Bad Moon Rising-1.

Bad Moon Rising.

*(Part one of four.)

It’s been a very busy last few days. Mostly it was getting the resources together that we were going to need. I wanted my people safe but I wanted to leave a really good message to these Templars.

Templars, a group of well funded, well organized human fundamentalists that have been long recruited to keep the old races from ever making a comeback since their near obliteration by the Roman Empire who sought to increase to dominion of man.

This was picked up as the mantra of the Templars as they added the vows to destroy anyone that didn’t fit their ideals. Those with the gifts, the elder races, gays and lesbians and anything that doesn’t fall into the strict doctrines of their version of the church.

Iraq, yeah that was them. Fighting “The Terrorists” is their new crusades. Fringe groups, hate groups, Fox News, Homeland Security…yep they’re behind all of it.

Grandpa says it’s not just them, that everything is interwoven in layers and layers of the factions out there trying to manipulate the world each for their own benefit. Well so am I.

Derek Martin’s information led us to several evangelical yet small churches and several out of the way but close to the highway roadhouse bars. I could say we got the information we wanted easily but we didn’t. They hated us, they obviously hated us and there was violence. There was death and blood as they so often shot first and asked questions later. I killed seven people myself in the last three days. I’m not proud of it, I fucking hate it. This isn’t me. But they had guns, drugs and they could be ordered to go after our human families. I killed five in my warrior form, my half wolf form and two I shot. Mom and dad don’t know. They don’t know that I killed people; I’ve no idea what they’d say. Hell they’re still trying to get used to me being Stevie.

Dad’s less than thrilled about it but seeing as he comes from mage blood as much as he’d like to deny it he gets the hows and the whys. He just really is rankling about me being Queen. Part of it’s, this me being a girl thing and part of it is me being in charge. It’s not that he thinks that he should be in charge but it’s more like I shouldn’t be and the whole parent taking orders from their kid thing.

Mom, mom’s just freaked out about the whole thing and blames herself for not coming clean about the whole me being intersexed thing. To her it’s something off the internet and not a magical shift. She thinks Katya and I are…were… a lesbian thing.

To me…no matter what, no matter who I’m with now and no matter how short it was. Katya and I were…are a forever thing.

Dom’s not happy about any of it.

“Dammit Stevie you have to stop this.”

“No, Dom I don’t, more to the fact I won’t, I don’t dare stop.”

“Why, you hate this? I know you hate this. You have nightmares and you cry in your sleep. This is killing your soul Stevie.”

“I can’t stop Dom, I can see it! I can see them coming for us in my dreams Dom! I can smell them; I can feel it when it happens….”

He can smell the fear and the truth on me. He looks at me with such great love and takes my face in his hands and he kisses me. I cry, I cry and lean into that kiss and let him take care of me.

“I didn’t know Stevie, I didn’t know.”

“It’s real Dom, there’s going to be a war coming and we’re all on the extermination list.”

He looks at me and I open right up to him. I kind of fall into those eyes of his then he kisses me again. The best part of this is when he holds me. Guys never really admit it but we like being held. When we’re growing up the last and usually only people to hold us are our mothers. Then we’re just not allowed to, it’s girly, you gotta be a man about things. My dad or my grandpa never said that stuff they never had too. Society can do that all by itself.

Now I’m allowed to enjoy it. To have someone else be the strong one and just let me have a break. Let my soul take a bit of a breather and heal.

The money we take, the drugs, the cars, the weapons we take. I’ve pack members who are on the wrong side of the law. Man’s laws. They can get us things we need from their contacts. They can chop the vehicles, I’m taking it all. The rest get’s burned.

I’m not kind to the ones who I can smell lying to me. I’m too young to be becoming the person I am. But there’s so many depending on me. Torture, torture yeah…there’s times in the last three days that I am, or see that monster that I’m becoming and what they claim I am coming to pass.

Dom, my sweet Dominic is keeping me alive. We fight a lot; argue because he doesn’t want me doing the things I’m doing. He says that it’s all beneath me. He says that we shouldn’t do the things that we’re doing that we have never done before. I argue about it, tell him that this isn’t the old world. He then argues that the down and dirty bad things I should leave to him.

