New Beginnings Part1

New Beginnings Part 1

My name is Keith Jones. I live in Signal Hill, Los Angeles. I am in the 6th grade and I am 11 years old. I have a twin sister called Karen and two brothers, a baby brother James who is a year old and Paul who is 7. Karen and I look alike. Our facial features are so alike that if we wore our hair the same length and style we could not be told apart. Karen's hair had been up to shoulder length while mine was a longish boy cut. Karen and I had blonde hair and blue eyes. My dad, Kevin used to have his own business; an investment firm while mom Victoria also used to have her own business; a hairdresser and beauty salon. They had both sold their businesses, as we were to relocate to Texas.
Today was the last day of school before the summer vacation. We went to the Butler elementary school. We got out of school and were waiting for dad to come and pick us up. Dad arrived in his newly renovated car, a red 1959 Cadillac convertible.

Dad arrived and as we walked to the car there was great interest in his car from the other pupils. We got into the car and I sat in the back with Paul. Karen was moaning to dad about the kids teasing her about her now shorter hair.

The reason for Karen’s shorter hair was due to Paul being naughty. He had cut Karen’s hair the previous night as we slept. He had also taken the cut hair and stuck it on me.

Mom had taken us to her work and rectified the situation.
We now had hair the same length.

We drove home and all went to go greet mom who was lying down on the bed in her and dad’s room as she fed our brother James. Mom said we needed something to eat for lunch and dad, Karen and Paul left to the mall. I said I preferred to stay with mom. I kicked off my shoes and got on the bed with mom. Mom did not mind me on the bed as she fed my brother. As James began to doze off mom lifted him gently from her breast and then put him next to her. Mom asked, “Keith darling would you like to suck from my breasts? I still have milk in them and James is sleeping.” I had always secretly wanted to suck from mom’s breasts.

I put my head down to mom’s breast and closed my nipple and began to suck on it. I could feel my penis start to get hard as I sucked. Mom said, “Isn’t that nice my darling?” I lifted my head and said, “Yes mommy I’ve always wanted to do this.” I had a closer relationship with mom than I had with dad. In fact dad was a bit disappointed that I was not into sports as he was. James my brother was more the sporty type and my dad liked this. I spent a lot of time with my sister and tended to play with her and her friends as I did not have many male friends of my own.

My interests were more feminine than male. I liked fashion and liked making doll’s clothes. On our last birthday I had received an electric racecar set while my sister had got a toy sewing machine that was functional. I was not that impressed my gift and preferred to play with my sister’s toy.

I began to make clothes for her dolls. I let my brother play with my racecar set. This did not make me popular with dad, as my gift was his idea. I had also worn my sister’s panties a few times. I had done this secretly and far, as I knew no one knew. Mom was talking to me as I continued to suck from her breast. She was saying that I was a lovely baby to suck so well. We heard the rest of my family arrive back and I quickly stopped sucking and got off the bed.

I went downstairs and saw that Dad had bought pizza and soda. I took some for Mom and myself and went upstairs to take it to her. Dad and my siblings followed with their meals. During our lunch Dad was talking of a baseball star appearing later at the mall. Paul wanted to go and Dad said he would drive us kids over to mall. I said I didn’t want to go. Karen said she was going as well. Paul said that he knew I would not want to go. I was surprised at Karen wanting to go with. We finished lunch and then Dad and my siblings left. I was on my way to my room and decided this was an ideal time to try on my sister’s panties again. I went into my sister’s room and went her panty drawer.

I had just opened the drawer and was surprised to hear mom’s voice behind me, “And just what are you up to my baby?” I stammered, “N.. nothing Mom”. Mom came over to me and said, “Why are looking in your sister’s panty drawer? Do you want to try on one of her panties?” You must have come here for a reason”. I said ashamedly, “I wanted to try on one of her panties.” Mom said, “And have you done this before?” I said, “Yes Mom a few times”.

