The Flower

.The flower

Written by Dauphin
Everyone thinks a boy is dumb, but his life is about to change
"A simple naive boy is understood by a girl who turns him into a flower. One of the sweetest stories around" Diana
"This story always reminds me of Forest Grump. After many stories where there was an element of force, I wanted to write a sentimental one" Dauphin

The Flower

Some people are born smart. They know the answer to everything. Some people are born dumb, and they have trouble all their life. I don’t know why I was born dumb. I really didn’t think that I was dumb. I just thought about simple things and not big things. I wondered why does all the tasty food like chocolate and coke taste good and healthy food taste bad? I wondered why people killed insects. Why do people hate each other? Why are people so mean?

I was simple as a child. I didn’t care if I was wearing fashionable clothes or if my Dad had the best job. I didn’t care if I had 20 friends or was the best at sports. To be honest, all I wanted was to be happy. I didn’t say anything smart. I wasn’t very talkative. I was honest though. I remember a girl that asked me was she ugly. I told her she was the ugliest thing that I ever saw. Needless to say that she slapped me across the face and told me that I was very mean and rude. That experience meant that I was cautious around girls. I hardly said anything to them and when I did, I protected my face afterwards.

Everyone thought that I was dumb. Some even called me retarded, just because I couldn’t understand everything. It’s not that my brain didn’t work. It wanted to understand how things worked. My answer to everything was that God helps us. It makes sense. He is the boss of the whole universe. So when the teacher asked me how babies are made, I just answered that God does it. The whole class laughed and shouted that I was dumb, which I didn’t understand. In my mind I wasn’t dumb; I just understood that God has the power to do anything.

One of my classmates lived next to me. Her name was Jenny. She was very pretty. I would visit her as often as I could. She thought I was dumb, but she liked me anyhow. I would sit on her bed while she told me what she did with her friends. She also would tell the boys that she fancied. I didn’t understand much of what she said; I just liked listening to her voice. She was the only one that didn’t remind me I was dumb all the time.

Now you know a bit about me, It’s time that I tell you what happened to me one summer when I was 11 years old. It was the last day of school. I sat next to Jenny on the bus. In the back of the bus, there were old boys that wanted me to come down to them. I wasn’t that dumb. I knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to lift me up by my briefs and give me a wedgy. I wasn’t that dumb. I pretended that I didn’t hear them and sat closer to Jenny. I knew that she would protect me from the boys, Even though she was busy speaking with her friends.

When we came to our bus stop, we went out. Jenny had a friend with her and they were chattering about summer holidays and what they would do. I didn’t say much. I never said much. It always got me in trouble. I always said something stupid and it was embarrassing to hear from others how dumb I was. I usually looked down at my feet while we walked. I wondered how my brain could remember to put one leg in front of the other. How do we remember to walk?

Then I saw a flower. It didn’t know what it was called. It had blue bell flowers on it. Jenny and her friend didn’t notice the flower. They nearly stepped on it. That got my brain working again. Do flowers feel pain if we stand on them? I didn’t know the answer to that. Sometimes being dumb is hard. The flower must feel pain, as it is a living thing. The flower was also in a bad place. It was next to the road, where dust and exhaust from the traffic would hurt the flower. This means that the flower couldn’t get fresh air.

I rushed back to the flower and went on my hands and knees. I carefully dug around the flower, so I wouldn’t damage the roots. I now had the flower in my hands. I rushed back to Jenny and her friend. They asked what I was doing with a flower. I said that it was dangerous where it was. They laughed and said that it was only a flower, and how dumb could I be? I said the flower was in a dangerous place and I wanted to put it in a safe place. I walked to Jenny’s driveway and planted the flower in a flower bed where tulips were. I tried explaining that the flower was happier where it was now. The two girls chattered together, with a smile on their face. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Jenny invited me to play with her and her mate. I didn’t have much else to do, so I said Ok. She had a pretty room. It was pink and red and white. It had a red rug in the middle of it, and pink walls. Her bed was an old-fashioned canopy bed with white sheets and nice curtains. I was surprised at the amount of Teddy bears that Jenny had. I had my favourite teddy, but I would like a lot more! Jenny was so lucky. I sat on her bed and took some teddy bears up and started to play with them

Then Jenny asked me do I want to play a game. I said fine. I was a bit shocked because no one ever asked me to play a game with them, not even Jenny. She would just talk and talk. Now she wanted me to play!

