The Rebirth of the Phoenix (SRU)

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Phoenix London was a woman abuser and needed to be taught a lesson, a lesson he'd never forget.

The Rebirth of the Phoenix (SRU)
©2010 — Foxxe Wilder

(Author’s note: This story was previously released but has been re-released here in total with a few very minor changes)



Chapter One


Justina Sage was lost for ideas. She had left everything for the last moment and time was running out. She had a variety of costumes to choose from for herself but nothing for her abusive rocker boyfriend, Phoenix London. He had agreed to allow her to choose the couple's costumes for the Hallowe'en party and he gave her carte blanche for her to use her imagination for both of them.

Phoenix had very little insecurity about who he was. He was a guitar player extraordinaire and he felt assured that nothing Justina chose for him could diminish his ego in any way. He was not an overtly large man in build. In fact his frame was fairly light. He stood a mere 5 foot six and weighed in at about 150 pounds but he had a tendency to have a bit of a temper and quite often Justina had to bear the brunt of his brutality, but brutal or not, he did love Justina very much.

Justina sighed as she stepped out of the mall into the side street where her car was parked. She was just about to give up on going to the party at all when she spied a display of occult based items in the window display of a dark old shop she'd never noticed before. Perhaps she could get an idea for Phoenix's costume in there. It was worth a try anyways.

Justina was not an overtly tall woman nor could you think of her as short. She stood 5 foot 5 inches and weighed in about 145 pounds. She was not necessarily proud of her weight and thought of herself as being 15 pounds overweight but she was also not too worried about it. The guys still appreciated her looks and that was all she cared about. It would only be if they stopped their obvious appreciation that she'd begin to worry, but until then.

She slowly walked through the place. It held all sorts of oddities. Computer programs, hand held video games, dusty old books and vials of liquids. Then a costume caught her eye (odd, how is it that she didn't notice it on the way in).

It was marked in what seemed to be Arabic text but what it appeared to be was obvious in her eyes. It was a bra with pre stuffed cups with a lip that encircled each cup to blend the 'stuffing' onto the chest wall to help make it look natural. An idea popped into her head and she smiled to herself.

Among her clothes Justina had a sexy police woman's outfit that she could still fit into. This would be the start of Phoenix's costume. The idea she had in mind was a policewoman and a female prostitute.

She took the package to the checkout and the old man at the checkout smiled at her. "I understand this is not for you?"

"Oh no," Justina laughed, "I have a rather abusive boyfriend that needs his ego reigned in. I think this just might do the trick."

The old man smirked, "Indeed it may do just that," The old man peered out at the darkening sky and smiled, "This will be a very special Hallowe'en night to be sure. It is not often we get a full moon upon the night of Hallowe'en. In some circles they regard this night as being quite mystical and holy."

"There is a warning there on the package in Arabic," the old salesman continued, "it would be wise not to allow your boyfriend to remove the bra before midnight, as there could be dire consequences."

Justina laughed lightly and paid the old man, "I will keep that in mind. Thank you very much!"

Justina left the shop and loaded up her shopping into the backseat of her Nissan. As she drove past the shop she had just left, the old man made his way to the door and locked up for the night. He flipped the plastic sign from Open to Closed, and turned off the lights.

If anyone was to be watching at that moment they would have seen the flickering sign flash on for a moment illuminating the entire sign to read "Spells R Us". A few moments later the site of the shop swirled and faded in a small dust cloud and a small empty parking lot appeared in its place.



Chapter Two


Upon returning home Justina went to work to put together the other components of the outfit Phoenix was to wear that night. She only had a few hours to put it all together but she was sure of the clothes to use. Phoenix was not an overtly large man in build. In fact his frame was fairly light. He stood a mere 5 foot six and weighed in at about 150 pounds, so Justina was sure that almost any outfit she had in her closet would fit him.

She had a crimson red top and a short thigh-length black skirt for the basic outfit. To set it off she highlighted it with a fake black pearl necklace as well as a pair of her black fishnet stockings and a 4 inch wide black waist belt. As Phoenix's hair was dark and long, she knew that she could work something appropriate with it.

