Wife Made Me Do It

She handed me panties and a bra. I looked at her saying, "I can't wear these." She smiled and said, "Yes, you will and I want them on you now! You will be wearing pretty bras and matching panties the rest of your life, do you understand?"

I laughed and said "No way." Then she said "You are so beautiful" and I was now putting on the panties and bra. What was happening? I lost all my control and was doing exactly what she wanted.

My Wife Made Me Do It
My New Life
By Terry Hansay

Description: My wife now embarrasses me now as she controls my body. How did this happen? What am I wearing?
My New Life

Here is my new life…

Cathy and I were married 5 years ago. I lost my job, if you could call it a job. Cathy is rich, which is why I married her. She works as a doctor at a local clinic. I was bored living home each day alone. I got caught up in the wrong crowd and was out driving with a "friend" and that is when my life changed, it seems.

I woke up in my wife's hospital with her smiling over my bed. She told me I had a auto accident 5 days ago and was in big trouble. She told me the girl I was with was killed and I was at fault.

Just then she came closer to me and whispered in my ear saying "Tom, you embarrassed me the final time. How could you be with another woman and out in public? You embarrassed me for the last time. You will change because I control your every movement now. You are all mine to embarrass from now on."

She looked really mad and I knew I was in trouble. I tried to explain but as I was talking she told me to shut up. For some reason my mouth stopped talking. I could not finish my thoughts. What was going on?

Cathy smiled and said, "See what I mean? You are now mine and you will do as I say, you pig!" I was scared, what was happening to me?

Just then a nurse came in and I was cleared to go home. Cathy smiled and looked at me saying, "Get out of bed dear, it's time to dress you up so that you will never be acceptable to any woman." What did she mean? I found out quickly.

She handed me panties and a bra. I looked at her saying, "I can't wear these." She smiled and said, "Yes, you will and I want them on you now! You will be wearing pretty bras and matching panties the rest of your life, do you understand?"

I laughed and said "No way." Then she said "You are so beautiful" and I was now putting on the panties and bra. What was happening? I lost all my control and was doing exactly what she wanted.

Then she threw a girdle at me and said, "Put this on too dear, you will never be a real man again. Women will think you are just a real sissy!"

I could not believe that I was putting on the girdle like it was natural for me to be wearing a bra and girdle.

Cathy said I looked so cute and smiled to say, "See that was not hard. You better get use to your new tight lingerie dear. Tom, you will never cheat on me again. No girl will ever want a panty wearing wimp."

I could not believe what was happening to me. How does she have control over me and how can I get out of this?

In walked another nurse with what looked to be water balloons. She looked at me and laughed, "He is so cute, but these will help round out his new developing figure. I hope he likes them. But I guess he will have to like them and get used to having a feminine bounce to his walk."

"Don't move Tom. Wow, they fit in your pretty bra perfectly", Cathy said. She told me to bend over and showed me how to adjust my bra with the balloons. They both laughed saying how nice I looked and how real my new bustline looks.

I tried to resist but I could not move! She told me not to move and to lean forward and adjust my new boobies. I did just what she wanted and my chest was huge. Cathy laughed and said that they look perfect. She told me to smile, this will be my new look.

I was shaking in my boots. I could not understand what she was doing nor how she could control me, but it was obvious she had me right where she wanted.

The nurse and Cathy were having so much fun dressing me. I couldn't not stop them.

Cathy gave me a white stretch women's top that really showed my new shape and my bra was very noticeable under the top. I thought I was going to faint. I had a huge chest, clearly a women's figure yet I still looked like a man.

Both women giggled as they approved of my look. Cathy thought I looked so sweet and the nurse agreed.

Cathy gave me my old pants and shoes and said lets get out of here.

I sat down and refused to leave the room, yelling at her that I was not leaving.

Boy that was the wrong thing to do. She turned and looked at me with a big smile with fire in her eyes saying, "Get your sorry girdled ass out of that chair and walk 10 steps behind me, do you understand?"

Without me even thinking, my body got up and walked toward her like she was controlling my every move. She turned saw me walking and said with a big smile, "See Tom, you are mine now and you will do as I say. And I hope you are totally embarrassed with your new look. You deserve it."

