Andy Kowalksi's Birthday!

Andy Kowalski's

There was a boy named Andy Kowalski who got presents for his birthday.

All of his presents were nice and wonderful and fun, but Andy was unhappy.

Daddy gave him his favorite cereal with chocolate marshmallow baseballs and footballs.

Andy cried.

Thank you Daddy…

and Andy put his face down into the bowl where he got milk up his nose!



Mommy gave him a new bike with big tires and a handlebar with orange grips.

Andy cried.

Thank you Mommy…

and Andy pedaled and went down the hill and fell off the bike
and into Mrs. Sapienza’s rose bush!


His Sister Missy gave him a new book with big pictures and funny stories.

Andy cried.

Thank you Missy…

and Andy left it on the front porch when it rained and it got soggy!



His Kitty Belinda gave him a nice rub and purr and dug her claws into his leg.

Andy cried.

Thank you Belinda…

and she was so happy that she ripped his pants and scratched his knee!

OH owwwww!!!!


His Doggy Lucy gave him a nice smile and barked and wagged her tail.

Andy cried.

Thank you Lucy…

and Lucy got so excited that she jumped up in his lap and got mud all over his shirt.


His Doctor Gina gave him herself. She knew how sad he was because his inside didn’t match his outside.

Andy cried.

Thank you Doctor Gina…

and she smiled and helped him fix things.


And Doctor Gina understood because when she was born she was a boy just like him, too!

Andy cried.

And he cried and cried and cried...happy tears!

Thank you!

Oh my!

And when Andy got old enough Doctor Gina gave him medicine and an operation just like hers.

Andy cried.

Thank you, Dr. Gina!


Andy grew up, but he still gets presents for his birthday.

Mommy gave him some money to buy new clothes.

Andy smiled!

Thank you, Mommy!

Daddy gave him some money to buy a nice old car.

Andy smiled!

Thank you, Daddy!

Missy gave him a hug and a new sweater just like hers.

Andy smiled!

Thank you, Missy!

Belinda the Kitty and Lucy the Doggie gave him purrs and tail wags.

Andy smiled!

Thank you, Belinda! Thank you, Lucy!

Dr. Gina gave him a new outside to match his inside.

Andy smiled!

Thank you, Dr. Gina!

And Andy gave himself the best present ever… A new name.

Andrea Kowalski.

Andrea smiled!!!

Thank you, Andrea!

The End

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