurses in the hospital, and they could not look after one hundred and fifty students, nor did they have enough equipment to attach them all. So until everything was under control and they had finished the blood work to make sure of the problem they were just going to have to help out while they were quarantined.

Chapter B. Nurse Cranmer

It was going to be another semi-busy day when I got to work at 8:00 A.M. There were 8 patients today that needed watching over and three nurses. That all changed after noon. A telephone call was passed to me. They said they were the local high school, and were sending all of the students to the hospital. I thought it was a crank call at first.

“Now who is this, you know that it is illegal to make crank calls like this.”

“I'm not calling you, I had the person at the switch board call me back. After you hang up, check with the receptionist first.”

The receptionist just then looked around the corner “I called the high school back, that is a person at the high school”

“OK, can you tell me what the problem is then?”

“All of the boys have come down with stomach problems at about the same time, first the freshman, then the next grade and so on, with the seniors last. Because all of the boys had trouble, we sent the girls also, I felt it was safer to have a girl attend the boys on the trip, and it might be some kind of problem where the girls will have problems also, no one here can think of anything where just and only the boys are having trouble. It's insane. So I'm warning you so that you can do what ever it is that you have to do to prepare for this.”

“OK, exactly how many are coming?”

“I'm not sure of the exact count, but the school has 147 boys and 153 girls, 15 are absent today but I don’t know how many girls or boys right now, and they were in such a rush, no one thought to get a head count at the end. I'm sorry but the principal told me to call and warn you as soon as possible.”

“And what is the condition of the students right now, and where is the bus?”

“The principals cell phone number is 900-555-5555, you or I can call him and see. I know that he and all of the teachers have CPR training. Some of the teachers also have cell phones, They were told to follow the bus encase they had to help.”

“I'll call the principal right now. I know that you will have to call all of the parents and tell them that you have taken them to the hospital. Bye”

I said “Karen, first call 900-555-5555 and talk to the principal and ask him to see if any of the students have a fever, and if he can to take the pules of some of the students. First call all of the stand by people and tell them whats happening and be ready to be here pronto, if they live far away to start coming in and take their cell phones with them. Then call all of the off duty nurses and tell them that we might be bringing 300 students come, or it might be a crank call but be ready to come in, but it seems real. Also call all of the doctors and tell them the same thing. And do it yesterday. Then announce over the loud speaker Stat-ward B must be moved to Ward A immediately. Thanks.”

Then I went to ward B it was our biggest ward. If it was a crank call or not moving all of the patients over to Ward A would make life easier for all of the other shifts. So for the next fifteen minutes we were all in a flurry of panic to get the existing patients moved. Because if what the students had was contagious then we had to protect the other patients. It was a mad house, but we had moved the last patient when it was announced over the loud speaker, 'High School Bus is here with students'. We all then knew that that the possibility of this being more than a crank call. It might still be an elaborate hoax by the students, but it was looking less and less like one, and more and more like a full blown case of maybe a terrorist attract or something.

As I passed Karen, I said “Call the police and tell them that we need their help to quarantine the hospital please.”

I assigned Susan to sorting the students on the bus and pass any that was life threatened to ER and the others to Ward B. I assigned Karen (the nurse, not the receptionist) to make the girls on the bus get the students to beds in ward B, and I went to ward B and told the kids where to put the boys. We had only eighty beds in the hospital and sixty of those were in ward B. I had to put two on the floor for every one that I put in a bed. But boys were tough and it looked like they were in so much pain that a soft bed wouldn't matter so much. I always kept the smallest girl from every four and sent the other three back to carry another boy. I also kept one girl and showed her where extra pillows and blankets were. There seemed to be a thousand details to take care of getting them all into the hospital. But I knew that I had to quarantine everyone as soon as possible.


Chapter C - Hospital Awaking

Chapter C. Sam

Next thing I know I was in the hospital ward with tubes through my arms. And I was still in pain, but the pain was less. There was all kinds of monitors on me now and of course the steady beep beep of the heart beat monitor. I looked around for a while. There were two cots in the room with me. Two girls I had never seen were laying on them asleep. Well, they looked like girls with small breast, and they had really short hair, almost crew cuts. They had IV tubes running into them like me, but no heart monitor.

