The Virus

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The Virus
©2011 — Foxxe Wilder

(Inspired from the short story by mittfh)

A computer virus can often carry many life jolting results, some more harsh than others. Not all antivirus software can effectively deal with this coding and it is impossible to remove once activated.



Chapter One: You've Got Mail!

From: root @
To: clfox @ :;
Subject: A True Life Changer!
Attachments: lifechangev2.0.pdf.vbs

Your life is about to change in ways some people only dream of!

That is what I read in the email, (minus the attachment) after waking up that morning. Like so many other emails I’ve received in the past it was, for the most part, ignored. There was also a link on the page.

Yawning sleepily, I checked my antivirus to assure it was up to date and running then dared to click. That was my second mistake. It merely showed me to an HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable Site. I logged out and pretty much forgot the email for a few days.

I had begun to see some oddities in my websites. The entire website was far more floral than I had designed and much of the information and the music tablature files I included on it were still there but the site’s look was distinctly feminine.

I always keep a back up of my website on my harddrive just in case the site is hacked or destroyed in one way or another.

I uploaded my local copy of the website to the server and refreshed the page but there was no change at all.

“What the hell?” I found myself asking aloud, noting my voice had cracked and sounded like I had some sort of strain of laryngitis. For the moment I shrugged it off; as a patient of chronic bronchitis it was not a new thing to me for my voice to bugger up.

I checked my local copy by loading it from the local files into the browser. It was identical to the online copy I’d found.

“Son of a bitch!” I croaked. I had coded that webpage entirely by notepad as I had found it easier to learn HTML coding rather than attempt to set up a cheesy webpage using some geek’s software with his/her templates.

Feeling both frustrated and overwhelmed I leaned back in my chair and thoughtfully stroked my chin.

“How odd; it feels like I’ve never ever shaved before,” I thought to myself idly.

Payday was just a few days previous so I logged into my bank account to check the balance and change the address on my bank account.

The balance was about what I had expected and I went on to the account info page and entered my new address. It was not much of a move; merely an upgrade from one apartment to another one in the same building.

Then I got to the overview page. The address read properly now and as I clicked the SAVE button I noticed something else that I’d almost missed.

My name and title changed from Mr. Christian Lee Fox to Miss Christina Lee Fox. If it were just the spelling of my first name that was wrong, I’d have just taken it up at a later time but there was the mention of the Miss title that bugged me.

There was nothing I could do online about that though, I’d have to go to the bank where my account was to change those things personally and I no longer lived in the same town.

In fact I’d not lived there for almost 2 years. As the bank location didn’t bother me very much I never thought that I’d actually need to transfer it to a local branch, Now I wish I had as I had no car and there was at least 5 hour ride on a greyhound bus to get there and I didn’t have that kind of time to go there over a mere title and name screw up. As long as it didn’t screw up my finances I would be okay.

Then there was the phone call from the temp agency I worked through. I was a bit of a hardware tech by talent and had received training in that field but as the colleges back in the final years of the 20th century had overkilled the industry, I had to take any small job I could.

“Hello Miss Fox I have a position for you today if you want it. It is in database entry and lasts for the week. It pays 12 dollars an hour and included paid lunch. Are you interested?” a chipper woman’s voice asked me on the phone.

I totally missed the greeting. My attention was more on the job description and less on the greeting. As I had just moved, I needed the extra money so I asked with my cracked voice, “When does it start? I mean this is Friday already.”

The woman from the temp agency replied, “It starts coming Monday and you will be paid at the end of the week for 8 hours per day and all weekdays of that week. They do have a rather conservative dress code so don’t wear anything too revealing.”

I was too overjoyed, to note that last part. It had been a month since I got any calls at all from the temp agency and my funds were low. I was just happy for the job.

“Sure, I’ll be there bright and early,” I croaked happily, “hopefully my voice will have recovered by then!”

