So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You - Chapter 4

So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You?
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 4 - Home, Shopping, Girls Night In.

(Author's Note:) I have three stories that need to be completed. This is one of them. Now I write my stories from how I was accepted in the 1950's in a small, redneck town, in the American upper midwest. The so-called rednecks stayed to their drinking at the taverns with their buddies. The things I put in my stories is what I actually had. Yes, I had pantyhose instead of tights because I wanted to be a big girl.

Part I - Home.

This weekend however, mom and I were going to go to a movie, and do a little shopping. Next weekend I have to remember that I am invited to Michelle's slumber party. Better write that down in my notebook. Everybody decided to stay a while after dinner, because it was Friday evening. Karen, Sally, Janet, Michelle and I went up to my room, and I showed them everything mother had bought me. Sally loved my caramel skirt outfit.

"Oh My Gawd, Steph, you just have to let me borrow this sometime. This is simply gorgeous."

"I have a pair of heels that same color, too."

"Oh My Gawd! Really! I just have to borrow this."

"Of course, that's what sisters are for."

I started calling my friends sisters, because I am an only child, and it is nice to have sisters. I mean, they are my best friends, but being my sisters as well, well, that is just precious. Besides, sisters share things...right? So anyway, as they looked through the things that mom had bought for me, we sat down and talked a little more seriously.

"Steph, why is your mom all of a sudden buying you these clothes, if this is supposed to be a punishment?"

"Because, when we were at the stores, buying my outfits and under things, she saw who I was. I mean, I was just having fun getting the skirts to match the tops, and making sure I had the right look. When she saw that my shopping habits were the same as the way she shopped, and how excited I was in getting things to match, she said she finally saw a girl. That was when she said I could be her daughter forever."

"That is just too cool. I mean, I know you told Mr. Stevens that you are staying a girl, but what you just said, that is priceless. It is too bad you had to do all that sneaking around by coming by us so you could be you."

"I know, but you know what though? I won't have to sneak around any more. This weekend, mom is taking me shopping again, because she said the outfits I have are a good start, but I need a lot more clothes, and I need at least one or two party dresses. I think I am going to impress her a little more, though. A party dress should be bought just before the party. Hey! I have an idea. Why don't you three come with us? That way we can kinda discuss outfits, and what looks or doesn't look good on me."

"That's a great idea. Let's ask our parents."

We went back downstairs and into the kitchen. I gave mom a hug, and she hugged me back.

"What was that for?"

"Just because."

"Well, it is always nice to get hugs. Now what is it you want?"

Nope, can't fool mom for one second.

"We were talking and I said that the girls should come with us when we go shopping. That way we could discuss outfits."

"See, that is exactly what I said. You shop like a girl, and now you want your friends along to say which outfits are good and which ones aren't. Honey, that is the way a girl does things. You know what though? You should win the Academy Award for best actress, because you were definitely very convincing in your role as a boy. But, now that show is over, and a new one starring Stephanie Jean Kelly is taking its place. Yes, dear, your friends can come along."

"Oh thank you, mother!" I exclaimed, giving her the biggest hug I could. "We're going back upstairs and talk a little more."

"You mean conspire a little more. Don't think you can pull the wool over these eyes, young lady. I was a young girl once too, you know." We all giggled, and went back to my room.

"Alright, now we have to make our plans. I need more skirts and dresses, and definitely more lingerie. I also need more stockings, and makeup. I think for now though I should just have mascara, face powder, and blush."

"You know, Steph, just looking at you, you don't need any makeup. For eleven years old, you are pretty as you are."

"Yes, but mom told me she has been wearing makeup since she was fifteen and look at how young she looks, and she is twenty years older than me."

"She looks young enough to be your older sister."

"I know, people have told me that. Even Mrs. Mader has said that, too. But you know, Sally, the one thing I like about mom, is that she has accepted me for who I have always been. That makes me very happy."

"You know, girlfriend, it makes us happy, too, because we can talk about and do girl things."

"I don't know about anyone, else, but how about listening to records?"

"Sounds good to me," Michelle agreed.

I put on Ricky Nelson's Be-Bop Baby and we started doing our dance steps. It wasn't long before our parents were at my door, watching us just being girls. Then mom had to spoil it by telling me to please turn that noise down. Sally, Michelle and I just giggled. But it was time for them to leave, and we all hugged and said cya tomorrow.

