Me and my friend

Me and my friend

by Janet Harris 2011

Someone on Fictionmania said I should use more dialogue, instead of “wall to wall narration” so here goes...

“I want you to come on this journey with me, George”

“What journey? Where to?”

“Well, we're not going to leave this room, in reality, so to speak. It's sort of in a new dimension... You're not going to believe it until it happens, so it's hardly worth trying to explain it first.”

“Oh, come on, Tom, don't be so mysterious. Out with it!”

“OK, we're both going to become someone else. A metamorphosis. I was shown what it was like yesterday for just an hour and it was fantastic. I mean, you know me, I could never believe in magic. I was always sure there was a hidden but scientific explanation for everything, but then yesterday something happened for which I can find no possible explanation. Hey, George, it was so enjoyable that I simply have to do it again, explanation or no explanation.”

“Yes that isn't like you at all. What did happen?”

“Well, I became someone else for an hour.”

“But how? What caused it?”

“It was this old mirror I found in my Grandad's attic when we were clearing his house. It didn't look as if it was worth anything but something, almost a little voice, told me to keep it and look at it again later. When I did have a closer look I couldn't see anything special about the frame or the handle. It might be Victorian or older but it's only pewter, not silver. Then I stared at myself in it and I got the fright of my life. My reflection was doing different things from me! I mean, first he winked at me, then grinned while I was just shocked. I asked him who he was and he said 'Who would you like me to be?'”

“Go on, what happened next?”

“Well, it's so embarrassing now. The first person that came into my head was that model, Judy Herring, so that's what I said and my reflection slowly, well, quite quickly really, morphed into Judy. The weird thing was, I felt myself changing too and, when I looked down, it was all of me, my clothes and everything!”

“Oh my God! Are you a tranny now, Tom?”

“No, really, all I'd wanted was to have her in the room with me, on the other side of the mirror. I really never expected to actually 'become' her. It was really weird, suddenly having tits and no cock. I have to admit I began to enjoy it, thinking I must have fallen asleep and this was all a dream. Then I looked around and realised I'd never had a dream anything like as real as that. I pinched myself and it hurt. My female body all felt very, very real. I got quite frightened and asked my reflection if this was permanent. No, she said, I could change again, even back to the horrible person I was before, she said, but not for an hour. I tried to ask her more but she just acted as my normal reflection, moving exactly as I was, so I put the mirror down and wandered around as Judy. I never thought I'd enjoy that but, George, you've got to try it! Please do it today with me. Next time I don't want to be on my own.”

“Wow, what a request! You want to become my girlfriend? Is this you coming out as gay or something?”

“Oh God no! I want us both to be girls for an hour, or maybe longer. I'm not gay and I promise I won't be when we're both women, either. I was beginning to think about men in a girly way when I was Judy but I assure you that I fancy girls again now I'm back. I really want to try it again today, for longer if possible. I'll go first, but please come with me or it'll be too embarrassing being a woman while you're still a man.”

“Oh I see. Well I might consider it if I was sure what was going to happen and that I could get back. I'm not even sure if I believe you at all, but my gut feeling is that you're telling me the truth. That mirror's giving me the creeps even while it's face down. What makes you trust it?”

“Well, I suppose it was because the reflection was me. Yet it wasn't really. When I came back to it an hour later as Judy it just reflected me for several seconds and I got frightened again. Then it was a huge relief to get the wink again. She was so sweet with me, well, that's how it felt when I was Judy too, and she changed me, well, both of us, back to Toms without question.”

“Mmm, I'm a bit worried about what other powers the mirror may have. Did you ask it anything else?”

“Er no, I was too shocked, I suppose, and it was fairly terse with me. I don't expect it to be very open about itself. If you annoy it, it'll probably never work again. Other powers might be beneficial, you know.“

“Go on then, let's see you try it again... Are you just seeing yourself now?”

“Yes, it may not do it with you here... He's alright, he's my friend, I won't let him hurt you... Oh hello! Can you change me into Judy again, please?... 'Only if I can trust him'”

“Wow, your lips didn't move for that last bit. Hello, if you're real, I really won't hurt you. I may want to change too.”

“ 'I need to see you. Priests have tried to destroy me in the past. Pass me over, please' ”

“As you can see, I'm no priest... Oh my god! He winked at me too! Here, take it back, you're going first, you said.”

“OK. Can I be Ju.... Oh my! Oh my goodness!... See, this is no dream, is it?”

“Certainly not, young lady! But I'm not sure I'm ready. I mean who should I become and what happens to them? Where's the real Judy Herring now?”

“What do I care? I'm her newly discovered twin sister, I suppose.”

“Well that gives me an idea. I've got a twin sister and we could have just as well have been girl-girl twins. Pass the mirror, please... Now, is this one hour minimum; can we change back any time after that? 'Yes' And there's no maximum? 'No' OK, my sist... Oh Gosh! Oh heavens!”

“Hello, girl! What's your name? I don't think you've ever told me your twin's name.”

“She's Violet but I'll have to be something different. I don't like Georgina.”

“I think you look like a Betty.”

“Oh no, not Betty. What about Angela?”

“Yes OK. Hello Ange!.. I'm not Judy either, since I'm her twin. I'll be Ruth. Hey, stop feeling yourself. Why don't you go in the bathroom and have a good look. I did yesterday.”

“OK, thanks, Ruth, I will.”

“Hey Angie, can you hear me in there? I don't want to shout 'cos the neighbours'll wonder what we girls are doing here.”

“Yeah, OK. What d'ya want?”

“Well I want you to come out shopping with me. I didn't dare yesterday on my own. So, don't be too long in there. I mean don't have a full wank like I did!”

