The Center: Tester - Part 15

The Center: Tester - Part 15

By Blackout

Editor: Zip

Thanks Zip for editing. Now that I finally was able to finish this story to a good point I will work on elemental awakening and edit some more. Enjoy this chapter!


Chapter 15

Arriving back at the Center, I ran straight toward where Mattie was being held. They had her out in a open field to try to keep the earthquakes from doing any serious damage. I had to get a ride just to get there and even then I was not allowed to get too close. I had to wait at least five miles away. Even with binoculars, the most I could see of Mattie was a dark speck in the distance. I had to get clearance to be here. I was very happy they agreed, after what happened today with me ignoring orders. I was almost positive they were going to say no.


The earthquakes started up again, fissures occurred all over the ground and were only getting bigger. The whole ground was shaking even over here. It lasted for a while longer before it finally died down. After that we took a helicopter, as the field was no longer safe for the Jeep to drive through. The ground looked like a broken mirror. It was not hard to spot Mattie in the only undisturbed part of the ground in the center of the fissure field. A soldier climbed down a rope ladder so that he would be able to pick Mattie up. It was all pretty intense and cool. I was not ready at all though, for the new image of Mattie.

OH MY GOD was he cute! He had dark black hair, a well-muscled body, chiseled face of a movie star that would put the male supermodels to shame. He was rugged and mysterious and I could not believe I was freaking out over a guy… but I also felt some deep connection to him. It was as if he was a part of my soul and at that moment all I wanted to do was snuggle with him tohis tight chest as he held me. My breasts started to get hard just at the thought of it.

“Is he going to be ok?” I asked one of the doctors on the helicopter. The guy that was Mattie before was bleeding all over from coughing up blood but that only made him look like a tough soldier with battle wounds.

“He’s fine as long as we get him back to the Center immediately. It just seems that the overuses of his powers can literally kill him. Fortunately he only sustained some non-life threatening injuries. I believe his mother probably drank a ton of polluted water for a while through her pregnancy to bring about this effect. We are just lucky he did not go rogue or we would have a serious issue on our hands.”

“Ok thank you!”

The former Mattie was rushed into the infirmary. I was not even allowed to see him because it was that serious. The change was perfect, but by the sheer power of this earthquake he just caused, his insides were severely damaged even as he was changing into a guy. Apparently if he had still been a girl my Mattie would have died just from the sheer magnitude of damage to her body.

I paced back and forth in the infirmary for a while this whole experience was really getting on my nerves. Then I noticed Kris approaching me as she entered the infirmary. Her face said I was in deep shit.

“Rachael I hope you know how disappointed I am from your actions!”

“I am aware Kris. I’m sorry but I had to save Mattie.”

“Yes I know, but you went about it the wrong way and it could have ended a lot worse. Please don’t ever do something that stupid again. I know you’re a lot smarter than that; so act with your head not with your emotions.”

“So what’s my punishment?” I wish I did not ask because Kris smiled at me with a very scary smile.

“Your punishment is to be Ms. Fine’s personal assistant for the next three weeks. She will be facilitating your punishment and we deal with you as necessary. You will still be working with the ATT (Ability Testing and Training) department but in your free time you will be with Ms. Fine.”

“So you put me with the person who would punish me the most for what I did.”

“No! I put you with someone who cares about all of us emergents deeply here, and will do what’s fit to make sure incidents like this don’t happen again. Now that this discussion is done. I want you to go to room five of the infirmary. The two girls we rescued at the enemy base are there. T hey should be waking up soon so greet them, get them clothes, and give them the Center introduction. Also I have heard that Mattie’s condition is stable and she should be waking up in an hour or so.”

“Thanks that is the best news I’ve heard all day.”

I walked into the room to find both girls lying there on the beds. They were both awake but the room was quite as I walked in. They began to break out into questions when they noticed me enter.

“Where are we? Where’s Mattie? What happened?”

“Calm down. Let me explain.” They both went quiet, thankfully. Their many questions were driving me nuts.

“This is the Center. It’s the government run facility that is responsible for emergents and protecting the world from dangerous emergents. As you probably know by now, being an emergent means you have acquired supernatural abilities and have changed sex. This is will be explained further in the video presentation. As for Mattie she has become a guy and is currently getting treatment.”

After that I showed them the movie. They did not seem too surprised though. I guess after all that had happened, who could blame them.