The nicest thing I think about being a girl is, the friends you can make, the things we can talk about that boys can't, and the clothing choices we have are just simply divine. I mean, we can wear skirts, dresses, shorts, dress pants, jeans, short shorts, boy cut shirts, only made for us, blouses, camis, nightgowns, baby dolls, and the choice of lingerie is without end, and don't even mention shoes. We can wear everything from flats to high heels and everything in between. We can act as silly as we want and nobody says anything, we can hug and kiss each other on the cheek, we can dance with each other too. Being a girl is having more freedom to do more things boys can't, or wouldn't do. What was it they say about boys? Oh yes! What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of. I giggled to myself. Yep, that descibes boys and girls alright. I wonder who said that. I will have to see if I can find out. It was getting late, and tomorrow we were going shopping.

I took my lavender boy cut pajama set to the bathroom, and a pair of lavender panties. I ran my bath water, and put in a cap full of lavender scent. I just live for bubble baths. I used the big sponge to cascade the water all over me, including my hair. After I sat there just soaking, I washed all over, and then rinsed off. I patted myself dry, and then got in to my pajama set. I dried my hair as well as I could, and it was still damp when I went downstairs.

"Oh honey, your hair is still damp. You know what. I think I will set it again, only this time a little different."

Mom got her rollers and bobby pin case, and began setting my hair. Then she put that awful smelling solution in my hair again, and then set my hair. This time though, she put the curlers on the side length wise so that I would have bouncy curls on the sides and back. Then she left the curlers in for over night. She tweezed a few errant hairs, as she called them, out of my eyebrows, and then put a scarf over my head.

"In the morning, dear, I will brush it out for you, and you will see a whole different look. It is wonderful to have a daughter I can actually do girl things with. You know Stephanie, before you said you were going to stay Stephanie, I never realized how pretty you really are. You are starting to get a nice figure. But you are only eleven years old. Let's see what the next couple of years bring."

We watched the Saturday night late show, which was the movie Dracula with Bela Lugosi. I saw this several times, and I loved it each time I saw it. I always wondered what would happen if one of his girl victims actually made him a vicitm. Well, that was for Van Helsing who was after Dracula to put him away for good. When the movie was over, we said our good nights and I love yous, then we hugged and I went to bed. It was one o'clock in the morning.

Part II - Shopping.

Mom came in my room and woke me up, saying I needed to get my bath. She said the water was already for me. so I took my lingerie to the bathroom, and got out of my pajama set. I set the pajama set in hamper, and then got in the tub. I just sat there letting the fragrance just relax me, then I washed, and got out andpatted myslef dry. I put some lotion on and a little body powder and then my lingerie. I wrapped the towel around me and went back in to my room.

Mother had laid my clothes out for me, and I got dressed. But first I put on a little face powder, and mascara. Then I put on my turquoise A-line skirt on, and then my cami top. When I was dressed, I called for mom that I was ready for her to do my hair. She came in my room followed by Karen, Sally, Michelle and Janet.

"Well it's about time, girlfriend, we thought you were going to sleep all day." We all giggled.

"I was thinking about it. I had this wonderful dream about and this boy out on a Saturday night, and we were kissing, and just having a great time. I thought I would sleep until something better happened." Of course I had no dream, but silly statements sometimes get silly come backs.

"OMG! You are only eleven years old, young lady. What are you doing having dreams like that?" I giggled.

"Well, mother, I have been noticing the boys at school more and more, and even my male teachers. OMG! Mother, you just have to see Mr. Jenkins, mom. He is so gorgeous."

"It is not unusual for a young girl to have a crush on an older man. You say this man is 'so gorgeous'. Like how 'so gorgeous'?"

"He is young looking, always clean shaven, and wears regular jeans and a shirt. His hair is rich and dark brown and he has muscles. I can see them through his shirt." The other four girls agreed. "When he talks to us in class he talks to us like we're people instead of as a whole class. He is our math teacher."

"Well, it seems my little girl is starting go grow up on schedule. I was eleven too, when I noticed my first beau. A few months later, we were going steady. Of course, 'the old folks' as we called our parents, said it was only puppy love, but it sure didn't feel like it. It felt as though we were on a rocket to the moon and we just had fun. But, young lady, in saying that, we also knew our boundaries of what we could, should, and couldn't and shouldn't ever do. I hope when you get a boyfriend, you remember what I just said. We need to talk anyway, when we are alone together. Alright now, you are dressed, your hair is done, and we should get going before everybody else buys out the whole shopping center."