For shoes, Phoenix would have to wear his normal black kung fu shoes that were his 'trademark'. His feet were a bit larger than Justina's and she had nothing in his size at all. They would have to do.

Justina looked at the odd brassiere in the package; the colour seemed quite close to Phoenix's skin tone; almost as if it had been created just for him alone. She set it on the bed along with the clothes and accessories she had chosen for Phoenix for the night. She was sure they would most certainly turn a few heads this year.

Hallowe'en was one of the few times of the year where Phoenix allowed her full reign over the night's events. Over the past 3 years that they were together they had many arguments many that ended rather roughly but they had always, somehow, made up with one another and got back together. The agreement about Hallowe'en was Phoenix's way of making up for his emotional cruelties upon her.

Phoenix had only hit her once and he paid quite dearly for it. Although she kept the law out of the issue, some of her family members were not quick to let it go. Justina's sister threatened to have his butt kicked by some male friends of hers if he ever stepped out of line again. Justina knew most of her sister's threats were merely her blowing smoke rings. Sure, she was a protective sort to the core but Justina had her doubts that she'd actually go through with having Phoenix roughed up. Besides, it was also not Justina's way to deal out physical responses. She felt that emotional based responses would have a far longer and lasting effect upon him.

Justina looked at the clock; she had just enough time to take a quick shower and start to get herself ready.

Dinner would have to be chinese take out tonight. She grabbed her cell phone and sent a text message to Phoenix to remind him to pick up the order from the Chinese restaurant down the block on his way home.

Justina smiled to herself as the hot water cascaded upon her. Yes, this was bound to be a night to remember.



Chapter Three


Phoenix stepped into the apartment and tossed his jacket aside and kicked off his boots and let them lay where they landed. He didn't care. Justina would see to them. He silently stepped past their bedroom where Justina seemed to be busy searching in the closet.

He shrugged to himself. She was forever searching for something in that giant closet of hers. "Women and their love of clothes!" he thought to himself as he entered that bathroom, "I'll never understand that love!"

He stepped into the bathroom and dropped his dirty work clothes on the floor and stepped into the shower to bask in the soothing pulses of the shower's hot water for a while.

He came out again, squeaky clean and with merely the towel wrapped around his waist, he entered their bedroom. Justina had gone back to the kitchen to set up dinner. He'd have preferred just doing the Micky D's thing but today was not his call, he was just the delivery boy. Tonight, like it or not, was to be all one hundred percent her call.

"So what is the theme?" Phoenix asked as he sat down to eat with Justina, "Hugh Hefner and playboy bunny?"

"HA!" Justina laughed, "You wish! No, I had a flash of inspiration earlier this afternoon, which was admittedly good timing as I was pretty well out of ideas until then."

"Yes, go on," Phoenix fought a grin; usually Phoenix had some real doozies for ideas.

"I was thinking a cop and a prostitute!" Justina grinned widely.

"Aha!" Phoenix smiled, "so that means I can search you for... evidence?"

"No, no, no," Justina laughed a bit harder as Phoenix was off in the wrong direction entirely, "I will be the cop. The uniform I have will barely fit me. It is you that will be the prostitute! I can't wait to get to do your hair and makeup!"

Phoenix felt almost panic for a few moments. He always thought of himself as a lady's man, not a lady, man! Well it was for the spirit of Hallowe'en and as such he had long ago agreed that Hallowe'en was Justina's party this year. Yeah most of his buddies would only joke on him for a short time anyways as most of them had fallen prey to this type of scheme by their girlfriends in the past.

"Hmmm," Justina said smiling after a ten minute silence, "That got your goat did it?"

"Oh no, not quite, but close," Phoenix replied, "I suppose my number had to come up eventually," Phoenix smiled slyly and continued, "Just be gentle with me, it's my first time!"

They laughed together as they cleaned up and went to get dressed.