She gave me the time and location details as well as a contact phone number, said her good byes wishing me good luck and hung up.

I was elated. Also suddenly quite hungry. As I had yet to have breakfast, I stood up a bit too enthusiastically and almost fell back in the chair as I had quite suddenly felt a bit dizzy and light headed.

I reached out with both hands to steady myself and waited until my head cleared. That was when I noticed my hands. They did not appear quite right. They seemed to be a tiny bit paler in skin tone and actually appeared almost manicured. I wrote it off for the moment as an after effect to the dizzy spell and walked into the kitchen. The day had definitely started out on an odd way.
I opened the cupboard and saw a fairly well stocked cupboard of food but mostly low fat, low calorie foods. Now I was getting a bit suspicious.

As I didn’t normally buy low calorie foods I was becoming more than just a bit worried. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to play with my head today. First there was the email, then the website and the bank info, now my food stock had been tampered with, or appeared to be. Was it possible that I had actually purchased all these diet items and just not noticed? I shrugged to myself; after all I had done stranger things before.

I had a breakfast of two scrambled eggs and a few strips of low sodium bacon with 2 slices of 7 grain bread and a green tea. The green tea was admittedly a new addition to my grocery list recently but I had found it irresistibly refreshing that morning.

The next stop was the shower. I stepped into it for my first shower in my new apartment and was a bit taken aback by the floral scent that greeted me upon my entrance.

I looked around curiously, shampoo and conditioner, beauty soaps, bath oils and bath beads were all over the place. The only razor I could see was a pink lady razor. There was definitely a growing pattern to things here. My bathroom appeared to be the bathroom of a girl.

I stood there for a few minutes just confused and thought to myself, “Well that’s it. I have to stop shopping when I’ve been drinking. Diet food and now this frilly stuff? What the hell was I thinking?”

I dropped my white robe and stepped into the shower turning on the water for a nice warm morning shower. I had never been one to have a lot of body hair. That genetic anomaly seemed to skip over me in my family as most of my brothers were rather hairy. But then again they were also going bald on the scalp and I was spared that fate

I allowed my wavy brown hair to grow to shoulder length. As I always kept it well groomed and clean there was never an issue with it. On the job I wore it back in a ponytail and no one ever complained.

I shampooed my hair and set the conditioner in it. I usually waited for a full five minutes before rinsing it out, in the meantime I soaped down the rest of me with the floral scented soap I found in the dish. I wasn’t particular, to me, soap was soap; it didn’t matter what it smelled like in the shower. Most of that would rinse off anyways.

What I did find was a slightly painful and itchy nodule under each nipple causing them both to poke out slightly from my chest wall. When I was younger I had read how ‘breast buds’ were common among teenagers, be they male or female but I was twenty-seven.

Sure I seemed to age slower than other people around me but many considered that a gift. Often though it had caused me unending problems in the clubs and bars; I was always getting carded upon entry to clubs where I was not known so I tended to keep going to the same places if not for any other reason but to maintain a regular presence for recognition.

I made a mental note to be careful with my chest as the buds under my nipples were uncommonly sensitive and painful if abused in any way. I increased the heat on the water’s stream and rinsed off the conditioner and all the soap from all over my body.

I towelled off and stepped out of the shower, slipped my robe back on and spent the rest of the day unpacking my small library of technical manuals and study books, at least they were not affected by all the oddity of the day.

Before I called it a day I proudly displayed on the wall, my certificates that I had received for my computer hardware training. If I had taken the time to actually read the name on them, I’d have noticed back then that each one of them bore the name Christina Lee Fox, not Christian Lee Fox.

I slept fitfully that night. Normally it was my habit to sleep on my chest but due to the sensitivity of my nipples I was constantly forced to roll over on my back. My dreams were of an odd nature as well. I kept dreaming of an oddly familiar young brunette girl but I could not get a good view of her.