“Why the hurry? I'm thinking I might not want to change back... I won't be long, though.”

“Thanks... Oh hello, that was quick. I'm dying for a pee. You didn't try that did you?”

“No but I'd like to touch up my make-up... Oh my, here's my handbag!... Oh good, I've got a little mirror here — I'd be too scared to use the magic one.... Hey, there's ID too in here. Have a look at yours, Ruth.”

“Oh my God! It says 'Ruth Herring' on my driver's license. But we only invented our names after I put the mirror face-down there. This is spooky!”

“Yes, let's try going away from it and see if anything else happens. Hey, were those coats over there before? This one seems to be mine. I can't believe how much taller than me you are now. My sister isn't particularly short.”

“Well of course I'm tall as a model. Or at least my twin is a model. Maybe I'll have to do something else.”

“So you also want to stay more than an hour? Even thinking career moves?”

“Oh stop it! Let's take one step at a time. I want to buy some different clothes. I wouldn't have chosen this skirt, to start with. It's too long.”

“Nor me these trousers. My sister never wore skirts but I think I will.”

“OK, let's go.... My car's just over here... Hey look, my legs are even longer than Tom's — I'll have to move the seat back. The mirror didn't change my car, then. Oh Gosh! I just referred to my old self in the third person, as Tom.”

“Yes, I was just thinking 'George didn't have to fit the seat-belt between his boobs', too.”

“Thanks for coming with me, Angela. I wouldn't have dared go out on my own.”

“Well, I'm amazed how confident and strong I feel. I expected to feel vulnerable and weak.”

“Yes, I even feel like I've become a better driver... I'm trying not to get distracted by the men, though. Do you find you're attracted to them, too?”

“Er, yes, I wish you had let me have that wank!”

“And also, if I'd left you as a man, we couldn't still be good friends like this, could we?”

“No. It's great being girlfriends, isn't it?”

“Yes. Now you understand my enthusiasm after yesterday. Doesn't it just 'feel' really nice being female? I mean, I didn't expect that before it happened.”

“No, nether did I. But I think I'd still like to go back. I'm not sure these are due compensation for what I've lost 'down there'.”

“Well, when you try having a wank (teehee!) you might realise we've lost absolutely nothing 'down there'”

“But what about periods and babies? Aren't you scared of that, too?"

“Yes, of course, Angie, but it's part of the deal, isn't it? I've even caught myself looking at babies and feeling 'broody', and that was after yesterday's episode, when I was a man again.”

“Oh Ruth, you're really sold on this, aren't you? I almost wish I was, but I'm still not sure.”

“Let's see how you feel after some retail therapy. You said you wanted to buy skirts. You'd better buy some tights over here and pay for them before we go trying other stuff on. Hey, look at these sexy bras! I'm a 34C; did you check the label on yours in the bathroom?”

“Er, no, I'd better go and find the Ladies here. I need that pee I never had, anyway.”

“I think it's on the next floor up. Buy your tights first and we'll come back for bras.”

“OK.. Hang on, I might not have enough cash here... There's a credit card in my new name but I don't know the PIN number. ”

“Hey, that's spooky. I mean, I picked up George's wallet from his bookshelf before we left and put it in my handbag and here it is, with the credit card now in my name. Your wallet got converted because it was in your pocket. Try your old PIN number, it should work.”

“OK... Yes, it was the same PIN. I wonder just how far these changes go. Perhaps our friends will be fixed so that they think we were always women.”

“We can always make new friends now, but what about relatives? I keep imagining meeting Violet as her twin sister. It'll be weird.”

“And I've got an entire new family, who'll probably now 'know' that Judy has a twin. I wonder what my new parents are like? I'll have to get my head around being a daughter too.”

“Now that should be nice! My sister seemed unable to do anything wrong. I wonder if I'll still be considered the naughty one as her identical twin?

“Hey, look at these miniskirts! Aren't they just the cutest thing?”

“Yes. This one'll do me. D'you think we can wear them out of here?”

“Yes, of course, we can go back to that Ladies. Cleaner than most Gents, wasn't it?”

“Hey, stop pulling at your hem like that, Ruth! You'll just draw attention to how short it is. I thought you said your old skirt was too long? I just love mine. I love having my legs in tights, too. They feel so smooth and slinky.”

“Doesn't this coffee taste good! Have you noticed how everything is just nicer and more fun now we're female, Ange?”

“Yes, but it makes me a little suspicious that the mirror is doing all this to make us not want to go back. I mean, I'm absolutely loving being a woman, which I never thought I would. You said the mirror called your old self horrible, didn't you?”

“Yes, but that was straight after my first transformation yesterday. An hour later, when I asked to go back to being Tom, she said nothing to dissuade me. In those, um, twenty hours I had my penis back for, I just couldn't stop thinking what fun I'd had without it and couldn't wait to be a woman again. I just didn't want to come back my own.”

“Yeah, I suppose I feel much safer too, with you being with me in this. I really can't imagine going back now, either. “

“That's great Angie! I think this is going to be a great new life. I wish I knew what my job is though. I'd better search my flat for clues.”

“Did you notice how your flat had changed? I was too busy watching your transformation to see the walls and furniture actually changing, but I certainly noticed it afterwards. I suppose the same has happened to mine. I'd better go and see. Will you come with me?”

“Well, wouldn't you rather go alone for that wank I stopped you having?”

“No, heehee, don't be silly! That can wait. I need your support, too. I mean we've both got twin sisters now, but it's going to be hard being unable to confide our biggest secret with them.”

“Yes, Angie. You know, since we were sort of reborn as women together, we're more like sisters than friends now.”

“Come on, then, give us a hug!”

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