Chasing Sarah Part 1

Crap! I have to ditch these guys! I thought. If you have ever run in a miniskirt and heels, you know how I felt, but if you haven’t, let me tell you. It’s Hell.

It all started on a Sunny afternoon on summer vacation. Me and my best friend/neighbor Claire were playing catch. She tossed it the football to me, I tossed it back. One of the many things I admired about Claire was how athletic she was. I was having a great time when I heard sirens. This wasn’t abnormal in the city of Seattle, but it still scared me.
Claire didn’t seem to be bothered by it, and I knew I was worrying over nothing. Or so I thought.
The feeling inside me grew stronger as the blaring police cars turned onto my street.
Please keep going! I begged in my mind. Claire threw me the ball and I let it go right by me.
“What are you doing?” She asked annoyed.
I watched in horror as the cars stopped in front of my house. 2 cops came out of each squad car.
“What’s going on?” I said aloud. Claire saw what I was looking at and gasped.
I watched, horrified from Claire’s front yard as the cops busted down the door. Soon, they were forcing out my Mom and Dad, both in handcuffs. I started to run towards them when my mom saw me.
“Go! Hide! Run! Get out of here!” She screeched. Suddenly the handcuffs had left her and Dad’s wrists. They started to do a series of complicated attack moves on the officers.
“God damn it Sam, Now!” My mom screeched again. “Get as far as you can!”
“There’s the boy!” One of the cops screamed before my dad tackled him. Before I could do anything else, Claire grabbed my hand and was leading me threw her backyard. We jumped over the fence and sprinted away. We ran for a solid 45 minutes until I finally caved.
“Claire…” I gasped. “I’ve got to stop!” She gave me an annoyed glance, but didn’t say anything as I sat on the grass.
After a second, Claire finally asked,
“What happened back there?” I sighed. I knew exactly what happened but hadn’t told anybody.
“My parents… are 7,000,000 dollars in debt.”
“WHAT?!?!?!” Claire exclaimed.
“Well, Kind of. About a week ago, a man stopped by my Dad’s office. He told him he needed to pay his gambling debt back quickly, or there would be consequences.”
“But your Dad doesn’t gamble!”
“Exactly, but the man insisted that it was his. He even showed him a paper showing him the all the money apparently gambled away against some powerful people 11 years ago.”
“But…wasn’t that when your Mom was pregnant with you?”
“Yeah it was. My Dad wouldn’t do that. He…he just wouldn’t!” Claire put her hand on my shoulder.
“I’m going to clear his name, no matter what it means!”
“Good, then let’s go!”
“No, you go back!”
“You really think I’m leaving you here? No. Besides, my folks have will probably have already noticed I left, and they can guess I’m going with you. No buts.”
I wouldn’t admit it, but I was glad to have her along. I fake-sighed and we set off at a brisk pace. After awhile, I asked,
“Where are we going?” She looked at me stunned.
“Are you dumb? We can’t look like ourselves! If what you said about your parents is true, we need disguises. My old babysitter runs a beauty salon around here, and she owes me, so she can give us everything for free!”
“Really? For free? What did you do for her?” Claire gave me a devious smile but said nothing. After about 5 of walking we arrived at a small building In the middle of downtown. There was a big lighted sign reading, “Rachel’s Works.”
We entered, and Claire went to talk to the person at the front desk. After a quick hug and gossip session, they turned to me. The women came out from behind the counter and stuck out her hand.
“Hi! I’m Rachel, and I know who you are! Sam, right? You may not remember me but I’ve seen you before!”
“Now that you mention it, yeah, I do know you!” She smiled then asked,
“What do you want?”
“He’ll have the number 4, and I need the number 7!” Rachel giggled then smiled.
“What colors?” She led Claire over to a wall where she picked out two bottles of color. I thought it was sad to see Clair’s black curly hair go, and my own brown, but it was for my family.
We sat down in to big chairs and two assistants came out of the back. One draped something warm over my face. It felt so good that I quickly fell asleep.
I woke up in a warm room in a bed with lots of covers.
Was that all a dream? I thought. But it wasn’t. In the corner was… Claire? It didn’t look like Claire at all! Her hair was a light blond and was way longer and straighter. She had a mole on one side of her cheek that wasn’t there before, and she seemed…taller? Wait, that was because she was wearing high heels!
“How…how did you afford those?” Now that I looked she was wearing all new clothes.
“Because I told Rachel. She’s like a sister to me, and I can tell her anything. She gave me the entire profits from that week.”
“Wow…that’s really nice. How much?”
“Over 3,000 dollars!”
“Yeah, I know! I already bought us clothes and backpacks to!”As glad as I was something wasn’t right.
“Claire…what’s wrong? You’re not having second thoughts are you?”
“No! Nothing like that…It’s just…I’m not sure you will like what I’ve done to you!”
“How bad can it be right?” I got up and went to the bathroom. But instead of seeing me in the mirror, I saw a girl. She looked about my age, maybe a couple years older. She had lighter blond hair then Claire’s that framed her face. She was wearing a pink nightie and had average cleavage for her age. I spun around expecting to find her right behind me, but there was just Claire. But when I spun around I noticed that my chest…jiggled! I looked down and noticed I was wearing the pink nightie!
“H-How do you like it?” said Claire nervously.
“What…I’m… A GIRL!!!!”
“I’m sorry! It was the only way to really make you look different! Please tell me your okay with it?”
I looked into her big, pleading brown eyes. I couldn’t resist.
“If we ever get out of this alive, you owe me.” She squealed and hugged me and I returned it, then she backed off and we went to get dressed. Immediately she started undressing. I blushed fiercely.
“Y-you know I’m not really a girl right? Should you really be doing that?”
“To me you are! And you will have to start behaving like one now to! Your voice can easily pass as a girl’s, and your body is pretty much hairless! I think your appearance is good but you need a little work on behavior.” I started to get dressed as she was speaking, digging into the bag of clothes she had u change ybought me and pulled out a simple panties and bra set (pink and polka-dotted of course.) I then pulled on a pair of jeans that hugged my legs so tightly I was almost wishing I could cut them off. I then pulled on a plain black t-shirt and white jacket.
“Sam,” Claire called but cut herself short. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep calling you Sam anymore, what do you want to be called?” I sighed and replied,
“I don’t care, what do I look like?”
“Sarah definitely Sarah!”
“Okay, I’m Sarah Sailus then!”
“Oh? Shouldn’t your last name to? I’m changing mine!”
“Your no longer Claire Turner?”
“Nope, call me Claire Thompson!”
“Okay, Claire Thompson! Then I shall be Sarah Thompson! Your older sister!”
“No fair! Why do you get to be older than me?” She teased.
“Because I said so, little sis!” She poked me and I poked her back and soon we were both giggling, rolling around on the floor.
“By the way, where are we?” I finally asked.
“A hotel near Rachel’s Salon.”
“Oh, well, I’m bored! Let’s watch some T.V.!” I grabbed the remote and we cuddled up on the bed together. I flipped the power button and instantly regretted it. On the T.V. was a picture of the old Claire and I, while a newscaster blared,
“If you these two, please notify the police immediately. They are highly dangerous!”

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