Mom said, “Well my dear I am not surprised you are a bit girly like your sister. What do you say and let me help you get dressed up in more than just your sister’s panties.”

Mom closed the bedroom door and walked over to me and said, “Ok let’s get your boy clothes off.” Mom took charge and grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it off over my head. Next she began to undo my belt buckle and then unclip my pants. She pulled them down and then helped me step out of them. I was a little bit hesitant for what I knew would come next. I turned round as Mom gripped the waistband of my boxers. Mom said, “You don’t have to be shy my darling, mommy has seen it before.”

Mom went around facing me and pulled down the boxers. My penis sprung to attention as it was revealed. Mom went to the open drawer and got a panty and come back to me. She knelt before me and opened up the panties for me to step into. I steadied myself with my hand on her shoulder as I stepped leg by leg into the panty. Once I had done that Mom began to pull up the panty. As the waistband reached my pen-s it began to force it against my body. Mom got the panty into position around me. I had always loved the feel of the soft silky material around my body. The panty was made of pink satin and was decorated with pink ruffles on the seat.

Mom said, “Don’t you just love that my darling?” “Yes mommy it’s wonderful.” Mom asked, “So you haven’t worn any more of your sister’s clothes other than her panties, I’m quite surprised you did not go further. Well let’s get you in more of your sister’s clothes.”

Mom went over to the chest of drawers and came back with a silky camisole and after asking me to stretch up my arms she placed it over my head and pulled it down. I shuddered as the silky material fell on my skin. Mom went to Karen’s vanity and came back with a wad of Kleenex. She pulled my panty down and then wrapped my penis in the Kleenex and then pulled the panty back up. She said, “That’s just in case you get too excited and mess them.”

I could feel it was a wise precaution as I had could feel wetness already. Mom went to Karen’s wardrobe and came back with a pink flowery dress. She got me to stretch up my arms again and she put the dress on me. Mom got me to sit down on the vanity chair and then came back with some white socks. They were quite girly as they had a fold down lace edging. Mom then went the wardrobe and got some shoes for me. They were pink pumps with a one-inch heel.

Mom got me to face the vanity mirror and began to brush out my hair. She styled my hair the same as my sister’s and put a flowery clip in my hair. She got me to stand up and walk around. She said for me to take small steps and place once foot directly in line behind the other to give me a girly walk. Also she got me to talk just as my sister would. This was quite easy as I was so familiar with the way my sister acted.

We went down to the kitchen after Mom first checked on my baby brother. Mom said I should help her prepare the evening meal. We put aprons on and began to do the cooking. We finished preparing dinner and I set the table. I just loved doing things with Mom and was glad she suggested I dress further. Mom decided to phone Dad to see how much longer they would be. There was no reply only a voicemail message the number was not available, we heard Dad's greeting. This was odd, as Dad never had his phone off. I tried Karen’s number and we got the same result. Mom and I began to worry. An hour later Mom decided to take a drive to the mall and see if we could find them. I was a bit hesitant about going out dressed as I was but mom said we did not have time for me to change. I helped Mom get my brother up and we put him in his carrycot and we went to Mom’s car. Mom drove a Cadillac ESV. Mom drove the Cadillac towards the mall and we came upon an car accident. There were fire trucks, police cruisers and an ambulance. We got closer and saw that there was a gas tanker that had collided with an car. The tanker had ruptured and the car was completely burnt out. We were chilled when we saw the car had the distinctive tailfins of a 1959 Cadillac.

Mom said, “ I just pray that’s not your dad’s car. I hoped it was not but had a sinking feeling it had to be. Mom stopped the car and got out and told me to stay with my brother. She told me to remove the wad of Kleenex from my panty and tuck my penis in between my legs if I had to get out the car. She walked over to one of the police cruisers and appeared to be talking to one of the officers. She had her back to me so I could not see. I watched as mom and the police officer that was a woman embraced. Mom seemed to know the officer. They turned so I could see their faces and although it was from the side I could see that mom was crying. That confirmed it for me; it had to be my dad and siblings that were in the car and my own tears started to flow. It was more for the loss of my sister than my dad and brother. They came over to the car and mom said weeping, “Darling, I sorry but it looks like it is dad’s Cadillac, dear this is Officer Jones, you remember her don’t’ you?”

