Written by Dauphin

"A fanfic of a TV show, this story has enough magic for everyone. One wonders what happens in Dauphins' head?" Diana
"It was fun to write and does not follow TG stories, as there is a bit of everything. I suppose this is why some did not like it" Dauphin


My family is famous in the world of magic. The Halliwell sisters were famous for defeating evil wizards and warlocks. My two aunts are Phoebe and Paige, and my mum is Piper. They were known as the charmed ones. They had the power of three, which made them very popular. When they found out they were witches, everyone tried to kill them, but as they became more famous, only the first class evil wizards and warlocks tried to kill the Halliwell sisters. My Mum was a cook and owned a nightclub. She was also the sensible sister. She lost also her temper once in a while, especially if someone was trying to hurt her children. You don’t know how many demons were after my big brother and me

My Dad’s name is Leo. He was a white lighter. In other words, he was sent by heaven to take care of the Charmed Ones. This was not all that easy, because the girls had a mind of their own. Actually, Dad wasn’t even allowed to marry Mum, because he was their white lighter. Their love history was long and hard, but they were allowed to be married at the end. Dad became an elder. That was like being God himself. He tried his best to see us as much as he could.
My older brother is Wyatt. He is 12. He knows a lot of magic and is destined to be the most powerful witch... Lots of evil wizards tried to get him. Wyatt knows this neat trick where he can be in a bubble when someone attacks him. No one could penetrate the bubble. He just could make faces and cast spells that destroyed the demons from inside the bubble. Wyatt was a good brother, but he was bossy sometimes.

This story or event in my life starts when I was 10 and Wyatt was 12. He was busy in magic school reading some old books. I was too lazy to read books. I would rather play with my friends. The magic school was safe from demons, but sometimes they found their way in.

One day, Wyatt so emerged in a book about the Banshee that he didn’t even notice that he had a visitor. It was Barbas, one of the most dangerous demons ever. Barbas could wave his palm in front of you and then figure out your worse fears. This was enough to make a person do something... If that didn’t work, Barbas would do something that will put the person in their feared situation, and this could end in death.

He waved his hand in front of Wyatt and said, “Oh you might be the most powerful witch ever seen, but you have one fear. You fear that a demon will recognize your brother and kill him. What a powerful fear! You must be thinking that if your brother has no power, that demons would not be interested. You are right. No demon would attack a boy who lost his powers. Chris will be safe. Now it’s up to you Wyatt, how will you protect your brother?”

Barbas disappeared; however, the fear was implanted in my brother’s head. A tear came to Wyatt’s eyes as he could imagine 4 or 5 demons casting demon balls of fire at me. He could see me burning in flames as I was powerless. Wyatt thought that even if I defeated them, then more and more powerful demons would come after me. Wyatt walked back and forth in the Library. He was getting more and more annoyed with himself at the thought that he could not always be there to protect me. He either had to take my powers away or make sure that the demons couldn’t find me. In a way, Barbas’ scheme was failing. Wyatt was starting to think of alternative ways of beating his fear. He started reading spells on how he could conquer the fear.

Wyatt called me into the Library at the magic school. He gave me a hug and told me that nobody would ever hurt his brother. He waved his hands and said

“Spirits of life protect my brother, make him another. Change his form, so no one knows who he is and where he comes from.”

The ceiling started going around in a whirl. The floor opened up and a light flowed up in the room. The light started to go around me, lifting me into the air. I could hear dogs barking and pains throughout my body. Wyatt was repeating the spell over and over. I was getting dizzy. When I landed on the floor, I could see that the Library was the same as it always was, with a few books that have fallen down.

I could see that Wyatt was tired. I tried asking him how he was, but I just barked. Then I noticed that I was standing on 4 legs. I looked around and could see my body. I was a dog. I was so mad that my brother turned me into a dog. I looked at Wyatt and he looked like he was crying. He just made a huge mistake.

“I am sorry, Chris,” He said, “I meant to change you to another boy, so no one could recognize that you're my brother and hurt you. I changed you into a boy, but I never expected that you would turn to a dog. Mum will kill me. Maybe you should get something to eat.”

He put a leash on me and led me to the kitchen. Everything looked so big now. I could feel my tail wagging as my brother looked for an old dog dish. He cast a spell over a bowl of apples and that became dog food. I started to get mad. Did he expect me to eat dog food? When he put a bowl of dog food before me, I knew that he was serious. I sniffed it. It didn’t smell that bad. I tasted a small bit. It was rabbit food. I started to eat the food thinking that it was good enough.