It looked like it was still the middle of the night outside the window. I was tired and sleepy, but I knew that I couldn't get up with the IV tubes in me. So I closed my eyes again and soon was back asleep.

I woke up again and saw that it was morning. I looked over at the side, and the two girls were still there on the cots asleep. They looked kind of cute, I guess the whole school came down with what ever it was that I and the other guys had and they had to double up in the rooms. There was no question that I was in a hospital room. I remember it from when my mother had my youngest sister, and visited her while she was here. I noticed the door open a little and a nurse peek in. She put her finger to her lips and I understood to be quit. She then left. I closed my eyes and waited. I decided that I was both still tired and now very hungry. She came back in and again shushed me. She then put a towel over my eyes and whispered to me to be quit for a while and lay still. The doctor wanted to talk to me.

About 10 minutes later I heard someone come in, and assumed that it was a doctor. I heard a chair move over close to me, then someone must have sat in the chair.

“Sam, I'm Doctor Lance, how do you feel?”

“I'm kind of sore all over” I said, but I noticed that my voice cracked and sounded higher, almost like a girls. I almost brought my hand to my face before remembering all of the tubes still in me.

“You don’t have to speak, just shake your head. You have all been through a lot in the last two weeks that you have been in a coma. I'm going to do a full physical on you as soon as I can, so can you just lay still here not move till I get ready?”

I nodded yes.

He hurried out of the room and left me alone.


Chapter D — Discovery

Chapter D. Sam

I was getting tired of laying still when a nurse came in. She said “I don’t want you to move right now, can you be still while I remove all of these tubes and get you ready to move?”

I nodded yes. I was kind of ashamed of the high voice that I had talked to the doctor with. I didn't want anyone to hear me squeak like that again. It must be from not using it for the last two weeks.

She became busy moving all around the bed getting all of the things out of my arms. Then another nurse came in the room. I heard her but then she started to help getting the bed moved by unlocking the wheels. In no time I was in the hall way moving at a fair pace. In no time I was in another room. The nurse said, just wait here for the doctor and don't move that towel off you're eyes or move for now. We will be right back in no time Sam.

In fact the doctor entered the room right after they left.

He said. “I had them move you to this sound proof room, Sam. I also called your parents and they are both on their way here. I don’t know how long it is going to take them but we have a few things that has to be discussed first. I'm going to tell you right now that you are in a padded room so that you wont hurt yourself. The nurses have taken off your IV tubes also. We think that your going to be alright. In a couple of hours, after your parents get here and talk to you also we are going to take some more X rays and blood work. Then you will be free to go home. You are going to have to stay in your room at home. Your still under quarantine constants you under stand. We do not yet know if what you have is contagious or not. But the hospital staff can not handle the 180 patients that we have. So it was recited and agreed on that you could go home and stay in you room. But you must stay in your room when you get home. Do you understand that Sam?”

I nodded my had yes.

“Now Sam I am going to put these straps on your legs and arms for a while, so just hold still, there’s the legs, and not the arms. This is so that you do not go into any kind of movement that could hurt yourself. Remember that your parents are on their way and will be here in no time at all. When they get here they will be let in, but I am going to have to lock the door and leave you in here in the mean time. Do you understand Sam?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Sorry Sam, but you are going to have to talk to me know. You can make as much noise as you want in this room. You are not going to bother anyone else. That's why I brought you here.”

“You strapping me down to this table, and my parents are on their way.” I said with this high pitched voice.

“I think that the voice you have is nice Sam don't you?” Dr. Lance asked.”

“I don't like it all all, it sounds like I just inhaled hydrogen.” I said.

“Not quite Sam, it sounds like a girls voice, don't you like girls Sam” Dr. Lance asked.

“I love some girls, but this makes me sound like a dweeb.” I said.

“Well there are some things that is a result of the illness that you had, apparently one of them is a higher voice Sam.” Dr. Lance said.

“How did you know that if I'm the first one awake” I asked. I was just sick after all, not dumb.

“Well it changed a lot of things about you that we could see, for example. I'm going to unstrap your right arm, now I want you to put your hand on your chest.” Dr. Lance said.

After he unstrapped it, I put it over my chest. What I found there I was not expecting. I had breast just like a girls. I let out a scream. It lasted until I heard myself.