Justina only had to put the uniform on as she had taken time to get prepared ahead of time and she felt she would need time to do up Phoenix's face, but now that he stood before her, she got a more in focus view of his features. He really was a bit effeminate in his looks but until now she'd never really looked at him in that way. Hell, his hair would be easy, he normally wore his hair in the perfect style for what would suit him best, so with a few strokes of a curling iron and a bit of mousse, she could recreate his image in short order.

She took a shade of peach blush to minimize the darkness of his freshly shaven face. He was smooth but you could still see the darkened roots, the peach blush would neutralize the darkness. Next was the concealer and foundation powder. The eye work naturally took the longest, but Justina discovered that Phoenix's features were almost inspiring her artistic talents. When she finished with him she stepped back and viewed her work for a moment.

At first glance you would never recognize Phoenix anymore. What you'd see would be an attractive wavy dark haired girl with dark, mysterious eyes.

Next were the clothes. The all important steps were right there, right off the bat. It was the old 'hide those bits and show more of these bits. The bra went on and as it was clasped in the back, the breast cups seemed to actually attach themselves to his chest. He looked down and laughed.

The bra was a padded bra but it looked like nothing he'd ever imagined. It was a rather basic black lacy underwire bra with a strap size of about 36 inches around. It was the cups contents that made them so different. They had a very realistic looking insert in the cups that when put on, the breast moulds would press so hard against the chest wall as to look as if it was actually a natural part of the wearer.

The effect on Phoenix was a bit shaking as he was experiencing a rather extraordinary sense of anxiety. It seemed that every pore of his skin was tingly and his muscles were jittery. As the top, skirt and accessories were put on Phoenix's altered appearance was startling to both of them.

Justina looked at this beautiful woman standing right where her boyfriend used to stand. "Wow, you look amazing," she almost whispered, "I had no idea that I'd get results like this with you, I thought, yeah maybe a bit girly looking but holy christ!"

"Ha ha," Phoenix laughed sarcastically, "well it's only for the night and I do owe you one. Hell if I didn't know better I'd fuck that woman in the mirror!"

"Hmmph..." Justina laughed aloud, "yeah that would be a good one... and in the process you could go fuck yourself."

Phoenix looked up for a moment, "ha's not like you haven't said that to me before."

"Yeah and knowing you," she laughed in response, "it certainly won't be the last time either I suspect!"

"Oh and by the way," the store that sold me that bra said once it's on, not to take it off at all until after midnight. He seemed oddly explicit about that part; he said only that there could be dire consequences if you did. Still that isn't all that long anyways, hell, if I can wear one all damned day and night, you can last out a few hours."

Phoenix laughed aloud, "ha, that'll be no sweat off my...."

"Enough of that!" Justina cut him off shortly.

As they stepped out into the night Justina watched Phoenix get into the drivers seat. Maybe it was a trick of the light of the full moon high above but somehow he seemed just a bit shorter.



Chapter Four


Phoenix sat in the driver's seat and frowned. "How the hell did the seat move back? Strange I didn't notice that earlier," he thought to himself as he readjusted the seat, readjusted his mirrors and started the car's engine.

The image in the mirror had him almost in a state of mild shock. He couldn't get over how real the costume looked. Even in his eyes he looked like a woman.

Frustrated with the sudden looseness of his shoes, he kicked them off and told Justina that he was going to need some shoes, the kung fu flats he habitually wore seemed to be a bit stretched.

"What do you mean they feel stretched?" Justina asked.

"I don't know," Phoenix replied hotly, "they just seem about a size too damned big, maybe it's the pantyhose and stuff. I don't know. All I know is that I am going to need some shoes for the night, and nothing too insane! Absolutely no 2 or 3 inch stiletto heels. I want to be able to walk after this night is over."

"Okay then we can stop at the PayLess on our way to the party," Justina replied calmly, "They carry a variety of shoes for low cost and they also carry the larger sizes too. Did you put your wallet in your purse?"

"Yeah I did," Phoenix muttered, "I thought I better have ID on me for the night. You never know what can happen at a party!"

"You'd better wear your flats into the store," Justina warned Phoenix as he parked the car near the entrance, "because if you ruin those fishnets you will have the devil to pay!"