“Now for introductions I’m Amber, I seem to be a telekinetic!” The very bubbly red headed girl shouted when the movie was over.

“Ummm…. I’m Megan.” The brown hair girl spoke. She was rather shy and seemed pretty nervous about being here.

“Well I’m Rachael. I have been charged with getting you situated here, so follow me and let’s get you some clothes.”

We started out of the room and down the hallway. Today was going to be a long day by any accounts.

“So Rachael have you seen Mattie’s new boy body. I bet he is hot!” Enthused Amber.

“He is, but you better keep your hands off him. He’s mine!”

“Really and why is that? You don’t even know him.

“Hmph! That’s where you’re wrong. Back when I was a boy named Ryan, I was Mattie’s boyfriend. So I know Mattie better.

“Really. You don’t say. You don’t really strike me as boyfriend material not with those boobs anyway. We’ll let the new Mattie decide. But believe me when I say, ‘I will be the one to get Mattie’!” Declared Amber.

We all had an awkward laugh at that. Never in my life would I have thought I would be competing over a boy.

Getting to the giant wardrobe, we entered and started looking around. I tried to spite Amber by choosing some really girly clothes for her but to my chagrin she seemed to love them. Megan on the other hand was exploring for clothes by herself but she looked really shy and a bit scared.

“Hey Megan are you ok? You seem really out of it. What’s wrong?”

“Well back at MAGNUM I never received kindness like this and I am unsure what the Center’s intentions are for me. I still am pretty freaked from back when I was still in Magnum. They never truly allowed me the time and care to adapt to being a girl so this is all new and awkward to me.”

“Don’t worry! The Center is here to help you. You’re safe here and will be allowed the time to experience life and grow. So don’t worry, and start making some new friends. You already have three great friends.”


“Amber, Mattie, and Me!” I said giving her a hug.

She started to break down crying right then and there. I held the hug with her. Megan had been through so much at Magnum. How was it that such a sweet girl had ended up at their place? When she was done crying she got up and smiled at me.

“Thanks, I needed that.”

“It’s ok just let it out. We’re girls now, so it’s ok to cry. It helps deal with the pain.”

After that I helped them pick out the rest of their clothes and got them their school uniforms. It was about that time that Liz walked into the room.

“Hey Rachael, Mom told me to take care of the rest here. Also, Mike seems to have woken up a while ago. While you guys were taking your time here he has already gotten set up with some clothes and is currently resting in his room on the boy’s side. He should be fairly stable, after all I gave him some healing.”

“Thanks, but who is Mike?”

“Hahaha! I thought for sure you would guess it. That’s Matties new name or to be precise it’s Mike Russell.”

“Really! That’s a cool name. Anyway thanks for covering for me. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Also I didn’t tell him you’re here. So it should be a complete surprise when you knock on his door.” ‘Giggle’

I ran out of the room and started to rush down the hall way to the boy’s side. Words could not describe the joy I had and the anticipation of getting to meet Mattie..err…Mike again. Getting to the boys side I went up and down the hall until I finally found the room with the name plate Mike Russell. Well here goes nothing I thought.

‘Knock’ ‘Knock’

“Who is it?” I heard a dark distinctly male voice utter from the room.

“It’s Rachael can I have a moment of your time?”

‘Sigh’ “Sure I guess. Come on in.”

“I opened the door to find the handsome dark haired boy lying on the bed; he seemed to be in a very bad mood and was just staring out his window when I entered. He decided to take a moment and spare me a glance at which point shock spread over his face.

“Hey you’re the dumb girl that ran out to rescue me.”

“Hey don’t call me dumb.” I punched him in the shoulder.

“Oww I just got healed and you punch an injured man.”

He started to cry at the word man.

“Geez I’ve even started to act and refer to myself as a man now. This day sucks, now it won’t even matter if Ryan and I meet again, I doubt Ryan would ever date a boy. Anyway how did you know my name back there?”

“Well Mike, I would not be so sure Ryan wouldn’t date a boy as handsome as you. As for how I know your name… let me tell you a story. So back when I was a guy I was taking this beautiful girl to a restaurant for dinner. I began to feel really sick and so we left the restaurant and we were attacked. Thankfully the Center got to me. I thought I would never see my beautiful girlfriend again. But I saw Mattie there and trying to be her knight in shining armor I rushed forward not caring about the consequences with only one goal in mind, to rescue my princess.”

“Wait…Wait…Wait! RYAN?!”

