New Beginnings Part4

New Beginnings Part 4


I woke and the sun was already shining. I stretched in bed and enjoyed the softness of my nightgown around me. It was nice to have my legs covered in the silky material. I got up and went to the bathroom where I took off my nightgown and ran water, added bubble bath and then removed my panty and got in. I lay back and relaxed in the perfumed water. I heard a knock at the door and mom asking if she could come in. I said it was ok I was in the bath. Mom came into the bathroom and she began to wash me. I was certainly capable of doing it myself but liked it as mom took each limb and washed it for me.

Mom washed me all over including my penis and friends.
She washed my hair and told me to relax awhile in the bath she was just going to check up on my brother. I lay there thinking of the internal female organs inside me. I wondered how it would be like to have release with those organs. I needed information. I was so relaxed I began to doze off and then mom came back into the room and said that I looked so relaxed there in the water but it was time to get out otherwise I would turn into a prune. Mom helped me out the bath and dried me off. As she did so I began to ask her about release with my female organs as compared to my penis.

She said the females was different compared to the males and was generally longer lasting and more intense. She wanted to know why I asked. I was thinking of my options for future happiness and wondered would it be possible to have both female and male organs working. Mom said she didn’t think so and anyway society would find it odd. My maleness would inhibit my female development.

Mom said not to worry about it we just needed to get our move to Texas over and then we could take it further. Mom said I had not hit puberty yet and another week or so would not make much difference. We went into my room and I began to dress. This evening we had the farewell party. I pulled on a pink panty and a white lacy camisole. I put on socks with a red lacy trim. I was to wear a red dress with lace trim on the sleeves and lower hem.

We went downstairs to make and eat breakfast. I noticed mom was tearful and I asked if she was missing dad. She nodded yes. This started me off and too and mom said sometimes it was ok and then just suddenly she would start to miss dad. We finished breakfast and then mom contacted my grandparents and arranged they come over and discuss the memorial service.

Mom and I got my brother bathed and dressed while we waited for them to arrive. My grandparents arrived and we talked about the service and decided who was to speak and pay tribute to our family members. We drew up a program and mom also confirmed with the priest that there would be eats afterwards. Mom said she would pay for all costs involved.
Mom also contacted Ms. Smith and we faxed a copy of the program to have it printed, we gave details and photos to be included.

Later in the day we all went out for lunch. We went to restaurant near my grandparent’s hotel. Mom, my brother and I went in mom’s Caddy. After a lovely meal together mom, my brother and I went to a mall.

We went into a clothing store where mom and I got outfits for the memorial service. We did not have much in the way of black in our wardrobes. Afterwards we returned home and mom asked me to change my brother’s diaper while she informed people of the memorial service by e-mail. I took James to the nursery and soon had him cleaned up and put a fresh diaper on him. I took him back to mom who was still busy in the study. Mom had found information on a website about people who had been transformed from male to female. Mom said she was sure my case would be different in the light of what we had discovered.

We went to the den and relaxed before we went upstairs again to get ready for our farewell party. I went to my room and looked in my wardrobe for the outfit that had been bought for the farewell party. I knew of the outfit when I was still Keith as I had been with during a shopping trip. I undressed and then took a shower and then began to dress.

I wore white satin panties, white stockings, a satin camisole and full frilly petticoat. My dress was a green silk with lace trim on the hem. Mom came into the room to help me into my dress. Mom was already dressed. Once I had the dress on mom said she never would have thought that when she bought the dress I Keith would be wearing it. I told mom but it was I Karen.

I put on my shoes, white pumps with a low heel. We left to go the farewell party after we got James ready and into mom’s Caddy. We began the drive to Stacy’s home. My grandparents were to come to the party. We arrived and saw my grandparents were already there. The party was a great success. Everyone said they would be missing us. Mom also invited people to the memorial service. We were given going away gifts. We left after saying thanks to everyone.