It’s easier to argue, to be assertive when I’m Stevie and not shifted. I’m further away from my instinct to give in the closer to human that I am. But arguing isn’t the only thing that we’re doing.

I’m becoming a sex addict I‘m pretty sure of it. It’s that lately I need to be feeling something, anything else than the things that I’m doing, that’s the biggest part of it and just because he loves me so passionately, so powerfully another part of it is that I am falling in love with Dom.

I’m a bit scare of the passion of where we’re going… every time I kill, we have sex, every time I have to hurt someone for information we have sex. I wake up in the mornings or lately earlier and we have sex.

Only the nights are really different, that’s when Dom makes love to me.

It’s when I can just let go of who I am completely and let Dom literally take over, let him take me and turn me into a completely different person when we’re together like this.

It starts after the crap and all the ugly shit is done for the day. And Dom and I are done our getting me through it screw. He’ll hold me after and kiss me then he’ll push away and shift into his wolf form and I’ll chase him, follow.

He runs some of that crap that I’m living through out of me. I can see where someone who’s a churchman would be disturbed by us if even in our disposition. It’s freeing in a way I’ve never known.

You run through the wilderness clad only in your fur, and feeling the world in a whole new way. Were-senses are stronger vision better than human, able to see in the dark. And being able to scent things…it’s not just smelling like we do, there is a sense of color to things as you smell them like this, and there’s this strange kind of texture to it too.

It’s kind of like this. You don’t just see the apple, but smell it too. You can smell the juicy inside of it and you can smell its skin to and in such a way that you can tell almost exactly how crispy it’s going to be. Now just apply that idea to the scents of everything.

You can just fall into these senses and actually just stop being yourself for awhile. Then there’s the running, the speed of it and the endurance that you have not just as a wolf but there’s the were aspect as well. You can literally run for days on end, wolves are made to run down their prey. Were’s are faster and bigger and stronger, I can lightly run myself about thirty miles an hour, just over fifty in a full out run. Out in a field it feels like I’m flying through another world.

It’s a world that Dom’s been showing me.

A whole new world and way of living and seeing things the I’d have never known if he hadn’t taken the time to show it to me. There is a closeness to nature that can really only be described as a religious experience. I can see if one person was really connected to this it would lend a soulful quality to them that would drive most of the churchmen into fits. I know that it very well could be one of the very reasons why we are so hated by the Templars.

How dare some filthy animal have more soul than they do? Heresy, Sacrilege kill them all burn them all scrub them from the earth for daring to make us feel inadequate.

These wild runs are the most freeing and meditative thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Well not the only thing that’s like that. Being with Dom and letting go is…I think the letting go, the release of all my control is better than the sex. It’s so intimate its part of me now and part of how I show my love. Of how I make love.


It’ll be night-time wherever we are and despite the long day we’ve eaten out someplace. I’m teaching Dom about the joys of American food.

I undress and sometimes if the clothes are just too dirty or bloodstained they just go into the trash. I make my way into the shower and step under the hot water and try to wash the feeling of hell off of me.


He slips into the shower behind me and his hands run over my skin, always raising gooseflesh on me no matter how hot the water. He takes the soap from me and the washcloth, he soaps me up and he washes me. Makes me clean for him, the way that he wants. If I’m sort of in a mood I’ll fight him. He’ll growl and lets some of his wolf out…he gets about three inches taller, and he gains about twenty pounds of muscle and he pins me, puts me breast first against the shower stall wall. His nails have gone to black claws and have curled around my neck. His chest is pressed to my back and when he growls at me I feel it vibrate through me and I feel my legs go weak and I get so much more wet than the shower can get me.

He turns me to face him and kisses me forcefully and as he does his claws just drag over my skin, scrape my breasts and flick over my nipples making them cry out…it’s just a tiny kinda sort of scrape and it hurts but it hurts so right, so good…Then his claws are between my legs just teasingly, threateningly tracing over my sex…those hands work their way up to my throat and rest there…He pushes me down to my knees and growls.