The girls brought their own money with them, because they told their parents they were going to be with us, and they wanted to buy a few things for themselves. As we left and made sure the door was locked, we saw the bus was coming a few blocks away. Mom waved at the bus driver, who pulled up to the stop and waited for us to get there. After we thanked him for waiting, we all sat down and we were just jabbering away, when all of a sudden, one of Jimmy Henderson's friends saw me, and came over by us.

"Well, looky who is on the bus by itself. The little faggot. I think it's time you got your ass kicked."

"Did you mumble something, Richard Atworth?" Mom was going to say something, but I just shook my head no a little.

"Yeah, I said you are getting your ass kicked."

"Oh? What makes you think I am going to let you?"

"You, you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Let me tell how painful this going to ..." I kicked him right between his legs, and he doubled over. "You bitch! Don't you know that hurts?"

"Oh I am so sorry Richard, my foot kind of had a spasm. Now get out of here spas, before I kick you to the front of the bus. And you can tell Jimmy Henderson too, that from now on, we will take care of whatever trouble comes our way from you three. By the way, I thought you were in the detention home."

"I was, but my old man got me out."

"You know Richard, you talk like you're sixteen or older. But you are nothing but a very stupid, insecure little boy that has to act and talk tough so you think you can impress others. Jimmy now, well that's a different story. But you, Richard Atworth, are not Jimmy, and you could be a decent boy, if you stopped following that trash mouth Jimmy Henderson."

"What do I do when he says he will kick my ass?"

"Hit him back. You're a boy, hit Jimmy once, and I bet he will leave you alone."

"What about you, though. You're a boy too. How come you don't fight like a guy?"

I pointed to my heart and said, "in here Richard, I'm a girl and I am going to act like a girl for the rest of my life. Fighting with boys is not a proper thing for girls to do. That is what we have boyfriends for. By the way, Richard, this is my mother, and she wanted to say something, but I shooed her off, because I knew I could handle you. But you see, my way of fighting is to use words. After I was through talking, you settled down. Didn't you?"

"Yes, it's just that I'm afraid of Jimmy. He has a nasty streak, and you know his dad used to be a sergeant in the army in world war two. So Jimmy may talk big, but he can back it up too."

"Yes, but you see Richard, Jimmy is heading for Green Bay if he keeps it up."

"Maybe. But for now, he is only waiting to see the judge. His dad tried to get him out, but the sheriff said there was a court hold on him, so he can't get out until he sees the judge. If he does get out, he will come back to school and there will really be trouble."

As we were talking, mom said this was our stop and she pulled the buzzer cord to tell the driver we wanted off. Richard followed us in to the Southgate Shopping Center at South 27th Street and West Dakota Avenue. They have an F.W. Woolworth's there, a Gimbels and Boston Store department stores, and a few other smaller stores too.

"Richard, may I ask why you are following us?"

"Because I want to be with you."

"Richard, if you want to be with me and my friends, you have to stop hanging around with Jimmy Henderson, and you need to stop picking on and calling people names. But what I don't understand is this. You have never seen me without my clothes off, and yet you have been calling me the filthiest names you could think of. May I ask why?"

"Because we thought Jimmy knew you, and knew about you. So we just figured..."

"I see. Cya around Richard."


"No buts, just go."

All the while I was talking with Richard, mom was watching me. Put another garter on my stocking, because mom was impressed I could stand up to Richard like that. Well, this wasn't school, and if things would have gotten rough, mom and my friends would have gotten into it with me and poor Richard would be out numbered. I saw a pair of cute earrings in the jewelry store window and I just had to look at them. I even held them up to my ears to see what they would look like, and I just had to have them. They were blue cubic zirconia but they looked like sapphires. They dangled off of a small chain and had a French hook. That's the one that looks like a bent fish hook. They were only three dollars, so mom got them for me. Then we decided to try Gimbels and see what they had that I liked. When we got in the store, a lady with a perfume bottle asked me if I wanted to try it. So I said sure. It smelled really good, so I asked mom if I could have that. She got it for me.