Cathy yelled at me, "Get your shoulders back and stand up, be proud of your new bustline." I did just as she said, without thinking. It was magic. My chest popped out and I was so embarrassed as I looked down seeing my pointed breasts in this see through feminine top. I thought I was going to faint.

Walking by the nurses station, the nurse handed my wife a pink purse. What was that for? Cathy turned to me and said, "Tom, you must now carry a purse all the time, just like your girlfriends do. I am sure you will love carrying a pretty purse, right sweetie?"

Without think, my hands accept the purse as I was dying inside. How could I carry a pink feminine purse? But I was.

Walking through the hospital, everyone was staring at me smiling, young girls were giggling. What is happening to me, how will I survive this? Cathy turned to say, "Tom get moving, keep walking and stand straight and tall dear, I want to see your boobies pop out. You know, like your last girlfriend's figure."

She knew I was so embarrassed and she loved it. We got in the car and she went right to the mall to Victoria's Secret. Oh, no! What are we doing here? I was shaking and sweating, she loved it.

Cathy turned to me and said, "Tom I want you to go in this store and ask the young clerk to measure your for a pretty bra. I want you to buy 3 bras and matching panties. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head and starting walking in. What was going on, how can this be happening? I turned to see my wife in the mall hallway smiling at me as I continued to walk into VS.

I walked up to a cute little girl in VS and asked her if I could buy a bra. She turned and saw me, in my see through top and my pretty bra I had on. She smiled and said of course you can. She asked what size my girlfriend wore, I knew she was joking with me, knowing full well, seeing my bra, that the bras were for me. Then she asked what size I would like and what style, padded, demi, pushup?

My mouth or brain just took over and I had no control as I said to her, "The bras are for me and I do not know what size I am."

Just then my wife popped up kissing me on the cheek saying, "Doesn't he look adorable in his pretty bra today? I sure hope you have his size. He does have big boobies, doesn't he? Tommy go with this sweet young girl and get measured dear."

My wife whispered in my ear saying, "Are you totally embarrassed now sweetie? You will never embarrass me again. This will be all my pleasure now."

I was lead back to the changing room and she announced I was a 34D. She brought me several bras to try on and she even helped me place my balloons in the cups. I was so, so embarrassed! She tried to relax me by saying many men come here to buy bras and we treat them just like our women shoppers.

I was so weak and just ready to die. I walked out of the dressing room as the clerk called me back saying, "Tom here, don't forget your pretty purse." Everyone could hear her and I thought I was going to faint with embarrassment.

I bought three bras and matching panties and walked out with my pink purse and VS pink bag telling the world I was a shopping at the most feminine store, somewhere real men don't shop.

Cathy paraded me around the mall for everyone to see me in my see through top carrying my pink shopping bag.

Looking in all the feminine store windows my wife kept saying in public, "If you are a good boy Tom, maybe I will buy you that pretty dress and those sweet high heels."

I begged her to go home. She agreed saying we would be back again this week shopping for more pretty "things". What did that mean?

We got home and I dropped on the couch. She said, "Sorry sweetie, you have to cook dinner now and I have another surprise for you after dinner."

Go upstairs, put away your pretty new bras and panties, and get down here to start dinner.

I got upstairs and dropped on our bed. I took off the top and bra I was wearing and put on my own shirt. It felt so go to get out of the tight bra, the boobie bouncing was killing me.

Just then Cathy walked in and smiled saying, "Oh dear, you can't take off your pretty bra. You will wear your bra and inserts the rest of your life, 24/7, even in bed, do you understand? Put them back on this minute sweetie. Sissy’s never go without their pretty bras and panties."

Like magic, I followed her command, I put the bra back on and inserted what I called my balloons. I was having a hard time with this and she knew it.

"Tom, as you can see I now control you. I want you to look like you enjoy wearing a bra and girdle. I want you to smile and be proud of your figure and show the world you have no problems wearing a bra, showing your very shapely figure. You will wear your pretty bras and will not be afraid to show you are wearing a pretty bra. Do you understand? Tell me how much you will like wearing your bra and girdle!"

I smiled and said, "Yes dear, I love wearing a bra and having a pretty figure. I will love wearing a bra since it gives me a shapely figure as you want."

What the heck just came out of my mouth? I knew I was done! She had me! How did she do this? How will I get out of this?