"Devil to pay?" Phoenix smiled as he stepped out into the chill night air, "hell I live with her!"

"Ha ha ha," Justina smiled, "you wish I could be that nice."

As they stepped into the store the lone saleswoman stepped forward and smiled, "Can I help either of you pretty young ladies tonight?"

Justina stepped forward, "Yes we would like a pair of inexpensive, yet somewhat stylish flats for my friend here." Justina gestured towards Phoenix who was blushing slightly at the term 'you pretty young ladies'.

The saleswoman motioned toward Phoenix and smiled, "Okay hon, just take a seat here and we'll see what your proper size is."

Phoenix sat down feeling suddenly very aware of the skirt he was wearing. He crossed his legs in the most feminine way he'd seen Justina do it and offered his foot to the saleswoman.

The saleswoman took a reading and smiled, "You're in luck; I have just the thing!" She headed down the aisle and grabbed a few different styles of shoes and brought them back to where Phoenix and Justina were waiting.

One pair were like ballet shoes, a flat, functional and good for the long run. Then there were a pair of strapped shoes with a slight heel to them. The third pair were ankle boots, again with a slight heel to them.

Phoenix chose the ballet flats and slipped them on, "These are actually quite comfy," he replied to Justina, "Write them up, I'll take them and wear them out!"

Justina took Phoenix's kung fu flats and put them in the box then something on the box caught her eye. The size of these shoes were the same as her own shoes. "But how could that be?" she thought to herself, "that old man was right, tonight is shaping up to be quite a strange night.

Justina stood silently beside Phoenix as he fished out his MasterCard, put the shoes on it, signed the slip and walked out.

"Okay it's time to party!" Phoenix announced as he stepped back outside into the moonlight.

Justina looked at him curiously for a moment, did she just hear that? She heard what Phoenix said and there was nothing inherently wrong with it. It was how he said it. She could have sworn that Phoenix had femmed out his voice somehow.

"Wow, you are really getting into this, aren't you?" she asked him, "Your voice sounded very good there for a moment."

Phoenix glanced curiously at Justina; he had no idea what she was babbling about. But he was in a partying mood and nothing was going to stand in his way of having a good time tonight!

He sat in the driver's seat and brought the car to life.

Justina sighed as she sat down. First there was the height thing, Phoenix actually appeared shorter tonight somehow and there was the question of his shoe size too.

For as long as she could remember, Phoenix naturally had bigger feet than she had, but now he took the same size as she wore.

Then there was that girly voice she heard. It was not Phoenix's normal bassy voice. This was higher in register somehow. If he was putting it on for show then he was doing a damned good job but something told her that was not the case here. He didn't seem to notice the tonal change at all in his voice. How was it that Phoenix didn't notice any of these oddities?

Justina sat staring blankly at the full moon as Phoenix piloted the car through a minor maze of suburban streets. Presently he pulled up to a house that already had over a half dozen cars out in front and parked. With the engine now shut off she could hear the partying going on inside. There was laughter and voices and music, sounds that a good time was to be had.

For a moment Phoenix sat pondering, feeling slightly nervous. He couldn't help but to notice the odd acceptance that the saleswoman had shown him in the shoe store. To her, he looked like a 'pretty young lady'. He took a quick glance down at himself. Even from his viewpoint he could not detect the seam where the breast forms were on his chest. In the moonlight, they actually appeared like they were real breasts. He shrugged it off thinking to himself, "It's just a trick of the light from the moon, that's all."



Chapter Five


Justina rang the doorbell as Phoenix stood aside still obviously very nervous over his appearance. "It's just for tonight," he told himself over and over, "it's just one night and all will be okay tomorrow. Besides the other guys have pretty much done this at least once for their past girlfriends; I suppose my number is up this time."

Presently the door opened and a slim young girl with short shoulder-length wavy hair dressed as the typical playboy bunny greeted them, "Justina, you made it! Nice costume! And who is this behind you?"

"Hi Wanda!" Justina replied as the 2 girls hugged, "You look good yourself, I'm going to have to keep a watch on you. Make sure you behave yourself and all. And this," Justina motioned to Phoenix, "you already know. You know Phoenix, my errr, life partner."

