New Beginnings Part5

New Beginnings Part 5

I woke early the next morning to feel something bulky around my hips and as I moved I heard a crackling sound. The sound was familiar, like the plastic pants my brother wore. That and the bulk around my hips could mean only one thing. Somehow in the night I had been put into a diaper and didn’t even wake. I was still wearing the same nightgown and further more my hands were encased in fingerless mittens. Mom was still sleeping and then I felt the need to go to the toilet. It was for a number one. I thought about what had been done to me and surmised they wanted me to use the diaper. I let go and did it feeling the unfamiliar warmth of wetness. Mom still slept soundly. I was now wide awake and tried to go back to sleep.

I feel asleep again eventually and then woke one more needing the toilet again, this time I needed to do a number two. I just went ahead and did it. I fell asleep once more and woke later to feel someone pulling my nightgown up and pulling my plastic pants down. I opened my eyes to see it was mom and Granma. They noticed I was awake and both said in unison, ”Good morning my baby, we are just busy changing you.” I asked, ”Why have you got me dressed like a baby? “ Mom said, ”Well we thought we would treat you like a baby so you can experience what it is to be like a little girl from the start. “

I said that it would be silly; I mean I was already 11. I would look stupid dressed as a baby and anyway what was the point I would only be able to do it indoors. It would be too embarrassing outside. Mom told me she would like us to do it in private. I thought about it and decided it would maybe fun. I told Mom it would be ok for us to try it and seeing as they had already started they might as continue.

The plastic pants were now off and mom was busy unpinning my diaper. It was opened up and Mom got toilet paper to clean me up. I loved the soft gentle way Mom cleaned me. Granma was on hand with a wet cloth and she used it to wipe me down. These were forgotten memories being diapered. Mom got some powder and sprinkled me with it and rubbed it in all over my penis and friends. It made me hard. A clean diaper was slipped under me and it was pinned. Mom showed me my plastic pants. They were pink of course and several rows of ruffled lace along the seat.

They were pulled on me and then Granma came out with a real surprise for me. She had a dress for me to try on. Mom said I was to be dressed as a one year old. The dress was what a one year old would wear. It was pale pink and had a high waist. It was all frilly and lacy and had a big bow on the back. It was my size of course. It was Granma that started the idea of dressing me like a baby. She had the baby style clothes for an older child like me made which were made for her brother who was now in actual fact her sister. In fact she had a lot of things ready for me to wear. They ranged from 1 to 10 years old.

Next frilly ankle socks were put on my feet and then some typical little girls shoes, Mary Jane’s. We went to have breakfast and Granma said that as a one year old I was to be fed and also I was a crawling baby. I liked the attention and was delighted when she began to feed me. Mom was feeding my brother while I was being fed. Later after breakfast Grandpa got out his video camera and wanted to get some footage of me crawling showing off my cute pantied bottom. I obliged and crawled along like a baby and also made every one day by pulling myself up and standing. I clumsily fell down again and crawled further.

Over the next few weeks I really enjoyed these babying times and also when I dressed up a girl my age and went into town and did girly things. Like having my ears pierced. We flew back to Los Angeles and went to see Dr. Fonteine mom’s friend. We were to stay with her for about a month while the options for my future were explored.

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