Like it was second nature, I put on my top and threw my shoulders back saying, here I am, proud of my new shape. I walked downstairs to cook dinner.

My wife was laughing all the way downstairs saying this is going to be so much fun!

I could not believe I was cooking dinner and my wife was just sitting there watching TV.

At dinner Cathy asked me what I was thinking of my new life. I tried to ask for forgiveness, but she would not hear of it. She told me I would never cheat on her again. I was crying, I knew she did something to me at her hospital and my brain was working under her control now. I was helpless.

I was pulling at my bra straps saying my bra was too tight. Cathy laughed and said that I would get used to my new feminine sensations. She also said she told the clerk to sell me a smaller size bra so that I would feel the tight sensation to remind me every minute that I was wearing a bra.

I smiled and said, "Look at me, how could I not know I am wearing a bra and girdle? Everyone else knows, too."

She instructed me to cleanup the dishes and sure enough my body started doing as she commanded. I was worried what was happening to me and her control over my every move.

Just then the door bell rang. Cathy smiled and said, "Answer the door dear, your surprise is here." Oh no! What is going to happen? Who is here?

As I passed her she told me to stop and I stopped dead in my tracks. She told me not to talk to the person knocking at our door. She untied my kitchen apron and took it off me, exposing my new bustline. I was hoping to leave it on to cover me up, but no luck. She patted me on the fanny and said "Get the door sweetie."

I opened the door and there was Victor, my best friend. He smiled and said that my wife invited him over to see my new look.

Cathy called out saying, "Tom spin around and show Victor your new look. I bet he too loves big bustlines like you have now."

I turned bright red with embarrassment and Cathy loved it. Cathy shouted out, "With Tom's new look I don't think he will be cheating on me anymore. What do you think Victor? Don't be shy Tom invite your friend in."

Victor was glad to see I was OK after the auto accident, but said that he did not know I was into crossdressing. I could not talk since my wife commanded me to silent.

Cathy popped right in saying, "Tom was a bad boy, cheating on me and he now has to wear new clothes to help him pay the price. Victor, what do you think of his new look?"

Victor was confused. "Tom I am not sure what is happening here. You look very strange. I am out of here; call me when you are done playing dress up." Out Victor went with Tom in tears.

Cathy was pleased and said, "Tom that was fun for me and you look like you saw a ghost. I love this, now you are embarrassed and not me. This is going to be fun. I don't want you talking until you get up in the morning. Go to bed and make sure you leave on your bra, inserts and girdle. Do your understand?"

I nodded my head, but could not talk.

The next morning I asked Cathy why she did that to me last night. She smiled and said I deserved it.

After cleaning the breakfast dishes she told me to go and dress in my new Victoria's Secret bra and panties, girdle and wear the new top that was on the bed. "We are off again today for more fun dear. More fun for me and more embarrassment for you dear."

I could not believe the top she had for me to wear today. Again, see through and very very feminine with pink flowers all over the V neck blouse. This white top was thin and very stretchy material. With the new VS push bra on the bed and this blouse I was going to fashion a beautiful feminine look.

I took off my bra and inserts and hooked the new bra. It was like she was controlling my hands. I could not stop, inserting my water balloons in the lacey padded bra cups. Putting on the new blouse, I did look very feminine on top. I thought I would faint looking down at my perky breasts. The V neck was so deep, I could see my bra and the pretty bow ribbon between the cups. The blouse hugged my new curves and really shouted out saying "all girl here"!

Cathy had me in all boy clothes except my top so everyone knew I was a man but crossdressing on top. It was so embarrassing and Cathy loved it.

We were back in the car going back to the hospital I just left. I asked her why we were back here. "Tom, I think you should try out a new procedure and I think you will love it. By the end of the day, you will have new perky REAL breasts. No more water balloons for my sweetie, just really pretty breasts like your past girlfriends had. Won't that be a twist of fate and fun for you?"

Just then she popped up saying that I could not talk at all while in the hospital. I should do exactly what the nurses ask and follow their commands without question.

As we were walking from the parking lot I pleaded with her to stop this that I would never look at another girl again. Cathy smiled and said, "Tom it is too late. You have been a bad boy for years, and embarrassed me way too many times. Now it's my time to embarrass you. This will be fun dear, watch. Now stop talking now, you are boring me."

