Christmas Cheer

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Ms. Peabody and Shermana

Gee, Ms. Peabody, it’s Christmas Eve…do we have to use the Wayback tonight?

Ms. Peabody:
Relax, Shermana….we’ll only be gone a few hours, and we’ll come right back to just a minute after we left, so you won’t miss Christmas. And besides, this is a good way of celebrating Christmas.

What do you mean, Ms. Peabody?

Ms. Peabody:
We’re going to go back and help influence Walter Carlos…the composer? He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to make a big change in his life, and we’ll be part of it. He becomes the world famous Wendy Carlos …you know?”

The lady that wrote the soundtrack to Tron? A Clockwork Orange? Switched-on Bach? That Wendy Carlos?

Ms. Peabody:
Yes, Shermana…that Wendy Carlos…she’s going to discover that she’s transgender and it will lead to her having gender confirmation surgery and it will all come from changing instruments back and forth on her Moog synthesizer.

Changing instruments? How will that help her understand that she’s transgender??

Ms. Peabody:
Why Shermana…I‘m surprised at you. Haven’t you ever heard of inter-Saxed?

Merry Christmas!

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