Back home we went upstairs and got ready for bed. I undressed and put on my long pink satin nightgown and it’s matching panty. I put on my slipper and gown and went to mom’s room. Mom had just finished getting ready for bed herself. She turned her attention my brother and began to change him. I went with mom as she put my brother down in his cot in the nursery. We returned to mom’s room and settled down to sleep. Mom had taken off her nightgown and said, “Come Karen suck from mommy we need to have some close mother daughter time.” Mom pulled me to her breast and I eagerly went down on her and began to suck milk from her. I began to doze off while still sucking from mom.


I woke and was cuddled up with mom who was still sleeping. She still did not have her nightgown on. Her breasts were inviting and I began to suck from the nearest one. This caused mom to stir and she reached out and pulled me closer to her and said, “Ohhh my baby I love it when you suck from me.”

I sucked from mom for a while she caressed me rubbing my back. After a while we could hear my brother crying over the baby monitor. Mom said she had to go see to my brother. I stopped sucking from her and just lay back as mom got up and left the room still wearing only her panty.

Mom returned with my brother and began to feed him breast and I resumed feeding from her. After awhile mom said it was time for us to get up and face the day. I reluctantly stopped sucking from her and then went to my room. The memorial service was at 10 a.m. I bathed after filling the tub with bubble bath and bath oils. I got out the bath and dried myself off and then powdered myself. I like to smell all girly.

I began to put on my underwear and heard a knock on the door. It was Grandma Jones asking if she could come in. I told her she could. I had just pulled up my panty when she came in. She said I had such a beautiful body and I was going to enjoy becoming a woman. I was glad my family had accepted the idea I could become a girl and then a woman.

Grandma helped me put on my camisole and then helped me with my stockings. I put on my black dress. After I got my dress on I put on my shoes. Grandma brushed out my hair for me and then we went to join the family. We talked about the day and we were all tearful. None of us felt like eating but my grandmas said we should to keep our strength up.
I helped set the table. Breakfast was served and we ate.

We left for the church. The congregation welcomed us and expressed their sorrow at our family’s loss. Mom and I sat together and mom had her hand on my shoulder as she held me close to her as the tributes to our family were given. Mom brought a tribute to my family and thanked everyone for their support.

We had snacks after the service and then left to go home.
I went up to my room and changed my dress. The dress I wore was a light pink mini dress that I wore with white boots. We spent the rest of the day preparing for the moving van that was to come the next day. We went to my grandparent’s hotel for supper and then returned home.

I got ready for bed. I dressed in a long pink silky nightgown and then went to mom’s room. I helped mom to get my brother ready for bed and then mom and I cuddled up in bed and I sucked from her breasts to go to sleep.


We woke early, as today was the day the moving van was coming. I kissed mom good morning and went to my room where I bathed and dressed for the day. I wore a pink and white gingham dress with two full petticoats underneath it. I also had my white stockings on.

I went down to help mom. My grandparents were already there and they brought us breakfast bars. The moving van arrived and the men came into the house and began to move out our furniture and appliances. I went up to my old room and assisted the men with my things. Later I was my new room and I assisted there as well.

The day went quickly and our entire household contents were packed into the van by nightfall. We had a break for lunch where we went to a nearby mall. We left out house for the last time and went to the hotel where my grandparents were staying. We had supper and then we went to bed early to get enough rest for the day ahead.

I got changed into my yellow silky nightgown and got into bed. Mom followed soon after and she fed my brother and I breast until my brother dozed off. Mom put him into a cot and then I had mom’s breasts all to myself. I dozed off while sucking from them.

We woke early the next day and got ready for the day. I dressed in my pink gingham dress with a full petticoat and stockings. We and had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. My grandparents were to fly back to their homes. We left at the same time. My grandparents left in taxis while mom began to drive her Caddy out of town. It was 8 o’clock when we got going. We were planning to reach Needles by the end of the day. I sat in the rear of the Caddy with my brother who was strapped in a baby car seat. I passed mom snacks and drinks as we drove along. We took a break around 10 a.m. stopping at a highway rest stop after encountering heavy traffic. We reached the town of Barstow by lunchtime where we had meal at a restaurant.