Like magic, my mouth stopped talking. I could not say a word. Inside the hospital I was lead to a room and the nurse told me to take all my clothes off including my bra and girdle. I was so nervous but couldn't say a word. I knew I was done, they had me right where they wanted.

While I was laying on the operating table, Cathy whispered in my ear "Tom, you will love your new breasts. They will become the center of your new life, trust me dear. After the operation I will treat you to a new very supportive bra. You will love the 50's look. You are so beautiful dear." Why does she and the nurse keep telling me that?

What did she mean the 50's look? The nurse told me to relax and close my eyes, that everything will be OK. I could not talk. I tried to resist but my body would not. I was at their mercy.

I woke up with a new pair of D size real looking breasts. Both the nurse and my wife were standing over me admiring their work saying how beautiful I looked.

Looking down at my chest, all I saw were these two large breasts. They looked so real, they were attached to my body. My wife encouraged me to touch them. I did as she said, of course.

Yes, they were attached somehow because the minute I touched them I could feel the pleasure, the sensitivity of the nipples. How could this be?

My wife said, "Yes, dear they are real. You have a pair of beautiful D cup breasts for life now. You will learn to love them as much as I will. Plus look down at Mr. Penis. He is gone, well, not really gone, but you can't see him any more. How great is that! No more fucking your girlfriends."

I threw back the sheets. Sure enough my penis was "tucked" in and I looked just like a woman down there. I was screaming inside! I could not talk but I was crying and upset.

My wife tried to console me while laughing saying how much fun we will have now that I am under her control.

With all the changes, I did faint and collapsed back onto the bed.

The nurse woke me up and helped me dress. I could not believe my new breasts. Now they weighted me down and really bounced around. She said I would get used to my new center of balance, every girl does.

She then told me to bend over and hold my ankles. Like clockwork, I did as she commanded. She gave me a shot in my ass saying this will help me with the stress of my changes and calm me down.

"What the heck is she giving me?" I thought.

In walked my wife. She asked the nurse, "Was that his hormone shot dear?" The nurse said, "It was and he took it very well, poor boy."

The nurse took some pills out of a bottle. Cathy smiled and said "Give them to me. I want to show him who is boss." Cathy looked at me with a big smile and said, "Tom, take these pills now. They will make you feel so girly."

As commanded I took the pills as the nurse said, "He is such a good boy. I think Cathy you have him right where you want him. The operation worked beautifully. Your new medical treatment will be very profitable for the clinic."

I knew I could not fight this. I was doomed!

Cathy smiled as we walked to the car saying "How do you like your new breasts dear? They bounce so nicely - such a feminine movement you now have dear. No girl will ever want you now unless she is a lesbian," giggling.

We went right home. I cooked dinner and went right to bed. I was so drained, Cathy could tell. She joked with me saying "Tom remember to leave your breasts on when going to bed like last night. Oh, I forgot you now have permanent breasts, they will be on you the rest of your life, poor boy."

Next morning the doorbell rang. It was our next door neighbor Sally and her 18 year old daughter Mary. Oh, no! What do they want?

Cathy told me to get the door and invite Sally in. Sally's daughter took one look at me at started laughing, saying "Mommy, he has such big breasts, they're so perky." I was so embarrassed!

Cathy invited them both in as Sally commented on my new look. "Cathy, your plan worked, he is so cute but does he obey?"

Cathy looked at me and said, "Tom, lift your blouse and show the girls your new perky breasts." Without hesitating, I lifted my top and smiled showing them my bra and new bustline.

Sally and Mary just looked with amazement, saying, "This is going to be so much fun! He is so built."

"OK, Tom you can put down your blouse, we have seen enough." Cathy went on to explain that I am totally in their control and will obey every command. What does Cathy mean "their" command? What am I in for with these women?

Cathy told me to sit and she explained "Tom, while I am at work, Sally and Mary will take care of you. They will be your bosses. You will listen to them like you listen to me. Do you understand sweetie? Speak up dear I can't hear you."

All I could say was, "Yes dear, I understand."

"Good," Cathy said. "Mary will be here with you all day and you better be a good boy for her. If you are a good boy I might take you shopping for some more pretty lingerie, wouldn't you like that Tom?" All laughed and Cathy left work.