We looked around the junior department for quite some times, just looking. I remembered where all the things I liked were, and when we were done looking, I started collecting the dresses and skirts and tops I had seen while we were looking around. I took them in the dressing room, and tried them all on. Two of the dresses were just plain every day dresses that were soft blue and cream color, and the third one was for catching a boy's eye. It was made of poplin and had a lace neckline, puffed sleeves, and had a back zipper. It fit me like a glove. So I got all three dresses. Then I tried on the skirts. All three were A-line but in different colors. The first one was a simply white pleated, the second one was just your basic black with a crinkle material that made it look like it was always wrinkled. The third one was pink, and had a black border near the hem with different flowers. This one zipped on the side while the others were back zip. Now the tops were different. They were pink, yellow, and soft green. All of them had spaghetti shoulder straps.

You guys are lucky you are color blind, because you don't have to worry about matching your ensembles like we do. You guys don't have to shave your legs, arm pits, or pubic area. You don't have to set your hair or wear makeup. But we do so we can look pretty for you.

After we were finished in Gimbels, we decided to go to Woolworth's and have a little something for lunch. Mom wanted to know if I was finished shopping.

"Are you kidding, mom, we just got here." She smiled and didn't say a word. "Besides, I need lingerie and more shoes, and I need more stockings, and..."

"Slow down, my goodness young lady. Alright we will shop a little more. This trip is for you, you know." She smiled and hugged me.

I thought to myself that if I got any more clothes I would need a whole house just to keep them in. We went to the lingerie section of the ladies department in Boston Store. I got more slips, panties, and stockings. The lingerie was in all the colors of the rainbow and some that even weren't in the rainbow. My stockings were mainly tan, but I got some that were kinda black too to wear with my black ensemble. Then we went to the shoe deaprtment. Now the shoes you buy here are higher priced than they are at Gimbels, but they seem to last longer too. I tried on at least a thousand pair, well that's what it seemed like, anyway. But I finally got a pair of black flats, a pair of brown penny loafers, a pair of three inch heeled sandals, and a pair of knee high boots.

We took my things and went to the bus stop. When the number 10 came, we got on and took that 27th Street, and waited for the number 27 to take us to Galena. The next stop after Galena going north was Lisbon Avenue. Lisbon Avenue is an angle street that starts where Walnut leaves off at about North 23 Street, and goes all the way in to Waukesha county.

Part III - Girls Night In.

When we got home, The girls and I took everything up to my room, and put everything away. After everything was put away, we went back downstairs for something to drink. We had iced tea so everybody had a glass of that. Mom and I made iced tea and very, sour lemonade in the summer.

"Well girls, how did you like our little shopping trip?"

"It was nice. I got a few pair of earrings for myself," Janet had said. "My mother gave me a little money to spend." All of sudden the kitchen was just buzzing with girls talking all at once.

"Girls! Girls! Please, one at a time. I'm sure there is enough time for you all to say what you want to say." We all giggled, because mom was right.

Anyway, we all had a wonderful day, ande verybody agreed that we should this again sometime soon. The girls made their excuses that they needed to get their things that they bought, to their houses. We all hugged and said cya later, and the girls left. That left just me and mom.

"Well dear, alone at last. We went shopping today, and tomorrow just you and I will go to the show. I don't know what's on, so we will have to look and see what's in the Journal tomorrow." The Milwaukee Journal was our evening and Sunday newspaper, and the Milwaukee Sentinel was the morning edition Monday through Friday. We only had the Journal delivered on Sunday. It was actually cheaper than buying it at the store for fifity cents.

Anyway, since we weren't going anywhere else today, mom and I decided to go and change in to something more comfortable and get out of these heavy street clothes. I went to my room, and got out my rose baby doll. When I was compeltely undressed, I looked at myself sideways in my mirror. I kind stuck out my chest as little, and there were slight bumps forming there. Must be my imagination, or wishful thinking. I poked my head out of my bedroom door and called for mom.

"What is it, dear?"

"Mom, you told me I am getting a nice figure, and I just looked at my chest in the mirror. Tell me what you see."

"I see a young girl develop...Oh my gosh! Honey," mom said smiling at me, "you're starting to develop breasts. I think Monday I will take you to Dr. Joan and have her give you a physical and run a few tests. I think maybe I will ask her to do a sonograph too just to make sure things inside are proper. Besides, you need a physical for school anyway, and I forgot to get you to Dr. Joan so she could give you one, and you need your booster shots too. So, we will do that Monday immediately after school."