“That's why I let you in this room Sam. You are now a girl. We don't know how yet but there is a number of government agency’s working on it. Your job is now one of the hardest ones Sam.” Doctor Lance said.

I was crying. Why did this have to happen to me?

After about 5 minutes I realized that Doctor Lance had not said a word. I stopped crying, reached up and used the towel to wipe my face off.

“Are you ready for the next step Sam?”

I nodded yes.

“OK I have a little mirror here for you to look at your new self with. You do look like a girl. I know that's not something that you want to hear, but it's something that you need to hear. Are you ready to see your self?”

I nodded yes. He gave me the little four inch mirror. I fumbled with it in my hand until I was able to get it to reflect my face. I looked like a girl. I knew what boys looked like and what girls looked like, there was just something different. What reflected in the mirror still had a little me in it, but it was the girl I was. A girl with short hair.

“Was the other two in my room also changed from being a boy to a girl?” I asked.

“Yes everyone was changed Sam. Are you going to be able to handle it. No one likes to lose an arm or a leg, but it happens. It's happened to you. You are just going to have to suck up and bear it for now. If you broke your arm, I'd put you in a case, if you sprained your arm, I'd put your arm in a sling. Well you broke a lot more and until someone can learn to fix it we are just going to have to treat the symptoms. So the first thing that we are going to treat is your parents. They are hurting, and I'm making it your job to help them stop hurting. Your going to do that by going along with the stupid things that they are going to do. That's your job. You have lost being a boy, and become a girly-boy, or a boyishly-girl. They have lost a son, and gained a daughter. No one's happy about this and we are all going to have to work at the current situation until we can find a cure.” Doctor Lance said.

I nodded, what else could I do?

“OK, the first prescription that I'm writing you is a chest support. Your going to have to get some and use them.” Doctor Lance said as her wrote on a prescription pad. And then handed it to me.

It said 'Bra' on it.

“Sorry, but that extra weight on your chest needs to have support. When God created us, or nature evolved us they both made a mistake in that area for females. Lucky, or unlucky the only answer to that problem seems to be a bra. Medicine doesn't always taste good, but you have to take it.”

I nodded my head yes again.

“OK, you seem to be doing OK, now I'm going to let you up from this bed, and take it out. I'm going to leave you in this room until your parents come and get you. If someone else wakes up, I might have you help me again if you promise to keep quite unless I ask you a question. OK”

I nodded yes.

“One down and hundreds left Sam. You might want to sit down against the wall and ask and answer yourself three questions for me? First, is death better than facing your problems? Second can't you always run away — which has to be better than killing yourself. You can always runaway here. And third, I'll tell you that every-life has pit falls, the question is are you man enough to overcome them no matter what they are? They are three questions that I want you to answer me the next time I see you Sam.” Doctor Lance said.

I nodded.

“What are the three questions Sam?” Doctor said.

“Is death better, isn't running away better than death, and am I man enough to overcome the pitfalls in life.” I said.

“Close enough Sam. I'll see you again when your parents get here Sam”

Chapter D. Carl

I woke up to three girls standing over me while watching intently. “What's up?” I asked?

“We have been waiting for you to wake up to take you to the scream room, as we call it.” One of them said, “We have all been there and now it's your turn. Not everyone makes any noise there, but it's there for the few that do. So now while we go get the nurse to remove all of these IV's that are in you, we are putting a towel over your eyes. We will be with you the entire time.” One of the other put a towel over my face. I tried to reach up and move it but they had a hold of my hand and was holding me down.

“Don't move like that you could hurt yourself. We are here to help you as much as we can. And the most important thing is to not let you hurt yourself OK” She said again.

“Why am I going to somewhere called the scream room?” I asked.

“Oh, we just call it that because some of the people scream sometimes. It is really just a room that we all go to to talk about things. Because it is soundproof and will not disturb the other people in the hospital. That's the only real reason that we call it the scream room. OK, well we can scream to get it out of our system also.” She said.

“How bad am I?” I asked

“Well as you can tell everyone’s voice is higher. Did you know that we have been here two weeks already? And also you are one of the last ones to come around. And the gossip is that there have been eight deaths from this disease that we have. Janet told me that there was one person that committed suicide already. And there are at least ten people that are going to have real problems. It seems that the disease grow their hips to about a foot to wide. And then there is that girl that got boobs that grow down to her knees. I saw her. The doctors are going to do a breast reduction some time next week, but she is in really bad shape. And then, well, you'll get all of the low down when you get to the scream room. That's where you can ask all of the questions that you want and get all of the answers that anyone knows about.” I heard the door open. “Here's the nurse. So we'll be waiting in the scream for you.”

