The Inheritance Part2

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The Inheritance Part 2

She smiled brightly, her beautiful white teeth flashing as they peeked of out of the curtains of her dancing red lips.

“You would be regressed to the age of a newborn and then live the life of a girl from birth until about age 18, at which point you would have fulfilled the requirements of the will. To make up for your advanced age, each day of your life would be equivalent to seven days, so each day you will get one week older.

“As a newborn?” I gasped. “Are you nuts?”

She took a deep breath, smiling her reassuring smile. “Not at all.

Research shows that gender identity is formed mostly from birth to six months, and everything after that is basically just building on those first few months. This way you will be able to have all of the memories and social development of a normal female. We learn things from practice and repetition, and this is no different. Further,” She continued, “Re-parenting is a proven therapeutic technique that is found to be quite effective in curing identity disorders, depression, and a whole host of other things.”

I sat there silently, suddenly feeling smaller, my whole body threatening to bolt from the room while my stomach sent waves of quivering sensation spreading through my entire being. My mind fumbled with the math: if one day equaled a week, then fifty-two days would be a year and fifty-two times 18 years was — my mind refused to come up with the number. I angrily shook my head, as if to clear it.

“How long now?”

“If everything went perfect, you would complete the program in about two and half years. However, the team expects that some stages may have to be repeated, and depending on your development, they may opt to send you back to an earlier stage so you can grasp something there that got missed the first time around. They tell me between three and four years, as I said earlier.”

“Is that like, you know, going to be in a hospital or something?”

“No, of course not, you will be taken to your new home, one of your aunt’s mansions in Beverly Hills. We have personnel there who will be taking care of you. Now during the trip over your new home I want to read over this agreement, including the Special Power of Attorney form that will require your signature. This will basically assign all legal authority of your life over to the team until the end of your program. Of course, you can rescind it at any time just by signing the enclosed termination form, but to do so would forfeit your inheritance.”

She passed over several documents to me.

She continued, “Sign in the indicated places and give them to Julie when you are done.”

As if on cue, the woman I had met earlier reappeared with her sunny face. I sat, looking blankly at her. She reached down and gently took me by the arm, helping me to stand up on suddenly wobbly knees. Then, leading me by the hand, we headed for the door.

“C’mon, Hon,” she said soothingly, “your driver’s waiting

Julie escorted me out of the office and into a late model, black Lincoln Continental limousine. She chatted happily as we made the drive from the attorney’s office into Beverly Hills, telling me about Los Angeles and the history of the city.

I was fascinated by Julie’s breasts; they looked so warm and inviting.

I barely heard, thinking about my plight. $138 million dollars that was a lot of money, especially when my pockets were feeling so completely empty at the moment, $138 million dollars and all I had to do was let them turn me into a girl, starting as a new born. I tried to imagine being a little baby girl and found I could not, but for some reason my heart beat faster and my stomach fluttered. I was short only 5 feet, slender and slight of build. I did not look like a typical male.

Truth was I always had thought of myself as a girl so maybe that was the right thing to do. Heck, for $138 million I would let them make me act like a parakeet, for all I cared. I read over the documents as we continued on our way.

After a while we arrived at our destination, before us there was a tall elaborate gate.

Julie said, “Welcome to your new home”. The driver pressed a button on the intercom and the huge gate opened. We continued up a tree lined driveway. The mansion came into view. The mansion was huge, the front façade being about 400 feet long. There was a fountain in the centre of the circular forecourt. The car came to a halt and as I looked up the flight of stairs to the mansion the massive wooden door opened.

The driver opened the door for us and we got out. An attractive brunette of about 35 came down the stairs to meet us.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “Hello darling welcome to your new home.”

Julie introduced us, she was Karen Westphal. Karen took my hand and led me up the stairs. Karen was well endowed and the fabric of her top was stretched by her huge breasts. Once inside we went into a lounge. Everything about the mansion was beautiful; it was huge and decorated with ornate lace curtains and fresh flowers on every table. Never had I been in such a wondrous place. Karen was taller than me as was Julie.

Julie said, “Chris dear, are you done with those documents yet or should I give you your 3500 dollars?”

Karen said, “Chrissy dear, I am to be your new mommy and I would have thought you would have already decided.”

I said, “I’m about to decide”.

Karen said, “Maybe this will help do decide, you are just so cute and are too pretty to be a boy. My maids and I will be doing everything for you”, and then hugged me to her lovely breasts.

I said, “Julie, the documents are still in the car.”
She said, “I will go get them for you, you silly girl.”

Karen said, “Ok Chrissy while we wait for Julie, let me tell you what’s going to happen. You will be expected to act your age from when we start. We have to get rid of all you body hair. “

Julie returned and handed me the documents. I signed in all the required places and left the rescinding document untouched and handed them back to Julie.

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