"My friends are not going to believe this. Sally, Michelle, Karen and Janet might, and they will be so happy to hear about it. But my other friends will be like, huh. They won't understand how this could happen. Mom, if Dr. Joan says that I am a female, what are we going to do?"

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, young lady, we are having a girls night in. No men, no friends, no anybody except you and me. Let me see your nails." I showed her my nails. "Very good, no chips. Would you like me to do them in a different color?" I said yes, and she just smiled.

She went to get her nail kit, and when she came back, she took out this large emory board and started filing, and reshapingmy nails. She put on a base coat, then two coats of lilac polish, and when that dried, she out on a top coat. She said that was because the nail polish was cold. We both giggled. When she was done with my fingernails, she started on my toes.

It was fun with just the two of us here. Mom and I were bonding as mother and daughter, and that was a very good feeling. When mother was finished with my toes, I started doing hers but I started with her toes. If I made a mistake, she corrected me by simply telling me the right way. When I was done, we had matching toes and fingers. Then we decided that since this was a girls night in, we were going to watch the late show, the late, late show and the late, late, late show. They usually had scary monster movies or science fiction movies on these late shows. Saturday night was the only night they had these three in a row. Mom said we would have a bit of a snack, because she had ordered dinner to be delivered at seven. We sat there and talked. Mom was concerned by what she saw in my bedroom.

"Honey, I think I will have more of that talk we started a while back. It is too bad I don't have my high school anatomy book any more, or I could show you what I was talking about."

Mom went on about the inside anatomy of a female, and how important it was for girls to stay clean, or they might get what she called a yeast infection and other things too. She described the woman's reproductive system in vivid detail so it would never leave my mind. She was telling me about periods, about giving birth, about how to make sure you will become pregnant if you want to have a child. She told me there were things called prophylactics that are to be used by the boy or man if you don't wish to become pregnant. She said these were commonly referred to as "rubbers". Oh I knew about "rubbers" because all the boys in school joked about them. It wasn't really funny what the boys said, and some of the jokes were just sick.

Mom told me about how doctors examine women, and she giggled when she said she couldn't wait to see my feet in the stirrups.


"Yes dear. When we have a complete physical, we have to put our feet in these metal stirrups and then the doctors uses what we laughingly, although it really isn't funny, call the jaws of death. That's because that is what they feel like. They keep the vaginal lips open so the doctor can examine the inside of the vagina. This is usually only during a complete physical, or unless we complain about feeling "yucky" then they have to see if we have what is called a yeast infecton. When we have our examinations, it is usually by an ob/gyn. the ob stands for obstetrics, and that has to do with when women are pregnant. the gyn stands for gynecology and that is the doctor we see for our examnations. Never go to a man for a gyn exam, he just doesn't understand. Women understand about women, and you should always have a female ob/gyn. Just as mom finished her "talk", the doorbell rang.

I went to answer it, and it was the delivery boy with our dinner. Mom paid him, and gave him a two dollar tip. We took the food in the kitchen, and I was going get out regular dishes out, but mom said to use paper plates and the plastic. So, I got out the paper plates, plastic flatware and pastic cups. After we had everything dished up, mom put up the tv tray stands, and we set our dinner of spare ribs, mashed potatoes, peas, a dinner roll, and it came with all the condiments as well. The clock said it was 6:58 when he brought our dinner. He was two minutes early.

We sat down to watch the eight o'clock movie. Tonight they were showing Tammy and the Bachelor, with Debbie Reynolds, Leslie Nielsen, Walter Brennan and Fay Wray who plays Leslie Nielsen's character's mother. This movie went off at ten o'clock and we went right into the late show, because channel 18 didn't show news at eleven. The movie on the late show was The Creature From The Black Lagoon with Julie Adams and Richard Carlson. This movie for some reason always gave me real chills. I snuggled closer to mother, and just watched the tv with wide eyes.

The late, late, show and the late, late, late show? I have no idea, because I woke up sleeping on the couch. Mom must have let me sleep where I was. Take my advice girls, never sleep on a couch when you have a bed. Anyway, today is church, and I need to get my bath in and my clothes out.