“Out now you tomgirls, you've already scared him to death, and you know that your suppose to wait until they get their so that you all wont be making to much noise.” The nurse said, while taking out the IV's.

Then heard someone else come through the door, pushing one of those beds on wheels, and the girls going out the door.

“How are you feeling, any pain anywhere?” The second nurse asked.

“Nope, just this high voice.” I said.

“OK, hold on while we move you” The second one said.

I was soon on the other bed and rolling down the corridor. All of a sudden it was very noise. I then knew that I was in the scream room. I heard the three girls then almost screaming at me that I was in the scream room. Then I knew that it must have been named because you had to scream to be heard.

“OK tomgirls quite, Its time for a new person to be initiated into tomgirls club.” the girl yelled. The noise then started to go down as 'shh' and 'quite' was whispered and said around the room.

“Now we have to do this in order.” and then it started.

It only took me ten minutes before I understood the whole thing. Tomgirl club came from being a tomboy. But since we were all boys that somehow were turned into girls someone came up with the name Tomgirl. The only way to get into the club was to have been a boy and then be physically turned into a girl with out wanting to.

Three hours later I was the only one left in the padded room. All of the other parents had already come and got their new daughters. I figured that my parents would come and get me in the next ten minutes. And I was not disappointed.

Someone that said that she was the receptionist would always be the one that came to the room and called out the parents that were waiting for their kid. They would also announce the daughters new name, as the parents had to finish the paper work, somehow it became the parents responsibility to name the new daughter. Altho everyone was saying that they wanted to be named this or that, it didn't matter. Finally we all agreed that like babies we didn't have any say in the matter.

We walked down the hall. I was still in that drafty old open back hospital gown. Just before the door the receptionist gave me a paper bag and directed me to the girls bath room and said “Here is the clothes that your parents brought you. You need to change before you go out in public. If you have any trouble just stick your head out the door and ask for help. I'm the only one that can see that door.”

I was first shocked about going into a girls restroom. But then I thought that I was not a girl, no two ways about it. Everyone had checked themselves pretty well. So I drew in a deep breath and went in. It was just like any other bathroom, except it was missing the urinal. Be not all bathrooms had them anyway. It was cleaner than most, but it was a hospital after all.

I opened the bag to see what my parents brought me. I should have know it. It was pink sweats. Not that I expected anything else from my mom. She was, after all, a very feminine woman. And I am sure that dad couldn't find a reasonable argument about dressing their old son as a new daughter. There was also a bra (just like everyone else I got the prescription for one) and girl underwear. I had a little trouble with the bra, but I was able to get everything on. Finally I put on my old flip flops. They were now to big. Seeing them now assured me that I had shrunk at least 4 inches. I was not only 5'8” or so. I would have to measure myself later to find out.

I was ready, and walked out the bathroom door, and then the exit door leading into the lobby.

I saw my parents then. I could tell that my mom had been weeping from her red eyes. My dad didn't look to good either. “Hello mom and dad, I think that you have a problem.” I said.

“We will work it all out dear. So don’t worry about anything. It will all come out for the best in the end.” Mom said.

“I guess no more playing football.” I said.

“There is always girls football, and other sports Carla” Dad said.

“Is that what you named me? Carla? That's not to bad, what's my middle name?” I asked simply to be able to talk normal, and not break down and cry. (We were all warned that the female hormones that we were producing now would make us do some unusually things. But I promised myself that I was not going to play with barbie dolls, or spend my life shopping at the mall.)

“Your full name is Carla Betty Johnson now.” Mom said. “I wanted to name you Betty, but dad said it would most likely be best if you kept something to tie you to your old self. But if you need to we can always call you Betty, it was your grandmothers name, and I was going to name you that if you were born a girl.”

“OK, can we go home now?” I asked, “I know it has been two weeks for you, but for me I woke up this morning and went to school, and now I'm going home as a girl. The Doctor said that we should go home and just talk for a while.”

