It`s bitter cold I`ve been chasing the mysterious figure throw the snow for 2 days and never quite get close enough to see who it is.

Whoever it is seems to be running for their very life, but if they don`t stop they`re going to die a painful death or a lingering one.

There is a high cliff about twenty miles in front, if they take the path they`ll end up on the moors were very few people live.

Whoever it is had taken the path, there are no trees for many miles and the land under the blanket of snow is just heather cobered peat bog.

I must catch up to runner before it is too late, there`s a bad storm coming I feel we will both die, everytime I run faster the figure in front seems to speed up as well.

The distance between us isn`t narrowing or getting bigger, I shout but the wind stops the runner form hearing me.

We both seem to be slowing down, and the snow is falling thicker and the wind is picking up, I can still see the lonely figure.

I now don`t know where we are but I have to catch the runner, I am starting to stumble in the blizzard and can barely stand the freezing cold.

I can`t go any further and collapse with exhaustion I have fallen into a gully.

A hand touches my shoulder, I look and see a blurred figure ut seems to be a woman she says"Come child your pain and suffering have ended your time here is ended".

I look at the figure of the runner I see the face and see....

MYSELF a boy in a dress

The world around me is fading away where am I now ??

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