"Ha ha ha," Phoenix replied sarcastically, "the term is boyfriend smart ass."

Justina looked at Phoenix and laughed, "Okay boyfriend-smart-ass it is. But you look MUCH more like a girlfriend to me, a very pretty one too."

"You do have a point there Justina," Wanda replied, "You did an excellent job on the makeup and everything. Heck even the boobs look real! I must give you a pat on the back for the voice though Phoenix, you really do sound like a girl!"

Phoenix was taken aback, he didn't hear his voice as she did but there was the evidence of the look on Justina's face as they left the shoe store not to mention the shoe store saleswoman's acceptance of him as a 'pretty girl'. Even when he spoke she didn't seem put off by anything unusual.

He sighed aloud and looked down at himself. She was right, even in the porch light the boobs looked real. "Maybe that is how they are supposed to look like but damn, they are so distracting, I can sense them with every damned arm movement," he thought to himself.

"Yeah thanks," Phoenix thought up a lie quickly to diffuse the suspicions, "I thought when in Rome," he shrugged and laughed but it came out as a girlish giggle.

Wanda glanced directly at him with a sly smile, "Damn you are good, even your giggle is very convincing!" Wanda smiled widely and continued with a slight giggle, "Well, come on in ladies before you both get frigid nipples."

As they stepped into the spacious front room they were accosted by a mixed bag of smells, some perfume, some tobacco, as well as various drinks. Justina glided off with Wanda and joined a few other girls in the kitchen. Meanwhile Phoenix found himself wandering out to the back door where his buddies huddled around in a small circle obviously smoking some of 'mother nature's finest'.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" Phoenix spoke up from the shadows just behind the group.

"Sure honey, come on over," called one of the guys with a slight chuckle as a hand in the near darkness held out a burning joint, "We could use a pretty face in this ugly group!"

Phoenix stepped forward and accepted the joint, took a long toke and passed it on. In a slightly choked voice he replied, "Well I hope that pretty face gets here soon. I wanna see it too!"

Light laughter broke out within the group and one guy that Phoenix didn't recognise responded, "Are you kidding, with a face as sweet as yours and that sexy little outfit, Girl you are hot!"

"Hmph!" Phoenix replied aloud slightly irritated by this stranger's enthusiasm, "I sorry that you think so dude, but try to keep in mind, like any other guy, I like women! The outfit is just something I blindly and foolishly allowed my girlfriend to stick me into for the night."

"Holy shit, Phenom!?" one of the guys asked aloud with obvious incredulity in his voice. Phenom was a nickname he'd had for a while since early high school where he joined the flyweight wrestling team in school. "Is that you in that skirt dude?"

"Yeah Raf, I suppose it had to be my turn sooner or later," Phoenix replied.

"Holy shit dude, Justina really did you up fierce!" Raf marvelled aloud, "the effect is totally killer! You really carry this off better than any of the rest of us ever did. Hell, what you are doing with your voice is just enough to set it off nicely. If I didn't know you better I'd try to hit on you!"

"Damn man," replied the stranger's voice, "that is a DUDE? Christ you can't tell at all, even the cleavage looks real. Damn, I really hate Hallowe'en sometimes."

Phoenix walked away from the group with Raf in tow. Raf, otherwise known as Rafael to his family, had been a long time jamming partner with Phoenix. Phoenix would play lead guitar to Raf's rhythm guitar and singing and from time to time would add a bit of vocal flourish by harmonising with Raf's singing.

"Go easy on Mike there, Phenom. He didn't mean to be an asshole; he saw you the same way as the rest of us, none of us recognized you until you got up close and even then I had to look closer. You barely look at all like you normally do," Raf said, "In fact it's bloody scary dude. How the hell are you doing the voice though, We've performed together hundreds of times and I've never heard you sound like that ever."

"I'm not sure either," Phoenix replied attempting to clear the femininity from his voice by clearing his throat repeatedly but to no avail, "it must be some sort of bug like laryngitis or mono or some other strange bug, I'll probably end up flat on my back sick as a dog. But I will say this much, it picked a hell of a time to screw with my voice."

