The Inheritance Part3

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The Inheritance Part 3

Karen said, “Ok baby Chrissy, now that’s out the way lets get started.”

Truth be told, I welcomed this as I had longed for someone to take care of me again. Julie kissed me on the forehead and then left to go back to her office. Karen took me by the hand and said, “Come my baby lets go to your nursery.”

We went up stairs and arrived at a door. Inside was a huge bed room, luxurious with a huge four poster bed. Karen said, “This is my bedroom darling, your nursery is through here.”, as we walked to an archway. Inside there was baby furniture designed to fit an adult. Everything was decorated in pinks and whites. In the center of the room was an adult sized baby crib, complete with mobile and pink bumpers. The swing away hinged front of the crib was slightly opened, as if for easy access. A huge mirror spanned the wall behind it. There were teddy bears of different shapes, colors and sizes scattered around, a large pile of diapers on a table, and several different adult sized baby outfits.

Karen guided me back into her bedroom and to a door. She said, “Now down to business.” Inside the door was a bathroom. There was another lady there; Karen introduced her to me as her maid, Lucy. Lucy was dressed in a low cut black satin maids dress and the skirt was full with several petticoats underneath.

The two ladies tackled me and began to undress me; the large tub was filled with bubble foam. Karen said, “From here on you are a baby and babies can not do anything for themselves, nor can they speak, nod your head if you understand.”

I nodded my head. Soon I was without a stitch of clothing. Lucy helped me into the tub. Lucy began to wash me all over. I peeked at her deep cleavage as she ran the cloth over my body. My penis began to expand in excitement, especially as the pretty maid reached down to wash me there. My thorough washing came to an end and then Lucy let the bath water out. She reached for a can and began to spray my legs and then wiped away the hair leaving them silky smooth. Lucy remarked, “Can’t have our baby having a hairy body.”

Karen returned and soon the two ladies had me devoid of any body hair including my face. The two smeared me with moisturizing cream. It felt great to feel the ladies rubbing the cream in on my smooth body. I was led to a changing table and helped to climb on it. I shivered in anticipation of what was going to happen.

I settled down with a satin pillow under my head. I watched as Lucy slipped a diaper underneath me as Karen lifted my legs and buttocks from the table. Together they sprinkled and rubbed baby powder on my genital region. Oooh I just loved this attention. Karen produced a pacifier and popped it into my mouth and told me to suck on it. The diaper was pinned and then a second one was slipped under me as Lucy lifted my legs. This was pinned as well and then frilly baby pink plastic pants were drawn up my legs and pulled over my double diaper.

He was aware that she had stepped away though, and then she reappeared, dangling a furry, pink, footed sleeper above him, smiling down at him. Karen grabbed on ankle, and starting putting the sleeper on him. She pulled it up to his knee, and then Lucy did the other side.
“They are really is going to make me look like a baby. I have diapers on and now she’s putting me into a girl’s sleeper, just like a real baby!”

Karen reached under the table and pulled out a large pink pacifier and stuck it in my mouth.

“Does baby like her pacifier?” Karen asked, a warm smile on her face.

I stared back at her immobilized by what was happening. Now I had a pacifier in my mouth, thick, noisy, fluffy diapers on, and they were was dressing me in a pink sleeper! I wondered at the pleasant tingly feelings I was having in my stomach.

Karen and Lucy tugging again at the sleeper, and had it all bunched up around my bottom. They lifted me up and slipped it around my hips. Next Karen and Lucy took my hands and tugged me forward. Karen and Lucy took my hands and pushed them into the sleeper, and then followed with the other. Karen and Lucy did up the press studs of the sleeper. Next Karen she pulled up the soft fur lined hood over my head and pulled the drawstrings tight and then tied them. “Awwwww! You look so cute!” she soothed.

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