New Beginnings Part3

New Beginnings Part 3

I woke the next morning; Mom was busy feeding my brother.
Mom saw I was awake an invited me to suck from her as well. I asked mom about when and how I could become a girl. Mom said as far as she knew it was not possible till I was eighteen and it involved hormones and surgery. I moved closer to mom and began to suck on her breast. I just loved the taste of mom’s milk. Later my brother began to doze off again and mom laid him down beside her and turned her attention to me. Mom said I would also love to have some to suck from my breasts.

Later mom said it was time for us to get up, as we were due to go to church. I reluctantly left mom’s breast and then went to my room. I took off my nightgown and panties and took and took a shower. I began to dress for the day. I pulled on a clean panty and enjoyed the sensation of the silk on my penis. I pulled on white stockings next. I pulled on a full slip over my head and let it float down. I just loved the sensations on my body. I put on a green velvet dress. I began to brush out my hair and mom came into the room and helped me. Mom was already dressed and I put on white Mary Jane’s.

We went downstairs and we made and had breakfast. We went upstairs and we got my brother ready to go with us. I powdered him once mom had cleaned him up and put a clean diaper underneath him. Mom finished dressing him and then we left in mom’s Cadillac. We arrived at the church and when people enquired as to where the rest of our family was mom told them the sad news. We were consoled and mom also arranged for a memorial service with the priest for Tuesday coming. No one suspected it was I taking the role of my sister.

We enjoyed the service and then afterwards went to my grandparent’s hotel. We had lunch with them there after which we all went back to our house. My grandparents had now hired a car. We discussed the way forward. All agreed I should be given the chance to become the girl I was now portraying.

Mom said she would find out from a close doctor friend how we could proceed. Our family would consist of a girl and boy.
Mom decided to act and phoned her friend Dr. Sarah Fonteine. Dr. Fonteine had already been to our house to express her condolences. Mom invited her over to our house for coffee.

Dr. Fonteine was our family doctor and had treated the family since mom and dad were married. Dr. Fonteine arrived and after we had coffee and cake mom brought up the subject. Mom said that Keith had always been a bit effeminate. He was not really into sports, did not have male friends, and lately was enjoying making dolls clothes; he had taken over Karen’s toy sewing machine.

When Dr. Fonteine wanted to know what this had to do with anything mom told her that Keith was the one who stayed behind when the others went to the mall to see the baseball star. Dr. Fonteine said, “Are you telling me that this young lady is actually Keith?” Mom and I just nodded our heads. Mom told her friend I was dressed in my sister’s clothes when we went looking for our family and people had all thought I was Karen and that she had given Ms Smith Kevin’s I.D. instead of Karen’s. Mom continued to say that I was happy to assume the role of Karen due to my girly nature.

Dr. Fonteine said I possibly could get surgery and have hormone treatment but they did not allow it on young person’s like me. She began to ask me of how I felt about being a girl as opposed to a boy. I told her I had always felt I should be a girl; I liked the idea of looking after and mothering people. I wanted to be like my mom and also go into the beauty and hairdressing world. I also preferred to dress up in girl’s clothes, as there seemed to be such a large variety of fabrics and colors. I preferred to wear what I was dressed in as opposed to boy’s clothes.

Dr. Fonteine said that it was required for those wanting to change gender to live as their intended gender for a period of time. I was already filling that requirement. She admitted my situation was a little different as I already had a female I.D. but I would need to have my body changed to fit that identity and how would we explain why I had a penis and friends if I was a girl. Dr. Fonteine said she would help us but it was a pity we were relocating to Texas.

Dr Fonteine said she could do a bit herself. She could remove my penis friends and put me on hormones to start me becoming a girl. She could surgically conceal my penis.

She suggested we get settled in our new home and then we could go to her surgery and have it done. She mentioned she had a surgery at her home and could do it without anyone knowing. She had a daughter to do nursing and also we could be assured of confidentiality.

Mom said it sound like a good idea and asked what I thought. I said that it would be better in the long run if I started to develop like a girl. Mom hugged and kissed me and said, “That’s my girl.” Dr. Fonteine also hugged me and said I was going to become a beautiful woman and I should just enjoy being a girl and she would see to it that I was helped on my chosen path. She said she would like to examine me and she, mom and I went up to mom’s room.

In mom’s room I was helped to undress till I was just wearing my panty. Dr. Fonteine pulled my panty down and examined my penis and friends. She said I was not that developed for my age. She probed my lower body with her hands and said she would like me to come to her surgery for an ultra sound, as there was something she could feel that should not be there. We could go immediately if we wished.

Moms and my curiosity were aroused and we agreed to go.
I got dressed and then we left to go to Dr. Fonteine’s surgery. My grandparents were to look after my brother.

We rode over in Dr. Fonteine’s Ford. Mom asked her friend questions on the way over. What did she suspect? Why the ultrasound? Dr. Fonteine said she thought I might have extra internal reproductive organs. We arrived at her surgery and she and mom undressed me. Dr. Fonteine did the ultra sound examination and she said her suspicions were right.
I did have internal female reproductive organs. From what she could see it liked like they were complete. Both mom and I were stunned. Mom asked her friend if it was a rare occurrence. Dr. Fonteine said it had been known to happen on one other occasion when a man was discovered to have internal female reproductive organs but that was the only case known.

Dr. Fonteine said if my female reproductive organ were functional I could be transformed relatively easily. A detailed internal examination was needed but we could do that once we were settled in our new home. We returned home and on the way I told mom I hoped my female organs were functional. At home mom and Dr. Fonteine share with my grandparents what had been discovered. They agreed with me that I should be made into a girl.

We had dinner, Dr. Fonteine stayed for dinner too. Later it was time for me to go to bed and I kissed her goodnight and thanked her for her examination. I went upstairs and Grandma Jones came with me. She kissed me and said I was going to make a beautiful girl. Grandma helped me undress and put on a nightgown. She said I would love it when my breasts began to grow and I developed in to a woman.

She helped me into bed and tucked me in. one she put my light out I got my hand under my nightgown and explored my body. I would miss my penis but without it and its friends I would be able to become a girl and later a woman

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