Dad rattled some papers and said, “I have a list of what we should be doing, and what we need to work on. The receptionist said that you are the last one that is going to go home today. So lets just get a pizza on the way and have an all night talk-a-tron”

We forgot the pizza, but we did have an all night talk-a-tron Especially after I got home and found that they had redecorated my room to be white and pink, and lacy. I almost puked.


Chapter E School again

Chapter E John

It was the first day of the restart of school. Someone had found the problem. It was in the swimming pool water. From what I understood it was really nasty stuff. It would remove all of the Y chromosome from a male and then change them form an XY to an XX female. And if that wasn't enough it attracted all of the testosterone in their bodies. And if that wasn't enough it almost made them into a new person overnight. If it wasn't for passing out for the pain while it change their body the pain alone should have killed them.

The gossip was that ten people did in fact die, and eleven had to stay in the hospital.

All of the boys that had stayed home that did were the only ones that weren't changed. And their families refused to allow them to go back to school. They all decided to start their own private school with one teacher.

Mom was dropping me off. I was nervous. Mom made me dress in girl slacks and white blouse with girl tennis shoes. I did get to wear a ski hat to cover my head but I was not happy returning to school. I was sure that I was going to get beat up. But then again, there was no bully guys left to beat me up. There was a large welcome sign that said 'Welcome Back'. That made me happy. It was a mad house that morning, Mom ended up dropping me off a block from the high school.

As I was walking back toward the front entrance I saw why. There was a number of news crews out front. I knew that none of the tom-girls wanted to be on the front page of a newspaper or video taped for the late edition. I thought that this was suppose to be kept secret, but I guess that someone let the cat out of the bag.

As I got closer I saw that the number of reporters was greater than the number of students entering. That meant that one or more of them was sure to both me. Well there seem to be no way around it. And as luck would have it I was right.

“Is it true that you use to be a boy” the first one to me asked.

“Why would I have wanted to be a boy for?” I asked back.

“Aren't you one of the boy that got turned into a girl?” He then asked.

“Are you one of those reporters that work for one of those papers that report about 'aliens abducting the president' and 'three headed baby', right?” I replied while asking to confuse the issues.

I was almost at the front gate.

“So did you use to be a boy?” He asked pestering me again.

“So your next headline is boy turns into a girl? So reasonableness, logic, or reality wont keep you from reporting what ever you decide to report, so what does it matter what anyone says, you'll report boy turns into girl crap anyway even though it makes no sense. Your an idiot, so if you’ll excuse me I'm going to school to learn how to ignore your stupidity with some facts, science and how to think for myself.” I said, which was just enough time to get me into the gate. Where there was two big guys in security uniforms keeping out the reporters.

P.E. Was my first class. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to report to the guys changing room now or not? When I got closer I saw everyone looking at a note posted on the door and then going away. Since I could see that none of the tomgirls were going inside, it must tell everyone to go someplace else. Just to be sure that none of those stupid reporters had long range camera to get a picture of me going to the guys gym class.

I followed the other kids, and they all went to the gym. Inside the coach was directing both the boys and girls classes to the bleachers. So I took a seat in the forth row with a couple of the other tomboys. (You could tell the tomboys always because the girls all had long hair)

I must have been one of the last ones, because they closed the doors a couple of minutes later. And someone got up on stage.

“I want to welcome you all back today. My name if General Taylor. I'm here to try to explain what we know so far to you. First I want to tell you that we don’t know what happened. That's the plain truth. We don't know who made it or put it in the pool, how those viruses were made or who made those viruses, in fact, I am told that nobody knows anybody who could make those viruses. But I and you would be fools that someone would tell me either. You must know that all governments in the world have secret operations that nobody knows about. Not even the president. But I will say that the US has better experiments in creating life saving viruses. And apparently one of these experiments failed to do what it was suppose to do, and instead did what what it did to you.”

“If the Russians or some Muslim country did it we don’t want them to know that the viruses succeeded in working. If it was made in the US and someone stole it and put it into the water we don’t want it to be known that we have such a viruses. And lastly we have a problem with all of the students that this has happened to. That I can do a little thing to help. For that I am giving every student that has been in the hospital a prepaid credit card for them to get a new wardrobe. It is not a lot of money, but it should be enough money for you to get a weeks worth of cloths. For a normal girl that's outrageous, but it's the best that I can for you right now. Your teachers will pass them out to you later. Now if there are any questions I will try to answer them. However you must released that I wont, or can not answer every question that you have.”