There’s the threat there between the growl and the claws. I start giving him a blowjob, he’s thicker than usual. It’s a struggle to service him. I resist sometimes a bit but I always give in, I have to let some of the she wolf out for her mate and that’s when everything changes…I, her, she catches the scent, sex scent, his scent my mates scent and taste and it’s so good, so overwhelming to my brain I cum with as much of a canine whine as I can with him in my mouth…as he hears it he pushes in the rest of the way down my throat and he groans…I did good, If my tail was out it’d be happily swishing. Me moves his hips, I give him every ounce of my desire my aching need to please him, I let go of Steve/Stevie and become She/His Mate…I worship him as I do, run my nails now claws over his powerfully muscled body. His claws move to my head and run lovingly over my head, through my wet hair and I touch myself my fingers moving in rhythm with him pumping, gliding in and out of my lips, my throat. He talks to me, I’ve no idea what he says but its so loving, and it’s all in this sexy Hungarian growl…

Dom…My Dom….

He scoops me up hands under my arms and into the air and my legs almost involuntarily wrap around his waist. He carries me into the room where we are staying and he lays me down onto the bed. I make canine whines of pleasure as he licks and suckles my breasts, the nipples oh so tender from the graze of his claws. He’s so tender being that softly loving male wolf as he suckles from me, occasionally kissing me, nibbling at my jaw as I cum in his arms and bare my throat to him.

He soon takes me but it’s not rough, it’s not gentle it’s slow, careful and utterly insistent that he is making me his and to be wanted so aggressively is something that my heart screams yes over…and over and over…He’s large and he’s thick and there’s even this extra band of thickness of where the knot would be if he shifted more. He moves though like the canine he is when he gets going with this heavy, fast, instinctual motion that possesses me and takes me over.

I try to help, to give him even more than all of me…it becomes something else as he takes me through position after position in this yoga, tantric, Kama-sutra kind of lovemaking where he is my master, teacher, lover and my mate…I’m his slave, his disciple, his whore, his lover and in the tender moments his mate.

In the end of it when we’re done, sated and fulfilled he takes me into his arms and nuzzles and spoons against me. He holds me like he’s afraid I’ll vanish on him and he’ll kiss my hair, smell me and whisper to me.

“I love you Stevie, You are a miracle to me.”

The Mission was a seedy bar in the outskirts of Bangor, Maine. It was one of those off the beaten path from the highway out in the county biker clubs. It was the base of operations for the Heaven’s Soldiers biker club.

The Deacon (Club President) looked around the club as he turned off his cell-phone and looked at his LT. Jobe. “We got word; we might be having some trouble. It turns out the freaks and the monsters are raising Caine with our friends and affiliates through out the state. Get Henry and git the dogs from the fighting pens outside but chained up where they can pick up any of those heathen freaks coming after us.”

“Sure Boss anything else?”

“Yeah, break out the silver buckshot and whatever else we’ve got.”

Deacon looked at the guys who had quieted down to listen up. He had seen one of those freaks when he was a kid. His old man had taken him on a hunt for one when he was nine and when he saw the guy change from a guy into this wolf like creature he knew all his old man’s talk about heaven and hell and freaks and demons was true. He prayed for real in the first time in his life when it came for him and his dad had put a silver bullet into the thing’s guts. It took a long time to die. It looked human but it wasn’t human.

He told that story to his guys a hundred times and some of them had gone on hunts for these things too with him even. “The Bishop says it’s getting worse and worse boys and that it’s coming, judgment day fellas, fucking judgment day.”

It took some time getting things ready and the guys were telling war stories and getting their guns ready, guzzling beer, smoking, popping pills or smoking or snorting their drug of choice. Deacon lit up and took a haul/pull/puff off his joint and held the lungful while he washed it down with two fingers of Jack Daniels before exhaling. He got up and stomped around checking on the guys and looking into the back room.

The little bitch was still in there, this cage that his bosses had him build. It had all kinds of real holy designs on them. The girl was about ten years old and cute for a nigger, naked. She stared at him and he splashed some of the Jack on her and she cries out as some of it gets in her eyes. He kicked the cage, grinning as he caught a couple of fingers.

“Why are you doin this to me!” She screamed.

“’Cause yer a fucking witch, you ain’t supposed to have powers over men and not from god.”

“All I ever did was heal people! I was helping them out!”

“Yer an unnatural whore is what you are, what’d you do spread your legs for Satan?”

Deacon reached in and grabbed her by the throat through the bars of the cage. She struggled but had no where to go. He pulled her by the throat up against the bars and she cried out he started to push her legs apart and insert the bottle.