Cathy pulled Mary and Sally aside and reminded them of my medicine. My ears perked up and I listened to their conversation. "Remember girls every 6 hours Tom has to have his hypnotic commands replanted in his head. If this is not done my whole experiment might fall apart. Just pull him aside and tell him 'your so beautiful'. That will strengthen the hypnosis and re-set his demeanor. Remember he has his leg bracelet on and that will control him if he runs. You have the controller."

Now I knew the trick, how could I use this information? Maybe after 6 hours I could get out of this trance.

The girls smiled and told Cathy they will handle Tom. "He will be a good boy for us", Mary said with a big smile.

As Cathy left she announced, "He is a sweet little boy in your total Control, take care of him girls." I had on my chastity belt and would not harm a soul now.

Sally looked at Mary and said, "Mary why not bring Tom back to our house and play dress up with him? He looks to be your size. It would be so much fun for him." Cathy laughed and thought that would be fun too, wished she could join us but had to get to the clinic. Someone in the family had to work.

Mary looked at me saying, "Tom, lets go sweetie and play dress up." I walked like a little puppy behind her, I could not fight it. Sally went off to work, so it was just this 18 year old teenage girl and me.

Mary took me upstairs to her room and told me to undress. I could not stop her as I did what she asked. "Why are all women in control of me?" How am I going to get out of here? She told me how pretty I looked with my new breasts and how much fun my new breasts will be for both her and me.

She made me dress in an all-in-one corset, nylons, slip, a very feminine tight flowery dress, and even wear makeup. She made me do my own makeup several times. I looked so different. I was so humiliated having this young girl telling me what to do and me following her every order.

She told me several times while applying my makeup that it seemed I was enjoying my new life and how much fun she was having playing with me. How could this be happening to me?

She made me leave the dress on and even the makeup, earrings, and necklace for my wife. Mary thought I looked so pretty. She was treating me like her Barbie doll.

Here I was all decked out like a woman, but no hair. I almost looked like a woman but clearly not 100%. I sure hope she was not going to take me outside in this outfit.

Yes, she made me wear 3" high heels. Now I was real nervous, are we going out? I could hardly walk in this heels and she laughed so much.

The day was ending and Mary thought it best we get back to my house to cook dinner. She announced that she wanted to take some photos of me on her front lawn before we went to my house next door. I got excited because I heard myself say, "No, no photos."

Mary turned around quick with fear on her face. She commanded me to come to her. I said no. Was I getting my control back? Has it been 6 hours?

Mary ran up to me with anger in her face and whispered in my ear, "you are so beautiful."

“Tom don’t ever disobey me again sweetie. That is not nice to disobey Mary”.

All of sudden my demeanor changed. I was like a different person. I smiled and said to Mary, "Yes, lets take some photos of my pretty new dress."

I could not believe what I said, but now I know the magic words that control me. Mary laughed and said that it was so easy, this is going to be so much fun controlling Tom.

Off we went outside, with me stumbling in my heels and swinging my purse. I could not believe how much this all-in-one corset made me swing my hips and take very small steps!

Mary had me pose in front of my house. She told me to stand tall, shoulders back and smile. She showed me how to stand like a model while whispering in my ear, "You look so cute, so feminine, too bad you don't have any hair. Maybe we can fix that tomorrow when we play dress up."

Back in my house, Mary slapped me on my butt saying, "Go cook dinner for us now Tom and make sure you put on your pretty apron so you don't get your pretty dress dirty."

My wife and Sally came in for dinner all excited to see their new Barbie doll as they called me. I was so humiliated! Mary instructed me to tell them about my day, how much fun we had dressing up and doing our makeup, how I didn't like the corset I was wearing.

As commanded I told them about my feminine day. Cathy thought my makeup looked good for my first try and she said, "Get used to your corset dear, you will be wearing them a lot now."

All seemed pleased with my new "training" as they called it.

Cathy helped me out of my all-in-one corset and dressed me in a very feminine pink night gown. She showed me how to wash and moisturize my face telling me I will have to do this every day now, that she likes my makeup style. She told me I would now wear makeup each day, never leaving the house without a pretty face, as she laughed. She also told me that I will never look like a real girl because she wants everyone to know I am still a man. She laughed saying, "Well, maybe not a real man but a cute man Barbie doll just for me to play with."

