Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots

Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots
By Stanman63
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SynopsisA pair of boots from Henry Harrelson’s — boots made to fit your feet and your personality which is what I need because I am male dancer in transition.

I strode into Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots wearing my black unitard and ballet slippers under my trench coat. I'd been looking for this place to show up in town ever since I'd heard rumors about it in the chat rooms.

Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots had changed many men into women, much like the legendary SRU Wizard of Spells 'R' Us, but there was no affiliation, except for the magical aspect of the transformations.

I was however more than ready to purchase the boots and become the woman that I was, within.

I entered the establishment and was greeted by a most charming middle age man wearing a three-piece suit of gray, "Welcome to Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots where we make boots to fit your feet and your personality."

"Sir, let's get to the point. I know all about you and your boots and know exactly what I need."

"And what is it that you need?"

"I am a male dancer who wants to be a woman. I need the footwear that will let me release the dancer within."

"Have you any pictures?"

I passed him a portfolio of my many costumes that I'd worn in school, "I'm able to pass quite easily, but I have not the funds to physically transition. As you can see from my I.D., I have already taken care of things."

"AH! So you need the boots in order to transition."

"Yes, but also keep my agility and dexterity because I make my living as a dancer on stage as well as cheering/dancing for different sports teams."

"Very well, I have a proposition for you then."

"If you can get me season tickets to the games, I will give you the footwear to go with each uniform."

"What shall I wear out of here?"

He produced a pair of black ballet slippers, "These will go with your outfit. Let me measure your feet."
Now, I am a happily married woman. Married to a most wonderful husband who gifted me with family as he was a widower with infant twins: a boy and a girl. As for Henry Harrelson, I keep him supplied in season passes and he supplies me with the most wonderful creations from Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots.

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