I had seen the lady once before at mom’s salon and recalled seeing her before. She said, “It’s Karen isn’t it?” Mom said, “Yes this my daughter Karen.” I wondered why mom had said I was Karen. I thought she could just say I was Karen’s brother dressed in her clothes. I got out of the car carefully keeping my weiner between my legs. This also caused to me to move gracefully as a girl would. Mom embraced me and said still weeping, “I’m so sorry my darling,” I also expressed my sorrow and Officer Jones hugged us both as we were locked in our grief.

A paramedic was called over and Officer Jones explained it was our family that was in the car. The paramedic gave mom and I a sedative and then Officer Jones offered to drive us home. She asked if there was family she could call to be with us overnight. Mom said no but she could call her close friend and manager of her business. Officer Jones made the call and Janice Smith; mom’s friend said she would meet us at our house.

We arrived at our house and Ms. Smith was waiting for us. We were taught to refer to older people in that manner. Officer Jones said she would keep us informed of removal of Dad’s car and also left her contact details. Ms. Smith got us into the house and carrying my brother. She greeted me as Karen and I did not want to contradict her. I thought it was what mom wanted. Ms. Smith got us into the house and carrying my brother.

She took charge and began to phone. As she phoned I got mom alone and asked mom about how long we should keep up the pretense of me being Karen. Mom said that we had already fooled two people and wouldn’t I like to have the opportunity to live as a girl. Mom reminded me that we were due to relocate to Amarillo, Texas in a week’s time. It was all arranged and grandpa and grandma Jones lived there. Also we would be closer to grandpa and grandma Tyson, mom’s parents who stayed in Lubbock. Mom would explain things to them. I liked the idea of posing as a girl. I saw it as an opportunity of living my life as a girl.

Mom reminded me to go to my sister’s room and also quickly get my old clothes from my new room back into my old room. I went to the room and quickly did as mom requested. I went downstairs again and helped mom dish up the meal we had prepared. Mom said she did not feel like eating but thought we should to keep our strength up. Ms. Smith also ate with us. Ms. Smith continued to phone friends and family. All of our relatives were from Texas. Some friends of mom’s came over and expressed their sorrow. I continued to pose as my sister.

No one was any the wiser as I did it so well. It was a bit difficult to keep my weiner between my legs. Later on mom said it was time for me to go to bed and told I should go take a bath and she would be up to check on me. I went upstairs and went into my bathroom. Our house was large and my sister and I had our own en-suite bathrooms. I ran the water adding bubble bath and got undressed. I got into the warm water and just relaxed thinking of how my life would turn out.

I did miss my sister dearly and began to weep for her. Mom came into the bathroom and asked how I was doing. I told her I missed my sister and mom corrected me saying it was my brother.

She went into my room and came back with my panty. She pulled it up after I stepped into it. I looked down and I was smooth in front just like my sister. We went out to my bedroom and mom got me the matching baby doll nightie and helped me into it. I loved the soft feel of the material against my skin just like the panty felt. I put on a gown and fluffy pink bunny slippers. I went with mom to say goodnight to Ms. Smith. She asked if mom and I were all right. Mom said we were fine and thanked her for being there for us.

Mom took my hand and we went upstairs again and Ms. Smith bought up my brother who had been sleeping in his carrycot all this time. Mom got me settled into bed after I took of my gown and slippers. I took a pink teddy bear and held it close to me as mom kissed me goodnight and tucked me in. I knew I had to start thinking of all these things in the room as mine. I thought I am holding my lovely teddy that Karen called “Mugsy”. I went to sleep thinking of acting like a girl.

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