I lay in bed crying and trying to think how I am going to get out of here, out from under her control. I knew it had something to do with those words Mary and Cathy whisper in my ear every now and then plus the chemicals and pills they give me at my wife's so called "hospital". I had to change this fast.

About 3AM I got up out of bed and slowly walked downstairs to try to escape. As I walked out the back door, my leg bracelet that I forgot about seized me up and caused me much pain. Falling to the floor, I could not move. I knew right then I was in trouble as Cathy was standing over me with a big smile saying, "Tom you dumb little thing, you can't escape me. You are mine for the rest of your pretty life, dear. Now get up and get back to bed. You will now have a longer day tomorrow, sweetie."

She hugged me tight whispering to me. I thought here it comes, those magic words. Cathy said those words again, "you are so beautiful."

It was like a total switch in my demeanor. She told me to go upstairs, get to sleep, and dream sweet feminine dreams. Like magic I went upstairs, closed my eyes, and was dreaming about pretty dresses.

The next morning, Cathy said she bought me my new look and I will love it. She held up a very lacy pink dress, empire waist, lace all over it. She told me I will now be her "Southern Belle". What the heck does that mean? Well I found out.

She got so excited, dressing me in the figure flattering dress. Plus the corset gave me an hourglass figure with the 50's pointed bustline look. I was so humiliated!

Cathy saw my fear as she said, "Tom, you always wanted me to wear those outdated pointed 50's bras, now you can wear them. I think they will look much better on you than me. I can't wait until Sally and Mary see you in your new look with your new figure. Your D cup boobies in that cone bra look so shapely, what a pretty figure you have now."

I could not believe my shape. Yes, I did like the pointed bust look, but not on me! I often asked my wife to wear those cone bras, but she wouldn't. My breasts were very pointed and shapely. I was so humiliated!

After Cathy pulled on this huge petticoat, my dress was girly, very feminine. She put me in high heels, told me to smile and enjoy my new look.

Under her command, all I could do is smile. But deep down under, I was fighting this. She knew I was fighting my new look.

Cathy asked me, "Tom how do you feel today in your new foundations, your new corset and pointed bra? Tell me the truth dear."

I told her I hated it and I would get out of this and get her back for this humiliation.

Cathy laughed and smiled and said "You are so beautiful and after today there will be no going back dear. You are my new 'toy'."

What did she mean? After today?

Sally came in the house just then and Cathy told her to get me to the "hospital" no later than 11 AM for my final treatment.

Final treatment? What was that all about? I had to get out of here after Cathy goes to work. The hospital?

Sally giggled and said no problem. She said Mary was also coming over to help, that she wanted to see Tom's final treatment.

I knew now I had to run away. What are these women up to?

Cathy left and Sally told me to cook her some breakfast. Like magic I went the kitchen and cooked. I thought this is going to be very hard to resist their commands.

As I was stumbling in my heels, Sally told me to spin around and show her my new figure and pretty dress.

I did as she commend. She laughed saying how cute I looked and loved my pretty bustline. She thought it was just what I needed to be a real woman, laughing, saying "How pretty your new dress is and how precious your new figure is. You will never be a real woman, just a man dressed up as our new maid."

She kept telling me "you are so beautiful." I knew she was keeping the spell on me so that she could control me.

After breakfast she told me to go upstairs and apply fresh makeup. She said, "A girl has to look her best when going out". I was not excited with that thought.

Upstairs she helped me do my makeup, I hated it and she knew it.

It was time to go and she made me leave on my lipstick and makeup. Without any long hair, I still looked like a man dressed in women's clothes.

We got to the hospital, I was numb, so afraid of what was going to happen to me.

The nurse greeted us. She knew we were coming and told me how pretty I looked. I died hearing that. She took me into a room and told me to undress down to my corset and panties.

I could not handle hearing, "My corset and my panties"! How could I own corsets and panties? What is happening to me?

I was so embarrassed, a nervous wreck! I needed help getting out of my tight dress and petticoat. The nurse giggled saying "It's ok, you will learn how to get undressed." She loved my new clothes.