"Just do me a favour, keep that jerk away from me," Phoenix replied as he glanced over at Mike, the stranger of the group that mistook him so loudly as a girl, "I'm not likely to be able to take any further jokes about it from him."

"Geez dude, chill out," Raf patted Phoenix on the shoulder lightly, "You really are having issues with this costume. Remember all of us did this as well at one time or another. Like you said yourself, it must have been your turn."

Raf was right. Phoenix was overreacting to the situation. Raf actually did the chick costume 3 times out of the last 6 years usually at the begging of the girl that he happened to be dating at the time.

"What some guys won't do for a girlfriend, christ," thought to himself as he caught his image in a mirror as he and Raf shuffled past people in the livingroom to get to the couch. The effect caused him to stop for a moment. He stepped closer to the mirror and looked at his image now that he could see it clearer.

He wasn't sure if it was the effect of the one drink he had in his hand, or the few tokes he had or what but when he stared into the mirror he could have sworn he was looking at a girl's image. The few facial traits that he recognized as being his own were heavily masqued in a very feminine aura. For a moment he was so taken by the beauty in the mirror he actually could be heard as he caught his breath.

Raf turned around as he sat on the couch nearby, "See what I mean?" he said to Phoenix as Phoenix lightly brushed his face with the tips of his fingers.

As Phoenix sat down heavily beside him he replied, "I must say even I am amazed. I mean why can't Justina get results like that when she does herself up? I mean she has to be a real talent with the makeup to pull off this effect on a guy."

"Yeah she definitely made you into one heck of a foxy lady!" Raf said.

"Oh shut the hell up," snapped Phoenix embarrassed and slightly angered. Raf was a long time buddy of his and because of that he put up with a lot of abuse from him on numerous occasions. Old buddy or not though, Phoenix needed some space from him.

He began to feel like he was on display somehow. It was like everyone in the room could see the shy nervous girl that he felt like. Phoenix looked down at the glass in his hand.

"Empty again," he sighed aloud as he stood back up. Perhaps it might be a better idea to stick near the girls. That way he wouldn't feel as vulnerable. Yes, that and it would be closer to the cold drinks.

Phoenix smiled to himself, "Yeah that sounds like a plan!"



Chapter Six


Justina watched as Phoenix made his way into the kitchen. Phoenix looked great, she had to admit that but she also suspected that back when she was doing his makeup that things were getting far easier as she continued.

It did seem that the entire effect started to snowball after Phoenix got dressed. Phoenix insisted upon putting the outfit on himself before the makeup. Justina wondered to herself just how he was going to tackle putting on the bra as he had often exhibited problems in taking hers off of her.

It was like as soon as Phoenix had the clothes on, things seemed to naturally fall into place. She had seen it happening slowly all night long ever so slowly, but partially due to the drinks, Justina didn't quite believe what she was seeing. In this light, however, she could see him very clear; Phoenix looked very different.

Justina was standing off to the side with Wanda still chatting up a storm when Phoenix reached her. Wanda was chatting about her favourite subject which this week seemed to be her newest fixation. Wanda had become incensed with some prepubescent little boy rapper. She seemed fixated upon the little kid and made no secret about how she thought his extreme pre-teen feminine look to be a turn on. Justina shook her head, Wanda was a good friend and all but her taste in the arts were far from what she considered as good.

Justina gave her head a bit of a shake. There was definitely something else wrong here, more than just the feminized look of Phoenix. Maybe it was a trick of the light but somehow Justina now seemed to be taller than Phoenix. Now Phoenix appeared to be quite a bit smaller in stature. Now Justina towered over Phoenix by just over an inch. "Holy crap," she thought to herself, "Is he actually shrinking?"

She shook her head again to try to clear those strange suspicions from her mind. Such things were impossible. Weren't they? No one could actually change sex merely by putting on clothes and applying a bit of makeup? But that was definitely what seemed to be happening here.