She gave me a bunk of clothes and told me to go to the toilet and take off all my clothes and put these clothes on. I would need them to play the game. I went to the toilet and quickly took my clothes off. Then I looked at the clothes that she gave me. There must have been a mistake. There were panties and tights and a frilly dress. They were girl’s clothes. I was a boy, so why did I have to wear these? I was so confused. I was about to protest but I thought if I did, then they wouldn’t let me play.

I quickly took the panties that were white and pink. They were so tight against me and so soft. I looked in the mirror. They looked strange on me. I then took the tights and spent some minutes trying to figure out how to put them on. I decided to stick one foot down in them and carefully pulled them up. It was the strangest feeling I ever had. It was like fresh air hitting my legs. I finally managed to put both my legs in them and once again looked in the mirror. I started laughing. My legs looked like girl's legs. The last thing I took was the dress- It was yellow and had frilly edges. They were made from lace. I stood there with the dress in my hands. How do you put on a dress? Do you step in it or do you put it over your head? I decided to put it over my head. That was fun because I couldn’t find the sleeves, so I was struggling with a dress on my head. It was like a tent was on my head. Finally, I found the sleeves and let the dress slide over me. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe in what I saw. It was a girl that was looking back. I looked like a girl! What was I doing? How was I going to show Jenny and her friend? I just sat on the toilet trying to get some courage to go out with them.

After a few minutes, I went out to find them. I couldn’t find Jenny in her room. I went to the sitting room. No one was there. Finally, I went to the kitchen. Jenny and her friend were standing next to the stove. I could see them stirring a pot of bubbling water.

“Oh, there you are. Wow, you look so pretty in the dress” Jenny said


“What does it feel like wearing a dress?”

“Err; I can feel the breeze go up my legs”

“I think that you look very pretty as a girl.”


“My friend and I were thinking that it’s bad that everyone thinks that you are stupid. Don’t you ever get tired when someone calls you stupid?”

“I suppose I do.”

“Do you think that you are dumb?”

“I don’t know, but if anyone says that I am dumb, then it must be true”

“I want to give you a present. It will help you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a necklace. I will tell you the truth. We are making a magical potion. We have to put the necklace on the potion. After we do this, it is yours.”

I was a bit confused. Why did it have to be put in a magic potion? It must have been part of a game and the girls must have been playing that they were witches. What did I know?

The necklace was put in the bobbling water and a light came from the pot. It was like a light we see coming through the clouds on a wet rainy day. Then a sound came. It was like angels singing. I thought that Jenny was a genius. I could never boil anything like this. Jenny lifted the necklace up. It was shining. She put it on the table and told me to wait until it cooled down. The necklace had a blue stone which sometimes glimmered red. It was so pretty. I walked back and forth while I was waiting for it to cool down. Nobody has ever given me a present, except for my parents.

“Now you can wear the necklace. Be sure that you never take it off. Not even when you sleep or take a bath. Don’t worry it won’t break and if you really think it’s pretty, you would wear it.”

I asked if it was only girls that wore necklaces. Jenny said that boys could wear them too, and anyhow, I was in a dress, so I looked like a girl. I put the necklace on. I could feel a ticklish feeling going through my body, and then a cold chill went down through my body. I started shaking as the feelings were hitting my body. After a few minutes, it was over.

I wanted to play. So we agreed that I was their daughter and we would play mum and daughter. Jenny’s friend would make a film of it. So she was going around with her cell phone and taking small videos and taking a few pictures of it. I didn’t even notice that she was filming

Jenny was playing with me, although she was speaking to me like I was a child. I didn’t care. Somebody was playing with me. I didn’t know that playing with teddy bears and Barbie dolls could be so fun. Jenny taught me how to change Barbie clothes and she said that the clothes had to match. She also taught me how to sit on the floor with a dress on. I had to keep my legs closed, otherwise, boys can see my panties, and I didn’t want that, did I?