I got off of the couch, and saw mother sleeping in the padded easy chair we had. I quietly went to my room, and got out my cream dress with the lace across the "V" and on the edge of the arms. I got out simple white lingerie, cream colored tights, and my cream Mary Jane's, with the one inch heels. I ranmy bath and since my clothes were creram colored, I decided on lavender scent for my bubble bath. I used the facilities before getting the tub. Taking off my baby doll and putting it aside (it had to be hand washed), I got in the tub and just soaked. I washed myself after about ten minutes in the tub, and then patted dry. I wrapped the towel around me, and went to get dressed. I passed mom going toward the bathroom.

"Morning, sweetie. Did you sleep well?"

"Well, mother, from now on I am sleeping in my bed." We both just giggled, as she rubbed her lower back.

"I totally agree."

I put an apron on over my dress, and started making breakfast. I made eggs and sausage with milk and juice for me, and coffee and juice for mom. When mom came in fully dressed in her pale blue dress that came to her knees, she looked like Jackie Kennedy. I gave her a hug and motioned for her to sit down. After breakfast and cleaning up the dishes, we decided it was time to get to church. We were kind of late getting there, and as we walked in, we heard pastor Dean saying...

"So if a man has one hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety and nine and got out to seek the one who went astray?" Then he saw us come in. He smiled and then continued. "I say that if you look around you, you will see that some of our sheep have gone astray, but that others have found themselves in the time they have been astray. Never discount any being for whom you think them to be, but rather welcome them in to the fold with open arms and a warm smile. Care for them like you would your own family, and make sure that when you are invited, you break bread with them in friendship. Like the young lady inour midst who was gone astray but now has been found and you all know who she is. Let us welcome her to our fold as the young lady she has always been, without judgement and with without concern for what or how others may view us. If you are concerned solely about appearances, then your heart and mind are shallow indeed, and you will have a lot to atone for when it comes time to give your final accounting. Thank you everyone for coming."

As everybody left, I saw Mr. Stevens coming out after we had gotten on the sidewalk. He came over by us.

"Hello Stephanie, Mrs. Kelly. I would like to talk to you both, if you have the time."

"Why, yes, of course, Mr. Stevens."

"Mrs. Kelly, you know that I have an open mind, but I can't hold Stephanie's records open as female much longer without something to show that she is female. Was she born here in this state?"

"Yes, she was."

"Then you just need to go to the county she was born in and get her birth cwertificate, and if it says male for birth sex, you can produce a letter from a doctor that says Stephanie is indeed female. Stephanie has behaved like a very nice young lady in our school, and as long as she does, I have no objection to her attending school as Stephanie. Even our girl's ring leader has welcomed Stephanie as one of the girls. If Kathy Nesbitt says she has no problem with Stephanie, then neither do I."

"Kathy Nesbitt, Roland Nesbitt's daughter?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And she doesn't have a problem with Stephanie?"

"No, ma'am, she doesn't, erm, we don't," a man's voice behind us said."

"Mr. Nesbitt, this is Stephanie Kelly and her mother."

"It is nice to meet you both. Kathy has told me about you young lady, and all I can say is, if you can impress my daughter the way you have, you will have no problem with me. I am having a social at our home this weekend. Do you think you could come? I would like to introduce you as one of Kathy's friends."

"I really ... don't ... know ... sir. I ..."

"It's alright Stephanie, it's alright. There won't be anyone there that will embarrass you, and none of the young men will make fun of you. If you say you will come, I will have Kathy's mother pick you up."

Let me tell you about Roland Nesbitt and company. Roland Nesbitt was thirty seven years old, and owns two tanneries, four foundaries, three manufactuaring plants and a chain of supermarkets. He is rich beyond his wildest dreams, and if Kathy quit school now, she would never have to worry about money the rest of her life. But I guess her father wants her to take over some day, so an education is a must. When Roland Nesbitt said something about things, people usually listened. Like I said before, there were some of us the Nesbitts didn't impress. I had a decision to make. Do I hob nob with the rich and powerful on snob hill, or do I just go about my everyday business?

"Mr. Nesbitt, sir, may I think it over and tell Kathy tomorrow at school?"

"Why yes, young lady, you certainly may." He went to his car and then drove away.
The Wisconsin State Reformatory is located in De Pere, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and is simply called Green Bay. Today the north wall of the Wisconsin State Reformatory is right along the off ramp from highway US 41 North.

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