She told me then to jump up on the table and lay down. I looked at her like, "No!" She smiled and said I had better get up there or I will be punished. She came over to me and whispered in my ear, "You are so beautiful. Now get on the table!" I jumped right up on the table.

She strapped me to a table, I could not move. She even kept saying to me, "You are so beautiful."

I knew I was done, all strapped into the table.

In walked my wife and another nurse. Cathy smiled and said, "Tom, this will finish the cure to your new life. When you wake up you will be all mine, an obedient husband. You will be so happy (maybe) and best of all, you will never look at another woman again let alone be with a girl. No girl will ever want you now, not with those breasts."

The nurse put a mask on my face and I slowly fell asleep. I knew I was done. What the heck were they going to do to me? How could my wife do this? I tried to stay a wake but that was not going to happen.

I woke up in a very feminine room. A nurse looking over me told me all went very well and that I will be able to leave the hospital in a couple of hours. I have been programmed and your wife is very happy. She said I would love my new life.

Programmed? What did she mean? I was so nervous. I was still strapped down and could not move.

Another nurse came and explained the new facts of life to me. She showed me my breasts. "We have made them even more permanent." What did that mean? She smiled said, "They are beautiful D cup breasts and you will enjoy them the rest of your life. Look you can’t even tell we added to them today." I started to cry. She hugged me saying, "Dear it's OK, don't cry. You will learn to love your new breasts. You have no choice sweetie."

She pulled down my panties and my little guy was so small, I could hardly see it. I really cried as she said "Oh baby, your little guy is not gone, just tucked in and never to come out again. Don't you just love it, it's so sweet. No real girl will every want you again."

The nurse told me to sit up and that I needed to wear my bra to support my breasts while I was healing. She told me to wear my 50's cone bra 24/7 while I healed. This kind of cone bra is very supportive to help the healing. I slipped on the funny looking bra. My breasts were so heavy, my nurse knew what I was thinking.

"Tom, don't worry about your new figure, you will get used to having that extra pretty weight up front and you might even start to enjoy your new figure in time. Cheer up baby, you will like your new life. Besides this new life will keep your wandering eyes away from other women."

My wife came in all smiles, so happy. She whispered in my ear saying the final operation was a huge success and I am all set to go home and enjoy my new life. She laughed telling me to follow her, she had a surprise for me. "Now what?" I thought, "Isn't this bad enough?"

Out in the waiting room was my past girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Cathy said to me, "Tom, look who is here sweetie, Pam, one of your flings." She could not stop laughing. I was so embarrassed.

Cathy told me to model my new dress, spin around and show Pam my new dress and figure. I did as commanded, right on cue. Pam was shocked but told me she loved my new look. How could this be happening to me?

The nurse looked at Pam saying that she too could have this new treatment for her new boyfriend if he gets out of line.

Pam looked at her new boyfriend saying, "Paul you better not look at another woman. I will do this to you if you are not a good boy for me".

I asked Cathy if we could go home. She looked at me with a big smile saying, "Why Tom, don't you like modeling your new outfit? You better get used to this dear, you are all mine now. Stand up straight, hold your shoulders back, and be proud of your new shape."

Pam giggled all the way down the hallway telling her boyfriend how cute I was and how she would like a "boy toy" like me. I think her new boyfriend had better be careful.

Cathy took me home. I was drained. She told me to go upstairs, get in my nightgown, and come back downstairs to talk. My body did exactly as she said, I could not stop it from doing just want she wanted. They really did something to me in this final treatment.

She yelled out as I walked away to make sure I left on my pretty bra and girdle too.

Back downstairs she sat me down and then told me the story.

"Tom, since you were such a bad husband, cheating on me, I experimented trying our new treatment on you. The staff at the hospital developed this new treatment to control peoples brains, their every action, every movement. As you can see it works.

You were our first and you passed with flying colors. Isn't this exciting dear?

This treatment will make me millions. You were such a good sport, but then you didn't have any choice did you?

You will never cheat on me again. In fact you will now be my boy toy and make me millions.

The next step after we see how you develop is to take you out and show you off. We have to sell the treatment to other women. You will be our model, our proof that our new control treatment works.

Thanks for helping Tom. I hope you like your new life dear, I know I will!


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