"Clothes," Justina thought suddenly, "that's it! It must have been that strange lace bra with the breast forms built in from that strange old shop downtown. It's like from the moment Phoenix put that bra on all this seems to have started."

"Maybe I'm not going crazy after all," Justina thought, "the old man in the shop had said 'DON'T take the bra off or there would be dire consequences.' What could that mean? And to me, Phoenix looks like he is actually becoming a girl. What could be more dire than that?"

Then flashes of her memories of all the arguments she and Phoenix had in the past went through her mind. Most were very explosive and extremely painful, a few even physically violent. Those memories were her main motivation for Phoenix's costume for the night. Justina smiled to herself, "payback as a bitch!"

The idea was to put him into a position that women experienced every day of their lives. Sure it would have only been a bit of clothing to her but to Phoenix it would be emotionally devastating to his male ego. Even if it was just for this one night Justina hoped that it would teach Phoenix a bit more sensitivity towards women in general.

Phoenix returned from a quick trip to the fridge holding what appeared to be a Margarita and smiling oddly. He raised the glass in mock salute and joked, "When in Rome..."

"Wow, you seem to be getting into this tonight," Justina remarked offhandedly.

"Yeah what the hell, it's just a costume," Phoenix reasoned aloud as he adjusted the bra strap, "Besides most of the guys have done it too. Hell, Raf has done it at least 3 times over the past bunch of years. I think he likes it to be honest." Phoenix smiled wickedly.

That smile of his, she knew quite well; teasingly naughty; but now somehow that smile was on a woman's face.

There were definite signs of skin tone lightening beneath the foundation and Phoenix's face was rounder and very soft in the features.

Justina looked at her drink suspiciously and spoke to Phoenix, "Yeah that's true but I don't think any of them have taken to it so well in looks. I mean I am almost jealous!"

"Oh stop it for Pete's sake," Phoenix pouted, "Look, I agreed to do this, carte blanche. I set myself wide open, you shot, and you scored! Let's just leave it at that and enjoy the night."

"That was rather open minded of him," Justina thought, "this is not like him at all. Where is the fight gone in him?"

"So what brings you in here?" she asked Phoenix, "I thought you'd be hanging out with the guys out back."

"Some smartass hit on me almost as soon as I got here," Phoenix complained, "what an asshole! Then after it was made plain that I'm not a girl, he still made out as if it was hard to believe that I'm not!"

"Ha ha ha," Justina laughed openly at him, "welcome to my world!"

After an uncomfortable 20 minutes of silence between them, Phoenix sighed loudly and spoke up, "Well, my time is up soon anyways. I only have until midnight then I can do with it as I will?" Phoenix looked up at Justina for a sign of an answer.

Justina smiled and replied, "Yeah that was the deal. Besides you have to, or as the old salesman at the store where I got the bra from said, there would be 'dire consequences'. I have no idea what he meant by that. Maybe he was just full of shit. Just keep it on this last 20 minutes and we can make a break for it and go home."

Justina smiled, Phoenix did seem to have mellowed out a lot over the past little while. He didn't seem so worried about how people looked at him now. In fact he looked almost relaxed.

Justina watched as Phoenix looked about the room. His body language was definitely feminine as was the way he spoke. He didn't seem to have the fierce spark as she used to see in Phoenix. She liked him better when he was passive at parties like this. Finally there would be a party that they went to and he didn't embarrass her by getting into a drunken stupor and act the fool as was his habit when overindulging.

There was none of that here at all, "Well it's just 15 minutes," Justina smiled wickedly at Phoenix as she gripped Phoenix's hand, "Let's go home and I'll show you how women play!"

Justina finished her drink and they both went out to the car, Phoenix taking the driver's side and Justina taking the passenger's side.

Phoenix cursed as he adjusted the seat and mirrors again, "I think someone's been in the car, the seat and the mirrors are all wrong again."

"Well I don't see how that is possible, hon, the doors were all locked." she answered.

Another 10 minutes later they were home, and Phoenix could finally take off the costume. The bra had been bugging him all night with the itchiness from the lace. He could not wait to take that damned thing off.