He felt the cool touch of gun metal at the base of his neck. “You even think about hurting the girl any further Deacon I’ll blow your fucking head off.”

He knew the voice, it was Shannon, the pledge Rick Lane’s bitch. She was a bit of a cougar but he had thought, they all had thought she was a decent cunt. She’d done things for the guys, for the club that no cop bitch would ever do, had too much ink.

“Shannon…what the fuck do you think yer doing? This girl’s the devils own and she needs to be culled.”

“Like the other girls you’ve snatched Deke?, All those non-white girls that you’ve taken and shipped off to Hades knows where.”

“Hey it is what it is, God never put them here. Fuckin Spics, Niggers, Chicks, all of them are Satan’s Spawn, the reason the country’s falling the fuck apart. It’s all been going to hell for a long time Shannon. The Jews even got their pet Nigger into being the president.”

“I’ve met President Obama, not a bad guy as far as politicians go.”

“Who the fuck are you really?” He asked as the cunt used zip restraints to cuff him but to also hook under his belt. Shit she knew what she was doing. He debated yelling for the guys but she pressed the gun a bit tighter…considerin she had his dick in her a couple of days ago she might just pull the trigger. Bitches were like that.

“The name’s Andrea DiMaggio, FBI.”

“You’re a fuckin Fed?” He started to chuckle, then quietly laugh. “So how’d you like sucking all that cock Fed?”

“I didn’t, but me…I don’t matter Deke. You steal kids and you hurt them, you sell them as slaves and abuse them. They’re children you fucking piece of shit and it’ll never matter what happens to me. I’d…I’d die a hundred times to save just one.. You’re very, very lucky Deke that I need you alive. Now what’s the deal with the cage?”


I had gotten the call from the head office that pulled me out of Miami on an emergency flight up to Quantico. It’d been about a week since she’d dealt with Rapture and had been waiting on word from Jonelle. The ley lines in the southern states were starting to act wonky.

Sister Sarah a friend in the Cubano community had been talking about the steady rise of Stigmata and reports of possessions were getting more frequent. It was building fast…I could feel it, there was a feeling in the air, this…surge coming, I needed to know what.

It feels like…But I have to be sure.

I was brought in because of my “experience” with abnormal psychology. There was some serious trouble in the north east. They had figured on some kind of big unheard of gang war. Somebody new was clearing house with the gangs up there but not just the gangs, drug dealers, convicted sex offenders and other criminals. It had all the ear marks of pure vigilante work.

The kicker was this new gang was a bunch of psychopaths that were acting like animals. I knew there was something there, I mean it’s very rural and home to a few things that could do this, but they wouldn’t…I mean it’s not the way that they are or operate.

What am I talking about? Werewolves, I’m not kidding either but they’re not the kind of beings that do this kind of thing. They’re passive, they stay in hiding fighting only to defend themselves. There’s kills in the files that look like something like a Were has been killing but there’s other evidence. Military experienced by the evidence, different styles of doing things, and then there’s the thefts. It was the mauling and the kills and the evidence of something supernatural that had me take the assignment.

I went undercover getting picked up by another agent who’d be my “boyfriend.” I became a waitress at the club and was treated like some cheap biker slut for the most part and I’ll admit to there being part of myself liked it, like I was being punished for past sins.

Heaven’s Soldiers were one of the last bigger gang groups out there. They were a part of the biker fringe that was borderline militia group. I wasn’t really going to stick with it not until I saw them get a call, a bunch of them left and that’s when they brought back Hannah…that’s the name of the little black girl. That’s when they trotted out the crosses, and the guns and the silver and wolves bay along with a whole bunch of other stuff like you’d see…Templars, these guys were hooked up with the Templars.

They brought Hannah in calling her a witch a little girl who had seen these guys show up and from what I heard literally lynch and hang her family. This caged and scared little girl that was brimming with magical energy like I hadn’t felt in hundreds of years.

They stuffed her in a cage made to disrupt magical power. My thought was WTF was a biker gang doing with that. Why hadn’t they killed the girl? Templars are as bad as the KKK.

So… in this deep I stayed undercover and through myself into being Shannon. And in trying to find out what was going on I found out they were kidnapping kids, not a one of them white and selling them as domestic slaves here and abroad.