She was everywhere I went in my dreams, in the club, out shopping, at home, it didn’t matter where my dream took me, that girl was always there just ahead of me as if to herald my coming. Despite being everywhere I was, she also seemed oddly aloof of my presence in the dreams. It was almost like I was not there at all.

Then there were the odd apparitions in the mirrors of the dream. Every time I looked in one I never saw anything clear at all; instead what I saw was a very hazy and out of focus basic image of myself. I could not make out any details but then it was a dream image. Wasn’t it?

Chapter Two: In the Web

I woke up on Saturday morning drenched in sweat and dead tired from the tossing and turning all night. I didn’t feel well at all. My head was fuzzy and the dreams of the previous night haunted me, (and who the hell was that brunette?). The sweat on my body made my skin feel itchy so I jumped into the shower to rinse off the excess salt and sweat from the night and started fresh.

The buds in my nipples were still there but they seemed a bit more pronounced now in that they appeared to be actually building up in size. Maybe it was the effect of the bulging out, but my nipples actually appeared larger in circumference as well. They were also still itchy and sore, actually a bit more so than the previous day.

My other parts also seemed to have been affected by all the oddities happening around me. My hair line normally could be traced up to my navel but now it seemed to just draw a straight line at the bikini line. It also seemed, well… bushier. The hair seemed to have been able to hide my other parts rather well now. I wasn’t sure that I liked the idea. It was so thick and long the organ could almost get lost within the hair itself. I shook my head. I was behaving ridiculously. Nothing could do that; I was just being paranoid. I attempted to brush the thoughts aside and turned to the mirror above the bathroom sink.

I inspected my face carefully in the mirror. Again there was no need to shave at all; it was like my facial hair just stopped growing all of a sudden. Oh well, all the better. I would not need to test that odd pink razor any time soon by the looks of it and I was never very good at shaving anyways.

There was something there that looked decidedly different. Maybe it was my cheeks or chin or my eyes. Was my face rounder? Precisely what it was I could not be sure but I actually seemed younger in looks somehow.

Was it my eyebrows? They did look a bit less bushy and actually trimmed somehow. Well such was my curse; I had long been mistaken for someone much younger in appearance and even from time to time when I was in my early teenage years I was often confused to be a girl. Such was my luck, I had a baby face. Sure the girls all claimed to think I was cute but few actually bothered with me on any boy-girl level. I was just the nice cute guy that the girls confided in.

“God I’m being paranoid.” I remarked aloud noting my voice had not improved at all. In fact it was a bit more breathy in effect and the sound although still horse hit a bit of a higher tonality. I sighed heavily and grabbed a pair of jeans (also noting they felt a bit snug around the butt and hips), and slipped on a tee shirt and sat down at the computer.

As I had nothing planned until Monday, when I was to start at the new placement the temp agency sent me to, I decided to do some internet surfing. I had almost forgotten the odd feminized look to my webpage and now even my desktop was of a floral design. There were programs installed there that I had no recollection of ever installing.

There were makeover programs and even a few games installed that I had never had before.

Yeah I know. You’re thinking, “Red flag dude! You have software on your system that you didn’t install? This is very suspicious!”

I thought that way too, so, I tested my antivirus software and checked the entire system for virii but found nothing at all. For safety’s sake, I double checked my system with an online system virus and spyware scanner but it showed the same results as my installed software. There was nothing detected at all that so I shrugged to myself and decided to check out the new programs. What was my reasoning? Well I thought about the email I’d gotten the day before regarding a change of life and figured it was some sort of free software promotion and I’ve never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Normally I was not one for role playing games if I played any games at all. If I played any games at all, I could be found with racing games or first person shooters. Both genres didn’t take a lot of imagination and it helped my inner angers hash out my day to day irritations.

As they were installed the role playing games did intrigue me a bit. It was a chance to try to test out new waters and try a bit of acting.