Someone stood up and asked “When are you going to change us back”

The general stood up to the microphone and said “Never, there is no way that we can change you back. We don’t even know how most of the virus works. It did things that is far beyond what we can do to be honest. We are still working on simple virus ourselves. But the virus that we found is a million times more complex that anything anyone has ever done. So to be honest, don't count on any help to getting changed back. It's cruel, but I said that I would be honest with you. I don't like the answer. And there is no one more sorry than I am.”

Someone else said. “Am I always going to be a girl now?”

The generals answer was simple “Yes”

“What are you doing to help us?” someone else asked.

“There are more than ten thousand people working on this case. Some of them are trying to find out who did it. Some of them are trying to find out how it was done. Some are trying to find medical solutions. There are more people working on it across the whole country, and even spy’s in other countries trying to find out things. You will shortly find a number of extra counselors in the front office to help each of you adjust. Speaking of which, if anyone has any problems whatever, we are here to help. If its how to deal with a hang nail, to if your parents are having trouble dealing with the problems. Or if you see others having trouble, I want you to tell one of the new counselors. There are going to be problems, I want to make sure that they are as few as possible. I'm told there is a tomgirls club from the hospital for those that went through it. I want to encourage each of you to be a part of it. More questions?”

The questions continued for the rest of the class time. The only other thing that was announced was a new dress code that was expected to be followed. The shorter your hair, the shorter was your dress suppose to be. It was laughed at, but the guys that had crew cuts was expected to wear micro-mini dresses, with lots of lace on their under wear because it was going to be showing. When I was a guy I would have been all for that rule, but now that I was on the other end of it, it didn't sound so hot. Especially since my hair was not that long. Now I wish that I hadn't cut it two weeks ago.

At the end of class we were given our new class schedules. Mine was first period dance, math, female deployment and hygiene, lunch, social graces, female history in english literature, home economics. Everyone was given a new schedule so I was not totally barfed. The seniors were told that they would also have to all go to summer school for their own good. Unless they had two extra periods that they could take the extra classes that they needed. You know seniors, they complained, but they had to do it.

My old schedule said basic math next. That class didn't change. It was kind of weird going to a class of what appeared to be all girls. Even if half of them wore their hair short. I noticed that some of the girls were wearing wigs. That now seemed like a good idea, at least for the foreseeable future.

I took my regular seat. I noticed most of the seats where their us to be a guy was a girl that looked almost like the old guy. Except there was Tim at his, I mean her seat. She was a total fox. Tim had long hair before, but now it was nothing but a girl sitting at her seat. And she was in a very nice looking dress. If I didn't know better, I would have never thought that Tim used to be a boy. I decided that that was what I was going to do. Look just like her as much as I could. I then noticed that Tim did have makeup on. I was going to have to talk to her between classes after class.

“Tim, I mean Tammy May, can I talk to you please?” I asked right after class.

“Sure Carla” Tammy May said back.

“I want to know why you look so good. I mean, the rest of us have been changed to be physically female, but you look ten times better than any of us.” I said.

“That's easy, I've always wanted to be a girl, and so I had the dress already. Then my first class of female deployment was dealing with makeup. I was used as the example to show how to do it.” Tammy May said.

“Thanks Tammy May, if they do the same thing in my class tomorrow, I'll do that”. I said.

“You might still have the same classes today, but, my first period was shop, they have closed all of the shop classes and made them into deployment classes. So if you had shop, then you'll have a deployment class today Carla. I have to run to my next class, I'll see you at lunch.”

We had a girls get together at lunch, mostly tomgirls as we were now know as, but a couple of girls joined us. The cafeteria only had girl food. So I ended up with just a salad. The transformation had eaten up any body mass that any guy had. The bigger muscles they had the smaller and feminine they ended up. Everyone guessed that the disease used any body mass to help with the change. Anyway the end results was that were were all skin and bones. That would be horrible for a guy, but great for a girl, as we were all showing better figures than most girls, not all, just most.

The next day there was no reporters, and my classrooms changed a little, but that was the only difference. It took a while to change, but most guys did. There was three suicides and lots of crying sessions with the new counselors, but I did survive.

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