by Andrea DiMaggio

Like Billie Bigelow from Carousel, perhaps on the distaff side after a very long hiatus, I sit here and look at this picture and marvel out what you might have become. It struck me that you might have turned out just like her. Red hair like three of your great-grandmothers. Your mother's eyes and resolve behind them. Your brother's wit and charm and sarcasm, a DiMaggio forte'? And sensitivity.

The piercings? The jewelry? A bit adventurous, aye? Well, your mother did bobsled at Lake Placid, even if it was 'only a practice run,' and like your brother says, she jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 4000 feet, and that when they didn't do tandem and you only trained for a day. A sense of adventure, occasionally expressed as haste, which is only slightly mitigated by my measured, careful approach; what your brother might say is a bit stodgy?'d probably have a good voice like your mother...or maybe not so good like your grandmother or your brother, but we DiMaggios do quite well at auditory self-medication for attention deficiencies. You might even have learned to play the piano. I know you'd love's in both sides of the family.

Tenacity...I bet you'd never have given up...ever. Your Mom never ever gave up on me. And loyalty, like your brother; a truer friend no one ever had. I miss you, though I don't say that nearly enough. Oh, gosh, I know you never saw the light of never got to take a single breath, but as God was and is our witness, you would have been such a great girl. We named all of you sibs, you know...that's what the counselor said to do...Closure they called it. Angelina, Anthony and Seraphina you've met...Giuseppe says hello, even if it's just Joe down here. And of course your Mom loves you more than ever. She just told me the other day through her tears. And I can't wait to meet you. I need to get it all sorted out? Will you be very tiny and grow once we get there, or are you in your true form?

I've found that life brings folks into your life that you can love and fall in love with even if you've never met them. You've got a whole group of people down here who are related to you by blood that missed you when you were taken. But there are a whole bunch of people down here whom we've never met that probably would love you just as much. They've shown that almost every day in the way they've loved me and your mom and your brother, too.

"My little and white as peaches and cream is she..."

I love you, dear one. Til Then

* * *


from the musical
music and words by
Rogers and Hammerstein
performed by Gordon MacRae

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