After lunch we resumed our journey and after another break halfway through the afternoon we arrived at our destination, Needles for the night. We checked into a hotel and relaxed till supper. We requested room service. Once we had eaten we watched a bit of TV before settling down for the night. As usual mom let me feed from her breasts once she had fed my brother. I fell asleep with Mom’s breast in my mouth.

I woke the next morning with Mom kissing me on the lips. Mom said, “Good morning my darling girl sorry to wake you but we must get going.” Mom was already dressed and also had my brother ready. Mom helped me change into a light green dress and then we went down for breakfast after which we checked out of the hotel and took to the road again. Our destination for the day was Gallup with a lunch time stop at Flagstaff. The day passed with the miles passing by rapidly. We enjoyed a lunch at Flagstaff and then pushed on to Gallup. We once again checked into a hotel. We relaxed in our suite and then bathed and dressed and went down for supper. After supper we went back to our suite where we got ready for bed. I helped mom get my brother settled down to sleep and then mom and I got ready for bed ourselves.

I undressed and put on my long pink nightgown while mom put on a pink negligee. We got into bed and mom encouraged me to suck from her breast. I went down on her breast and mom hiked up my nightgown and got her hand inside my panty and began to stroke me. Mom soon had me ejaculating in my panty as I sucked from her.

I was relaxed from sucking from mom’s breast and having ejaculated and soon dozed off.

The next day we were to reach our destination. I woke and mom was still sleeping and I began to suck from her breast which soon got her awake. Mom said, “That’s a nice way to wake up my darling.” I sucked from mom a bit longer and then we got up and got ready for the day. I dressed in a skirt and blouse with petticoat under my skirt. Mom woke up my brother and fed and then dressed him and we packed up and went down for breakfast.

We left the hotel and took to the road again. We had a break in Albuquerque and reached Santa Rosa at lunchtime where we stopped for a meal and then took to the road at 1 p.m. We came to the outskirts of Amarillo our new hometown at 4 p.m.

We drove straight to our new house. The moving van was already there. Granny and Grandpa Jones who lived in Amarillo were also there. My other grandparents who lived in Lubbock were also due to arrive soon. They had first gone to their home in Lubbock
We went inside the house after we all kissed in greeting. I began to explore the house and soon found the room that was to be mine. The removal people started to bring on our furniture and appliances. It was not long and my furniture was brought up and set up in my room. I began to get my personal items from the boxes and pack them in my wardrobe. My room was accessed by stairs and had a window overlooking the front yard. One of the removal ladies hung my clothes in my wardrobe while I placed my underwear in my underwear drawer.
It was getting near dinner time and we went over to Granny and Grandpa’s house to eat and also spend the night. We watched TV for a while and then went to bed. We shared the guest room.

I helped mom get my brother changed for the night and then mom began to undress me and help me into my nightgown and panties. I got into bed while mom got ready for bed herself. As usual mom let both my brother and I suck from her breasts. My brother fell asleep first and mom then put him into his cot and then returned to the bed. Mom invited me to suck from her breast again. I began to suck form her lovely breast and then Granma Tyson came into the room to say goodnight. She and grandpa Tyson were old staying with us.

Granma said, ”Ooh looks like Karen is really enjoying feeding from you my girl.” Granma slipped her slippers off and got into the bed with us. Granma lay at my back as I sucked from mom. She and mom discussed my future as a girl. They talked about what Dr. Fonteine had said. My penis was getting hard inside my panty and mom said she could feel it. Granma put her hand round to feel my penis and began to stroke it. She stopped for awhile and then took off her own nightgown and wrapped my penis with it and continued to stoke me. I could feel her breasts pushing against my back as she pleasured me. I soon ejaculated into the nightgown. This always relaxed me and coupled with sucking from mom’s breast I soon fell asleep.

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