Wyatt became worried. He knew that his mother would lose her temper if she found out. He also knew the more time that I was a dog; the harder it was to change back. However, he did not want me as a brother. He couldn’t deal with the pain and fear that I might be killed by some demon.

He walked me through the neighbourhood as he thought of what is best to do. I noticed that Wyatt was very worried. I wanted to lick his face to make him happy. However, I was just happy to be able to walk and stretch my 4 legs. It was also nice that I could wet every pole and some bushes as we walked along. I could smell if other dogs did the same before me. Then it hit me. I was starting to think like a dog. If Wyatt didn’t do anything soon, I would be a dog for the rest of my life.

When we came home, Mum was there. She was busy making some potions.

“Wyatt, where did you get that dog?”

“Err, I found him. I hope we can keep him”

“We will have to discuss that later. Where is Chris?”

“He is around.”

Mum could see that there was something strange. She looked straight into my eyes and shouted, “The dog has Chris’ eyes!”

Wyatt told Mum the truth. He told about Barbas and being afraid that he would lose me. Then he told that he put a spell on me that went wrong. Now he was afraid that I would stay as a dog. Mum was quite annoyed. She started mixing herbs and other things while mumbling that boys will be boys. She put this pink potion in a glass and threw it at me. The potion started running down my face and back. It was very soothing and made me very weak that I fell to the floor. Not even my 4 legs could support me. I closed my eyes as I could feel some ticklish feelings in my body. I could feel that I once again was getting hands and feet. Great, I would no longer be a dog. The feeling was too much for me. I felt like that I had to sleep. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier and I slept

When I woke up, I was on the floor. Mum put a blanket over me. My hair covered my eyes and mouth; I tried to sweep it back. I had long hair. It went down to my shoulders. I quickly sat up and looked around. I looked at my hands. They were human. I looked at the blanket, it was a human body. I smiled. Things were back to normal. Then I felt that something was weird. I looked under the blanket again. Then it hit me. My boy privates were gone. The only thing that was there was girl privates. Then I realized what has happened:


I ran up to my room and could see that Mum used her magic again. It now had pink walls and a pink rug in the middle of it. My boy toys were changed to girl toys. Teddy bears, dollhouse, dolls, and art stuff filled my room. Mum was smiling as she hung a poster of a kitten on my wall. I wanted to be a boy, not a girl!

She put me in some of my old boy clothes. She announced that we had to go shopping. I needed a whole new wardrobe. She would not use magic to do that. It would be nice to go on a mothers-daughters day and spend a lot of money. I could see a smile on Wyatt’s face. He would be able to escape this.

My Mum was brushing my hair while she explained that changing me into a boy was hard. She admitted that she always wanted a girl, and now she had a chance to do this. I realized that she was asking me to be content with my new body and my new identity as a girl.

It would be hard being a girl after I have been a boy all my life. I looked around the room and thought that it was pretty. I said thanks to Mum and let her take me out shopping

By the time we entered the clothes shop, I thought it was like heaven. So many blouses, tank tops, pretty t-shirts. There were so many skirts and dresses. There were so many leggings and panties. Mum and I smiled. We looked at a denim skirt that would look great on me. Then we found another one. Then we found another one. They were all next to each other. The fact is that we could have bought all the clothes in the shop. It was so fun picking clothes out.

After we bought bags and bags of clothes, we went to the hairdressers. Mum told her to make my hair more princess-like. The hairdresser started brushing my hair and then cutting some of it. She put curls in the bottom to give it a bit of bounce she said. She swung me around the chair and Mum said that she finally had a daughter.

Due to magic, I was now transformed into a girl. For every minute that went by I was starting to think like a girl.

When we got home, we showed Wyatt what we got at the store. He just noticed that it was girl’s clothes. He didn’t even notice that my hair was different. That is so typical for boys, I thought. They wouldn’t notice a change in a woman unless the roof fell down. I helped Mum put the clothes away in my wardrobe. My mind was running around in circles. Which clothes would I wear today? What should I wear tomorrow?