"I have to take this off," he complained, "it's been itchy as hell and driving me nuts all night. Hell I can feel the breast forms bounce with every step I take. The fit is just a bit too snug against my chest."

"Look I told you, after midnight, not a minute before," Justina cautioned him again, "you lasted this long, you can last a few more minutes, besides, I think you look gorgeous! It's no wonder that guy hit on you!"

"Well can I at least take off the top and belt?" Phoenix asked, "at least I can get a bit of breathing room here."

"Yes but no more than that until after midnight," Justina laughed, "but it's a pity, I'd have loved to get a picture of you like this."

"Not on your life!" Phoenix snapped, as he pulled off the crimson red top, and looked down at himself, "Jesus Christ, he exclaimed, "these things really look real though, even in this bright light. At the party I thought it was just the subdued lighting and the joint I smoked with the guys playing tricks on my eyes.

Phoenix turned his back to Justina and tossed the top and belt onto the bed with a sigh of relief. It was then that Justina saw something unusual. Phoenix had obviously, over the evening, unhooked the strap in the back. Instead of doing up both hooks properly, he only did up one and it was the bottom hook in the eye of the top hook.

The clock hit midnight just as he turned around to face her again. He exclaimed, "HA! Finally! Do me a favour and unhook this thing, I need to breathe!"

Justina shrugged and reached around to his back and unhooked the bra strap and Phoenix shook the bra off.

Justina let out an audible gasp as she stared at Phoenix's chest.

Phoenix let out a surprised squeak of pain when he tried to pull the breast forms off of his chest. It hurt him when he tried and the nipples suddenly hardened in contact with the cool night air.

"Oh my god!" Phoenix cried out, "They're real!!"

His hands darted beneath his skirt and as they did Justina saw his face turn paler than she had ever seen it, "What the hell, that's gone too!" was all he could say.

Justina grinned widely at the girl in front of her that used to be her abusive boyfriend, "Apparently payback is not only a bitch but she can make you one too!"

Other people in that neighbourhood reported an earth shattering woman’s scream just shortly after the midnight hour struck.



The End ...


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The Rebirth of the Phoenix (SRU)

Gotta love the SRU Wizard.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

I had read this before

and I agree with the Fates. Apparently not only did Phoenix let Justina dress him up like a woman, he actually became one forever, because the Fates thought that since the top hook was not hooked, that Phoenix tried to take the bra off. Oh well! I guess what Justina said is true. "Apparently payback is not only a bitch but she can make you one too."

I have to say though, that for my 5 cents worth, if every man went through estrogen training they would calm down, and quickly too. LOL.

"With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward."

Love & hugs,

"If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be."

"With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward."

Love & hugs,

"If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be."

a clarification

1st off, Yes as it is said at the top, this was posted before.

It is meant to infer that during all of Phoenix's fiddling with the bra strap over the night that he eventually unhooked it then rehooked it (improperly)

I did mean to actually say that (until now I thought I had but apparently I was wrong...)

I fully agree about the 'estrogen training' idea although in MY viewpoint, all people should be born female and only able to become male AFTER a certain point awareness in which they have the choice of remaining female or going on to male.

>> Foxxe Wilder >>


Daphne Xu's picture

So Phoenix absent-mindedly or intentionally unhooked his bra in the rear, and mishooked it. It was probably the unhooking that did the job, and the mishooking merely revealed the act after midnight. The SRU Wizard: you either love him or you hate him. Depends on the story and the author, of course. With the rare exception, in any encounter with the Wizard, a guy's going to become a girl. I suppose the exception occurs more often than (say) Lucy letting Chuck kick the ball.

I think the Wizard again followed his usual practice of omitting critical information. Okay, telling Justina that Phoenix would become a real girl if he took the bra off too early is too much to expect. Perhaps remaining mysterious about it was the right thing. However, not saying that unhooking the bra was sufficient to qualify as taking it off -- that's omitting critical information.

Definitely, payback's a bitch. I wonder, though, if the interactions between Phoenix and Justina will become catfights now.

-- Daphne Xu