If Wishes Were... Part 1

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If Wishes Were...
Ten wishes from ten women...

Teddi's Wish


Where did I leave that bus ticket.
I can’t stay here any longer.
They just don’t understand me.
I wish mom didn’t die.


Kiera's Wish


What should I do? Where can I go?
Maybe he won’t hit me this time.
If I show him how much I care, maybe he’ll change.
I wish I knew what to do.


Petey's Wish


Sports? What about sewing?
What about scrapbooks?
I wish they’d listen.
I wish they’d care about how I feel.


Nina's Wish


Dancing? But I want to be an architect
...a girl architect!
Buildings…big and wide and full of space
…my work…my designs!
I wish they were proud.


David's (and Jame's) Wish


Wish they’d come.
What was wrong?
Which of us is wrong?
Don’t they love me? I guess not.

“I love you!”

Yes…I know… I don’t know how to say it
without it sounding like a Hallmark card, but
thank you for loving me when no one else would.
I wish they did.


Amanda's Wish


Aren’t these the same arms that carried him?
Aren’t these the same eyes that saw her play…
the same ears that heard them sing?
I wish they’d change their minds


Julie's Wish


Why doesn’t he want to be my friend anymore?
What did I do? Am I bad?
Is there something wrong with me?
I wish I knew.

Mika's Wish


Why, God? Is it my fault?
Why won’t he leave me alone?
I wish I were dead


Bonnie's Wish


Why, God? Is it my fault?
Why can’t she help me?
I wish I wasn’t going to die.


Paul's (and Lina's) Wish


Why do you love me?
I just don’t know what it is…
if I did, I’d do it all the time.

“I just love you, is all!”

I wish this moment would last forever.


I'll be doing a series of vignettes based on the verses soon...

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If Wishes Were...

Some are very disturbing. Me, am waiting and hoping for more on eacg wish.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

There You Go Again ...

littlerocksilver's picture

dangling those litle snippets in front of us, making us wanting to know what did or will happen. Of course, you always follow through with a thought provoking series of vignettes.



I wish my sad lil 3-leg'd puppy didn't drown inna toilet on Xmas

laika's picture

If anyone wants to go in with me on a whole case of Kleenex, it ought to save us a lot of money;
And from some of these lead-in segments it sure looks like we're gonna be needing them;
I just know Drea will be playing CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE EUGENE all over our heartstrings...
Can't wait. The sweetness & the hope that always comes along with the sad in her tales.
~~~hugs ("That's you, Boogerhead!"), Ronni


"You can either fly Over the Rainbow or Under the Radar but you can do both..."


waiting to start reading. as laika said bring the kleenex.


definitely kleenex, no question

I am loading up as I write....

"Treat everyone you meet as though they had a sign on them that said "Fragile, under construction"



These wishes are so real that I have ben asking them since

I was 12½. There are even times today I ask myself over and over again why am I even still here. Sometimes I just pray to teh Lord to take me home. Jesus Himself said, "...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." Here is my wish. I wish that people would accept others for who we are, and not hate us, or bea us up, or call us nasty names, or even kill us. I wish there was no hate, no bigotry, no war, no crme, no homophobia.

Thank you for sharing Drea.

"With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward."

Love & hugs,

"If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be."

"With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward."

Love & hugs,

"If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be."