Now you may be wondering, what with all the feminizing influences going on in my computer and stuff why didn’t I react to it? I am not even sure why myself. It was like, I saw that it was happening but instead of being threatened by all the strangeness, I felt more curious. Whatever was going on was turning my life from its boring, day to day existence into something to be explored. My curiosity was peaked.

Besides, everything about me was changing, my attitude, my way of thinking, and my environment. It was subtle at the start but as time went by I began to realize it for sure by early evening. That was when I looked down after 4 hours of role play gaming and found that the little buds beneath my nipples could be quite clearly noticed under my tee shirt as actual breasts. They were still rather small in size (merely a B cup), but compared to what I had 2 days previously, they were very noticeable.

I had also undone the snap and zipper on my jeans hours ago as they seemed to be just a bit too tight. When I saw the breasts poking out from under my tee shirt I stood up at my desk and glanced down at my waist. If I didn’t know for sure that I’d had those same jeans done up just a few hours earlier, you’d have wondered why I was attempting to wear jeans that were obviously almost a full 3 inches too small.

My pelvic bones actually seemed to have splayed outward a bit giving me for all intents and purposes, a female hip structure, plus the legs of my jeans seemed to have become a bit tighter. Frustrated with the bad fit, I dropped my jeans, walked into my bedroom and pulled open my underwear drawer. It was well stocked in Hanes brand tighty-whities.

I was never much for the baggy boxer shorts craze. My father wore those things and I had some rather nasty, undistinguished images in my head of him in boxers, so naturally I avoided them. Besides, I saw underwear’s function as fairly similar to women’s brassieres; to stop the unnecessary bouncing and movement; boxers could never do any of that.

I was oddly unperturbed with all the changes in my life. They just seemed to fit somehow. I felt absolutely no sense of panic at all.

As evening approached I only felt mildly hungry, and settled on a tossed salad with low calorie dressing with a cup of green tea.

Bored of video games, I turned on the television and spent the rest of the night watching a series of chick flick movies.

As was my habit, about 10 pm I logged onto the internet, checked my facebook page and a few other social pages (noting they had, like everything else, reflected the oddly familiar floral pattern that dominated my computer system.) There were chatrooms and chatroom software preloaded and presetup for me (under the name of Christina).

After two hours of chatting I logged out for the night, shut down the computer for the night and went to bed in my four poster bed.

My dreams that night were disjointed and hazy. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to anything save for one repeating image. Once again there were the mirrors and the fuzzy out of focus images within them but this time they were of a male that resembled me in most ways save for the fact that I couldn’t make out if it was my reflection or not. Again I was following around the brunette woman’s movements in the dreams. She went to various points of my past and visited my life’s memories but with every time period, the brunette girl’s age adjusted to the same age as I was at the time.

Chapter Three: System Reboot

My sleep was not as fitful and my chest pains had subsided sometime over the night. As I slept more changes did occur to me but I was almost oblivious to them upon waking.

Upon waking I sat up in bed I found myself dressed only in a bra and panties, the bra fully supporting a pair of 36Cs. The panties were ladies’ Hanes brand, cotton bikini cut panties and, as was my habit, I pulled them off to change into a fresh pair. My underwear drawer in my dresser was now full of them in various colours as well as over a dozen different coloured and styles of 36C bras. As I put on the fresh pair of panties I took note to myself aloud, “I really need to get a waxing, perhaps a Brazilian. Hmm… my voice has cleared up finally. Cool!”

It had too, but the last voice I spoke in with any clarity was almost a full octave lower than my voice now, although I was not actually aware of it. (I speak of this only for a historical reference for to me, at the time, my new voice was the only one I remembered.)

Looking in the mirror of my dresser, I brushed my long wavy brunette chest length hair, applied a bit of morning moisturizer and grabbed a crimson tank top and a black skirt that went down to mid thigh and walked out into the kitchen to start my day with an extra strong cup of green tea.

