'Daydreams Can Come True' Chapter 2

‘Daydreams can come True ’
Julie Dawn Cole

Well I guess I should carry on. At least for a while.

My wonderful new friend was called Susie and she had her own photography business but she was working as a paid employee doing physiotherapy. Mainly the patients under her care were infirm or mature but they all loved her. As she’d passed through her thirties she’d calmed down a lot and was not so wild anymore.

It’s funny but as the new woman in her life I was able to talk to her about a lot of things and calm her down. I found that I could persuade her to look at things from a different perspective and we talked about her job, her talents, what she liked and the many experiences she’d had as a young boy trapped in a girl’s body and wanting to be set free.

She told me that she hated the time of the month and all things that made her female yet she was as sensitive as most women I’ve met and had an eye for nice things ad for style.
Yet she rode motor cycles that included a Harley and she swam regularly in the lake close to home even in the cold weather.

As we became soul mates she was the leader advising me and treating me as her special girl and I adored this treatment. She would send me wonderful songs that she downloaded and we found that our taste in music was similar. Susie was something special to me and I found myself thinking about her a lot and worrying about her if she travelled by motor cycle to her childhood home in Italy or to her parents’ home in Germany.

She carried photos of me that she showed to close friends who knew her sexual preferences and most recognized that she was infatuated.

She asked before she showed the photos and had some framed for display in her home that she was proud to show me.

I knew every centimeter of the path to the lake and where she took her morning coffee and her cigarettes. She promised to stop smoking if I found it unacceptable and to always take care of me.

She was a fun guy who had male and female friends but none so close as I seemed to be.

She admitted the relationships she’d had and the love she’d had for a special lady in her life but they’d parted.

I felt envious of this girl and I really wanted to meet and to see if our chemistry was as strong in real life as it was in my dreams.

She made me feel special and I wanted her to show me how to make love together as she had hinted several times.

When I wrote messages and poems to her my chest would feel like it was changing to a very sensitive bust. I felt sure it would expand to double D size if I carried on thinking about Susie in this way.

Sometimes she would misbehave on purpose with her friends so that I would scold her. She has always enjoyed fancy dress occasions and would don a moustache and smoke a cigar if she had the chance.

As I said I was falling in love yet we’d never met.

On the day she told me that she’d confirmed her flight to Hong Kong and booked a 5 star hotel I felt like I’d been caught in the supermarket with my hands in the till. I was a fraud and she’d never accept me or even look at me because I wasn’t the person who she fell in love with.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I had to stop her or I’d lose her. If she saw me she’d hate me for the rest of her life and she might even black my eye or worst still.

Yet I wanted to see her and as she said she wanted to smell me because then she’d know for sure that I was the one.

How could my daydreams have led to this dangerous situation. I had no desire for her as a man to woman but as a woman I wanted her and I needed her to explore my body as she’d suggested and to take care of me. Oh My God I shouldn’t feel like this.

The day afterwards I took one day holiday from my job and searched for some special service Company who might have a magic spell to change me to the woman she expected to meet.

There was no such Company and so I focused on a day shopping to try to forget my problem.
The trouble was I kept being attracted to the ladies departments of each of the stores and walked around in a daze touching silk materials and imagining myself dressed in the superb styles and modern colors. As each hour passed I became more feminine and as I looked in the mirror I was changing. I’m sure that I was.

By the time I’d arrived home armed with my spoils of a wonderful afternoon my feet ached so much that I had to sit down before unpacking. I relaxed on my sofa and put up my feet and gradually my eyelids became to stay open and I dozed. I was floating and then I heard a voice calling me. It sounded like a girl with a European accent and it got louder.

Then I saw her. She was slightly shorter than me but fitter and stronger. She had black hair in a short style and as she turned her eyes were fixed on me. The most beautiful eyes that seemed able to freeze my every move.

She had a black open neck shirt and black pants and wore a pair of motor cycle style heavy boots that made me think she could never be knocked over in a fight.

I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to wake up. It was Susie.

Then my computer pinged with a message. It was Susie and she was on her way to the airport in Zurich to catch a flight to Hong Kong to find me.

I wanted to wake up and pack a bag and run away. What if she found me. She’d be heartbroken and I couldn’t hurt her like this.

I found her web site and her contact numbers. Dare I call her and dare I even speak to her. I hated myself.

Eventually I decided to send her a text. I just said something urgent had cropped up and that I might have to travel to Europe urgently begging her not to waste my money.

Within thirty seconds my mobile rang and it was an incoming overseas call.

Oh poor Susie what have I done to you. Where can I hide? Where can I run to?


‘Hello, Julie is that you?’

‘Who is speaking please.’

‘This is Susie, come on, please don’t tease me.’

‘To whom do you want to speak?’

‘To Julie, to Julie Cole.’

I couldn’t speak. I was not expecting such a gentle voice. It was difficult to gauge if this was a male or female voice yet I knew it was Susie. I shivered all the way down my spine and drew in a long breath.

‘Julie I know it’s you so please forgive me but I really have to find you. I can’t sleep at night because you are always on my mind.’

‘But Susie it’s too difficult just now. You will hate me forever.’

‘No Julie I won’t so please don’t put the telephone down. I’ll be at the check in counter soon and then I’ll lose contact.’

‘But Susie you can’t meet me it’s not fair to you. You mustn’t waste your money travelling all the way to Hong Kong.’

‘Julie I’m sorry but it’s all paid and there is no way for me to cancel now. Don’t you realize how much I love you and how much our story of Bennie and his beautiful butterfly girl has made me realize we were born to be together.’

‘But Bennie you are a lion and I am just a butterfly who flutters from flower to flower. It’s not possible that we could love each other. Is it?’

‘Julie I’m coming to find you so please don’t fly away and wait for me…… Please.’
‘But Susie I’m not the person that you think I am.’

‘How do you know that?’

‘Because I’m different.’

‘Yes you are different and that’s why I’m coming. You are special.’

To be continued ……..

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