by shalimar

Rose White took the next specification sheet off the pile. She looked over the information on the form.

‘This is going to be a fun one to make,’ she thought. ‘A Fabio face with chin a dimple al la Kurt Douglas. Humm 6’ 3” and ALL muscle.’

“Maybe I’ll keep this one myself,” she said out loud to no one in particular.

Being a bodybuilder was a job she liked to do. She especially enjoyed building the children for the “parents” who couldn’t conceive. They had their child, or two, that would eventually grow up and be a normal member of society. She would almost do those bodies for free, but she also liked the pay her work provided.

Bodybuilding was an offshoot of cloning that was begun around the beginning of the century. President Bush had declared martial law and suspended the Constitution on January 14, 2008. Three years later he started another war, this time in Iran. There were heavy casualties and despite the martial law, major protests occurred throughout the US. Luckily, there was a major breakthrough in cloning, which enabled the Pentagon to build living “GI Joe’s.” As they weren’t really, “alive” according to the military, they were expendable so nobody in the US cared about the body count. The war ended with a revolution in Iran and the US. Returning to constitutional law, Senator McCain became president and Senator Kerry became vice-president in a coalition of national unity until normal elections were held.

‘Bodybuilding tm’ was sold to several labs, becoming a huge industry, where even foreigners bought bodies for various purposes.

As she reviewed the form, she stopped and called her supervisor, “Mike, I have form 2658721, the Fabio look a like, and there seems to be a mistake.”

“No, Rose, I called the customer myself and confirmed the anomaly.”

“Such a waste,” she replied, “If it was not for the difference I’d want to play with him myself.”

“This is ’Dealing with the customer, rule number two,’ he explained.

“I know, if the customer is wrong, see rule number one.”

“Remember you are not being paid to like it. You are being paid to build it.”

She got the parts for the body and started building it. Fabio face with the dimple, strong arms, legs and heart, a washboard abdomen and, of course, the sex. No body is complete without the sex, unless, of course, it is for the military. Then it is required NOT to have the sex. There are fewer complications that way.

In an hour, the “Fabio” was finished and dressed. He walked out of the laboratory where he was made and sat in the clone waiting room awaiting his new “owner” to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long as the owner arrived a few minutes later.

Fabio walked into the reception area.

“Very good,” the owner said. “He’s perfect… and the special change?”

“Take down your pants, Fabio,” Mike told the clone.

Fabio complied and showed that he had a normal woman’s vulva.

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