Kids, it had to be kids.

I can’t have any of my own, Athena, goddess…Immortal…and everything else unable to do the thing that almost every woman can do.

So I debased myself, did everything I had to do to do to stay undercover, to find a way to help those kids…There were times I just wanted to curl up and cry, or throw up for hours. Even fighting the need to scrub my skin clean for hours. I thought I could take it right up to when Deke was going to molest the girl.

I look at Hannah. “Sshh, honey it’s going to be alright.” I need to think of something. It was just me and Rick my undercover partner and twenty of them.

I hear pop music? Outside and a few minutes later there’s laughing and giggling inside the club house. I keep my gun on Deke and peer through the door.

Shit! There’s a gaggle of teenaged girls all dressed up in that out to party skimpy stuff and their asking for “like” directions. This is all I need, fuck, fuck, fuck. The guys start to hit on them and the stupid bitches are flirting with trouble that they can’t imagine. They’re prime targets for these guys. They’ll be raped and worse if I don’t do something.
Then I feel it, the change in energies in all five girls. There’s this blonde in the middle of the girls and she let’s out a ripple of mana, and the doors and windows all shut and slammed closed, I saw her eyes change and become wild and feral the blue eyes of a wolf…her ears went pointed and her nails became claws, and so did the other four girls.

I see her tilt her head to talk into a transceiver mike. “Now.” Then someone blew the lights, and stun grenades got fired through the windows. She raised a shield barrier around her and the others.

Then all hell breaks loose and They become whirlwinds of death and superhuman strength and intense claws. They’re good, really good and they’ve done this before. They don’t shift all the way either. The bikers freak out and in the first few seconds there’s blood everywhere, a few heads hit the walls and I step out. I can’t let them kill Rick.

“FBI!, Everybody freeze!”

Yeah, they ignore me.

I hate being ignored. “Rick!, Get the fuck down and stay down!” I see him drop and one of the bikers takes a shot at me. I put him down with a few shots. One of the Were’s swings at me…alright enough. I block her claw strike with my forearm and was going to smack her down but she’s good, and I’m defending myself for all this body is worth…I pull on the free energies and take a claw hand to my upper right shoulder, it’s just a slice.

She should’ve ripped my arm off if I was human. I’m not…I’m Andrea Lena DiMaggio I am Athena returned to Earth! I hit her in the chest with a palm strike and send her all the way acrossed the place and smashing through the wall to the outside.

Then I’m facing the blonde and she stares at me hard.

That’s alright I’m a hard bitch too, I stare right back. There’s guys in commando gear and full on wolf form Weres in with them taking the rest of the bikers down but not killing them.

She looks at me and stays in that feral state, I’ve known her kind before. That takes a lot of control of her essence, plus she’s a mage. That’s nearly unheard of amongst her kind. Her nostrils flare pulling in my scent. “You’re not human.”

“Neither are you.”

“Good guess, FBI?”

“Yeah, I’m here because of you.”


“Yeah, nobody gets what you’re doing even me.”

“I’m clearing house.”

“We’ve noticed, are you crazy kid do you have any idea who these guys are hooked up with?”

She leans down and picks up a rosary with skull beads made of silver and holds them and the cross and her hand starts to burn. She stares right at me not showing the least hint of pain. “The Templars I hope.”

“You hope?”

“Yes, I’m sending a message they’ll never forget.”

“You’re going to get you and these people killed. They’ll reach out and use means to hit you that you can’t believe kid. They’re everywhere.”

“So are we.”

I look at her and the others are tidying up the scene. I point to Rick who’s cornered by a huge black wolf, a European looking wolf…his Glock is in pieces apparently reduced to a chew toy. “He’s with me, also FBI.”

She looks over that way. “Dom, come here honey.” The big black wolf gives Rick another growl before padding over. He head rubs into her hip. She’s scratches his ruff. Some of the non-wolves help Rick up. A guy in a bunch of fatigues with a combat assault shotgun comes over. “We got them all, There’s a kid out back in a cage and Deacon tried to make a run for it. What’s your orders your highness?”

She looks at him. “Give me a few moments Hasen, The agents and I need to talk.”