I decided to wear a white tank top and pink panties, tights and my new denim dress. Mum gave me a hug and said that she always wished she had a daughter and now she got her chance. I smiled back and gave Mum a hug. A part of me was whispering to make me into a boy, but the voice was not that loud. I felt so free in these clothes. I wanted to dance around the room and celebrate that I got so many clothes and a redecorated room.

A White light appeared in the room. Someone was warping in. It was Dad.

“What happened here? Why is Chris’ bedroom like a girl’s room? Has he suddenly become a sissy?”

“Well, it’s a long story. The short story is that he is now Christina and is a girl.”

“A GIRL! You changed my son into a girl?”

“It was either that or a dog. You see Wyatt had a visit by Barbas, that found out that Wyatt was afraid of losing his little brother. So Wyatt tried a spell that went wrong and changed Chris into a dog. I changed him into a human again, but my potion was rushed and it changed him into a girl.” Mum explained

Dad got very upset and paced back and forth while he was looking at me and the bedroom. He was saying that we should only do magic to help innocents. We should not use magic on ourselves. Mum argued back and asked did Dad want me to be a dog? They kept arguing. If there were two adults that could fight, it was Dad and Mum. After a few minutes, they were shouting into each other’s face. They were not listening to what was being said or who was saying it.

“Dad, I like my new room. I like my new clothes. I like my new body. I like being a girl”

“Oh Chris, You’re starting to think you are a girl. Your brain has accepted that you are a girl. Fight it son. Mum can make a new potion. But if you don’t fight it, you won’t be able to change into a boy again. Fight boy!” Dad pleaded. Mum told him that it probably too late.

“Dad, I want to be a girl. I am a girl.”

“What about Football. (Soccer)?”

“I don’t want to play football anymore. I want to dance. I want to do ballet.”

“And what do we tell your teachers, your friends, your aunts, and everyone else who knows Chris”

“Well,” Mum said, “We can tell them that Chris has gone to live with a relative and one of his cousins has come to live here”

“What about Barbas?”

“We will give the children a potion, so if he comes again, they could kill him”

Dad gave up. He gave me a hug and went back up to Heaven.

People accepted that I was a cousin. I quickly met new friends. One thing that was fun was that we talked about different things. Girls talked about clothes and boys. I quickly thought of a girl. I loved my new friends. I was still considered a Halliwell, one of the most powerful witch families.

I didn’t go to football. Every day that went convinced me that I would be happier doing ballet. I loved ballet. It was the feeling that we were flying. The other girls were much better than me, and that meant that I had to practice a lot at home.

I was happy with my life and I have forgotten that I once was a boy. I thought that boy’s clothes, toys and games were boring. Mum slowly brought me things to let me pursue my new hobbies. The relationship between us changed. We had deeper conversations and did a lot more things together. Mum was even teaching me how to do potions. The only complaint that Mum had was that she had not raised me as a little girl. She got me now; she never had a baby girl.

I suppose the only one that was unhappy was Wyatt. He lost a brother that he could play with. He lost a little brother that he could wrestle with, play games with, practice magic with. It was not as fun as with a sister.

A few weeks later, Wyatt was in the library in the magic school Barbas showed his face once more.

“You have been a busy boy,” he said, “You think that your brother is safe because he is now a girl. You are wrong. I will tell all the demons who Christina really is. Oh, I see that you still have the same fear, you now fear to lose your own sister.”

Wyatt was mad. He got off the chair and ran towards Barbas. Barbas waved his hand, and Wyatt went flying against a wall. This made Barbas boast that Wyatt was not powerful enough to stand up to Barbas. Wyatt staggered to his feet and told Barbas that he would never harm me or anyone in the family again. He took the potion that mum gave him earlier and threw it at Barbas. Barbas’ face stretched. You could see the pain on his face as it stretched to over a meter. Then the face exploded. The rest of Barbas’ body simmered until it was a bubbling puddle on the floor.

Wyatt was now going to set things right in the family. He thought about what his mother wanted. She wanted a baby girl. He thought about the demons that will be after an 11-year-old girl. So Wyatt once had the solution. He cast a spell.

I was in my room, but I knew that a spell had been cast when I suddenly felt cramps and fell to the bed. There was a pink fog swivelling around me. I started screaming and crying. The next thing I knew was that Mum picked me up and started consoling me.

“Don’t worry my baby daughter, “she said, “Everything is fine. Mum will take care of you.”

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