I looked about the kitchen as I sat at the table idly listening to a local soft rock radio station and just soaked in the morning sun as it beamed in through the lace curtains of the kitchen window.

As I looked around my apartment I couldn’t help but to wonder, what was it I was missing?

To my mind everything was there, and there was nothing that seemed obviously out of place but I could not shake the feeling there was something about the whole place was different.

And what of those odd dreams? Who was that man that was following me around in my dreams? As my dreams took me to various times of my life, his hazy image seemed to follow me at every turn. I even recall looking in a mirror and seeing his hazy, out of focus image. The image of the stranger gave me a chill up my spine and made me worry. Was this man a stalker, or a warning of one?

Perhaps, I reasoned, the man was someone out of my past that had somehow slipped from my conscious memories. I vowed to myself that I would not worry about him; it was after all, only a dream.

Sundays for me were never very active. I was never a Christian church goer at all. I was never that type of person. I was not a bad person but then I again I never did anything that caused anyone to have issue with me. I was just your average girl that didn’t make waves.

I spent the afternoon visiting my mother, helping her with her housework and gardening. Our time together was something I had grown to enjoy over the years. My father had long since passed on leaving my mother to raise me alone and now I had the chance to return her love and kindness with my own in much the same way as she had raised me.

I got home about 9:30 pm and laid out my clothes for the job the temp agency set me up for Monday.

After checking my emails and chatting in the chatrooms for an hour I called it a night. I needed to be up and wide awake for the data entry position in the morning.

Sleep that night was almost dreamless but I awoke Monday morning very well rested.

I put on the clothes I laid out the night before. They were a rather conservative dark brown knee length skirt with a matching jacket combo as well as a light white cotton blouse, applied a light brown eyeshadow and eyeliner to my highlight my eyes, a bit of dark plum lipstick and looked in the mirror. I was a knockout, not too revealing or sleazy and very business like. Taking one last check of myself, I smiled, grabbed my purse and called for a taxi.

The taxi carried me directly to a tall building downtown with a logo that consisted of an odd silhouette of a man and woman’s body superimposed upon each other with the company name Nova Vita Data Systems beneath. This was the place.

I entered the building, met a rather pretty young woman dressed in a conservative pant suit and she led me to my computer terminal. She explained the job to me which was just simple data entry job. I was to take information of clientele that was recorded on paper documents, find the client’s name in the database and update the computer system’s databank.

I sat down and started to work. Oddly enough the name at the top of the list was a bit familiar to me.
I entered the information as I was instructed.

Client: Christian Lee Fox
Info: Client emailed and verified. Conversion 100 percent successful. Situation stable.
Current Status: Case Closed

I entered the information without a second thought and went on to the next name on the list.

The End...

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The Virus

That dang virus seems to be everywhere. LOL

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine


What's the URL to that web site again? I didn't catch it the first time.

Very Interesting!

So no real explanation of why, just a company using some unknown means to changed others. Client seems to suggest a professional relationship, but Chris had no contact other than the email. Still, how do I get on their mailing list?



it was explained early in the story that Chris was a temp worker and had been contacted by the placement office.

I thought it a cute twist to have her start at the very (shady) company that sent the virus (inferred).


I'm so glad someone was finally inspired to do something with my daft little tale - which was purposely left ambiguous as to whether the events described in the spam mail were genuine or just a means of distributing a rogue application.

I definitely like the changing scenario in the protagonist's dreams in this one - starting off as a male looking at a slightly hazy female version of himself up ahead, ending with a female looking back at a slightly hazy male version of herself. And the timescale was just right - incredibly fast by biological timekeeping, relatively slow by human perception timekeeping.


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There are 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand binary and those who don't...

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!


I am very happy you approve! I was not too sure about how to approach that issue. The version 2.0 of the virus was meant to be the 'next step' in my view. Who knows, you may have started a whole new universe with the computer virus!



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virus ever. ^_^

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