The guy gives her this claw over his heart gesture and she returns it. There’s this look from all of them in here that say they respect the shit out of her. He goes away to do whatever.

I look at her. “What are you trying to accomplish really.”

“Who are you really?” she counters. I look at her and consider things for a moment.

“Athena of Olympia.”

She looks at me, then I feel her reaching out to feel me out with her magical senses. I open up enough for her to get a look at me. She stares at me considering, not freaking out. Then she runs her fingers through the wolf’s fur looking down at him after awhile.

“I’m defending my people, Athena. I see things in my dreams, real things. There’s a war coming and the Templars are going to try to do their damned best to wipe us out and it’s coming soon. I’m defending my Pack and the other Packs too if they’ll join us.”

“The others, the elder races will be out for blood kid, they won’t want you and this war of yours to bring them out of the closet.”

“That’ll be my problem then.”

“It’ll start a war kid.”

“Not if they back off. I just want the Templars to know if they come for us, they’ll pull back a bloody stump.”

“You’re getting in over your head.”

“I know but there’s nothing else I can do. They’ll find the gene, and then they can find out our families even those who cannot change. They find us and they’ll find ways to wipe us out. Then who else? The other tribes of the moon for sure, The Fae, Olympians? I thought we learned that lesson with Hitler.”

I stare at her. WW2 was complete hell…literally. It’s what made me come to Earth. But there’s this sick feeling starting…like the other feeling… “Okay, you might be right, I’m not going to stop you, at least not now.”

“Thanks, thanks so much.” She’s a little bit snarky. “So what are you going to do to explain this?”

“I don’t know, what are you planning to do?”

“You don’t want to know.” She stares right at me.

“You’re not going to…” Then I notice, they’ve got Deacon. And they’re shoving Rick over to me. He looks beaten up a bit and in shock. I look him over and guide him to a stool. Part of me wants, needs to be a decent person, to uphold those beliefs. But there’s this feeling in my gut, in my empty womb that is screaming louder than my conscience.
“They’ve been selling off children, non-whites, slave trading. I don’t know where they’ve taken them or to who.”

“I’ll find them, or everything they know about them. Why don’t you take your agent and the girl out of here.”

“Yeah, that’s the other thing. They put Hannah in a magic negating cage instead of selling her.”

“I’ll find out if I can. Athena, I can smell it, you should go. Take them and get out of here.”

“Andrea, I go by Andrea DiMaggio”

The girl gives me a look.

“I like Baseball.” I say with a shrug. It makes her smile a little and I can see the tiredness in her a bit through her eyes. War does that to people. I pull Rick off the stool, and take Hannah with my other hand. “So…what do I call you?”

“Stevey, Stevey Parker.”

I stop long enough to get my knapsack and write my number down . Then head out of the club house and get into the old Chevy I’ve been using. Rick still hasn’t said a word yet and Hannah’s crying and shaking against me. Some one of Stevie’s crew’s got her in a sweater and a combat jacket. I put an arm around her shoulder and pull her a little closer as I drive and head in towards Bangor.

It’s quarter after four in the morning when I get us into a motel with adjoining rooms after stopping into Wall-Mart and get some clothes for Hannah and some other things. I feel …numb but also kind of good when I get to get Hannah cleaned up, I get her into bed and kiss her goodnight and spell her asleep.

My own shower was really needed and when I’m done I’m shaking. I get into a cheap white guys undershirt and it barely covers what’s needed. Rick’s been smoking one cigarette after another and has been in the other room killing a bottle of wild turkey. I hear the shower turn on. I close my eyes for awhile and then just reach over to the nightstand and take out the bible.

Yes I read the bible, I know the reality of it. I was nearly destroyed as in my true self fighting Lucifer, When he was cast out of heaven. What most people don’t know was there was a battle on earth before he was cast into hell. I know what I am, but I’m also a believer in a creator, I need to. There has to be something more of it all right?

I read the New Testament mostly, I read about Jesus‘s words on the mountain. I start crying, remembering the times I heard him speak. I remember feeling hope for something better in the world then for the first time in a long time.

I curl up and cry holding the bible to me like a teddy bear. I feel, a hand gently rubbing my shoulder and see Rick there sitting on the edge of the bed. I look up at him. He knows things now and…He leans down and he kisses me…

(To be continued.)

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