“Yeah but I go by Rachael now. It fits a lot better.”

Mike hit me back in the shoulder. “You idiot what were you thinking, running out there like that. You could have gotten yourself killed. So you’re no longer my knight in shining armor. Now you’re my damsel and I’m your knight. If I ever find you doing a stunt that stupid again I will beat you up.”

“Hey don’t punch girls, you brute!” I teased.

Mike then wrapped me in a hug and we both started crying together.

“Rachael you don’t know how much I’ve missed you!”

‘Giggle’ “Of course I do because I’ve missed you even more!”

“Hahaha! You just giggled!”

“Shut up Mike, and where do you think your looking!”

“Ummm…I’m sorry, new instincts.”

“Well eyes up here from now on!”

“Hahaha! Look who’s talking.”

After that we each told each other our stories over the few days we had been separated. My story was not nearly as traumatizing as what Mike had been put through. She or rather he had been through so much over the last few days, I felt the fear in his voice as he told his story.

“I can’t believe that Scott was a Magnum agent.”

“I know… right. Hey Rachael you may not be my strong and handsome Ryan anymore, but you are very beautiful.” I was blushing bright red.

Mike then all of a sudden leaned in on me. With one arm around my waist he scooped me up onto his chest and kissed me mouth to mouth. Fireworks exploded in my head. As a former girl Mike knew just what to do. He wrapped my small body into his big embrace. I felt his well-defined abs as my breasts pushed into his chest. He was well defined and muscular. I passionately returned his kiss. He was working wonders in my head and body. My nipples began to get very hard.

We were now both lying down and I was on …. TOP. My whole body was exploding from every little touch. I began to remove Mike’s shirt. I wanted to see his bare muscular chest.

“Hey if you remove my shirt I get to remove yours.”

“Fine, then it’s a deal!”

I worked his shirt off, while moving my chest over his. I felt something hard down there… something I no longer had… get really excited. When his shirt was off I looked down. He really was very muscular with a six pack and biceps any man would love to have. Oh my Mike had a killer body even better than my body as Ryan.

Mike then began to work on my shirt. He slowly pulled it off, kissing my chest as he worked his way up. It felt so good! Then he started to work on the skirt. Geez here I was having my boyfriend pull off my skirt. He pulled it down all the way.

“Rachael I really like the matching pink panties and bras, especially the panties that say Rachael. When did you go girly?”

“Hey! Don’t mock them. They look good on me. The underwear grew on me. Don’t you like them?” I asked.

“Yeah” he blushed. “They look really cute on you!” I could not help but blush back. He made me feel beautiful and I was getting this tingly feeling inside.

I then got my turn to work his pants off. He was very hard at this point in just his boxers. Mike then pulled me down on top of him again and started to work wonders on me. My hands wrapped around him. He on the other hand, had one hand on my butt and another on my breast and his massage was sending impulses all around my body with every touch. Mike was very good at this. We were passionately kissing and I could see fireworks with each passing moment. Never before in my life had I felt this good. I had heard sex as a girl was about ten times better than sex as a guy. But I never really believed it until now. Whenever we did decide to have sex for the first time it would probably be one of the greatest days of my life.

It was so much excitement and felt so good I wished it would last forever. We just continued to roll back and forth up and down in our love making until all of a sudden I felt Mike stiffen all of a sudden. I got off realizing what had happened. As I guessed he was wet down below. Although I was damp a little also.

“First time huh?”

“Yeah of course it is. But anyway sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. It’s natural. Actually be proud! With the amount of stimulation I was giving you most other boys would have already reached that point. You held out pretty long. You also made it very enjoyable to me.”

“Of course I was a girl before. You were really good yourself. Your new body is stunning Rachael.

“Thanks,” I blushed.

“Well you better get going, I need to change.”

“Hahaha. Yeah I will see you later.” I kissed him on the cheek. I missed Mattie so much. I was so happy we would be able to see each other again.

I waved bye as I left the room. That was one of the best moments I had ever had. If that was what sex life as a woman would be like then I was looking forward to it. I think I had finally accepted being a girl then only part of my life was still longing for was Mattie but now she or rather he was back in my life as Mike. I also had a great job here working as the Abilities Trainer and Tester, and had wonderful friends and a great roommate. What more could I ask for? You know what? Being a woman would not be that bad.

Actually I think I’m going to enjoy my life as a lady especially one with superpowers. Being a girl rocked!

THE END……for now……

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