Life is full of "what-if's"
Does mankind truly understand anything? A grim future, and if we are lucky, a second chance? After all, isn't the future what we make of it?

Sorry for the disjointedness, this is what Mel gave me last night, glimmers of a dream, like trying to catch tears...
And sorry for any errors, my editor/proofreader snatched the pizza and went back to bed...


In the near future, things have changed a lot. Ever since the religious right took over, we have become a fierce theocracy and I fear we shall soon declare holy war on non-judeo-christian religions. After this no-name somehow got the presidency, they got both the house and the senate and started dissecting the Constitution, removing civil rights and going so far as removing women from office. "Better they stay home and in the kitchen, raising the children," as the President said. I am beginning to believe in what Revelations said, and know we are doomed.

The latest has been the rounding up of the "abominations before God." Wonder if the friends of those "collected" will be rounded up too? The govenment was pretty thorough in in their "collecting." But there has been one person they haven't seeem to have collected, she has been almost ghostlike, calling herself the Holy Spirit. It is like she is multiple people, yet she always looks the same and speaks the same, appearing across the United States within minutes of each appearance, and sometimes simultaneously. It is driving the army crazy, and they are saying it is some technological hoax, that what she is saying is blasphemous and against God, but I am beginning to wonder.

When the government started the "colecting," some critics decried the practice, until they were "collected" too. They even went after the children who exhibited any signs of not being "pure," whatever that means anymore. There isn't any mention of where the Collectees are being held, some are wondering if the Holy Spirit is the collective souls of those that were "collected." Seditious talk, but there it is. Not like anyone will ever read this.

She has claimed that God will not be bringing any of us into Heaven, due to killing His messengers, and for killing the children. She has said that we are all God's children and to kill one is to kill them all. That His angels on earth were placed here to know both sides of Him; to know anger and compassion and to better understand that there is a time and place for both.

They were sent here to teach us and to help us. Bailey was a good example, I am now positive. She was a researcher at the lab I work at. 28, outgoing personality, graduated MIT at 18 and a biomedical degree at 20. The best and brightest of all of us. Unfortunately, she was not always Bailey, though none of us ever asked about her past. She was just Bailey, or Dr Winters to some. She was pursuing a way to have the human body correct it's own problems using the immune system, and to use nanotechnology to fix other problems. She was like that, doing more than one thing at a time, an ever efficient chaos effect seemed to surround her. She left a few notes behind, nothing more than scribbles really, and no one here has a clue what stage she was at in her research, she was too far ahead of us. The only clue we have so far is one of her projects finished the incubation stage after she was "collected" and we know it is to be used on cancer. Everything it has been tested on is now cancer-free. We are in the process of trying to reverse engineer it now, but it is way beyond anything we have seen, though we will keep trying.

Something's happening, though we are not sure yet. The lab has been placed on total lockdown and we can hear loud explosions outside. Sitting and waiting is all we can do now.

Oh my god... Well there is no god, not anymore. The government iis nuking our own cities, calling them bastions of evil. I hope someday someone survives to see this and has the capacity to know our folly. Better still would be for me to read it later and weep over man's folly. Putting this in a safe to protect it. may the Peace of the Holy Spirit protect us all.

-- journal pages found in remains of a small lab, in what was once known as Berkeley, Califonia, North America, from 261 years ago

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