Sissy bride gets married Part2

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Sissy bride gets married Part 2

We began the walk up the aisle. Beverly, the flower girls and ring bearer followed us. I was feeling good about myself and began to smile as I saw all the people who were there to see me. I had accepted my fate and was determined to be a good wife and serve my husband. As we proceeded up the aisle I could hear comments from the people. They were saying thing like “He makes a pretty bride.” All of the people knew I was a male in transition to become a female. It was beginning to happen quite often in our society.

We finally reached the front and I took my place alongside my husband to be, James. He whispered to me, “You look beautiful my darling.” The minister started the ceremony. He first asked who was giving away the lovely bride. Dad responded that he was. There was the usual asking if anyone knew of any reason why we should not be married.

No-one responded of course and then the same question was directed at James and I. I was asked first and the minister asked me, “Do you Victoria Fonteine know of any reason not take this man James Hill as your lawful wedded husband?” I replied I did not. The minister then directed his question at James, “Do you James Hill know of any reason not to take this woman to be as your lawful wedded wife? James also replied in the negative. I began to relax and was thinking of the night ahead.

The minister spoke of our future lives together. He spoke that we were a unique couple as I was woman to be but the love we have was no different than between any other couple. We did our vows next. My vow was centered on being a willing participant in my transformation into a woman. I was asked if took this man to be my husband and promised to love and obey him in all circumstances. James gave his vows that he would take me a woman to be as his wife and would love me and cherish me and accept me for what I was to become.

I was happy that I had someone to take care of me. James was wealthy and had lots of servants. I would be taken care of for the rest of my life. Next during the ceremony there was performance by of a song by a friend, Josie. The song was apt for my situation, "Feel like a woman". After the song we exchanged rings. I was first to place James’s ring on his finger and do the vow. Then it was James’s turn to put my ring on my finger. My ring was a wedding band a perfect compliment to the engagement ring I already wore. I thought back to the evening nine months ago that we got engaged. I had feminine lingerie underneath my male clothes. My engagement ring was beautiful and had a large diamond encircled by red rubies.

The minister proclaimed us husband and wife and then told James’s he could kiss me. Beverly stepped forward and folded my veil back and then James kissed me full on the lips. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to enter into my mouth. He kissed me for a full minute and I enjoyed his tongue exploring. The minister saying we could do more of that later interrupted us.

We then signed the wedding register and completed all the paperwork. I took delight as I signed above my name Victoria Fonteine. The guests had exited the church and were waiting for us. James took my arm and led me down the aisle. As we walked he was saying how he was going to enjoy getting into me. I blushed at the thought of what lay in store for me. We exited the church to a flurry of confetti and streamers. The guests and our families congratulated us.

We went to the nearby gardens for the formal wedding photographs while our guests made their way to the reception hall. Beverly redid my lipstick as my mouth had taken a beating during my kiss with James. We made our way to the reception hall and were welcomed in by music playing. We made our way to the main table. I was helped to my seat. My dress and petticoats were so voluminous that they could go over the chair which a lower back. My train extended on the floor behind me. The master of ceremonies did the welcoming. I enjoyed his remarks that I was going to become a fine woman.

We started off with appetizers. The food was excellent. There were speeches and toasts. Next the main course started. There was nice easy listening background music. After the meal it was time for my husband and I to take to the dance floor. James helped me up and he led me to the floor. I was still wearing my complete wedding dress and veil. I just loved being in this dress and was going to dance in the complete dress. I had told Mom I wanted to and she and Aunt Rose were prepared to help me. The train of the dress was gathered up and attached to my wrist. We weren’t going to do an elaborate dance, just a slow waltz with James moving backwards in a large circle. It was a challenge with my full dress but we managed it ok and best of all I got to dance up close with my man. Others joined us on the dance floor. At the end of the song James and I circulated amongst the guests and then went to sit down again for dessert.

We made our way to the cake table and we cut the cake and then James fed me a small piece. After another slow dance together it was time for the bouquet and garter toss. I was helped up onto a chair and I threw the bouquet, Karen a gender-reformed guy caught it. I sat on the chair and then James got under my skirts and reached up my leg and in the process went up too high and brushed his hand against my panty-covered penis. My penis was hard from being covered in all the wonderful soft fabrics. James found the garter and pulled it down and then whispered in my ear, “I like your hard clitty my darling.” James threw the garter to the waiting men and his best man and close friend Brian caught it.

We had a last dance and then James thanked everyone for sharing our wedding with us. We made our way to the entrance to the hall where the carriage awaited us. We got in and began the slow ride to our chalet. I loved being with the man who was going to be instrumental into transforming me into a woman. James was kissing me as we rode along and he placed my hand on his crotch and I could feel his hardness. We arrived at our chalet that was completely secluded.

James got out and then helped me down from the carriage. He took me by the arm and led me to the chalet door. He opened the door and then turned to pick me up and carry me over the threshold. I was slightly built and James was quite strong. He carried me over to a couch in the lounge of the chalet and put me down gently. He went to the bar in the room to fix us sundowners. He came back and handed me my drink and put on some soft romantic music. Our luggage had already been brought to the chalet and we just relaxed with our drinks and chatted. After a while James said he was going to the bedroom to get ready for me.
I waited a while till James called to say he was ready. I went into the bedroom. He was lying in the middle of the heart shaped bed. He was wearing only a pair of silk boxers. I was still clad in my entire wedding outfit and I just removed my shoes as I stood in the doorway and walked across the plush carpet in my stockinged feet.

I reached the bed and the train of my dress was at the doorway. James moved to one side of the bed and told me to get him ready. I got on the bed and began to pull James's boxers down. I exposed his big tool and then I pulled the boxers all the way down to his ankles and he kicked them off. His tool was hard and he invited me to suck him. This was the moment I had been trained for. I went down and put my lips to his tool and began to lick and suck on it. I took it further into my mouth so that I almost gagged. James began to moan with delight and said, “That is so wonderful my dear but slow down a bit so I can come in you.”

I took my mouth from his tool and then assumed the position. I was on my knees still dressed in my wedding outfit. James moved in behind me. He began to lift up my gown skirts. He pulled the train of my dress over my shoulders. He had to fold the material several times. He folded my petticoats one my one until my frilly panties were visible. He pulled my panties down until they were down by my knees. I felt his hard penis touch my bare bottom.

I felt his tool move up till it was by my hole. I could feel the head open me up and begin to penetrate me. I yelped in pain and pulled the hem of my dress to my mouth and began to suck on it to stop from moaning any louder. James said, “Sorry my darling I didn’t mean to hurt you, are you OK?” I nodded my head. James continued his thrusting into me. It was sore but at the same time pleasurable. I accepted this as it was going to turn me into a woman. James had now thrust all the way in and I felt his balls touch my bottom. James then began to pump in and out of me and his balls slapped against my bottom. Soon enough I felt an eruption as James came in me. He withdrew from me and then assisted me to get the pad in place and secured it with my panty.

I decided to sleep in my full wedding dress. I lay on my back and James folded the train of my dress over me enclosing my feet after reaching underneath my dress to release my clitty by pulling my panty down a bit. He gripped my erect clitty though the layers of material and began to stroke me until I ejaculated into the material. James kissed me goodnight and then pulled up the bedcovers and covered us.
I was lying on my left side and James was lying at my back pressed up against me. I could feel his penis was erect again as it was pushing against my rear. I dozed off and woke later to find I was alone in the room.

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