We were playing with the teddies and Barbie’s for some time. I still felt a weird sensation where the stone on the necklace was, but I played. Don’t laugh at me for what I am about to say. But I was happily playing with girls toys. When Jenny called me a girl, I didn’t get mad. I just answered. I was pretending to be Jenny’s little sister and it was fun. Besides I looked like a girl, with a dress on. I even had panties on.

I could see that Jenny and her friend were laughing while they were looking at the cell phone. I went over to see what they were doing. Jenny’s friend has sent a picture of me in a dress to everyone she knows. This included my class. I could feel a tear coming to my eye. How could she be so mean? I knew that I couldn’t show my face in school again.

“You’re so dumb,” she said, “You could have said no about the dress, but you put it on. You even put panties on. You’re just a dumb sissy. It is only common sense that I send your sissy picture to everyone that we know. Why are you crying now, little dumb baby?”

I could feel my eyes swell up. I knew I was about to cry. Maybe I was dumb. Maybe I did put on a dress. But I thought that Jenny was my friend. How could she be part of this? Friends do not embarrass other friends. I was not that stupid to realize that. I looked straight into Jenny’s eyes. I could see that she stopped laughing.

“Don’t worry.” She said, “By tomorrow people will forget how funny this picture is and they will not laugh when they see it. I promise that from now on, nobody will make fun of you”

What was she saying?

I ran out of the house as quick as I could. I didn’t even bother taking the dress off. I ran into my house. My mother was shocked that I was wearing girl clothes. I didn’t answer. I ran to my room and locked the door. I took off the dress and tights and panties and kept the necklace on. I jumped on my bed and turned on my Madonna CD.

Suddenly it got very dark. There were thunder and lightning. The necklace was shining. I started getting pains in my shoulders and legs. It hurt so much. It was like someone was pressing them. I cried for help, but nobody came. I tried concentrating on Madonna music. It didn’t help. I was in so much pain, that I thought I would die. I started turning around in bed and curled myself into a ball as much as possible.

It seemed that I had pains for hours. Then I started getting pains in my privates. It was like someone was kicking me in there. I was now in tears. I couldn’t stand this pain. It seemed like every time there was lightning, that it came through my window and hit the necklace. I was afraid.

The last thing I remember feeling was my hair. It was like someone was pulling my hair. I didn’t understand why my Mum wasn’t coming. I was crying and screaming.

I passed out. The pain was too much for me.

When I woke up, I was happy. There was no pain. I was lying in my bed when I noticed that the sheets were pink. Mum must have changed them. Then I noticed that there were teddy bears on my bed. When I looked around, I saw a desk and a dolls house. My floor was the same as Jenny’s.

I got up to pee. My hair was over my eyes. I brushed it back. I didn’t understand how I suddenly got long hair. It went down to my shoulder. I rushed out to the toilet and started peeing. I got another surprise. It was running down my legs. I looked down. My “thing” was gone. I had girl’s private parts. What was happening? Why was I now a girl?

I went over to the mirror. I could see that I was much shorter than I should be. A girl was looking back at me in the mirror. I couldn’t believe that I was a girl.

I rushed back to my room. All my boy clothes were gone. I only had dresses and panties and other girl clothes. I put a pretty dress on and rushed down to my mother.

“How is my little daughter today?”

“Err you don’t have a daughter. I’m your son!”

“You are so funny. Of course, you’re my daughter. You have been for 7 years now!”

“Am I only 7 years old?”

“What is the matter with you? Of course, you are. You’re becoming a big girl now.”

I ran out and ran over to Jenny’s house. She was smiling. “It worked. You are a girl now! Nobody will ever tease you because you are a pretty young girl”

I walked out

Jenny changed my life. No one will remember me as a boy and they will think I always have been a girl. I could play with as many girl toys I wanted and could wear all the pretty dresses that I wanted.

I am sure that I would be happy when I got used to the ideal. I saw the flower that I planted yesterday. I hope it was happy too.

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