And the Hits Just Keep Comin'

Today's Hits...

Hey kids? How about the year when it all started? The top tunes of 1948….

Thank Erin
(to the tune of It's Magic as sung by Doris Day

Those ever present sites that take the readers to higher heights….
Thank Erin
Those stories offered here that bring us characters so dear
Thank Erin
I want to thank her now and ask you join me in this song?
She’s quite a dear you see, a friendly host to you and me
Thank Erin now!


It's Erin Halfelven's Day
(to the tune of the Woody Woodpecker Song)

I wanna tell you….I wanna tell you right now
It’s Erin Halfelven’s day!
Let me inform you….she’s so adorable, see?
Makes you wanna say hip hooray!
An administer true, she’s an author yoo hoo
She’s so talented you know?
Intrigue, comedy too, and a drama or two
With a Demon-girl at midnight whoa whoa
I wanna tell you….I wanna sing it right now
It’s Erin Halfelven’s day!!!!

And in 1966, they were movin’ and groovin' to these tunes!

Melton (to the tune of Cherish by The Association)

Melton is a name I’d use to descri-ibe
Someone patient and so friendly insi-ide
I don’t know how many times that I have pissed her?
And there are days that she reminds me of my sister
And many more when she was nice enough to
Take me to the side and give me words you only get from friends….
Oh I’m beginning to see how awesome she is and all that she does for us
With help and friendly advice and anecdotes nice and software too, for me and you without making so much as a fuss….
I would be without a home all over the web to roam and nowhere to find friends like you
I wouldn’t be writing now… not knowing how to do some good, I wish I would say the right things all the time….
Melton is the name…..


If You Were an Editor...
(to the tune of If I Were a Carpenter by Bobby Darin)

If you were an editor and I was an writer
Would I drive you crazeee….would you be uptight, huh?

And who can forget….

You Can Drive Me Crazy
(to the tune of Just My Style by Gary Lewis and the Playboys)

Drea...You can drive me crazy Oh how often that you do!
Every once and a while I'd like to throw a book at you!
Simmer down and take your meds!
Listen to what I just said...
Life's too short and i just ran out of ty-le-nawwwwwl!
Don’t you know that you drive me nuts
Don’t you know that you can be a yutz
Don’t you know sometimes you drive me nuts…..
Don’t you know that you act like a putz….

And remember this? From 1998

You're Not Gonna Miss a Thing
(to the tune of I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
by Aerosmith)

I want to tell you I’ve gotta fix the server
You’ll just have to wait to post
Though you think you'll lose most
I can’t do anything about the software….
I just have to update now…Please?
Don’t go and have a cow.

The site will be down for only a few hours
Even though it feels like an eternity….
Don’t wanna shut it down
Don’t wanna make you frown
And really, you’re not gonna miss a thing
Don’t want to make you cry…
But really, you’re not gonna die
And understand…you’re not gonna miss a thing!!!!

And finally…..

Happy Birthday to You....
Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday, Dear Erin...
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

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