My Mistake: Chapter 36

My Mistake: Chapter 36
Samantha Jenkins

“Sounds good to me.” Mom said. “Who is going to go get the hair color, contacts and clothes?” The bell rang, signaling the change from third period to fourth period.

“I will.” Chang said. Mom and I looked at him.

“You are going to go pick up hair color, contacts and clothes for a sixteen year old girl?” Mom asked.

“Yeah. I’m not going to let this person hurt Morgan if I can help it.” Chang said

“What do you know about girls fashion?” Dr. Franklin asked.

“Nothing.” Chang admitted.

“Jackie, I’ll go get the stuff for Morgan. We’re going to need a doctors’s note to get the contacts anyway.” Dr. Franklin said. “Morgan, what shade of grey would you like?”

“There are different shades?” I asked. I had only ever seen grey eyes and had been captivated, so much in fact that I never noticed the shades of grey.

“Yeah, dark grey, blueish grey, and I think there may be a light grey.” The Doctor said.

“Can you get me all three, and then we can decide what looks best with my skin color?” I asked. Dr. Franklin looked at Mom, who shrugged.

“Yep. We decided on Strawberry blond, right?” Dr. Franklin asked, and then looked at Chang.

“Yes, unless you see a color that you think would work better then go for it.” Chang said. They had copy of the blue prints of the school spread out on the table. “Katie, show me where you guys would normally exit the school.” Dr. Franklin left to go get the stuff we needed to pull this off, so I turned my attention to what was happening on the table.

“Right here.” Katie pointed to the doorway that would lead outside next to Officer Mullin’s office. “But, my car isn’t here, Jen brought us.” Officer Mullin looked at Jen.

“Where are you parked?”

“In the student lot.” Jen replied, pointing in the general direction of the lot. Chang and Mullin went back to the blue prints. I looked at the blue prints.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to figure out how to get you out of the building.” Chang said, and then went back to looking at the blue prints. I gave them a close look.

“What about the maintenance area, here.” I said pointing at the blue prints.

“That could work. Let me have Mullin check it out and see if we can use it to sneak you out of here. I would love to have you out of here before school is out…” Chang said. I jumped as there was a knock on the door. Susan opened it when Chang nodded. Standing on the other side was Mrs. Vickers. Susan let her in the room.

“Mr. Gallagh, you have a call on Line one, sir.” She said.

“Thank you, Robin.” Mr. Gallagh said, and then went to the phone that sat in the corner of the room. He picked up the extension. “This is Steven.” A few seconds passed and then he spoke again. “Ok, thank you.” He turned and looked at Chang after he had hung up the phone. “That was Tamara, my secretary. She said that they just got another call, and said that the IT department had pulled a phone number out of the system.” He glanced at me. “The number that came up matched the number for Joyce Paskly’s husband, Carl.” Katie and I shared a glance. Chang nodded and then walked over to the phone, and called someone.

“Cassingham, it’s Chang. Steven Gallagh just told me that his people pulled a number from the phone system. It belongs to a Carl Paskly. He’s the husband of Joyce Paskly. She was termed over some actions that she took regarding Morgan Smith.” Chang turned to look at me. “I’m not sure, Hang on.” Chang said into the phone. “Morgan, have you ever had contact with Carl Paskly?”

“Not to my knowledge.” I said. There was a knock on the door and Chang put his hand on his gun and nodded at Susan, who cracked the door. When she realized it was Mullin, she opened the door all the way. Mullin walked in the room and shut the door behind him.

“No, she’s never had contact with him.” Chang said into the phone. Mullin tilted his head to one side, not understanding what Chang was saying on the phone. Officer Mullin looked at me and pointed at Chang.

“Detective Cassingham.” I said quietly. “They got an ID on the threat call. It was Carl Paskly.”


The bell had just rung to indicate that sixth period was starting and that also meant that Katie and I would be missing lunch. Mom had left just after Dr. Franklin did and Susan had left shortly after that. Mom knew that she wouldn’t accomplish much while she was here worrying, so she had gone back to the house and left me in Lieutenant Chang and Officer Mullin’s capable hands.

“Great, there goes our lunch, and I didn’t eat anything this morning…” Katie said. I looked at her. I pulled out my phone and sent a text message to Dr. Franklin, who still wasn’t back yet, asking if she could stop somewhere on the way back and pick us up some lunch. I got a message back and then looked at Katie.

“Dr. Franklin will pick us up something. What do you want?” I asked her.

“Lets just get something from a sub place. There is one down the street, ask her if she will get me a tuna salad on wheat, please?” Katie said. I typed out our requests on the keypad on my phone. I really needed to get a phone that had a keyboard on it… I got a response a few seconds later, stating that Dr. Franklin would pick up the subs for us and would be back at the school in the next fifteen to twenty minutes.


Katie and I finished eating our subs and I looked at the stuff that Dr. Franklin had carried in. There was more than I thought she’d have. After we’d eaten, Dr. Franklin started to unload the bags. Chang and Mullin watched with a look of bewilderment on their faces.

“New panties?” Katie asked after Dr. Franklin had pulled a matching pink bra and panties out of one of the bags.

“Yes. I don’t think that the bra that Samantha has on now would hold these very well.” Dr. Franklin responded, opening a box to reveal a pair of breast forms. I guessed them bring me to an average sized C cup.

“Fair enough.” Katie said and then sat back in the chair she was sitting in to see what else Dr. Franklin had brought. The next thing that she pulled out of a bag was a long sleeved black top. She sat this on the table, covering the bra and panties. Katie reached out to feel the shirt, and then sat back again. The next thing that came out of a bag was a pair of dark blue jeans. They looked too small to fit me.

“Are you sure those will fit me?” I asked. Dr. Franklin and Katie both gave me a smile.

“Yes, they will fit, and they are your size. They are going to be super tight, which seems to be the style right now. When we are done, you are going to look like any other sixteen year old girl in terms of fashion, and making you blend in more than you already do is what’s going to let us pull this off.”

“I see.” I said, thinking that the pants were still too small to fit, and that I would look silly trying to wear them. Dr. Franklin then set a pair of what looked like fleece lined boots on the table. They were black and looked rather warm. My feet tended to get cold in most shoes so something warm would be a plus. There were two bags that hand’t been unpacked yet, and I could see that one contained two boxes of hair color. The other I wasn’t sure about. Katie noticed this too.

“What’s in the other bag, Doctor?” Katie asked.

“Contacts, and the related care supplies for them. In the bag with the hair color I found strawberry blonde, but as I looked I thought that perhaps a brown with lighter highlights would work too. I’m not sure that would change her appearance that much, so I’m still leaning toward the strawberry blonde.” She said. She was the one trained in some of this, after all. Katie was looking at me, a grin appearing on her face.

“What?” I asked her.

“I’m trying to picture you as a strawberry blonde and I’m liking what I see…” she said, letting the thought trail off. The bell rang again, this time indicating that we had just started seventh period. We now had less than ninety minutes to transform me into someone that, hopefully, I wouldn’t recognize…

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